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stocktothemoon 7 posts  |  Last Activity: Nov 2, 2015 8:58 PM Member since: Oct 2, 2013
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  • stocktothemoon stocktothemoon Nov 2, 2015 8:58 PM Flag

    So keep posting those Hanoi jane harassing non stop anti Microsoft propaganda.

    When you are trying to go to sleep ask yourself why Microsoft is taking steps to replace the fake non genuine versions of Windows for Free rather than just disabling them. They are not making the Microsoft Customer that got taken. It was not their fault. 100's of thousands of fake non genuine software has been sold for years on the used sites or the big name sites everyone buys software on. It Is not just Windows. If you are buying a $899 version of Pagemaker or several hundred for Photoshop and someone is willing to sell it for $50.00 it may not be real. What is in it? What is it doing to who or you?

    Pretty nice for Microsoft to play the lead in this Bruce Willis thriller for no apparent reason. Why should they clean up software sales on those sites. A lot of unanswered questions or is the answer blowing in the message board wind. Does the posts that make the message board go 'round show the underlying problem of just why There may be a Bruce Willice thriller playing live and the crusaders are saving us all from the end of the world as we knew it.

    Go ahead Hanoi Jane do your stuff and try to get to 200,000 posts.

  • stocktothemoon stocktothemoon Nov 2, 2015 8:50 PM Flag

    Can you imagine if Microsoft is working for some entity hired to clean up old Windows versions, PIRATED VERSIONS, ANDROID, CHROME, LINUX & some clowns are hindering their efforts with 100's of thousands of posts? Who hired Microsoft? 100's of thousands of anti Microsoft post and rah rah evil. Interesting. Sure is. What happens if every business, government. and Armed Forces & all the fortune 500's where being picked through and hacked to death no matter what Operating System they where using apple, Windows or Android? Windows 10 is done and secure so that part of that Bruce WIllis thriller is done.

    You have to think about why in the world, Microsoft is upgrading Pirated versions of Windows XP & Windows 7 Made in China and they are bogus loaded fakes. Is someone hiring them to do that? Are the 100 thousand posts helping or hurting that effort? Just asking? 100's of thousands of Hanoi Jane in the Windows Message board. 100's of thousands. Pages of ID's. Keep thinking about why Microsoft might be taking action to get those FAKE NON REAL who knows what of the US Streets?

    Why would Microsoft turn it's efforts into making a version of Android, Chrome and Linux coming soon that will update to Windows Version which will be secure just Like W10. Microsoft has been running vital operations for Apple so the problem is not there. Microsoft is handling Apples cloud needs and replacing SIri for Apple. Their devices are not that bad on the hacking front. They still have some sort of relationship with Google via Safari and that is a week link for Apple. The real problem is with fake Apple products. If Microsoft can replace fake Chinese versions of Windows via update it can do the same thing for Apple. The same clouds run Microsoft and Apple.

    A super low cost version of Linux OS that will go over those old Google Phones and devices in all the foreign countries is In the works. It is supposed to resemble Windows 10 and run all the same stuff just cost less and work abroad.

  • stocktothemoon stocktothemoon Nov 2, 2015 10:53 AM Flag

    Microsoft can 100% stop online ID theft purchase with it's Windows hello that when you go t make a purchase either your face scan has to match or they say, place your fingerprint on the keyboard to verify your identity.
    They are expanding how that will be used and it works like a charm. Just though I would mention that because they came up with a real solution to phony ID purchases or stealing an ID for online access.
    That's all just a statement from someone that does not work for Microsoft.
    When you post anything positive on the board, the harasser thinks you work for Microsoft because of the thinking. I will think the opposite way and head to my next destination in THE REAL WORLD today. Have a nice day everyone!

  • stocktothemoon stocktothemoon Nov 2, 2015 10:40 AM Flag

    emI do not work for Microsoft.

    I want to be free, happy and a productive member of Earth. I want to have a positive attitude, help people, help my family and do the best I can every day and do the opposite of the people that are acting in a way that is disgraceful.

    I will do the opposite of the people that find the need to come onto a fan board for Microsoft and Harass users of Microsoft new products and rant on about Linux Desktops, Android, Old Windows Versions.

    It is my right to ask how to do something on Windows 7 that can easily be done on Windows 10. Opinions are like you know what. Everyone has one. If my opinion is that in order to be a productive member of society, do the opposite of the people that are really, really questionable than that it my choice and you no one has to do or be influenced by my opinion. It is for my benefit that is for sure. It works great for me. I can just read some of the bashes on the new Microsoft Posts and that tell me that is what I should be using because look at the person and what they say they are using that is bashing the new Windows Products.

    I sure do not want to end up acting or thinking like them. How that makes people say he must work for Microsoft is puzzling. Trust me, there are vast amounts of people reading this board that have very different opinions then the board poster.

    They just move on to something else in life because of the way the board comes off at first glance. That is sort of doing the opposite of the opinions that are way, way out in space isn't it? They are not posting 100's of thousand of anti Microsoft Posts. They read the board and do the opposite, move on with life in a productive manner and not sit here taking it out on fans of Microsoft. I do not work for Microsoft, I am a fan of Microsoft.

    Got to go, real life happens!

  • stocktothemoon stocktothemoon Nov 2, 2015 10:12 AM Flag

    On Windows 7 it seems to take all day to get a network to work and blutooth? How come on Windows 10 you just enter the user name and password or pair a device and you are done in 5 minutes? Is there a reason people are pumping Windows 7 that is so slow, everything is hard to do, you cannot do anything that everyone else is currently doing and hackers can steal your identity and the machine is so filled with malware, viruses and trap doors no one that has choice would voluntarily use it.
    If you have not had your identity stolen on Windows 7 it is because you do not have any money, bad credit or there is nothing for a thief to use. They still use your IP# and internet connection, they can use that on Windows 7 even if your life is surrounded in bad credit, no credit cards and you are in no whereville of life. Russia, China and every other country hacks 24/7 365 days a year and they find suckers easy. Did you really think free poon sites where free? You watched the movies and the Russian hackers planted multiple Trojans on your W7 machine and took everything on your device and it is sitting in all the foreign countries on some super computer. The intel agencies of the world us the free ponr trick. It is the oldest trick in the book.

    Either your w7 machine is used as IP doing things you would not believe or your identity and your machine are being used to do unsavory things. This is the same with XP but if you are not in the Navy and still using XP then it you cannot likely comprehend this message. Android, Chrome same as Windows 7 but worse. Linux sort of faded away on desktops so no reason to mention Linux desktops since it is not even 1% of desktop users. Remember the Linux machines Walmart decided to try and sell? That went well. IBM could not figure out that Linux Desktops deriv's buried them. Why not?

    This board is the best ad for W10 ever. If Linux, Android, W7 poster pumpers act like they do on this board, that is a good reason to avoid what they do. Serious.

  • stocktothemoon stocktothemoon Nov 2, 2015 9:49 AM Flag

    How do I use that fingerprint verification on Windows 7 like I can on Windows 10 with Windows Hello? Is the feature that lets me sign in by facial recognition turned off in Windows 7 or something? What's up?
    Windows 7 still has all these crazy third party virus programs or security that turn the inside of the machine into a bowl of file spaghetti? Is the update coming for Windows 7 that will have the security built into the structure of the Operating System like in W10 and where is Windows Defender on 7 the free security that does not make you PC freeze up like all the 3rd parties.
    How do I get my world to show on the Start Button in Windows 7 and more importantly how do I get the machine to act stable like Windows 10 and boot in a few seconds?
    It seems like Windows 10 runs 50-75% faster than Windows 7. The benchmark test confirm it. 1 of you Windows 7 fanatics surely have the secret to make it as fast as Windows 10 so do not spend my life waiting for downloads and watch progress bars.
    The feature in Edge that must work good on Windows 7right that allows me to write on the screen with a Windows Pen and send it via the share button in 1 click to my co workers is on Windows 7 right? Do I have to jump hoops and spend a year reading a manual and installing drivers just to get Windows 7 to use a pen?

    Drivers? Windows 10 does that all for you via update even for an Epson Printer or something you do not have the driver for. what about W7?

    If my W7 PC crashes I have to find broken an missing CD's to reinstall programs I need to work with. If I restore my Windows 10 machine all my desktop links, contacts. people and apps are retained. I have to push a click button to reinstall the apps but I do not have to pay again. It says already owned once you pay for the app once. Is there a way to do this on Windows 7 because it has taken me a whole weekend to reinstall Software on a Windows 7 machine and it takes under 10 minutes on a Windows 7 machine.

    Hackers love W 7, why?

  • I cant find the Windows Store and I see there are a lot of posts here that say it does everything Windows 10 does. I know that you can install Adobe Photoshop from the store for free or a few bucks for more advanced version and it only takes under 5 minutes. I want to avoid running out to best buy and spending several hundred for some CD's and the new computers do not even have CD Players. I also to able to uninstall the app in 2 minutes or have the app transferred to any Windows 7 machine I am on just like Windows 10. I also want to unload songs fo $.99 cents and the current movies and games for a few bucks from the store. Where is the store link to download books from the Microsoft Store on Windows 7?
    I also want to buy that new XBOX controller like they use on Windows 10 that is a complete XBOX so I can have up to 4 of my friend play at the same time. How do I do that on Windows 7?
    I cannot even find the One Drive Link on Windows 7 to select as a drive letter so I do not loose my important documents of folders and can store them in One Drive Clod. I do not want to enter the url I want the drive letter just like c: drive the way it is on Windows 10. How can I do that?
    Where is the Cortana Icon on Windows 7? Are you telling me Windows 7 does have a way of giving me traffic info for my drive to work every morning, the news and is more personal than any assistant I ever had. It is exactly like paying someone to organize your life.
    Speaking of organization how do I use the Windows Pen click and automatically open One Note to keep all my notes people used to write on paper before Windows 10 came out. You can't tell me I have to write notes on paper and I cannot just type a keyword and my notes populate in a second. They will be searchable in 10 years am I supposed to not have the ability to search notes I wrote years before because you freaks rave about Windows 7?
    On Windows 10 I can make a purchase from the Windows Store and it ask for my fingerprint to confirm my ID.

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