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  • superbowl6wins superbowl6wins 3 hours ago Flag


  • superbowl6wins by superbowl6wins 8 hours ago Flag

    Move along, nothing to see here.

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    Ooo, burn

    by jazz1910 10 hours ago
    superbowl6wins superbowl6wins 9 hours ago Flag

    The stock offering hurts bad. Why do they need to raise capital?

    If you have NO PROFITS, (not earnings), every quarter you can't run a company on REVENUES. They haven't even started to tap into the "Shelve Offerings " that was filed with the SEC. on Oct 22 for 50M worth of stock. Wait till that shoe drops, a share will be worth 50 pennies if that !

    Which leads me to a question, MGMT said they got a "low interest loan from the bank". No Bank would give them ANY interest loan unless they were a good risk or first in line in event of BK. Check those bank covenants.

    One thing is for sure, something or some plan is being played out that leaves us in the dark. As to the selling price of $1.24 that is the SALE or Discount price the company and the market makers set to move the stocks in a short period of time.

  • superbowl6wins superbowl6wins 13 hours ago Flag

    60 Stocks More Than Doubled in 2014 So Far

    With me that's the first thing I look for. I don't hold a stock unless it is a 52 wk double or better. What I fell in love with was that site "Finviz", I was up all night working that site and all it could do. I love looking at several graphs all in one screen. It's going to take awhile to learn all that site can do to help you do your DD. I got that sucker bookmark and will become a member .

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    Bottom Line NET LOSS 1.4M !

    by superbowl6wins Nov 23, 2014 10:11 AM
    superbowl6wins superbowl6wins Nov 24, 2014 9:49 AM Flag

    There are many many examples of small caps that have incurred years of losses

    I'll give you 2 pluses. First the banks loan them more money but the key there is the low interest rate they got if they are telling the truth. The second positive is the losses are smaller and that is a good sign. If the PPS drops much lower before rumors of a good next quarter surface I might throw some "mad money" to buy some shares but I would never bet the farm on it. Good Luck !

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    Glad I sold the calls...

    by treefortrichard Nov 3, 2014 5:10 PM
    superbowl6wins superbowl6wins Nov 24, 2014 8:08 AM Flag

    Hey midhashid I just poster today, the 24th, about the good old days when LF kept selling out of all the product they could get their hands on. I moved on but I check back once in awhile. If the stock couldn't soar when they soldout of everything because the shorts controlled everything, it's not going to do well now that they don't own the market. Checkout SPCB you might like it.

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    amazon price and rank stats

    by lochravenfish Nov 23, 2014 8:31 PM
    superbowl6wins superbowl6wins Nov 24, 2014 6:45 AM Flag

    Your post showing LF ranking @ Amazon is really SAD to anyone that held this stock 2-3 years ago. At one time in the "top selling Toys" LF had 3 of the top ten listed and just short of 50% of the top 100 "Electronics for Kids" list, yes they made that many products. The ONLY REASON some products fell out of the "Top Toys For Kids" was because LF would always SELLOUT and they couldn't keep up with the DEMAND for their products which lowered their sales numbers with nothing to sell . Those were the days ! LF own the market !

  • superbowl6wins by superbowl6wins Nov 23, 2014 10:11 AM Flag

    Read it from the SEC 10Q Quarterly Report !

    Summary of Results

    For the three months ended September 30, 2014, the Company reported revenues of approximately $26.9 million and net loss of approximately $1.4 million . AND That's a FACT ! Don't use those smoke and mirrors numbers mgmt. uses that don't include things like expenses and taxes and fool a lot of people, that's the games mgmt. plays.

  • superbowl6wins by superbowl6wins Nov 22, 2014 5:36 PM Flag

    Remember the "shelf offering" filed with the SEC Oct 22 to sell up to 50M worth of stock at any time mgmt. sees the need to raise capital on the backs of the current stockholders by taking value away from their stock. There are 83M shares of common stock outstanding worth 122M @ todays close. Add another 50 M dollars from the offering and the current stock will be worth a little over 1 dollar as of today which means the stock will be close to being delisted if it drops below a buck for 30 days.

    The LED market IS NOT A NEW MARKET. LEDS are everywhere in cars, homes , stores, street lights, ect. The problem is everybody is in the market to try and make a killing. Only the BIG BOYS have the deep pockets to run the small cap companies out or buy them up and make a profit. RVLT is as good as gone by next year.

  • superbowl6wins by superbowl6wins Nov 21, 2014 2:39 PM Flag

    CAC and DAX closed over 2.5%, FTSE and SHANG closed over 1 % and we are just a few pts. in the green @1439 hrs.

    Be nice if we joined the party !

  • superbowl6wins by superbowl6wins Nov 21, 2014 2:31 PM Flag

    heelflip56 • Jul 24, 2013 10:29 PM Flag

    LaPenta , BURY these shorts for good ...put them in the grave....announce the big one

    you can and will do it.

    That was the "SHORT SQUEESE" when the stock closed July 23, 2013 at $5.20 ! Boy did those SHORTS get BURN all the way to $1.46 ! What a bunch of losers those "Shorts"! Why stop now ? This guy LaPenta that everybody says is so great is just playing you guys. Wake Up !

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    Strange Afterhours Trading

    by superbowl6wins Nov 20, 2014 7:18 PM
    superbowl6wins superbowl6wins Nov 20, 2014 11:56 PM Flag

    Don't know where you are getting that info but 2 different sources I use show only 2 after hour trades:

    Sorry, you are right. Cleared by temp files and my numbers are same as yours now.

  • superbowl6wins by superbowl6wins Nov 20, 2014 7:18 PM Flag

    One trade for 95.3K for $11.06 @ 1611 hrs.
    4 afterhours trade almost equal the total volume for the whole day.

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    Completely abnormal trading

    by commoncentsinvestor Nov 20, 2014 10:48 AM
    superbowl6wins superbowl6wins Nov 20, 2014 12:44 PM Flag

    i'm a fan of institutional investors, but i think, generally, SPCB is a little small for the big institutions to get a piece they would like. Less than 15m shares o/s and volume can be anemic on days

    You might want to check out the NASDAQ s.i.t.e. do a search on SPCB , click Institutional Holdings that will show you the number of active positions that have increased or decreased by the number of holders and the amount of shares. Also the number of NEW and SOLD out positions. The information is a little old, dated 9/30/14, but you can get an idea of what the trend has been and it has been VERY GOOD.

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    Stuck here for now

    by chuck5cm Nov 19, 2014 9:57 AM
    superbowl6wins superbowl6wins Nov 20, 2014 9:27 AM Flag

    Longs can't sell - Shorts can't cover - Now we wait for a reason to start a SHORT SQUEESE

    Why would the "shorts" want to cover"? Short Squeese ! You got to be kidding ! I've heard that since the stock was 5 bucks and I sold at 3 bucks once I figured out this company NEVER MAKES A PROFIT ONLY A NET LOSS and buys REVENUE from takeovers that also are not making money but add revenue that RVLT can spin in their ER but the BIG BOYS can't be fooled like the small investors.

  • superbowl6wins by superbowl6wins Nov 19, 2014 8:06 AM Flag

    Things must not be going so bad or they wouldn't be hiring, just check out their web s.i.t.e. !

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    A few facts regarding RVLT

    by streetnoname13 Nov 17, 2014 6:17 PM
    superbowl6wins superbowl6wins Nov 17, 2014 10:01 PM Flag

    ! I am saying, speculating and investing with the belief that it is up from here!

    Good Post but I think nothing is going to happen UNTILL THEY POST A REAL PROFIT ! When and IF THEY DO this stock turn around will be quick and take a big % jump to the upside. People want to see a recorded profit not any rumors, the real thing, SHOW ME THE MONEY !

  • Might be of some interest.

    Periscope claims that they are responsible for an investment by Sigma Wave, the Company's current controlling shareholder. The Company believes that Periscope is not entitled to any payment, since the agreement with Periscope was never approved by the Company's authorized organs and since the acquisition of the Company's convertible bond from a bondholder by Sigma Wave was not "an investment in the company" (the Company was not part of the transaction). In addition, the Company position is that even if the agreement was enforceable, it terminated prior to November 28, 2010, and as such the Sigma transaction (not an investment), occurred after the term of the agreement with Periscope terminated. In April, 2013, Periscope proposed a settlement agreement, which was presented at the Company's general assembly for approval but this agreement was rejected by the general assembly in its annual meeting on May 9, 2013. Both parties agreed to go into a mediation process, which was ended with no agreement between the parties. In August 2014, Periscope proposed a new settlement agreement, which is currently under evaluation.

    2. As part of the acquisition of the SmartID division of OTI in December 2013, the Company assumed a dispute with Merwell Inc. (“Merwell”). Merwell has alleged that it has not received the full payment it is entitled to for its services in respect of a drivers' license project. OTI alleged that Merwell breached its commitments under the service agreement and also acted in concert with third parties to damage OTI's business activities. This matter is now subject to an arbitration proceeding.

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    Very little risk- great entry point

    by chuck5cm Nov 15, 2014 6:08 AM
    superbowl6wins superbowl6wins Nov 15, 2014 9:13 AM Flag

    Remember, there is no limit to what you can lose when “short”

    There's no limit to what you already HAVE LOSS until they are BK ! Then you lose it all but the good side is it's only 1.61 so no big lost. Book Value is only 39 pennies per share when it's 0 lookout.

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    Very little risk- great entry point

    by chuck5cm Nov 15, 2014 6:08 AM
    superbowl6wins superbowl6wins Nov 15, 2014 9:05 AM Flag

    SALE is over! Wouldn’t want to be short at this point, Longs are holding, will be difficult for “shorts” to cover.

    Did I miss something? Did RVLT finally make a PROFIT? There was NO NET LOSS like ALWAYS ? SHORTS can cover @ 0.50 when the stock is no longer LISTED. Should take about 1 Quarter. Stock PPS loss 33.8% this quarter. thanks to all those revenue gains mgmt. always spins in the news. Means NOTHING WITHOUT EARNINGS !

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