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  • stocktor_evil stocktor_evil 17 hours ago Flag

    Only the ones that have their CHL. Unlike the granny vote terrorizing black pansies, the black crickets are a much smarter more subtle band of justice providers. They take an oath to refrain from childishly chirping about it.

    That's why you've never heard of them. Let us speak of it no more.

  • Justice still being sought for Dillon Taylor’, but not a word from pretendident bonobo, his partner in crime Attorney Genital Holder, Al Dullton or the main urinestream press. And the white brown hispanic Dillion didn't even attack the officer. He just had headphones on and couldn't hear the officer.

    It's probably next on their to-do list after they get through with budding in inappropriately without the facts or evidence on purely racial motives in the black Brown white Wilson misunderstanding.

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    Last night..

    by jimmydugan503 Nov 25, 2014 6:37 PM
    stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Nov 26, 2014 7:55 AM Flag

    You might want to add for bonobo supporters, especially ones that if bonobo had a son or if you went to a zoo you might see a resemblance; that assuming a football stance and charging like a pass rusher just may not provide as much "pass" protection, as it were, against a 700 to 900 mph projectile as a bonobo supporter might otherwise think it would.

    It's not the brain damage, because, let's face it, all bonobo supporters have severe brain damage by definition, it's more the final snipping of the central nervous system shutting down the efferent neuron action to the legs to help keep the body's center of gravity stabilized in the natural off balance semi erect position.

    It may also hinder the ability of the bonobo supporter's synapses to fire rapidly and in the proper sequence. Even slower yet than bonobo supporting tards' synapses normally fire rapidly and in the proper sequence, if you can imagine that. I mean when these subgroups protest, they do destroy their own buildings.

    According to Darwin, this mutation would naturally become extinct. And we can see this occurring in slow motion before our very eyes in the form of blackonblack fatal crimes, their leaders ignoring same, amplified by their choice to demand their leaders hand out free birth control like it was Halloween 365 days a year. And let's not forget, their own central leader is supplanting blacks with descendents of the Spanish conquistadors. Because, well, they seem to be better at raping and pillaging and spreading like cockroaches in new lands than their African counterparts. And under blacks own eyes with their undying and dying support, no less.

    I hope someone is recording this for posterity. How not to succeed in the modern day universe.

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    Again with "inflation goals", now Japan.

    by stocktor_evil Nov 25, 2014 8:05 AM
    stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Nov 25, 2014 3:10 PM Flag

    I see chief gave this a thumbs downs because it's counter to the eco-sodomic tard indoctrination he's received much of his life.

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    Again with "inflation goals", now Japan.

    by stocktor_evil Nov 25, 2014 8:05 AM
    stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Nov 25, 2014 9:27 AM Flag

    The exception when inflation should be front and center is when inflation is 5, 10, 15% as it was in the tard stagflation years of Jimmy Peanut Head Carter.

    That's when Fed takes action, such as raising rates, to reduce economic activity to reduce inflation.

  • "Falling prices over two decades of stagnation made holding cash a viable option for companies looking for safety and real returns on capital. The BOJ has been making steady progress in shaking a “deflationary mindset,” Kuroda said.

    Kuroda last week secured a wider board majority for easing that the BOJ boosted on Oct. 31, and warned the central bank’s key gauge of inflation could fall below 1 percent after the world’s third-largest economy slid into recession.

    BOJ urged business leaders to use profits more productively, saying hoarding cash will become costly as the central bank stamps out deflation. Japanese companies are headed toward their highest profits ever as a weaker yen resulting from the BOJ’s stimulus boosts Toyota Motor Corp. and other exporters. Japan Inc. holds near-record cash while capital spending in the second quarter was more than 50 percent lower than a peak in 2007.

    Companies could boost investment in facilities and jobs, taking advantage of a weaker yen, Kuroda said today in a speech in Nagoya. At the same time, the BOJ will continue to spur price gains, adjusting its unprecedented easing policy as needed to achieve its inflation goal, he said. "

    The goal is not inflation, that's wagging the dog, inflation is bad for those on fixed incomes, the goal is growth (an undesirable by product of which is inflation), because more people are working, getting higher wages because of higher demand for workers.

    Apropos side;

    The opposite, flooding the market with unskilled workers in an economy that's not growing and already has a high unemployment rate is not good for that economy, or the original citizenry. But tards, many of which who live in the welfare state, will vote for policies that will bring competition for the limited resources of the welfare state, let alone job opportunities.

    And in retaliation when they see the results of their own misguided vote, they'll loot and burn their own hood, not DC and then next election vote for more.

  • stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Nov 24, 2014 10:37 PM Flag

    I swear getting tards to get the facts right is about as likely as them explaining their proposed legislation honestly.

    bonobo didn't "pardon" anyone. Here's what he did;

    His action will grant “deferred action” to two illegal immigrant groups; A. parents of United States citizens or legal permanent residents who have been in the country for five years, and B. young people who were brought into the country illegally as of 2010.

    Hispanics are a growing and powerful constituency in Nevada and the state serves as fertile ground for the president to buy votes.

    bonobo said his administration will start accepting applications from illegal immigrants who seek the deferred actions. Those who qualify will be granted protections for three years.

    After 3 years they'll receive some lovely parting gifts.

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    I guess that the "Gentle Giant"...

    by jimmydugan503 Nov 24, 2014 9:52 PM
    stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Nov 24, 2014 10:23 PM Flag

    bonobo announces 'whether we agree or not, we should respect the decision of the grand jury, we are a nation of laws, we all must abide by them,... well except for me."

  • stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Nov 24, 2014 8:15 PM Flag

    How about legalizing the professionals under the H1B visas? bonobo didn't do a thing for these legal visa holders.

    Are you afraid they'd provide too much competition for you in the job market?

    That they wouldn't fall financial victims to your party's ideological slave state?

  • stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Nov 24, 2014 8:11 PM Flag

    "He announced his plan to deal with the illegal immigrants."

    He announced an executive order to not deport 5 million illegals. That's it.

    That's like claiming to deal with a mouse problem, in a house full of holes in the walls, by not exterminating the ones already in the house.

  • stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Nov 24, 2014 8:07 PM Flag

    Just more evidence you know nothing about economics or finance.

    You can't include a projected cost or a theoretical "savings" in a deficit.

    "Nobody said balancing the budget is a bad idea. Just the way that Paul Ryan wants to accomplish that is bad idea."

    Just complete and utter nonsense. Not worthy of any further comment.

    "If you don't think competition in all markets including the labor market improves the economy I have serious doubts about your beliefs in capitalism."

    It depends on your perspectivemoron. Competition for jobs among workers, the perspective you were referring to, is not good. (Your attempt to bring in "all" competition is cover for your original ignorant statement.) You want a monopoly as a worker just as much as being a monopoly is the desired position for a business. It is competition among businesses that's good for consumers. It's competition among workers for jobs that's good for businesses. Bringing in a bunch of uneducated cheap workers into a weak economy with an already high unemployment rate might be good for businesses, but it's not good for workers. And it's not good for the economy if the unemployed workers move into the welfare state. Your argument is just plain gruberish.

    And your comments on the XL pipeline are as much tard enviro-alchemic-dogma as global warming. Again, complete and utter nonsense. You obviously know nothing about processing petrochemicals or energy in general either.

  • stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Nov 24, 2014 6:36 PM Flag

    No doubt you're a member of the half of the population Gruber was referring too that voted for bonobocare to find out that what's in it, isn't what bonobo said would be in it.

    I mean you have a non sequitur followed up with a false argument.

    An analogy, 'look chief, if you don't by a $1 million dollar plane, you could use that money to go a long way toward a million dollar home'.

    If your numbers are even right (although a plane ride doesn't cost anywhere near $12,000, except in bizarro tard government entitlement world), A. except for criminals, who was even talking about paying to deport them? and B. bonobo isn't paying to deport them. Quite the opposite. He's inviting them in. He's certainly not using the money not spent on deporting them to "go along way towards securing the border", ya fecking moron.

    "And Paul Ryan has ideas, they are not good ones,..."

    yes fiscal soundness, not defaulting on American debt, balancing the budget are just a few of Ryan's bad ideas that unprecedented deficit spending tards think are nonsensical, even though they ridiculed Bush for deficits 1/4th the size of bonobo's and claim Clinton's balanced budgets were the second coming.

    "The rest just pander and fear monger to ignorant right wing."

    No as Gruber says, that's the tards tactic for passing legislation. No "the rest" want the border secured before you grant amnesty to 5 or 10 million dregs that the Latin American countries don't even want, to stop the next 10 or 20 million from becoming citizens in the tard's welfare state..

    "The lack of competition in the job market is holding the American economy back. If you are scared that a Hispanic is going to take your job you can always acquire new skills."

    You need to find a better tard dogma website. You obviously have no clue about economics. It's not a "lack of competition in the job market that's holding the economy back", it's a lack of jobs as a result of bonobonomics. He won't even sign a bill to build the XL pipeline.

  • stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Nov 23, 2014 6:52 AM Flag

    And 4th, how would bonobo vetoing an R bill "set up a clear choice for which party the American people want in the White House in '16"? bonobo constantly does things against the will of the voters. He doesn't represent America. 70% of America says he has us on the wrong track.

    This is why you people took a shellacking a few weeks ago.

  • stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Nov 22, 2014 8:35 PM Flag

    First, we're all tired of hearing tards whine about environmental alchemy, lying to pass policies,.. if you like your doctor,...& holding up a bunch of bills in the senate that would put people to work.

    Second, while impeaching bonobo would be a peachy idea, by the time the process played out and received overwhelming approval, he'd be out of office. Why doesn't he just make life easier for all and do American voters a favor and just resign in shame?

    Third, R's are not against immigration. They're against illegal immigration. And while they would probably agree with granting working rights to people who've been here for a long period of time, especially H1B Visa holders (you know professionals; scientists, engineers, architects,... people bonobo's dictatorial order didn't even address because,... well let's be honest his whole motive was to buy votes from future citizens of the welfare state), before you give citizenship privileges they need to close the border and plug all leaks so that there isn't another flood of illegals to deal with within a short period of time or any time. America isn't the global welfare center.

    And this amnesty, let's just go ahead and say what it is, needs to be paid for. For starters, these people need to pay fines for skipping ahead of others who have been going through the process legally. They need to pay back taxes. They need to be banned from the welfare state or voting for 10 years, unless they volunteer and serve in a military combat unit.

    They need to learn English, American history. Not this hypocritical spanish version of it. They need to admit Mexico and/or Spain has no right to any US territory. Because if that's the case then all Spanish ancestors of the conquistadors need to leave all of the Latin American countries they raped and pillaged during the Spanish Colonial era.

    And much more,.... but even a tard should get the point. This is real immigration reform. Not the tard welfare state enslavement vote buying stuff.

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    Dutch move 122 tons of gold out of US

    by okayrice1 Nov 21, 2014 5:37 PM
    stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Nov 22, 2014 8:05 PM Flag

    They must love gooold. Let's hope they don't have an unfortunate schmelting accident.

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    More legal immigrants means more..

    by karimnn Nov 21, 2014 1:38 AM
    stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Nov 22, 2014 5:42 AM Flag

    Obviously they didn't have many playing cards.

    Nah, it was the kind of chicken sheet move you get from an unpopular powerless pretendident who doesn't care about citizens (even his own faithful black) or the will of the voters. Someone who has no charisma, no savvy, no sense, no ability to propose policies (first good for America but even if just tard ideology) in a way that draws legislative or electoral support.

    Unike Reagan, this blacksheep of the American public, must resort to shell games, lying, buying votes from non-citizens alive or dead and perpetrating Kim Jong-un-esque wag the dog type theatrics on the American public to pass his failed policies.

    His legacy will be doubling the debt and nothing to show for it but an out of control welfare state. In summary, you can take the boy out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the boy.

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    White House: Immigration steps would boost GDP

    by okayrice1 Nov 21, 2014 10:35 AM
    stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Nov 21, 2014 11:26 AM Flag

    Average wages would rise over a 10 year period regardless. But everyone should be reassured that because of bonobo's dictatorial action, your wages over the next 10 years will rise a fool 0.3%. Don't go spending it all in one place.

    And $90 billion added to the GDP over the next 10 years would be great if you're Zimbabwe, but unfortunately bonobo is not the king of Zimbabwe. And he failed to mention it comes with an additional 20 trillion in debt to support the dregs who Latin American countries don't even want and the rest of the tard welfare state.

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    More legal immigrants means more..

    by karimnn Nov 21, 2014 1:38 AM
    stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Nov 21, 2014 9:06 AM Flag

    Means more non tax payers, enslaved in the welfare state and to the dem party, on the tax payer's backs and more debt passed on to proportionately fewer and fewer tax payers.

    This wasn't about immigration reform, else the tards would have done this when they had complete control of the government bonobo's 1st 2 yrs in office, it's about attempting to institutionalize dems in a one party system, much like FDR and LBJ tried to do.

    Tards know it. But much like trying to eat piranha sushi, this will come back to bite them.

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    Hundreds of thousands of...

    by jimmydugan503 Nov 19, 2014 10:12 AM
    stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Nov 20, 2014 9:04 PM Flag

    I've never heard of an economy being shut down because of winter.

    But these are the same people who when the government was shut down, not only paid government workers for the time they didn't work but on top of that paid them for the overtime they didn't make because they didn't work their regular time.

    Now either the number maker uppers thought it was a good opportunity to reset the GDP numbers because they were getting ahead of themselves or global warming is better than global cooling.. and we need to get everyone to throw some CO2 spewing logs on the fire.

  • stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Nov 19, 2014 10:18 PM Flag

    A very small point.

    If the government deficit spends say 5% of GDP or $850 billion on welfare and 25% of that is distributed in cash on ebt cards and 10% of that (it would probably be much less than that) is for these new illegal immigrants, and assuming they don't send half of that cash back to their home country to contribute to its GDP, then the US GDP would increase due to these immigrants by a maximum of 0.125%.

    If the government deficit spends 5% of GDP or $850 billion on infrastructure, assuming no loses due to government bureaucracy, the GDP should increase by no less than 5%. Since much of this would go to salaries for the workers building the infrastructure, aside from purchasing homes, durable goods, cars,.. they would be spending money on the same things the new immigrants might- food, rent, chinese goods from WalMart, immigrant prostitutes, immigrant drugs,.... and the contribution, less the chinese imports, to GDP would be more than 5%.

    These workers would also be paying taxes. Some on welfare may even leave the welfare state for some of these high paying Davis Bacon wages jobs, who would pay taxes themselves and contribute to government receipts, rather than siphoning off outlays, and help reduce the deficit.

    If we restrict immigration to educated people such as those in eastern europe or Asia (where education focuses on math & science) who could contribute professional skills to the economy, the additional population would add to GDP many fold over the uneducated, disease ridden, gang thugs bonobo has been bringing in. We might even get another Albert Einstein out of the deal.

    If the "global recognition of US Dollar is the lifeline of USA and the debt continue to grow, the GDP growth must be raised to maintain the impression of solvency" which is the better way to "maintain the impression of solvency"?

    sky_walker's cunning plan certainly wouldn't "boost US GDP growth in 2015 more than it does to the overall sovereign debt load.

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