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  • strotnam strotnam 21 hours ago Flag

    "You (as a member of the general public) do have the access to the same programs, you just need some money and a heck of a lot of technical expertise to enact it. It's not a long/short argument, it's HFT/retail investor argument. Go read Flash Boys by Michael Lewis, and you'll have an idea of what is really going on in the markets"


    As a member of the public you may have the access but not the means - i.e, computer capability and very low friction (execution rates), this comes with the profession. There are several things American LONGS need to do to level the playing field. Since they are not organized (like the short hedge funds) they don't have the capital to woo Washington jerks, but they do have the VOTES. So they need to pressure their representatives to RESTORE THE UP-TICK RULE, STOP THE NAKED SHORTING, ENFORCE DELIVERY RULES, ENFORCE THE BUY-IN RULES AND MAKE AN EXAMPLE OF SOME OF THESE ILLEGAL PREDATORY POOLS WHO TRY TO RUIN COMPANIES THROUGH COLLUSION There are people working very quietly (but well-financed) on this.

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    Stroman, Iz of and other true believers

    by enzanityreigns Mar 2, 2015 9:07 AM
    strotnam strotnam Mar 2, 2015 9:28 AM Flag

    Enznity, your ideas has a lot of merit. If you believe in the product (as I and many I know do, and want to save anatabine citrate, this might do a lot more than anything that seems to e coming from the company. Anatabloc won’t survive if the company doesn’t so it’s clearly a “win/win” from that standpoint, The one thing I would warn is that you don’t want it to be too organized, for some absurd reason, the authorities don’t like organized buying pools, but look the other way when shorters all gang up to drive stocks down.

    You are right to say that it would come at a good time when the company is raising money, making their efforts easier. I think we’re a couple/few months from the cash issues solving themselves when corporations will want to open their checkbooks once they have seen clinical results. Many of us know what to expect from trials because we have has our own personal experience with Anatabloc. I haven’t had a chance to use the “time release” (which should e much more effective) but I have used my own version of dosing varieties (I’m a big guy) and my experience was that “the bigger the dose, the better the results” AND I never had any “side effects” (other than finding out I didn’t need to get up in the middle of the night to visit the men’s room). I don’t recommend this for others – we’re all different and experimentation should be under medically controlled conditions.

    As for the “Support Our Company Week” it’s a great idea, IF it isn’t too organized, people should act on their own, and probably the sooner the better.

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    Another Bogus lawsuit?

    by jk224_pmc Feb 25, 2015 8:45 AM
    strotnam strotnam Feb 25, 2015 12:02 PM Flag

    It was JW's deal and done with the devil - just google those guys and their wall to wall law suits, that's what they do. They hope to settle with the deep pockets in the deal NOT RCPI but JW (yeah, he's still rich) and McKeon . JW blew it going a deal with them. he can pay the price - it's pretty small stuff for him and MC.

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    Here are a couple of FACTS

    by pharma_treasure Feb 23, 2015 10:03 PM
    strotnam strotnam Feb 24, 2015 3:17 PM Flag

    "Here are a "couple of facts" for you.
    The company is out of cash.
    The company is having serious problems finding new investors interested in further funding it's highly impressive story of management and drug development. "

    The company has IP - Intellectual Property worth far more than the $30 million its selling for - probably 8 to 10 times and a lot than that in Phase II. They can BORROW on their IP and they will be In a position to, as soon as they complete Phase I which may have already happened (not including collating the data) so expect to see a deal done before the meeting in April. In the meantime if you know any biotech analysts, you might be surprised to see with whom they will be meeting BEFORE the ASM.

    The biggest single accomplishment in RCPI won't be that they will have shown remarkable trial data, but that the shorts were able to drive the stock so low before the word got around to the biotech community which starts very shortly. Connect the dots.

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    Hey Stro, how about your take on things??

    by enzanityreigns Feb 19, 2015 10:10 AM
    strotnam strotnam Feb 19, 2015 10:48 AM Flag

    If we were a new IPO, with all the science, patents, trials, human data from 100,000’s of users and tens of millions of pills AND the $ billions of access to talent, resources and facilities of The Roskamp Institute, we’d be well over $1, in my opinion.

    I think Phase II should start in the 1st half, and Phase III in the fall. As phase II data becomes available, there will/should be many large pharmas who will want a piece of this science which will have very broad application, in my opinion. JW and the FDA and the VA Gov have created the “Perfect Storm” in this stock. That’s why I am buying today.

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    Hey Stro, how about your take on things??

    by enzanityreigns Feb 19, 2015 10:10 AM
    strotnam strotnam Feb 19, 2015 10:47 AM Flag

    The recent filing is just a routine registration of the shares so that they are free to sell whenever they choose, just like any other shareholder. Most of those involved are serious believers in AC and even are current or former consumers looking to get it back on the market. They actually own even larger holdings (as reported) not covered by the filing and they haven’t sold those shares, so they may not be in any hurry to sell these in the filing. To these guys , @ .15 a share, it’s “small potatoes” anyway.

    As for the company, going to the UK was brilliant. The rule of thumb is that you spend “half the money, and get results in half the time” compared to dealing with the FDA. Also Mullan is from there, went to school there and “knows the turf.” When things work there, the FDA will be hard pressed not to “fast track” (slang, not intended to be a FDA term) here.

    Best guess, Phase I trials will be over this month. Collecting and analyzing the data will take longer. I think the company feels the pressure to get “on the road” and “tell the story” this will help to increase the price of the stock and raise capital, and (in my opinion) open the door to early discussions with Big Pharma as the word gets around as to the genuine importance to the company’s anti-inflammation science. It really is a game-changer, in spite of JW’s excesses, the governor’s wife’s extravagances, etc., none of which has anything to do with the science which is solid. I expect a reverse split of maybe 1 for 20 (maybe bigger). Some folks don’t like that because the stocks often sell off. We’ll we’ve already gone through that phase – to an absurd level – a $30 million market capitalization. This company’s science – AT THIS STAGE – is worth 8 – 12 times that amount. CONT

  • strotnam strotnam Feb 12, 2015 11:12 AM Flag

    It seems they raised $760,000 last month, under that ATM filing, which is good news because that should hold them for a while - certainly til after the Phase I results are in and they can get on the road and with investors (venture capitalists, funds, biotech investors, etc) and potential partners who won't talk with them (anyone) until they have clinical results in hand. And from what I know about anatabine citrate personally, they will likely have serious signs of efficacy in hand, as do many of us who have benefitted from this amazing product.

    It's been a tough two years with delays and all the Jonnie Williams garbage, BUT THE SCIENCEW WILL OUT. This isn't some biotech start-up, this is a company with an unbelievable amount of research in hand from 100,000's of users and millions of consumptions. The company could have put its IP up for auction and created big values for the shareholders, they have obviously decided that there is more to be gained by staying the course and becoming an operating company with an amazing science. I expect that the story will hit the road as soon as Phase I trials are completed - which I expect to be this month or early next.

  • The technicals are great, don't be impatient they are pointing up and you know how fast this stock can move up WHEN it starts.

    I'm guessing next week, and if we get news from London that trials have started, it could be fast tracked.

  • Why does the stock sell off after good news? Look, the shorts are smart and relentless. They know when good news is coming, just like you do. So they let up on the stock - maybe even help it rise a little, ask their MM friends to help, then when the "news" (web broadcast) ends they start shorting on the opening bell. Why" To demoralize the faithful. To make you ask, "Hey wasn't that good news?" The other thing is that the stock more than doubled in 3 weeks - from $. 13 to $ .27. they know that's too fast and they pick their spots.

    The bottom line is the stuff works. It works as an amazingly powerful anti-inflammatory. IT CROSSES THE BLOOD BRAIN BARRIER - this is huge and they just put it in writing - lawyer approved - before a very large and sophisticated audience. It has no known negative side-effects - after hundreds of thousands of HUMANS have consumed millions of doses. Safe, powerful and efficacious - isn't this just what the large pharmaceuticals are looking for?

    Sure the shorts will have a couple more months to "play" with us, but watch and see that ON BALANCE they are covering, and they sure as he!! don't want to be short when Phase II results are released in 2 or 3 quarters.

  • strotnam strotnam Jan 8, 2015 4:09 PM Flag

    yeah, I saw that. It's the MM's playing ball with the shorts. They didn't want to show a close above .23, but in reality, that's where most the volume was all afternoon, so the print is an obvious an intentional DISTORTION Hummmm wonder why they'd risk their book on a bad print????? Something coming the boys want to cover in front of????

  • strotnam by strotnam Jan 8, 2015 2:21 PM Flag

    We did some major repair by breaking through $.23 on good volume. Technically we are very strong, although it could take a little time to break through to .25. after that (if there’s a lot of volume) a major move.
    The meeting Monday will be big. First, just being invited is an indication of “real science” at RC. Second, this is a big conference – 1,500 attendees – if just 10 % liked the story………..

    Since RC is doing things on a shoestring, one has to assume that if they are spending the money to go to the other coast, they will plan to see some folks as well – institutions? Potential partners? Institutional buyers? (The California crowd is much more likely to buy a “story” stock with new science, than, say, the NY or Boston crowd.

    I’m not saying the sun, the moon, the stars and the planets are all aligned, but 2 out ta 3 or 4, ain’t all bad, and when we start getting news out of Europe, we’ll be on a tear, in my opinion.

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    What to BUY in this market? "FALLEN ANGELS"

    by enzanityreigns Jan 5, 2015 11:38 AM
    strotnam strotnam Jan 5, 2015 11:40 AM Flag

    Actually, I think you're right. Some think the market is up too much, so they sell Google, etc, and buy some (what you call Fallen Angels) stocks that have been beaten up.

  • Well here’s what it means to me.
    FIRST: The company is NOT going to go out of business. What do I say that? Because going out of business is actually a fairly attractive option. They KNOW the IP is worth many times the price of the stock. Let’s say $250 - $300 million. In liquidation, that’s a “10 Bagger” – shareholders could walk away with $1.25 - $1.50 a share, but the management is choosing what they consider to be a MORE attractive option – to take the science forward on their own.

    SECOND: They have financing options. This deal they just announced (it’s like a “shelf Registration”) gives them flexibility on pricing and timing, but looks to this long-time watcher, as just a piece of a larger puzzle. In other words, hold off on the larger pieces of the puzzle until the time when you can get recognition for the Intellectual Property, or, better yet, when you can forge a corporate alliance with a deep-pocketed partner. That kind of arrangement is possible when you are already in trials (or have completed them) and have seen significant signs of efficacy. “Efficacy” a condition that exists whereby corporate partners are able to open their checkbooks to get exposure to the science.” New Stroman Dictionary

    THIRD: It would seem like the company is getting close to starting trials. Guidance was before year end. They haven’t changed their guidance which would imply that at least one trial is close at hand – probably the European one since things seem to take less time in Europe than with the FDA. (They are a lot cheaper too). I suspect we are less than two months away from seeing several signs of significant progress and higher stock prices.

    Just my take.

  • strotnam strotnam Dec 7, 2014 3:18 PM Flag

    those who follow this (and others) industry know that companies with good science can now borrow on that science. This is a new concept - the ability to "securitize" intellectual property. There are a lot of folks who have major bone fides (cred) who know and appreciate the science - Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Univ of VA, Roskamp Institute, certain key large investors, etc. They have been involved because they know it works. Period! There are or were 20,000 + individual investors who have owned the company for 20,000 different reasons - from knowing a guy named "Jonnie" to seeing themselves or loved one have an extraordinary recovery from an inflammation-based illness, after taking Anatabloc, but have almost no practical knowledge of the science. This will change - this is changing. Many of the 20,000 will or have been selling their stock. They don't KNOW enough to hold off taking that tax loss (although some who sold in November are now buying back), but the new owners of this company will be institutions who DO understand the science. They will be buying because for several reasons, 1) The IND filed in the US or Europe or both. 2) a new financing based n the company's SCIENCE, and 3) a higher priced stock - based on 1 and 2 and probably a reverse split.

    In keeping with this theme, the company will be presenting at some prestigious conferences next month .

  • Here’s a good explanation. In a year when the market is reaching new highs almost everyone has gains. There were few big loss candidates - RCPI was one, so it was under heavy tax selling the whole month of November. Under the rules, you can’t repurchase for 30 days or you’ll have a “wash sale.” Since we all KNOW that the science works – works so well the FDA says that Anatabloc is a “drug” and has to be reclassified as such, people want back in the stock. So just look back 31 days – it was SELL, SELL, SELL- right up to about a couple of days ago. If you figure many of those folks want back in, the next 4 weeks could be very interesting. Not only will a new someone’s 30 day period expire and they can buy back – but we get closer to the day they announce that they are going forward with the IND. That could trigger all kinds of good things.

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