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  • done for that head/shoulder pattern on the daily chart of swks that is still in formation today!

    neckline is still down at $100s to $98s.

    if pattern is going to still form, then those 100s-98s prices should come next week!

    head/shoulders pattern gets negated if swks gets to $110+ within the next week.

    gap from last friday to monday at 106.90 was almost closed- today! next gap to be looking at will be at $102s- made from monday closing price to tues opening price.

    4 month ma price of july for swks is in the $102s- means swks should get to that price in july or get close to it!

    4 month ma of spx for july is 2084- almost got to it today- so, spx got "close" to it as of today ;)

    i doubt i'll write much more in the way of technicals on this board because i can see they really are not very well received here by the majority- by the minority, they are- but not by the majority! so, i'll refrain from giving out much more info on this pattern of swks still forming- i've given out the info & people can trade or invest accordingly with that info!

    so, good luck guys! :)

  • stocksgirrl stocksgirrl Jul 10, 2015 10:28 AM Flag

    what?? this IS something nice to say! AAND, i have written SEVERAL times this week that NEXT WEEK, swks would be back to $100s-105s- maybe you missed all those posts where i wrote that!

    AND, that head/shoulder pattern to $100s-$98s was already completed- i told you that already when you asked me if it had! so, yes, technicals worked just fine!!

    & i've stated several times this week: that for the BIGGER head/shoulders pattern to continue to form, it means that swks needs to go up to $102s at least- with ADDITIONALLY stating that next week it will hit $100s+ again!

    so, i've given out this SAME info several times already this week- so maybe YOU should try to KEEP UP- instead of trying to be a smart as* with your comments! & if you don't believe in technicals, then you don't need to read my posts & you don't need to ask me any questions on it either- right??!

    maybe you should take your own advice todd about "if you don't have anything nice to say...."

  • so, for now, that $90 price is off the table. but don't be afraid of a pullback coming next week to $94s as swks should be at $100s+ by next friday- if the pattern continues to form as it is doing right now!

    even if the pattern changes to another one, it doesn't matter because by next friday, swks will be at $100s+ at any rate!

    just an fyi guys :)

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    Bottoms In

    by dividendseeker Jul 13, 2015 12:08 PM
    stocksgirrl stocksgirrl Jul 14, 2015 2:09 PM Flag

    good going seeker :) yep, that pattern is showing on its 5 day hourly chart! it can be seen on the yahoo chart to the right of this message board (in case anyone wants to see what you were looking at yesterday). so, good going seeker :)

  • this is the pullback in the spx & in swks i wrote about last fri on here! both have inverse head/ shoulder patterns on their respective daily charts. if the patterns continue, then the spx will be back at 2120-2125 by this fri. the pattern fails if the spx goes to below 2070- the spx can head to 2077 & this pattern will still be intact!

    this week being monthly options expiry is normally an up week for the markets (true around 10 months out of 12 in a year)- so, this coincides nicely with that inverse hed/sh pattern neckline area of 2125. with that,swks should be back to $97s-$98s at least by this fri. this wk's options should give more clarity on that but i haven't checked them just yet.

    swks still has the potential of heading into the $94s this wk & close the gap there of last wk- doing this would not negate getting to the $97s/ $98s by fri.

    as far as trends go:

    as long as swks stays trading on a "consistent" basis above its 20 wk ema price (currently $88.68), its intermediate-long term uptrend remains intact!

    re amba:

    ed- recall i told u last friday that amba will be looking to get to its 4 month ma in may- & that on may 1st, that price was in the $70s (70.60s or so if i recall correctly). so today, amba made it to that $70s pric! its 4 mnth ma now tho is showing as lower $69s (due to amba trading at $72s right now whereas on may 1st, it was trading at $75s- so the drop in amba's price has dropped the price of the 4 mnth ma of may).

    currently,on amba's daily chart, it too has an inverse head/ shoulder- neckline is at $77s & head bottom was put in today at $70.39 (that is true ONLY IF amba stays above $70.39 in the next week or so)! so if the pattern continues, then amba will go back to $77s in the next week or so. options this week for amba are showing it is heading to $74s/ $75s by fri- not sure if it will go into the $75s at this point (tuesday) but there will be more clarity on this as today & wednes show more trades in the options.

    all for now ed :)

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    re AMBA (for ed), SWKS, & SPX...

    by stocksgirrl May 12, 2015 11:58 AM
    stocksgirrl stocksgirrl May 13, 2015 10:17 AM Flag

    i wrote in my post that swks should be in the $97s/ $98s by friday and that the spx should be back in the 2120s by friday. so, that kind of info is certainly tradeable as people can wait for a dip to say the $96s or $95s and then buy the dip for a $2 to $3 bounce up by friday.

    not sure how i was saying anything non-definitive in what i wrote! there IS a gap in the $94s that will get filled at some point- i just can't tell you "exactly" when it will happen! i also wrote on here last friday to expect a dip in both the spx and in swks on mon/ tues/ wed time frame & then up to 2120s by friday. that too was useable info for any trader as they could have sold then last friday OR bought the monday dip!

    when i wrote my post yesterday, swks was trading in the $96s- but this post was a follow up post to what i had written on here last friday- that was when swks was in the $98s.

    the posts i write will not please 100% of the people who post on these brds- but i try to give out info that will be useful for some at least- not just info that will be of "no use" for anyone!

    people need to make their own decisions though on their buys/sells shorts/ covers etc. i just write to give a bit of guidance is all! people should just do what they want as they have their own systems for trading or investing- they can choose to take from others what they want to from what others post on these boards! there are always different viewpoints everywhere- & in each, there hopefully will be a bit of good & useful info that people can take from each! so take what you want from what i post- or take nothing from it- makes no difference to me really.

  • if swks goes up now to above 108, that will pull UP its 4 wk ma price to above 107.37! thus by days end, it will show on the weekly chart that swks hit its 4 wk ma of this week- if the 4 wk ma price is showing as 107.37 or higher.

    it can take ALL week for a stock to get to its 4 week ma price of the week (or get close to it)! just like it can take ALL month for a stock to get to its 4 month ma price of the month (or get close to it). just like it can take ALL day for a stock to get to its 4 day ma price of the day (or get close to it).

    for stocks in severe downtrends or doing wild moves (like amba this week), this system needs to be modified a bit! BUT, even with amba going up from $70,39 in may to $128 in june, you can still see that on the daily chart, amba touched its 4 day ma price "most" every day- & touched its 4 week ma price every week- except last week! hence, this week, it dropped & got to its 4 wk ma price of this wk & dropped further to its 9 week ma price- a support price in the 4/9/18 day trading system.

    from nov til march, swks never dropped to its 4 month ma price of each month- instead, it dropped & came within a few dollars of the 4 month ma price & then went up by $10 or more on that month- this had the affect of pulling UP its 4 month ma price of that month such that by months end, it showed the low price of that month as being the 4 month ma of that month- hence, touched (even though, it didn't touch the 4 month ma that had been the 4 month ma price as of the 1st of each of those months). in those months, swks was acting like a "momo" stock! BUT, since april, swks has been acting like a "normal" stock- hence, it has gone to its 4 month ma price each month since apr- of the 4 month ma price that showed on the 1st of each month. july will most likely be the same :)

    anyway, now you can see how this system can be beneficial for the timing of trades in a day, week, or month!

    so now you've seen it for yourselves ;)

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    To stocksgirrl...

    by todd0888 Jul 14, 2015 2:49 PM
    stocksgirrl stocksgirrl Jul 14, 2015 3:07 PM Flag

    YOU want an apology from ME?? are you on dope?? how many times last week did i report here that THIS week would be bullish for swks AND that swks would hit $102s at least- by this friday??! how many times?? & here's ONE of those posts RIGHT NOW- written directly to YOU last week:

    stocksgirrl • Jul 10, 2015 4:26 PM

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    nope- you OBVIOUSLY do NOT keep up- because if you DID, then you'd have already known that i've been saying ALL week that swks would be bullish next week & has to go back up to $102s at least! yet today, you wrote your nonsense to me once again!

    & good! glad you won't be reading my astrological posts anymore because that ALSO means, you won't be asking me any TA questions again! so, good to know!

    yep, so long!


    so, did "I" get ANY kind of an apology from YOU?? for ANYTHING you wrote TO ME last week OR about me OR about making fun of posts i wrote regarding TA?? answer is: NO!

    so, no, you won't be receiving ANYTHING from me at all in ways of any kind of apology or any kind words at all!

    remember YOUR words to me last week?? they were: "SO LONG"! yet despite YOUR words, you are STILL writing TO ME & writing about me! so, stick to YOUR WORDS of SO LONG!

  • stocksgirrl stocksgirrl Jul 24, 2015 12:54 PM Flag

    swks isn't any kind of a fad stock lol- that's truly funny! but if you're looking to compare swks with other stocks like visa- then let's compare those 2:

    take a look at the price action of both those stocks since last october! swks has more than doubled- it almost tripled in price since october! visa has not even doubled since october-not even close to doubled!

    hence, visa has more room to run- and it's doing so! and swks has less room to run as it's already had a very large run already- so now, it needs to rest - as in: pull back- and it's doing so!

    there's no need to call others' here not nice names- unless of course they've done the same to you- but i doubt very much that any of the people you've mentioned have done that sort of thing as it just isn't their style! so, just play respectfully please! no need to cheer with glee either when others may be feeling frustrated or hurt financially with / from their stock! that isn't nice either!

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    re AMBA (for ed), SWKS, & SPX...

    by stocksgirrl May 12, 2015 11:58 AM
    stocksgirrl stocksgirrl May 13, 2015 10:34 AM Flag

    ps- i was also writing about swks being in an uptrend and what people need to look at on a chart to see if that uptrend is still intact or has changed to a downtrend- & that kind of info is useful for most people in any stock! i gave out that info because when dips occur in a stock, people often wonder what is going on with it? why is it dipping? etc. so i write my posts with those kind of questions in mind too- so i can help allay any "fears" people may have with a stock that goes down say $2 or $3 in 1 day. as long as people understand that a stock is still in an intermediate uptrend, then they can know that those $2 or $3 dips should not be feared! it is when a stock is in a downtrend, that they SHOULD be feared! so, i gave out info on that kind of thing too- just to help with any kind of concerns people may be pondering of why swks was dipping to say the $94s or $95s etc rather than going UP as people expect it should. so, that kind of info i give is definitely useable- as it means people can feel safe to buy a dip in a stock- as long as a stock is known to be in an intermediate uptrend & not on the verge of going into a downtrend- which, swks is not on any kind of verge of that! so, dips can be safely bought! i just give "prices" so that people can get an "idea" of where a stock is dipping to in price!

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    by super_us_lech_guy May 22, 2015 8:01 AM
    stocksgirrl stocksgirrl May 22, 2015 12:37 PM Flag

    who cares?? what does it matter?? many ppl on these brds have id's that don't tell you what their gender is! no one makes any bones about it! they just communicate with those posters despite knowing whether those posters are male or female!! because, who cares??!

    get over it! better things in life to be concerned with! and this isn't one of them!

    so ridiculous!!

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    Where's you new ID, Mike/Cindy?

    by super_us_lech_guy May 22, 2015 10:56 AM
    stocksgirrl stocksgirrl May 22, 2015 12:30 PM Flag

    i happen to be a woman- so, i'm one female who posts on these boards- and have done so frequently! in fact, i know of several- including drumrgirl, cleblanc, belinda.shores, and others! so, you are 100% incorrect in your "facts"!

    and the id of "cindy..." has already been explained by that poster- several weeks ago- he told this board that he is a man and that is his wife's yahoo acct! he then told "me" on here about a week or 2 ago that his name is "mike"! but aside from these "facts" that have been self proclaimed, what does it matter whether posters here or anywhere are male or female?? what does it matter?? does gender of posters make any difference in the info provided on these boards?? if people offer good info- then what does it matter whether they are male, female, in their 20s, in their 80s, asian, white, black, from the united states, from canada, from europe, etc etc- who really cares about such trivial things??!! just go by the info someone posts about a stock: is the info useful or use"less"- that's all anyone on these boards should be caring about!!

    too ridiculous! such a waste of space to post such nonsense on this board- yet despite my feelings on that, i felt i needed to defend the person being targeted in this post!! so petty!

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    What made this thing go nuts today?

    by hedgehog25 Jun 4, 2015 12:03 PM
    stocksgirrl stocksgirrl Jun 4, 2015 12:45 PM Flag

    i asked a similar question today about amba's price move (on a different board)- but from the $70s to $100s in less than 1 month!! got no replies as of yet!

    as for todays move, i can tell you this:

    yesterday, amba created a bull flag on its hourly chart- that bull flag did its pop up today- as is normally the case when a bull flag gets created- the stock is "supposed to" pop up in price ;) so, today, amba did its bull flag pop! now the price target of this flag is in the $102s- will it get there?? that's unknown!

    it should be understood that not all price targets are met of whatever chart pattern you're looking at! so, i was extremely shocked to see that amba made it into the $99s this week as that price was a price target of an even larger multi month bull flag on the daily chart that started in february at $48.50. yet, it made it to its price target! so maybe amba will make it to the price target of this shorter term bull flag- but it really is unknown (due to price targets of patterns not always being met)!

    this month though, amba will drop to the $80-$85s zone as that is where a price target is of another technical indicator- & usually, this technical price target is hit by a stock ;) so, i expect amba to hit that this month too- has until jun 30th to get it done :)

    all i do is technical analysis- i'm pretty well known on several yahoo boards for my ta acumen- so, you can take that for what it's worth ;)

    anyway, hope this answer will give you some help with your question :)

  • as swks trades at 110.38 as i write this post! swks reached 110.32 just a few moments ago- hence, it got down to its 4 day ma price of today and is now free to go to wherever in price it's going to go to today :)

    & in the time it took me to write this info, swks is now trading at 109.98 and its NEW 4 day ma price shows as 110.27.

    now why did the 4 day ma price CHANGE from 109.37 to 109.27?? because the 4th number used in the calculation of the 4 day ma price is the CURRENT price of the stock- at whenever you're looking at it during the day! so, to calculate the 4 day ma price when swks trades at 109.27, the calculation is this:

    take the closing prices of the last 3 days & add them to the current price of 109.98 - then divide by 4- you'll see that equals 109.27.

    now verify this calc once again by using the other pric i just mentioned of 110.37! so, u'd take the closing prices of the last "3 days" & add them to the pric of 110.37- & divide by 4! that will give u 110.38- & that was the 4 day ma price that was showing on the daily chart when i first started this thread- that's when swks stock price was trading at 110.38.

    let's look at current price of swks: it's 110.11 & with that, the 4 day ma price now showing on the daily cht is 110.30. now verify that being the 4 day ma price by taking the closing prices of the last 3 days & add them to 110.11 & divide by 4. u'll see u'll get 110.30 as that is the 4 day ma price for today when swks trades at 110.11.

    for the 4 WEEK ma pric: u take the closing prices of the last 3 FRIDAYS- & add them to the CURRENT price of swks- divide by 4! so, looking at the weekly cht, i see that as swks currently trades at 110.14, it has a 4 week ma price of 107.76. so, verify that by doing the calc i just explained.

    yesterday, i wrote that as swks closed at 110.92, its 4 week ma price on its weekly chart was showing as 107.95. so, use that 110.92 pric & do the calc to verify if u get 107.95 as the 4 wk ma prc.

    & thats how this works :)

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    OT: for mike (aka cindy...)

    by stocksgirrl Jun 22, 2015 5:51 PM
    stocksgirrl stocksgirrl Jun 23, 2015 11:05 AM Flag

    it works! & people can make money off the system- & not buy at a high price or sell on a low price sell off as so many retail traders are known to do! that's what makes this system useful for anyone- once they can grasp it and understand it! this system would have prevented someone on june 1st from buying swks at 110 or 111 as they would have known to wait for the 100-103s that were coming in june due to the 4 month ma of june being in that price zone.

  • stocksgirrl stocksgirrl Jun 26, 2015 11:32 AM Flag

    glad you think so! hope people paid attention to this mumbo jumbo & didn't buy at 110s yesterday! hey- maybe YOU bought there yesterday! good! i'm sure you'll be one who never lets the mumbo jumbo get in your way of buying a stock when it's in a downtrend- like those on the ddd & mu brds when i had warned BOTH boards of the downtrend that had started in those stocks on the day the downtrend was confirmed (in feb 2014 for ddd & jan 2015 for mu)! this mumbo jumbo would have saved many on those boards from the financial pain that was coming their way in the coming months! but nope,there were more people like YOU on those boards than there were of my types- of people who understood technicals of a chart & could read options!

    so, good luck to you! i'll take my mumbo jumbo any day over anything else out there!

    oh- & i did also write on here the other day that the 4 week ma this week for the spx was at 2102- spx got to it- yesterday! yet, i wrote that info on here on wednes or tues! more mumbo jumbo that came to pass- just like i wrote about- BEFORE it happened! lol yup, oh that mumbo jumbo i tell ya lol

  • stocksgirrl stocksgirrl Jun 26, 2015 11:48 AM Flag

    i really don't care when you bought! i just wonder why you are bothering to reply to my posts or even READ my posts when my posts are SOLELY about technicals- & nothing more than that! in fact, why do you even bother to read this board at all when you're not looking to sell your position at anytime in the next several years since you got in at such a low price?! just stop commenting on ANYTHING i write- my posts are NOT for YOU! they're for people who want to buy on dips or for those who want to trade a stock or know when to sell at an interim high etc. they're not for people who don't care what swks is doing on a day to day basis because their sell plan is far off in the future! so, no need to read or reply to ANYTHING i write!

    good day!

  • ... including on swks too!

    qrvo has the pattern as does cybr as does agio (the stock dividendseeker asked about this week) as does vips (a huge 1 on vips) as does mbly as does simo, feye, nxpi, & so many out there!

    & the indexes of the spx, dow, & nasdaq has this same pattern too!

    this is on the daily chart- & they all started to form around beginning of april! almost completed- but not yet! spx will get completed at 2060s (around 2067).

    swks gets completed at $100-$98s.

    once the pattern gets completed, the stock, index etc will often do a bounce up from there as the neckline IS a support price! then, you'll get 1 of several scenarios play out:

    1. the stock. index etc will just keep going UP & away from that neckline such that the pattern completes but does not get to the price target as the neckline acts as support! pattern then is finished & no longer a worry!


    2. the stock goes up from the neckline but just enough to create a bear flag! then, the stock , index etc turns around & comes back down to that neckline again- to test it again & EITHER go up (which creates a W pattern- which is bullish) OR to break through that neckline & then head towards the price target of the pattern. the neckline then will act as a resistance point on up moves to it!

    there are longer head/shoulder patterns too on the spx & on several stocks like swks that started in february this year! the 1 that started in apr on the spx has price target of 2000 (there's a gap to fill too at 2022). the 1 that started in feb has a target price of around 1865 (there's an unfilled gap at 1905 too).

    these will take several weeks to months to get completed & then get to the price targets if patterns get fulfilled (by breaking thru necklines).

    so, these kind of patterns should not really be ignored & people should be aware of them due to there being so many of them on so many stocks in different sectors!

    so please just be mindful of these is all- & trade accordingly :)

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    by stocksgirrl Jun 30, 2015 4:39 PM
    stocksgirrl stocksgirrl Jun 30, 2015 4:46 PM Flag

    so, you two just sitting there, waiting for me to post something?? those 2 thumbs down came within 2 minutes of my writing this post!

    too pathetic for words! time to get a life- this post isn't even TA related! so, go get a life!

  • stocksgirrl by stocksgirrl Jun 30, 2015 4:39 PM Flag

    hi cheetah,

    that guy on the mu brd you keep trying to reply to you is a new id! it's a spoof id of that wallisweaver id. that id is just writing posts to get at wallisweaver- but it isn't him. check the spelling of that id against the "real" wallisweaver- the fake id is using 2 v's as the "w" of "weaver"- click on that fake id- you'll see it was just created this week! that's why the guy isn't responding to your posts- he's just there to cause discord on that board!


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