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superduperinvestor 61 posts  |  Last Activity: Aug 21, 2015 1:00 PM Member since: Sep 21, 2000
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  • Remember Andy said on investor call few months ago on hang that you guys don't want it sell your stocks we will buy it - why ain't they buying now at 8 pennies? Not worth buying? Need some pumping even a dead cat bounces. No money to put pr or nothing news worthy he he. Y'all wat y'all thinking? Where da pumpers at?

  • Sinking ship reaching bottom of ocean floor will take huge efforts to pull it up. No cash, no revenue growth, mounting losses qtr after qtr, huge accumulated deficit as seen from latest 10q. Scarier than hell i feel. Y'all agree?

  • As of June 30, 2015, we had cash of $25,657 and a working capital deficit of $1,096,198. As of June 30, 2015, our Hang With subsidiary raised an aggregate of $3,344,465 from the sale of shares of Hang With common and preferred stock to accredited investors and borrowed $100,000 from one an independent member of its board of directors. Portions of these funds are intended to be used to fund Hang With’s product development and commercialization efforts. Since we are compensated by Hang With for providing services, a portion of these funds have been paid to the Company and used by the Company to support this Company’s liquidity needs. In accordance with GAAP, Hang With’s cash is consolidated with the Company’s cash in the Company’s consolidated financial statements included herein.

  • superduperinvestor superduperinvestor Aug 13, 2015 12:10 PM Flag

    look at who & how many use it and how many pay to watch. Barely any?
    They should have lined up some popular ones from movie - entertainment - music - politics - media - sports and other fields and then should have put out media press announcements about digital ppv thing. Instead what has happened we all know. Another failure. If they don't bring in pros there is no hope no wonder no one buys MEDL at joke 8 pennies $3.5 mln value that owns 75% of hang. Tells y'all a lot. Y'all agree or not?

  • Periscope 10 mln+ users in 4 months / Hang 1 mln+ in almost 3 yrs. Hang is a disaster under Dave & Andy's leadership. Monetization = failure. Digital tickets so far total failure if y'all look at how response.
    Zero strategy = failure disaster for investors.
    trashy not classy users on hang not cool. Mgmt is useless 100% only good at product devl nothing else. Whole hang team except developers needs to be replace or not long this will be next myspace. Y'all agree or not?

  • Glad i loaded up Wayfair (nyse W) between $19 - $24 today $50 within 1 yr.
    Waiting for next pump pr on MEDL so i can dump this mom pop horribly run mismanaged going no where stock. Y'all agree never invest in mom pop otc stocks again? No one wants MEDL at 7 pennies? Y'all buy some i need to dump
    Andy - Dave put out hype pr pl so i can dump MEDL. TIA

  • Same functionality if released by Facebook = up to $10 BILLION worth? I think so. If Facebook had announced of this live stream pay per view - digital certs - coins to view mobile pay per view it would have made bada bing noise all over the world. Company's value would have jumped over $10 bln in a day i say. You?
    Most YouTube starts would join. All entertainers would sign up. Celebs in Sports, Entertainment, Media, Fashion all over the world would be on board.

    When will Andy and Dave understand they need help to grow? Need to hire proven CEO, CFO, CMO, CRO, COO, HRM, CLC who are professionals. Y'all agree or not?

  • Andy and Dave = Hero at product dvlp - ZERO at biz mgmt. Great product bad execution as biz. These 2 clueless greedy guys needs pros to help them grow. They don't get it. Their pumping not working. They wasting time going to bring hip hop rap pot smoking fellas. They don't add no value actually is the reason Hang is not getting any attention by media or big good celebs. Bring back Lucy Hale kinda users. Need Jared Leto on using Hang. Not bankrupt criminal thugs know what i mean? They ain't worth nothing.

    Andy needs to step down as CEO. He is total failure. Dave and Andy great at building app. They failure at running this as company. They need immediate help.

    Why didn't they sign 50 big artists before launching this pay per view? Great function added but will fail due to no strategy. These guys clueless when it comes to running business. I give them 100 on product devlp but 10 on biz devlp. They need marketing gurus on board. Need sharp CEO who can lure VC's. Need to build a team of professionals to run this as company. Mom & Pop mgmt for last 3 yrs hasn't worked we know. Hang should have been at least $2 bln worth right now but under loser mgmt it is only $3 mln if you look at $5 mln value of MEDL that owns 75% or Hang. Frustrating but our know it all mom - pop don't get it that they are failure needs help from successful biz executives. Y'all agree?

  • superduperinvestor superduperinvestor Aug 5, 2015 12:00 PM Flag

    Agreed. If Facebook had launched this kind of functionality their value would have jumped $10 bln today. We have clueless mgmt that is why no one cares at all. Y'all agree?

  • Clueless careless useless 2 idiot pumpers running = disaster for investors ? What y'all think? Andy and Dave horribly running the co with no strategy at all? Y'all agree?
    This is worst investment we should have known better not to invest a penny knowing who runs this co. Y'all agree or not?

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    Y'all agree?

    by superduperinvestor Jul 28, 2015 10:53 AM
    superduperinvestor superduperinvestor Jul 29, 2015 11:51 AM Flag

    What a clueless hopeless useless pumper team running this company. Even a smart 15-16 yr kid like I see sometimes on shark tank can do 100 times better job. Don't y'all agree?
    Me and my buds would love 2 buyout this Hang app for $2 mln if they want to sell it and turn it into $2 bln in future.

  • Bunch of idiots and clueless morons run this company from what I see on cc talks. Hit like on this post so these bozos know how investors feel about useless people that work at Twitter. Y'all agree?

  • superduperinvestor superduperinvestor Jul 28, 2015 11:06 AM Flag

    Can someone tell know it all Mom-Pop and the clueless team they need professional help. We have seen all they could do in last several yrs. Not its time to finally bring in smart successful
    people who can indeed show strong progress on all fronts. Y'all agree? If you do call message them as unhappy investors and ask for change. Do it y'all. I will too.

  • superduperinvestor by superduperinvestor Jul 28, 2015 10:53 AM Flag

    Andy and Dave got no business sense imho. No wonder this app Hang is used by bunch of u know what i mean. No VC's interested in investing. Think why? No media mentions with Periscope and Meerkat. Why? No A list celebs joining, why? Even Jared Leto, Lucy Hale, Timbaland don't use the app. Why?
    Dave doing presentations or showing off app to someone one ; you guys ever seen? A smart kid could be do better job lot better. So much needs to happen differently. These guys don't understand they need help.
    Professional help with smart successful people. Change is absolutely needed. Need pros to run the biz. There is no strategy in place. Change needs to happen quickly. Think guys Dave & Andy goes to SF, Chicago, NY, SV, Hollywood, Boston, Vegas to talk but ever hear any pr on deals signed? None because these guys can't make an impression. Andrew is okay but Dave oh please. He should stay inside office to work with his tech folks for app dvlp. He needs to stop broadcasting it ruining Hang's prospects i think.
    Unless they bring in new leadership there is very little hope because for 3 yrs we saw where Andy & Dave got MEDL stock valuation and Hang's growth. Y'all agree or not?

  • Need powerful Marketing mgr - Social media strategist - Business devlp team. Hang should be all over in news when any media mentions live streaming. So far barely any media pays any attention. Need new team not people like Mazen - Chandler - Meg - new guy who no way should be in charge of marketing. Whole team starting with leadership needs overhaul. Only keep tech folks. They are awesome.
    Andy and Dave needs to stop hyping. Showing disney or hollywood sets pumping ain't doing nothing. Get deals. Why waste time going places when nothing comes out?
    Social media team should be firing on all cylinders to get word out. Do these guys have any clue? Who knows what their strategy is but its total failure so far from what we have seen. Lots and lots needs to be changed or else Hang with be RIP like the one time hot startup Frontback that is shutting down. They had $50 mln offer from Twitter they didn't take now will RIP.
    Hang needs money. New management. New everything. Change needs to happen fast or RIP not outta ?
    Y'all agree or not?

  • Meerkat - gopro news all over in media while no one even mentions Hang. Andrew and Dave you guys got no clue no one pays attention to Hang. Not 1 article out of 20 today on Meerkat mentions Hang. When will our great know it all thinking mom - pop understand it is time to get outside pro help. Y'all agree or not?

  • Good news of something soon? News leak? Someone knows something? We need BIG NEWS after long spell of no news. But please no pump b s pr or i sell. Y'all what ya thinking?

  • Live vdo streaming from 1 mobile to masses = HOT HOTTEST sector in social media
    Hang should be $500 mln worth but it is only $2.5 mln today based on MEDL value of $4 mln.
    Who do you blame? Poor clueless leadership? Y'all?

  • Clueless careless hopeless useless unprofessional leadership = disaster recipe for investors.
    Y'all agree?

  • superduperinvestor by superduperinvestor Jul 20, 2015 3:25 PM Flag

    Where da pumpers at? Lots going on next week will be more fun? Disaster mgmt? Need new pumping for feeding false hopes. Y'all agree? Seriously this mom pop team is totally clueless on how to run business. No zero nada flawed biz strategy = disaster. Know it all (nothing at all) = MEDL under 9 cents wohooo Hang valued at $3 mln based on MEDL value yahooooo. Great leadership know what it takes to y'all know that don't ya? Y'all hate it?

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