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    PE ratios are always important

    by variousenigma May 1, 2015 3:56 PM
    stocksgirrl stocksgirrl May 1, 2015 4:41 PM Flag

    yep- so true enigma- so true!! :) same with peg too- and peg is also too high in this stock- even after this sell off, it's still too high- same with p/e- still too high despite this sell off.

    nice to "see" you enigma :)

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    The pendulum will swing

    by robolite2001 Apr 28, 2015 8:17 PM
    stocksgirrl stocksgirrl Apr 30, 2015 2:00 PM Flag

    and THIS post should be bumped up too- because these are the sound words of wisdom that are needed in times like this one for ssys!

    "timing" as robolite stated in this thread:

    yes!! timing is crucial!! timing is everything!!

    but, if you do choose to buy:

    please try to always protect yourself if you do indeed try to time a falling knife scenario- do so by either buying puts, selling calls against your bought position (doing BOTH), and/or putting in a stop loss around your buy in point- or just above your buy in point- enough to limit losses and costs!

    protect yourself by protecting your capital!! always!! :)

    good luck everyone!! :)

  • stocksgirrl stocksgirrl Apr 30, 2015 1:51 PM Flag

    i agree with you! hence my replies (today and yesterday) to the person who wrote this thread yesterday- he's the one who called people "terrified lemmings" for having sold their positions- to me, people were "smart" in protecting / preserving their capital- not anything close to "lemmings"!

    i always advocate "protecting positions" in going long or short in a stock- by either buying puts or calls against the position taken in the common shares- that's good risk management- and that kind of behaviour is what will help people in times like this scenario with ssys of the past 2 wks to past year of going from $130 per share to now $37!

    and i would NEVER refer to ANYONE as a "lemming" for having foresight to preserve their capital (or protect gains made by selling their position) OR protect themselves against further losses - if they are in a loss position i mean. that was essentially the point i was making in my posts today and yesterday to this "forever 'strong buy' sentiment" person who wrote this thread yesterday! he's been an advocate of buying more shares of ddd in every decline it has made since it declined from the $90s in january 2014!! doing that kind of "investing" could have easily bankrupted people if they were buying every dip from $90 to under $26 in the past year on ddd! hence, this person's words should be taken with caution as he is irresponsible with these pie-in-the-sky continued words of optimism he is forever spewing to others on these 3d printing stocks!

    thank you for your reply! your sage words should be heeded by anyone looking to "invest" or "trade" in the market :)

  • stocksgirrl stocksgirrl Apr 30, 2015 12:40 PM Flag

    and let's just bump this up- shows who the " terrified lemmings" were- and the people who sold above $41.50 to preserve their capital were NOT the "lemmings"!!

  • stocksgirrl stocksgirrl Apr 29, 2015 4:07 PM Flag

    u blocked me over a year ago- was that AFTER you had told me to reply to a post on the ddd brd asking me for my ta info on where ddd was heading to in price?? OR was that AFTER i kept WARNING the ddd brd that ddd went into a downtrend in feb 2014 after it hit $82 & sold off from there- while YOU were writing post after post telling ppl to HOLD their shares & buy more as the future is bright & the stock is a STRONG BUY!

    ppl can go bankrupt with buying & holding stocks for years on end if they buy a stock at say $90 & have to wait 5 yrs for it to get back to $90- after hitting a lo of $20 in that time period! & what about stocks like nortel or enron- they went bankrupt! what about those poor ppl who bought those stocks & had YOUR philosophy of buy & hold & they WILL recover! or how about those who bought bbry at over $100 over 10 yrs ago- bbry can't even manage to get to $20- let alone to ANYWHERE NEAR $100- i doubt it will be at $100 in the next 10 yrs! yet YOUR advice would have them HOLD & buy more shares on dips!! what about buying sina in 2011 at $140? or buying tck at $50 in 2011 (now at $15)!

    bottom line:

    yor posts are IRRESPONSIBLE! they r garden path posts! ppl r not sitting on hundreds of thousands of $'s to b able to invest in companies & lose $70 per share in that time of holding & WAITING for a HOPEFUL return to BREAK EVEN! most ppl are NOT warren buff.- & these are not the 1960s of after war boom times! most ppl must preserve their capital as they r REALISTIC in knowing they don't know when their time will come to pass away & they only have the HERE & NOW for living- & must make sure to make money NOW- not lose it- & not lose their hard earned capital is job number 1- BOTH for those who TRADE "AND" for those who INVEST! THAT is REALISM! & anyone who doesn't realize this is nothing but a DREAMER!

    so write RESPONSIBLE posts for ppl- not your pipe dream posts that u so LOOVE to provide! & stop insulting ppl if they CHOOSE to preserve capital by selling!

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    what happened and why.. serious answers please.

    by gburget2003 Apr 29, 2015 2:27 PM
    stocksgirrl stocksgirrl Apr 29, 2015 3:12 PM Flag

    hi gary! its nice to "see" you again- even though the circumstances under which i am, are very heartbreaking for anyone holding this stock- as well as the other 3d stocks.

    what i can tell u re ssys is that it had a head/ shoulders pattern on its weekly chart- head top was at 130 and neckline was at 85- that means the price target was $40- which as u know, was achieved today.

    the stock is severely oversold right now on the daily chart and thus it "should" get a bounce up from here- maybe to $45 area or so (maybe a bit higher to "possibly" $50)- but as long as this stock and ddd remain in downtrends on their respective weekly charts (not the daily charts but the weekly), then the dominant trend for these will be down. in order for ssys to get into an uptrend on its weekly chart, it needs to get above $65 & stay above that price on pullbacks (for ddd, that price is $32 that it needs to get above AND STAY ABOVE on pullbacks)!! seems unreasonable to expect at this point in time- needs fundamental changes to occur for these stocks (in the sector or the companies) to get back into a dominant trend of "up"- sorry gary, i know that is not what you want to hear!

    look for gaps in prices at below these lo prices of this week of ddd & ssys as these gaps will get filled- if the trend remains down that is.

    as for ddd- recall that it had done 2 head/ shoulders on its daily/ weekly charts & both patterns had a price target of $21- the market doesn't forget things like that (even though not all price targs of patterns get met) (just like gaps aren't forgotten)- so i can see the price target getting met- eventually- sooner is my guess than later- as long as the trend remains down.

    so sorry about your position in ddd- & if u have a position in ssys, then i am so sorry about that too! i hope the trend will be able to change for your & others' sake- within the next 6 months to a year! i truly do! as i really hate seeing ppl in situations of losses in their stock positions!

    sg :)

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    The pendulum will swing

    by robolite2001 Apr 28, 2015 8:17 PM
    stocksgirrl stocksgirrl Apr 29, 2015 12:33 PM Flag

    now THIS post is a responsible and very realistic post!! no pie-in-the-sky false hope kind of post like those written REPEATEDLY by another poster on these brds i just wrote a comment on!!

    well done robolite- and yes, i concur with your thoughts! - in their entirety! :)

  • stocksgirrl stocksgirrl Apr 29, 2015 12:21 PM Flag

    "terrified lemmings"- what a joke!! you make a mockery of ppl trying to preserve their capital by selling a company stock that is in a severe downtrend- this stock & the sector- for over a year now! & ALL u have EVER written on this kind of stock (on ddd particularly) is a "strong buy" sentiment!

    you're a joke of a poster & no one should be paying any attention to any of your pie-in-the-sky leading-the-lambs-to-slaughter type of nonsensical "optimistic" posts as u have been WRONG on your sentiment this entire time!! & every post u have written on the ddd brd since ddd has been declining from the $90s in jan 2014 has stated an optimistic viewpoint AND a sentiment of "strong buy"!

    stop posting your drivel & stop trying to give people a false sense of security when this sector has been in trouble for over a yr! keep your mouth shut on this sector as many on these brds won't know how to read a chart to know a downtrend is in place- & a severe 1 at that- for every stock in this sector!!

    your words are NOTHING but false hope to those who don't know any better- so for those kinds of people on these boards, do them a favour & stop your garbage posts of optimism on these 3d printing stocks as your "false hope words" are deplorable when so many ppl on these boards are continuing to lose money- every month, every week, & every day- on these kind of stocks!

    take some responsibility with your messages- try to help people SAVE & PRESERVE their capital- instead of trying to give them "false" optimism to buy more/ avg down on a stok (& sector) that has been in a severe downtrend for many months- with no end in sight of that downtrend ending- despite up moves here & there! this stock needs to now get above $65- & STAY ABOVE IT- in order for this downtrend to be finished- & with looking at the chart, that is not going to be happening anytime soon! so stop your irresponsible posts to ppl!

    & calling those who want to sell & preserve their capital "lemmings" is disgusting!!

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    by oldgeaser Apr 24, 2015 4:17 PM
    stocksgirrl stocksgirrl Apr 24, 2015 7:11 PM Flag

    ed- no no- it's fine. i know him from way back- on another board - i used to give him technical analysis on another stok- not chip related. i gave him the info but then i deleted the info as i didn't want the basher out there who stalks me to have access to that info. but it's fine if you or some others i know here want that info- so i happily provided it for him.

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    Reversion to the Mean and the Technicals

    by cindyjrosa Apr 24, 2015 2:57 PM
    stocksgirrl stocksgirrl Apr 24, 2015 4:50 PM Flag

    yes i agree with u mike re road rage on the internet! i wish more people on here were kind to others! one poster sent me a very interesting article several months ago abt this kind of thing- it was a psychology article about "troll" personality types online- it was very enlightening to read and from reading it, it gave me a much better understanding of what i was being put through on these brds- it really helped me in getting over it & fighting back to the bashers (cheetah helped me with that too- thru his words of support, etc when we discussed it in private on stock twits). i knew it was just 1 or 2 people with many id's who were doing that with me- so i basically just stopped posting on these brds altogether- except for occasionally posting on this one.

    re the spx- yes, it has had support at the 150 dma for over 2 yrs now lol (good observation mike ;) )- but one of these years, there will be a nice washout of a 20% decline (or more) in order to get a very healthy pullback in the markets & ready then for a nice big move up of 30% (or more) from there! so i keep watching for that kind of thing to happen as we all know it will- it's just a matter of when ?! ;)

    thank you mike! have a good weekend too :)

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    Reversion to the Mean and the Technicals

    by cindyjrosa Apr 24, 2015 2:57 PM
    stocksgirrl stocksgirrl Apr 24, 2015 3:58 PM Flag

    well thank you too mike for your very kind words to me :) that is very sweet of you to say :) you know, i "almost" replied to your post of 2 weeks ago or so wherein you wrote: "i'm no chartist, but..."- i wanted to reply with: "well, i am a chartist, and you did really well with your analysis!! and here's what i'm seeing too..." lol. i didn't though as you know ;) i've come to really dislike these brds due to the treatment i've received on them by a select few - there are others though whom have been very nice people indeed!! and this brd has many of those!! it's one reason why i've posted here every now and then- especially too since i "know" many of these nice people here from other brds i used to post on!

    swks could definitely pop up on good earnings- but if the market sells off in may/june, then after a really big price move in swks from oct til april of approx. $60, then if it pulled back to the $70-$75 zone, that would be a very good thing "technically" for it to do, & i've just checked the options for may- they are heavily trading every major strike price from $70 to $100 (in $5 increments) on both puts & calls side- so, i would not at all be surprised to see $70-$80 in may- but then up to $120 by years end or q1 2016. we shall see i guess.

    nice to communicate with you mike :) and thank you again for your very kind words indeed :) it is very much appreciated!! :)

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    by oldgeaser Apr 24, 2015 2:16 PM
    stocksgirrl stocksgirrl Apr 24, 2015 3:40 PM Flag

    i agree with you gord- absolutely nothing!! just technical info! they've done it before though too when i've given out pure technical info in a reply to someone- then my reply disappeared a little while later! unreal!! makes you wonder who (from yahoo) is behind getting technical posts removed??

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    by oldgeaser Apr 24, 2015 2:16 PM
    stocksgirrl stocksgirrl Apr 24, 2015 3:31 PM Flag

    and the reply to me by morrislabs has been removed too- but his reply to me is still showing under his id too! this is just another reason why i rarely post anymore on these brds- is due to the games being played by yahoo!

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    by oldgeaser Apr 24, 2015 2:16 PM
    stocksgirrl stocksgirrl Apr 24, 2015 3:27 PM Flag

    heyy- yes- where is my reply!! i wrote 3 in here actually- but none are showing and only 2 are showing when you click on my id. that is sooooo strange!!! my initial reply though is not under my id- so, yahoo removed it for whatever strange reason they have!! too frustrating!! it's not the first time they've removed technical analysis posts i've written!

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    Reversion to the Mean and the Technicals

    by cindyjrosa Apr 24, 2015 2:57 PM
    stocksgirrl stocksgirrl Apr 24, 2015 3:23 PM Flag

    "i defer to her" lol- you are too cute!! i've read some of your posts on technicals- and i've seen you write about being "no chartist" or being an "amatuer" etc.- but you do technicals quite well! so don't be so hard on yourself cindy :) (yes i know, you're not cindy- that's your wife ;) ).

    those are very good observations tho- & i wrote something similar today on my stocktwitter acct for swks- re the rsi, stochastics on sell signal on wkly chart & how it hasn't been on a sell since last sept when swks went from hi $50s to $44s in oct, etc.

    so with respect to last sept/ oct:

    that is the last time that swks has hit its 20 wk ema price- that is characteristically known as the "mean"- the 20 ma price- whether on the wkly chart, daily, monthly, etc. so in may, swks might easily go down to its 20 wk ema price which is currently in the $85s. on the daily chart, its 20 day ema is in the $96s- & when a stock gets extremely far from that price, it will often revert back to that price. & the "extremely far" away price level will be at the bottom of the average true range channel using 3x away from the mean- use the keltner channel for this with middle number as 3.0 as opposed to default setting of 2.0- so getting to the bottom of that keltner 3.0 channel is far stretched from the mid keltner which IS the 20 day ema ;) - as of today, the bottom keltner 3.0 price is 88.25- but as swks goes down in price, that price will be changing too. but just know that if swks gets down to that 88 level or lower (& thus be thru or below that lower keltner channel on the daily cht), then it will snap back from there & move up again to revert to its mean of the mid keltner- at that point tho, the price of the mid keltner (the 20 d ema) will be a different price than what is currently showing today. so just something to watch for- both on the upper keltner 3.0 & on the lower keltner 3.0 regarding being too far stretched from the mean for any stock.

    but good analysis cindy :) & thank u :)

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    by oldgeaser Apr 24, 2015 2:16 PM
    stocksgirrl stocksgirrl Apr 24, 2015 2:51 PM Flag

    sure gord- my pleasure! not sure when you got in to swks but options were showing it could drop to $70-$80 in may. so just be aware of that being a possibility for may- especially if markets pull back. that info though is from 4-6 wks ago as i haven't checked the may options to see if they are still trading those prices for may- and to see if those contracts traded are still sitting in oi- they were there 2 wks ago- but haven't checked this wk to know. just something to be aware of though.

    i don't know anything of nxpi though- but i hope you do well with both stocks gord :)

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    by oldgeaser Apr 24, 2015 2:16 PM
    stocksgirrl stocksgirrl Apr 24, 2015 2:47 PM Flag

    thank you morris! and yes, you are right - it would be very good for it to go to $88s. in may/june, expect further weakness tho as the options guys were trading the $70, 75, and 80 puts in may - i saw that about 4-6 weeks ago. but getting down to those prices would be a great set up for swks getting to $120s by q1 next year- or by end of this year. so it shouldn't be feared if it drops to the $70s- just that some holders would definitely be annoyed. i haven't checked may options though to see if those trades are still sitting in oi- so, they may have changed- i'll be checking them again after swks reports to look for any changes in them.

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    What to do...

    by stickboy54321 Apr 24, 2015 12:49 PM
    stocksgirrl stocksgirrl Apr 24, 2015 1:42 PM Flag

    stickboy- wrote a lot of info on this today on my stocktwits profile- should read my profile to get info on what to expect next week for swks- as well as what is going on with it now :)

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    OT: stocksgirrl

    by cheetah_two Apr 15, 2015 1:47 PM
    stocksgirrl stocksgirrl Apr 22, 2015 5:22 PM Flag

    hi ed- yes, it's open to everyone. if you click on the link above this message board of "market pulse", you will see the "tweets" that are going on each day on stocktwits for swks. you can find tweets that way for any stock by either clicking on the market pulse link thru yahoo - or by going to the stocktwits site itself and putting in the ticker symbol of the stock you're wanting to read about.

    just google "stocktwits" and you'll find the site easily :)

    bye for now ed :)

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    OT: stocksgirrl

    by cheetah_two Apr 15, 2015 1:47 PM
    stocksgirrl stocksgirrl Apr 22, 2015 5:18 PM Flag

    glad to hear you're doing well with your other holdings oakridge and are out of mu! just gave an update on mu to cheetah in my above 2 posts- so if interested, look there for an update :)

    bye for now oakridge :)

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