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  • stringandtwocups stringandtwocups 31 minutes ago Flag

    i've angered all the lackeys that are here trying to get longs to sell. with this tiny stock float........ all shares are being held like possible winning lottery tidkets........... who is gonna sell when im waiting for ROTH CAPITAL to find RAMPART a well $$ funded OIL CORP PARTNER TO help develop the alaskan north slope ??????
    LOL.............. what a fantastic tournament that was. very civilized too. amazing all those countries competed in gentlemanly fashion along with their fan base..........yet the whole planet seems to be involved in military conflict. its a paradox.

  • stringandtwocups stringandtwocups 41 minutes ago Flag

    oh........and the brazilian women ? forget it.............all the wax shoppes are gonna go out of busines

  • stringandtwocups stringandtwocups 44 minutes ago Flag

    Hey angela merkel.......we were only spying on your soccer team. please let our intelligence officer come back to his post in germany :))
    yes........merkel was at the game and few rows away was good ole
    21 year old substitute made most athletic and intelligent play of the game. he put himself in front of the net to receive cross court pass..........he unbelievably in one motion (almost) catches ball with his chest........drops ball to his foot......and kicks one heck of a hard shot to far right side of goal.........impossible 4 goalie to defend. this kid made best shot on goal of the shots taken by anyone else in the game. 21 yr old substitute.
    dont merkel and putin have a meeting ? something about more euro sanctions on russia and putin is vowing to retailiate vs latest ukraine retaliation ? do they do all this at the rio grande ball this evening in tuxedo and a gown/white gloves ?
    great tournament. i thought holland was better than argentinal. best overall player in tourney was that bald holland striker roger/roggen (?) he can dribble by any two defenders and make fantastic pass for scoring opportunity.
    argentinian women announced legs closed for six months. german woman announced........................well.......................lets just leave it at that.

  • stringandtwocups stringandtwocups 4 hours ago Flag

    interesting climate data for california; the national climate service, weather prediction center on a climate map effective as of june 19. 2014 thru september 30, 2014 shows california will be in a drought condition thruout this period cited above. this is their most recent prediction for california as of today.

  • stringandtwocups stringandtwocups 4 hours ago Flag

    interesting note from california energy commission website; in 2012 in-state electricity production from hydro(water)electric facilities decreased by approx 37 % due to california experiencing one of its driest years. the prior year 2011 was wet. thus in 2012 natural gas generated electricity increased 33 % during that drought year.

  • stringandtwocups stringandtwocups 4 hours ago Flag

    the sacramento business journal dated march 13, 2014 by mark anderson staff writer states;royale energy corp is expanding its drilling to respond to higher prices which are up for a lot of reasons.pacific gas & electric co (a major hydroelectric provider) has said less hydroelectric power may be available because there is limited water behind the dams. also, this spring, PG&E will take its Unit 1 at DiabloCanyon power plant offline for maintenance. IT is californias Only nuclear power plant.

  • stringandtwocups stringandtwocups 5 hours ago Flag

    source; the california energy commission.

  • 1)gas implication of san onofre nuclear generation station aka SONGS........
    fact ; in june 2013 southern california edison co. permanently closed SONGS. reason in large part was due to problematic discoveries during maintenace inspections.
    2)natural gas to generate electricity in california fuels 43 % of california's electricity usage. next largest electricity generation in state of california is fueled by hydroelectric power generation/ water.
    3) the thermal efficiency from using nat gas generated electricity has improved 22 % ( betw year 2000 - 2012) due to newer power plants utilizing more efficient technology than the aging power plants.

  • stringandtwocups stringandtwocups 9 hours ago Flag

    fda speaking...........mnkd delivery system applies to litany of other drugs........gotta put proper valuation on that
    feature which is separate from afrezza. this could be issue still in negotiation with big pharma. and rightly so i would imagine. who knows what drugs or how many different drugs, moving into the future, will utilize mnkd corp's inhalation delivery system. i would also venture to say that patients will end up being more consistent in adhering to daily dosaging prescribed by their doctors........when the mechanism is mere inhalation and not injection.

  • stringandtwocups stringandtwocups 22 hours ago Flag

    JUST OUT..........playboy names sierra as hottest camel in the desert. sierras hump bulges.

  • stringandtwocups stringandtwocups 22 hours ago Flag

    sierra & her transvestite right hand man/women scour the planet for breaking economic news....................

  • stringandtwocups stringandtwocups Jul 12, 2014 5:30 PM Flag

    pps has been dropping as shortinterest has been declining.........for quite a while now...........
    folks can see for themselves on nasdaq website short interest and yahoo finance has "historical prices" so u can match up short interest dates with pps dates.
    thats why i think the concept of the stereotypical "short squeeze" has already become a rare bird......soon to become highly rare occurrence. clearly the system allows legal loopholes or permits illegality as shortie on all sorts of companies are covering without penalty of higher prices. weird but absolutely true. NO regulatory enforcement and/or congress is being bought out by lobbyists for hedgies so the laws have loopholes .

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    ARNA UP 12.2% since Wednesday

    by tumor.patrol Jul 12, 2014 3:28 PM
    stringandtwocups stringandtwocups Jul 12, 2014 5:25 PM Flag

    yes and a rise of 1 cent to two cents is a 100 % whats the point of your post ?

  • stringandtwocups stringandtwocups Jul 12, 2014 5:18 PM Flag a person who knows several diabetics........THEY TAKE INSULIN SHOTS WITH EACH MEAL.

  • stringandtwocups stringandtwocups Jul 12, 2014 5:16 PM Flag

    another nutty post from kevinmik. so disregard obtaining the right deal as long as we throw some salesmen on the streets selling afrezza ASAP ? what a thinker !

  • stringandtwocups stringandtwocups Jul 12, 2014 5:12 PM Flag

    I FIGURE WHAT WILL BE..........WILL BE..........AND I DONT WANT RETAIL S/H DIRECTING THE SHOW AT THIS LATE STAGE APPROACHING COMMERCIALIZATION. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT PART OF THE SAGA AND CHARACTER TRAIT OF IMPATIENCE BY RETAIL S/H IS A FLAW OF THE RETAIL S/H.........NOT OF THE CORPORATION. if you dont think the corp is trying to make the best deal possible then you should sell now. plenty of folks were gobbling up shares on friday.

  • stringandtwocups stringandtwocups Jul 12, 2014 5:07 PM Flag


  • stringandtwocups stringandtwocups Jul 12, 2014 12:36 PM Flag

    i assume you (poster halfsure1) are also poster (rpgr2000) ? well i dont recall using the term "apology" in any of my posts.............
    but belatedly, i herein apologize to poster rpgr2000 for asserting that "it seems like u fabricated the story."
    too many posters here have advised that broker's trading platforms were "alerting" retail players as to URZ stock sale........
    persoally i did not read such "alert"
    personally i never found any SEC filing from recent days indicating such action to be taken by URZ nor any news accounts to such effect either. so i concluded it was not true. i have come to be apprised that going back to aug 19, 2009 that $50,000,000 worth of urz shares could be sold to raise funds and that to date,,,,,,, that total has not been anywhere near exhausted in any sales of urz i appreciate any day the management can sell shares perhaps in a private placement to sophisticated investors.
    conclude; i no longer think rpgr2000 "fabricated" news. i truly am not sure who poster "halfsure1" is. best of luck to all legit retail players here. i myself have traded urz and i do keep urz on my stocks to watch list. i do not short stocks. i dont play options. i do trade channels. i do take long term positions in companies as well. i am highly suspect of yahoo mb forum participants as is only logical since it is anonymous. so the suspicion is primarilly founded on the element of anonymity and really is not a indicator of personal character trait. unless the incredulity of posts gets unbearably obvious.

  • stringandtwocups stringandtwocups Jul 12, 2014 12:10 PM Flag

    jake- are u providing me advice ? because 90 % of the time u are bashing royl/rampart under the guise of your questions . most all of your posts are questions that have only negative implications/aspersions. i love this quote from jakeswave " i wish i understood seismic"......LOL.........
    I had you pegged from your very first post but i held back on calling you out because i was chastised for being too quick on the draw by a fellow poster here.

    i consider you disingenuous and wholly not credible. a review of your historical posts on royl corp paint a picture of your disingenuity as culminated by your post suggesting that royl is a short to the low 3's. you give a reason for that as being there is no catalyst to hold up the pps for the next 9 months. LOL....... ARE YOU SOMEONE'S LACKEY ? methinks yes. Longs here might well get notice of a well funded oil company partnering up with rampart......any day between today and logically months before the january well drilling at the north slope. that partnership is a big upside catalyst in multiple ways for royl .
    there are potential other catalysts prior to january as well....... but i gather you know that all too well.. guess you are trying to free up some shares for some outfit that cant find shares. the small float is a real problem when they are being held onto like lottery tickets.
    ok....... you spend your time "playing mind games with me".......if thats how you choose to utilize your time...... keep at it. see if you get me off my game. but you have to challenge me more effectively. to close " i wish i understood seismic".......gosh that is one funny line.

  • stringandtwocups stringandtwocups Jul 11, 2014 6:00 PM Flag

    highly valuable if this indication 4 migraines comes to pass

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