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stringandtwocups 1208 posts  |  Last Activity: 14 minutes ago Member since: Jul 31, 2010
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    poster john galt says......

    by stringandtwocups 17 minutes ago
    stringandtwocups stringandtwocups 14 minutes ago Flag

    by the way 4.4 % growth is just fine with me..........i just want to see a stoppage of the periods of regression and i want to see regularity and continuity in growth rate........whatever that rate of growth happens to be................. so we have 10 % growth followed by 4.4 % growth.......and now lets see what next 8 to 15 weeks of script data turn out to be. hope eisai is fully committed to this rollout of belviq. we need eisai's best efforts to make belviq a lasting success.

  • stringandtwocups by stringandtwocups 17 minutes ago Flag

    investor village messg # 114834 ,,,,time of messg 10;34 am/est by john galt seems to agree that this weeks script # is 4.4 % rise in belviq over last weeks numbers. john galt in this message is responding to a post by bbildman in his post entitled " 10,091 scripts last week; how many this week ?" messg #114826
    anyone confirm this info ? john galt is one of our reliable sources.

  • stringandtwocups stringandtwocups 1 hour 19 minutes ago Flag

    RMUL..........I GOT md'S in the family.............i got long term diabetics in the family......i got lot of friends who are md's............and i am well versed in the science of diabetes.......... HOW ARE YOU NOT CONVINCED THAT AFREZZA IS GOING TO BECOME SIGNIFICANT PARADIGM SHIFT IN AMERICA.............FOR DIABETIC TREATMENT ??? THEN ADD ON REST OF WORLD.........THEN ADD ON THE MNKD DELIVERY SYSTEM FOR USE WITH OTHER DRUGS EX/DIABETES......WORLDWIDE............ what evidence of lung cancer do you possess ? please cite scientific source material. preexisting lung function problems ?? obviously that is not the target audience for an inhalation device and to posit such argument is diversionalry and an example of desperation on your part. the target audience for affezza is HUGE in america alone, even if we exclude preexisting lung dysfunction prospective users as well as potential diabetic users with a predisposition (perhaps evidenced by genetics) towards future lung dysfunction. CONCENTRATE ON ALL THE AMERICAN DIABETICS WITH NO PRIOR LUNG IMPAIRMENT. THAT RESULTANT POPULATION POOL IS HUGE. THEN APPLY ANALYSIS WORLDWIDE. YOU HAVE NO LUNG CANCER ARGUMENT THAT IS CLOSE TO CONVINCING. IT IS A DESPERATE HOPE FOR SHORTIE. AFREZZA IMO SHOULD BE A BIG SELLER AND BIG MONEY MAKER.

  • If mnkd ever does find a partner or a big pharma suitor 4 buyout.......then longs reap massive $$ cap gains. right now.......retail s/h dont know didley squat. that information vacuum gives shortie the opportunity to strike which shortie is in fact doing .
    i am long and strong based on my knowledge of diabetes and my assessment of how big afrezza can and likely will become...........worldwide............not to mention the delivery system separately being utilized for other medications. i see big upside but that is my personal assessment. invest on your own due diligence. dont freak out on late day bear raids. dont listen to yahoo mb posts/content. its all anonymous and unreliable unless you can verify facts. good luck mnkd longs. i hope shortie gets fiscally ruined files bkrtcy petitions in federal bkrtcy courts. :))

  • stringandtwocups stringandtwocups 1 hour 39 minutes ago Flag

    Vvus has nothing to do with arna current predicament. try to locate the correct issue - at- hand. it involves eisai & doctors & consumer awareness of belviq & arna mgmt decision making including insider sales. looking forward to todays soon to be published ims and or symphony data. last weeks data was very good. need continuity and regularity of " very good". vvus has nothing to do with us at this point in time. the american obesity marketplace is off the charts huge. add up all vvus and arna sales and you dont even scratch the surface of the american obesity potential customer base.

  • DURING THE 7/22/14 DECLINE OF APPROX FIFTY CENTS PER SHARE.........ON RELATIVELY LOW VOLUME LATTER DAY TRADING ON THAT DAY......... insider trades have to be reported to sec within 2 business days. so any insider transactions would have been filed with edgar electronic system to SEC using sec form 4. and 7/22 means filings had to be done by 7/24 close of business. NOW AS OF 7/25 no such filings by insiders of royl corp show up on the SEC /EDGAR SYSTEM website. period. issue that i was considering is now closed as far as i am concerned. i also note months ago when royl pps crossed over $4/sh none of the Hosmer family ( i believe aggregate holding over 2 million shares in royl corp) sold share at that time at that pps of $4/sh or slightly over.............
    OBviously i view such as a positive indicator for future upside potential here.
    dont invest based on my posts. i suggest no one invest based on content of any yahoo mb posts which are all anonymous posts. we all know this. most yahoo mb participants are highly intelligent folks. unfortunately lot of smart folks on yahoo forum are devious, dubious, disingenuous, deceitful, dastardly, degenerates with no moral compass..............tomorrow i abandon words starting with letter "d" and move on to words starting with letter "e" ( OK BAD HUMOR ATTEMPT.......RED THUMBS ARE DESERVED) HAVE A GOOD DAY FOLKS.

  • stringandtwocups stringandtwocups 2 hours 6 minutes ago Flag

    hey oilly2bed........... how about you elaborate on the "baloney" post. terse it is. pithy it is not. it lacks pith. i perused your posting history and i see you involved in this sector..........but not really ever having seen you deal with royl corp until june 2014. please correct me if i am wrong. SO I SURMISE
    you likely do NOT OPERATE ON THIS mb with "other aliases" as well as "oilly2bed". i ALSO surmise your posts here are directly related to your personal trading intentions here. I HAVE A BIG RED FLAG SIGNALLING DO NOT ASSIGN ANY CREDIBILITY TO POSTER OILLY2BED. I AM convinced you have motives to make profits here by posting skewed argumentation to get fellow mb participants to follow your lead. NO ONE HERE IS GOING TO BE FOLLOWING YOUR LEAD.
    YOUR ONE WORD POST "BALONEY" ........DOES NOT CUT IT DUDE. EFF U. I DONT PLAY THAT POS strategy you are employed. you knowingly and intentionally are posting subtextual negative inferences about royl corp. you do NOT COME OUT OVERTLY TO CRITICIZE ROYL ALTHOUGH IT IS HIGHLY OBVIOUS YOU KNOWINGLY ARE THROWING OUT CRITICISMS OF ROYL CORP .
    PERHAPS YOU ARE SIMPLY A CHUMP THAT REGRETS NOT GOING LONG ROYL BACK AT PPS OF $3 or even less. so perhaps you just need to screw the mb so you can get a lower entry point.

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    Little Known Facts II

    by oilly2bed 10 hours ago
    stringandtwocups stringandtwocups 2 hours 22 minutes ago Flag

    first of all.......i dont have the answer to your question because i never looked into that. say "be a man"........??? #$%$ is your underlying problem ? what do u mean by that ? i truly dont have a clue. is there some sort of obfuscation going on with this mb that you object to ? if a fricking man and tell us directly what your frickin beef is with the mb . while you are at it tell us you past and current (if any) stake in royl ( long, short, stock, or options or prior or current investment in their oil well investment program). be a man and disclose where you are coming from. i gave you props on your "little known facts I post .....yesterday. i thought it was a good post and i posted my reactions to the info you conveyed. a week ago you will see that i posted the exact same factors you posted in your "little known facts I post. you didnt acknowledge that and you had no obligation to do so. but those factors are in fact cited on the royl and rampart agreement/partnership form 8K.
    hey..... you present some dad joiner riddle. my response. respectfully, eff off . if you have a point to make........then man up and make your point. i dont have inclination to play riddles with a poster that NOW CLEARLY HAS EVIDENCED HE/SHE HAS AN AXE TO GRIND W/R TO ROYL CORP. I ASSUME YOU HAVE OTHER ALIASES ON THIS MB OVER THE YEARS. YES......I ASSUME YOU'VE BEEN INVOLVED WITH ROYL FOR YEARS AND YEARS. i got you pegged.......UNLESS YOU "MAN UP" AND SPEAK DIRECTLY TO THIS MB AND NOT IN RIDDLES. by the way........what was the point in your "little known facts I" post of starting out by saying in 1968 prudhoe bay explorers hit 49 dry wells before they struck a commercially successful prudhoe bay unit 1 well ???????????????? even you went on to ACKNOWLEDGE that the 49 dry well IS NO LONGER STATISTICALLY RELEVANT IN 2014. THATS AN EXAMPLE, WHICH I DULY AND RIGHTLY NOTED AS BEING your attempt at subtle bashing .

  • stringandtwocups stringandtwocups 2 hours 42 minutes ago Flag

    stop the b.s. please

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    This Karp guy reminds me of what Cramer

    by yaleloe 17 hours ago
    stringandtwocups stringandtwocups 17 hours ago Flag

    i watched it on youtube on many occasions but not in the last year. probably still there. cramer basically says
    once they make a directional bet ( up or down) then they proceed to use any and all tactics to take the pps in the direction of their bet. criminality. simple. nothing we dont already know. smart folks added shares on todays bear raid. its already common and predictable occurrence. once mannkind starts taking all this time to speak as to is there a partner , a takeover ???? its a given, the bears will generate panic inducing event such as todays late in the trading session crappola article written by some no name hedgie who likely has big short position. and longs sold on that article"?? unbelievable.

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    Little Known Facts

    by oilly2bed 21 hours ago
    stringandtwocups stringandtwocups 17 hours ago Flag

    so the 49 dry wells that occurred prior to the successful prudhoe bay unit #1 is clearly not applicable to the royale energy alaskan acreage based on 2014 technological advancesin seismic survey. BUT YOU IN FACT DO acknowledge that and you do state that even with 3D seismic survey support that the industry average is 11-13 dry wells before a successful discovery.
    royale has the drilling rig under contract for this January thru april , 2015 2 wells are to be drilled vertically and 1,000 feet horozontally per my recollection. IN SHORT ORDER we will have core samples and a heck of a lot of information to work with. One does not invest in an oil company AFTER IT discovers the prudhoe bay oil field to get the exponential returns on one's investment.
    another factor to consider;; at what point, if at all, do the international big oil corps take a looksie over at what royale energy is up to on its north slope acreage BEFORE......big oil just buys them out for a big payday ? we all read about both houses of the state of alaska voting in favor of construction ,(on north slope alaska) of a transalaskan natural gas line with liquefication plant for purposes of supplying nat gas to both usa and for EXPORT to ASIA. transcanada corp is the likely pipeline builder and many big oil corps along with state of ak will fund this. THIS IS in addition to an existing transalaskan OIL PIPELINE that is currently GREATLY UNDERUTILIZED DUE TO LACK OF OIL. hence...... the oil pipeline and natural gas pipeline will operate for decades to come from todays date and the NEED FOR decades worth of alaskan north slope OIL A N D GAS to supply these pipelines for decades.........INDICATES TO ME........that multinational big oil corps are GOING TO HAVE to buy out the small independents such as royale energy corp.

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    Little Known Facts

    by oilly2bed 21 hours ago
    stringandtwocups stringandtwocups 17 hours ago Flag

    interesting facts; prudhoe bay oil was discovered in 1968 approx. royale's seismic survey done 46 years after 1968/prudhoe bay. (approx)
    the API (american petroleum institute published in year 2013 a document entitled " seismic surveying 101 " and that document presents this illustration of seismic survey technology over the decades;
    today, seismic surveys using modern technology produce sub surface imaging which are much clearer than from decades ago. for example, in 1987 the Minerals Management Service estimated 9.57 billion barrels of oil in the Gulf of Mexico. With more recent seismic data acquisition and exploratory drilling that estimate rose in the year 2011 to 48 billion barrels of oil in the Gulf of Mexico- a fivefold increase.

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    Little Known Facts

    by oilly2bed 21 hours ago
    stringandtwocups stringandtwocups 18 hours ago Flag

    serious serious increase in mkt cap for this small mkt cap corp called royl. thats why i bet long position in royl.
    drilling of the 2 wells will give us abundance of guidance as to the factors you outlined above.,,, additional caveat;;;, i am of the opinion that prior to such january commencement of drilling...........
    rampart corp may or may not obtain a deep pocket oil corp partner (farm out)
    now, rampart hired Roth Capital to effectuate such partnership.
    i say this ptrshp deal is logically going to come to pass (if at all) months prior to the january start date for drilling. (partners have to coordinate & prepare for january workload). THUS, it stands to reason, (as i see it) that if such ptrshp does come to pass, then that event will further clarify monetary valuation of the alaskan north slope land in question (approx 55 acres of partnership land ). i assume this will cause the mkt cap of royale corp to rise notably upon the news of any rampart partnership. this would occur months prior to january 2015 as i see it.

  • stringandtwocups stringandtwocups 20 hours ago Flag

    Are there actually folks here that never saw a negative article coincide with a bear raid especially late in the trading day ? lol

  • You dont change your entire philosophy and due diligence work product and investment position based on a late day internet article by a frickin hedgie author that is likely heavily short mnkd. gee willigers folks

  • stringandtwocups stringandtwocups 20 hours ago Flag

    We go right back to 9.50 -10.00 next week. tomorrow is op/.ex so ignore tomorrow.
    let new shorties enjoy this weekend............merger mondays are always fun to wake up to.


  • best way to beat shortie on bear raid is to add shares:)) thank u for cheap shares.

  • diabetes is big money. this thing will sell like hotcakes.

  • bought more shares on this bear raid............thanks 4 opportunity

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