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  • superduperinvestor by superduperinvestor Feb 10, 2016 6:34 PM Flag

    Guys each and every company has competition. It is actually healthy as it strives them to be better. For ex look at Amazon - they compete with numerous in everything they sell, it has to compete with Walmart, Costco, Sams Club, Target, Sears, Netflix, Borders, Barnes and Nobles just to name a few. Still it has managed to grow and be a $225+ bln company now that even threatens UPS, FedEx in freight sector. Bottomline is Wayfair is emerging as a brand when it comes to shopping online for something related to home. Its a huge market and they are expanding carefully into global markets. Andrew Left I don't think has dared to short any shares of W but do clearly hate the management and this company. Time will prove how wrong he his and will lose total credibility imho

    Didn't I say time to accumulate yesterday around $30. If you are long term investors, buy and hold this one as future holds very bright. Tesla (TSLA) just said it will become profitable later this year and the stock went up nearly $25. We all know W will report profits for sure this year and once it happens this will not be under $75. Y'all agree?

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  • Citron and Andrew Left will lose credibility due to flawed foolish analysis on Wayfair. I believe over the time W will rise as Wayfair grows business boosting sales and reports profits. Equity is thin and this is a company that is building a brand that is becoming popular amongst home furnishings sector. Carries stuff that every house needs. Women love shopping and most buyers are repeat buyers on Wayfair site. Management is sharp as they have no debt at all on books, strong cash on hand and business model that they are executing in a highly disciplined way.
    Just give the company a few more quarters and slowly Wallstreet will see how this company will grow so big and may become acquisition target for Amazon imho

    I rate W a SUPER STRONG BUY at current price with a $75+ target.

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  • superduperinvestor superduperinvestor Feb 9, 2016 3:22 PM Flag

    Months ago Citron played the same game without much success. Stock dropped from $45 to under $35 and rebounded back to $45's a few weeks later. Check it yourself to see. This 2 day drop due to Citron's bs tweet has created a great buying opportunity for long term investors. This is a world class company with mgmt team that is highly professional imho. I bought 5k earlier today with no intent to sell under $65 at least.

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  • Citron desperate again as last time the stock rebounded 30% after initial drop since tweet. Check the records newbies to see this is old game Andrew Left is playing again trying to take advantage of weak stock market. This time it has worked in his favor so far but if history repeats this will rebound easily 30% to 40% within weeks imho.

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  • Added another 2000 at $29.20 - Thank you moron Andrew Left of Citron i love u dude. Without you I wouldn't have been able to buy at under $30 average.

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  • superduperinvestor by superduperinvestor Feb 9, 2016 1:53 PM Flag

    Added 1500 more at $29.48

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  • Bought 1500 at $30.10 - adding another 3500 more. This is great buying opportunity if you have patience. Don't be fooled like I was when I was scared to sell 3000 AZMN at $27.50 years ago listening to bearing folks who said Amazon will never make any money blah blah blah. Wayfair is firing on all cylinders. Women love shopping at Wayfair. Just wait till the results and we all will see the strength in brand and growth in revs imho. Wayfair is Warren Buffett kind of company if you know where he invests or does business in.

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  • Type messageSUPER STRONG BUY at $30.25 - Target $75 / Goldman Sachs & Citi upgraded to buy at $40+ recently and since then stock is down 27% within days due to non sense of short seller Andrew Left. This is a fast growing soon to reach profitability company with ZERO debt. Reminds me of early days of AMZN when everyone was so bearing and short sold in $20's. Look at how high AMZN went at one point $700.
    Wayfair is building a sustainable business with disciplined approach. Equity float is thin and heavily short sold which will eventually be covered. Don't be fooled by agenda driven folks. Bookmark this post and remember who told you someday this stock will be $75+ imho

    I am starting to load up now at around $30.25 - Nothing but short squeeze will push this to over $70's. Long term this could be $100+ stock. Y'all agree?

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