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  • stocktor_evil stocktor_evil May 15, 2015 7:43 PM Flag

    “It seems that they are being bombarded with some types of facts and statistics,” said Bush Boy… “computer temperature models… yearly temperature averages… time lapse photography of the polar ice caps… chemistry and physics formulas involving CO2 and heat refraction…sea level measurements… I don’t understand it, Right-Wing Man"

    What Bush Boy doesn't understand is -

    when the "climatologists' (involved in climategate have a long history of falsifying models, data, etc) computer models say temperatures will be much higher and they're not,

    when in fact global average tremperatures are flat to falling,

    when time lapse photography shows Antarctic ice setting all time record highs,

    when climate scientists are getting stuck in the Antarctic ice trying to save climatologists who got stuck in the ice trying to save the original climatologists who got stuck in the ice,

    when the NASA OCO2 satellite shows more CO2 emissions coming from rural areas of non fossil fuel burning poor southern hemisphere 3rd world countries than northern hemisphere industrial metropolis',

    when sea levels are rising a fraction of an inch per decade when al gore said they would be up 20 ft in the last decade,....

    whentards are allowingISIS attack the US and its allies right and left,

    when 93,000,000 Americans can't find work,

    when the economy is shrinking under failedtard policy,

    whentards have the debt rushing toward $20 trillion,.......

    whytards insanely claim "climate change" is the most dangerous threat to American society.

    First we werescrewed by "Hope and Change" now they're trying toscrewus with "Hope and Climate Change". What's next? "Hope and Commie Change"? "Hopw and Sharia law change"? "Hope and Sex Change"?

  • One black and one white officer dead. We don't have to worry about America hatingmuslimstaking over the white house in the future. They took over the white house in 2008.

  • stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Apr 30, 2015 7:02 AM Flag

    "What is strange is, the winter of 2015 was one of the coldest on record, thanks to global warming. Colder even than 2014."

    Colder even than 2014 when tards blamed their shrinkage on cold weather.

  • stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Apr 29, 2015 7:36 PM Flag

    Good point. The 0.2% economic growth of Q1 2015 is scarcely much better than the 3% economic shrinkage of Q1 2014. I wonder who was in power then.

    What is strange is, the winter of 2015 was one of the coldest on record, thanks to global warming. Colder even than 2014.

  • stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Apr 28, 2015 7:21 AM Flag

    There you go again. Off in your fantasy world of denial and stupidity.

    But it's understandable, MSNBC is reporting things are going extremely well in Baltimore.

    Mika Brzezinski reports "we should emulate and institutionalize the actions and comments of the mayor of Tardimore in all metropolitan areas of the US. This is the America our counterproductive liberal mental disease demands."

    Here's an idea tards, don't commit crimes and you won't have a problem with the police.

  • I mean you elected Marion Barry several times after he got caught on film smoking crack in office,

    you've got the complete disaster in the choomer in chief, bonobo,

    need we say more of al sharpton, jesse jackson, snake oil salesman al gore, the admitted liar harry reid, nancy pelosi,...?

    you've got Hillary selling US government control to the highest foreign bidder,

    and now you've got this idiot mayor of Tardimore (who knows what kind of drugs she's on) saying things like-

    we want the police to do their job but at the same time, "we want to give those who want to destroy, space to destroy as well".

    And then later she says "the press took her words out of context". Cuz in da ghetto "destroy" be da formal word for peaceful protestins, "so her words cannot be twisted".

    You people live in a fantasy world, as we all too often see on this board. Anytime you get any mental pressure or god forbid you have to apply a little mental logic, are asked to get an education, a job, to support yourself.... you collapse on the floor, curl up in a fetal position and start reciting sci fi fantasy as some kind of justification for your stupid failed actions.

    "well in star trek episode X, they did this, so this is why we need to expand entitlements, we need to exacerbate our already insolvent welfare system by bringing in millions of uneducated, unskilled, disease ridden illegal aliens, put them on the tax payer dole and give them access to tax payer funded college educations over poor hardworking well intentioned US citizens".

    When we think you people have reached the ultimate lower extreme of stupidity, you take it down several more notches.

    Your stupidity is apparently limitless.

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    Needs to go to $550 to reach the old highs

    by high_tech_2000 Apr 27, 2015 10:34 AM
    stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Apr 27, 2015 10:45 AM Flag

    Needs to and going to couldn't be 2 more diametrically opposed possibilities.

  • stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Apr 23, 2015 2:47 PM Flag

    Let me get this his straight. Are you saying in spite of the S&L crisis of thehe 80's, which is bump In the road compared to the recent tard induced financiasl collapse of the 2000's, the one "Twig" tried to stop by expanding regulation of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, Barney Frank and the Democrat black caucus did not say "there's nothing wrong with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae" or that bonobo has not been president the last 6 years over an ideology that is founded on socialism, stimulus wasted on government workers and fad pseudo science, welfare, printing money, kicking the budgetary can down the road, and QE infinity?

    I can agree bonobo has never been a president, he's barely qualified to be the WH butler, but BF and the demo black caucsuckers did in fact say what they said.

  • stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Apr 22, 2015 10:06 PM Flag

    No. That was and is the result of tard ideology attempting to transfer wealth to and buy votes from the welfare state gone severely awry.

    A.TARP was paid back with a profit.

    B. Banks got in trouble and needed bailing out (ala TARP) to begin with because of tard government intervention in the market place ie forcing banks to give loans to minorities, the poor, undocumented democrats and other undeserving irresponsible tards whether they could afford them or not and then putting the tax payer on the hook for insuring them.

    Remember when Barny Frank and the democrat black caucus said there was "nothing wrong with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac,.. this is just republicans attempting to keep minorities and the poor from owning a home"? Another failed attempt by the government to provide equal outcomes rather than equal opportunities.

    C. The QE's are the result of bonobo's failed (aka nonexistent) economic policies, needing to be kept artificially afloat once again at the expense of the middle class through the destruction of the dollar. No other president has caused such a loss in worker participation, extended unemployment benefits so long, expanded welfare so much, prolonged a recession so far.... and then claimed he's done so much for America, since the great depression. His deficits are still almost double Bush's. "If I don't cut the deficits in half by my 3rd year in office, it's a one term proposition."

    D. Except for a single reasonable real stimulus plan the first year of the recession, not bonobo's providing salaries for government workers commie plan, I wasn't for any of the above.. (C, the one you probably think is going back to $580 someday, especially should have been allowed to fail.),...regardless,...all of the money loaned and/or spent on TARPs, QE's, even throw in defending America in the war on terror that disgusts your America hating ilk so much, pales in comparison to the money wasted on the tard's great socialist societies and their war on poverty.

  • stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Apr 22, 2015 3:02 PM Flag

    You apparently you don't understand the concept of appreciation, compound interest and the commutative property of math.

    The latter is why both normal and Roth IRA'S exist in the tax law. It doesn't matter if you multiply by the factor for taxes first or last, you've paid the right amount of taxes.

    (In fact ghe only reason to use a Roth IRA is if you have other capital gains losses to offset the tax.)

    But if you do pay taxes up front, no matter how much your IRA appreciates you're not required to pay taxes again because of the appreciation.

    By that, the capital gains tax should be zero as well since most capital investments such ss homes farms etc other than those in 401ks and normal IRAS are made with after tax income.

    And just because someone dies, doesn't mean unrealized capital gains become realized.

    Why should an estate be forced to be sold just to pay inheritance taxes that the children may not have?

    Why is the government or the welfare state more entitled to the family's property than family members? Doesn't make sense unless you're a commie.

  • stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Apr 22, 2015 8:26 AM Flag

    The tards of the welfare state, who live a life of sloth, make the ridiculous claim that other people's inheritance is somehow theirs.

    The idea of working hard so the next generation can live better lives and one day have enough to pass on to their children inheritance is as foreign to them as the idea of not hating America, the only place in the world where normal people have the opportunity to raise their lot in life.

  • stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Apr 21, 2015 11:56 AM Flag

    You left off FDR's, LBJ's, now bonobo's Great Socialist cradle to grave societies and their 50 year war on poverty that has put more people under the poverty level and on welfare than any other failed leader in world history while sending the debt to $20 trillion and unfunded liabilities to over $100 trillion.

    The inheritance tax is just a straw man for class warfare by those of you dependent on welfare. If you really wanted to pick a tax cause it would be the one that limits deductions for capital gains losses to $3000/yr for individuals, but no limit on investment banks and corporations.

    You'd get more support from the likes of c11 and Jason who've lost gazillion on C.

  • stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Apr 18, 2015 7:59 PM Flag

    The democrats have done an amazing job convincing their mentally challenged base to relinquish all hope of a better life outside the welfare state.

    "You want to tax us double, triple,... on our hard earned (LOL) income?" the tard constituency asks, their political hacks,.. "Sure, go ahead". "We don't pay no stinking taxes anyway". "As long as you send us a check, food stamps, free breakfast, lunch and dinner for out kids at school, pay for our healthcare,... the rest of our lives, we don't care".

    What tards fail to understand (or refuse to care because they'll never have anything anyway) is, estates - the land, the house, the furniture, etc was already taxed several times when it was bought and throughout its ownership. It's purchased with after tax earnings, then sales tax is paid on much of it during the purchase and/or improvemenrs, the property is taxed each year as property tax,

    "So what if the people inheriting the estate didn’t earn or make any of the money?"

    A. I know working is foreign to your ilk, but you don't know family members didn't earn it. Unlike the lottery you bring up as an example of something not earned (not surprisingly since the welfare state probably spends more on the lottery than all other sectors of the economy combined), you can't imagine anyone working on say a family farm a large part of their life, the land increasing in value as a result of the improvements, minerals, population expansion,... whatever easily hitting the $5 M mark after 50 years of ownership.

    B. The government certainly didn't earn it, nor did the typical democrats the government will give the tax revenue to in welfare in return for their vote.

    The only people who would be ok with raising any taxes is those who pay no taxes. Your family would be proud if they had any conscience, self respect, pride,...

    There's only one type of person who could be more ignorant and helpless and that's some ignorant fellow welfare dolt who thinks you should run for office.

  • stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Apr 17, 2015 8:33 PM Flag

    Oh that's right.

    Every time talavoy got overcome with with despair in the past he'd drop to the floor, curl up in a fetal position and start quoting his favorite sci fi movie as if he were one of the characters. Like Harry Potter, Shrek, Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit,.... This time it appears to be some cross between superman, tellie tubbies and Rachel Maddow, the ex star of The Wonder Years where she played Kevin Arnold.

    The current episode of despair seems to stem from the democrats once again propping up some underwhelming candidate with no qualifications to run for president other than, although they were never victimized themselves (quite the opposite they live very privileged lives), at some time in history their race and/or sexual organ was in some way thought to have been treated unfairly. And now it's all present day human's fault. The term they like to use is "victimized". So the fantasy of his victimization organization.

    But don't mock talavoy, he has reason to be full of despair and completely despondent, vote for candidates he believes were victimized. Ya see, he grew up in the southwest of Britain in Cornish country where prepubescents worked as towel boys and weren't allowed to wear anything under their kilts. As it were Cornwall was a favorite vacation destination for fat harry greek men who frequented this area all too often, the one under his kilt and Cornwall too. In fact the Cornish termcornholeoriginated from this area. And as it is, no one can deny Hillary reminds everyone of fat harry greek men.

    Ergo he lapses in the fetal position and becomes Rachel Maddow Man.

  • C was "on its way".

    Today it's a 1.5% step down for C, 1.5% giant step down for bag holder kind.

    Some rocket scientist C "investors" got some splaining to do.

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    How about those potatas?

    by rbrentbyrne Apr 16, 2015 8:07 AM
    stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Apr 17, 2015 5:49 AM Flag

    "You (definitely) sound like a stupid" idiot who put all of his money in C in 2007, lost 90% of it and is now, in spite of all of the other much more profitable stocks, pitifully hanging on hoping it will go to the pre-downfall/pre-dilution/pre-reverse split adjusted price of $580 to breakeven. One who couldn't understand C's financials or the metrics needed to do this, let alone buying C's assets at a discount, if his boyfriend's life depended on it. One who is so clueless, he high five's the other morons who've done the same when it goes up 1.5% on a mere doubling of average volume on earnings announcement day. The same stock that will probably be down 1.5% today. The same stock that will fall back to $50 or lower within a month where the same morons will once again post, from their night watchman's job at Walmart, for Corbat's removal, rinse and repeat until they are 85.

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    Hillary Clinton is so fat...

    by penguinx64 Apr 15, 2015 6:12 PM
    stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Apr 16, 2015 7:36 PM Flag

    Strange you put more weight on what is far closer to the truth (Hillary is a sloppy fat pig) on this board than say what the old ex beat up (by his own brother) leader of the senate Harry Reid has said of republican candidates and others recently. Or what other ckichenshits like Maher on your poosie side said about past candidates.

    Actually nobody cares what dependents like you think. We'd just as soon, you said thanks for the welfare andstfu.

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    How about those potatas?

    by rbrentbyrne Apr 16, 2015 8:07 AM
    stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Apr 16, 2015 6:44 PM Flag

    Let me show you how to make money on C.

    First, sell the #$%$ stock that pays an insulting dividend of 0.3%.

    Then, buy one of the millions of residential assets C is selling at 50 to 70 cents on the dollar. Say a 2000 sf home for $100K+/-. Put 20% down and have C finance it for about 5%. Put about $20K in it fixing it up and then rent it for $1500/mt.

    Since I'm sure it escapes you, here's the math. You'll have $40K of you own money in it. The PITI will be about $800/mt with a net of about $700. The annual return will be 8400/40K x 100% = 21%. Within 5 years, you get your original investment back and you have a $150,000 asset, with a liability of about $75K for an increase in net worth of $75K. On top of that you have an income stream of $8400/yr, from which you deduct interest, insurance, depreciation, expenses,... for a minimal tax liability, rinse and repeat.

    That's one way a "smart" person makes money.

    Here's how you think a "smart" person makes money on C -

    First, buy the #$%$ C stock paying a 0.3% dividend, then quoting you-

    "a smart person will buy everything on his credit card and pay the card off at the end of the month and get 2% to 5% back or free Flights and hotels or some combination,...."

    Too funny.


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    How about those potatas?

    by rbrentbyrne Apr 16, 2015 8:07 AM
    stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Apr 16, 2015 3:32 PM Flag

    Right. No I didn't "lost my shirt", I was short banks during the collapse until they banned shorting financials. And then I started buying foreclosures.

    You've obviously been long C since at least 2007. So you're down only 88% today rather than the 90% yesterday.

    While you're waiting for C to return to $580 to breakeven, I'm making at least 20% annually on my money. Plus whatever I make trading a few stocks and options.

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    How about those potatas?

    by rbrentbyrne Apr 16, 2015 8:07 AM
    stocktor_evil stocktor_evil Apr 16, 2015 11:30 AM Flag

    You've got your socialism mixed up with free market and vice versus. It's only through socialist government funded bailouts and fed loose monetary policy that C is artificially propped up and here today. Under a free market, C should have been allowed to go bankrupt for it's poor management decisions prior to the financial collapse.

    That's how a free market works. Bad actors get taken out, not subsidized by money stolen from tax payers via the loss of buying power of the currency, their savings.

    If that's not bad enough, deposit your money at C and they pay you less than 1% interest. Buy something on one of their credit cards and they charge you 15 to 20% or more interest. For bailing them out.

    We won't mention they paid back the bailout by robbing from their own share holders via secondaries and share dilution. To add insult to injury they reward you with a 10:1 reverse split institutionalizing your loss.

    And the clueless leave their money in C thinking it's going back to $500.

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