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surestockholmes 7 posts  |  Last Activity: Aug 20, 2014 8:06 PM Member since: Jan 6, 2000
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    by caltrials Aug 20, 2014 12:32 AM
    surestockholmes surestockholmes Aug 20, 2014 8:06 PM Flag

    I post such comments because I am not afraid to speak what others may be thinking but perhaps do not want to admit. I also have hopes that part of management reads this board just out of curiosity of what shareholders are saying and thinking. They may read it , they may not, they might even post we don't know for sure. But just in case they do read the board perhaps they will pull their heads out of the sand, And recognize they do have a wonderful and strong potential to change the entire world of science however they are struggling with how to get the company to the next level before they destroy it. Many many months of doubts and declining pps. Less than 31 k shares traded today should be saying something to management about how much interest there is in PSTI.

    As a shareholder IMO it is there responsibility to increase shareholder interest not decrease it.

    Your thumbs down are meaningless to me. If you agree that it is all good with the facts you need some better glasses. Facts as in low volume, falling pps, lack of interest as in the major fund holders have sold a very large % of shares just view insider and insty. transactions. Facts.

    Good Science Bad management, but hey they could change.

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    by caltrials Aug 20, 2014 12:32 AM
    surestockholmes surestockholmes Aug 20, 2014 9:13 AM Flag

    Cal my thought is they are the ones ringing the ATM bell at every opportunity. A guess on my part they could not get a bid for the # of shares they wanted to turn out at the pps they wanted. So they constantly sell into the mkt. increasing float and decreasing pps. I wish they would have opted to sell a large portion to a large fund to provide some support with a large shareholder. IMO at present they are only hurting themselves and present shareholders. They have allowed themselves and company to be low balled. Positive news and pps goes down, neg. news and pps goes down, no news and pps goes down. At this point it doesent matter what or how they do it they have put the company in a corner. All those high dollar sales does make one suspecious as to wether or not they knew what they were going to do when insiders constantly sold practicaly free shares. They will need some very very powerful news that is substantial to increase trading volume. IMO increasing volume would / will suggest they are finished selling and a turn is at hand. Me beginning to lean towards INO, A large substantial open mkt. buy by insider shows confidence. PSTI management only knows how to sell which decreases confidence IMO.

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    A Fresh Look

    by caltrials Aug 12, 2014 12:16 PM
    surestockholmes surestockholmes Aug 14, 2014 7:10 AM Flag

    allo....... the chart is very simply a picture of past performance and can sometimes be used to predict potential moves in the future. I ask one simple question what has management done to investigate this possible controlling of the pps and the take down.....absolutely nothing. Is PSTI running the ATM ? And selling into any potential strength. I understand what U R saying. It is not the science alone that makes a company successful but is combined with management and how they run the ship based upon their insight and leadership skills. They constantly give themselves shares for practically nothing and sell ... sell..sell. Which continues to erode the share price, IMO that speaks to large investment firms saying we are going to sell...sell...sell.

    Look at the insider trades and the charts, these are facts not speculation. Management needs to pull their heads out of the sand, if they are not capable of running the ship, then they should perhaps start looking for a new captain, before they run the ship aground.

    I repeat good strong and sound science, but it appears they have the wrong captain. Most Companies become successful from their leadership, from those that have the know how, of how to get to the next level. Good knowledgeable Scientists do not always make good leaders.

    If we hit below 2, I will be a very strong buyer and when the insiders begin selling I will also sell. Problem is they get theirs for free I pay cash for mine. I think Z is in way over his head 8 solid months of eroding pps tells me so.

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    A Fresh Look

    by caltrials Aug 12, 2014 12:16 PM
    surestockholmes surestockholmes Aug 13, 2014 8:28 PM Flag

    Cal IMO chart is horrible. 100 200 500 SMA BROKE not good. I doubt we hold 2.50......1.90 - 2 bottom. There is a gap back there, look at 5 yr chart. Too much going on and not enough going on. There is a dilution coming and nobody knows what it will be done at ( except BOD) Uncertainty is never good, they are going to do it we know it and the investment community knows, the question is at what pps and what kinda deal. Could be good , could very unfavorable to present shareholders. The stock is in it's worst fall ever, almost a solid 8 months of constant declines. And the BOD IMO has completed and absolutely done nothing to stop or level off the decline. To leave an unknown pending dilution hanging over shareholders heads is IMO an irresponsibility to shareholders.

    But the bright side, because of the science, just maybe the BOD will pull a magic rabbit out of the hat. But I am not banking on that one. I guess I am hoping for a BOD SHAKEUP. How long does it take for them to realize they are lacking leadership shills based upon where the pps is today, strictly from the chart BOD has been only good at declining the pps, they are going the wrong way.

    Bitter Yes. I believe in the science but forward movement is obvious.

    There very few large holders outside the insiders, so IMO not much voting power to change Management up.

  • surestockholmes by surestockholmes Aug 4, 2014 7:10 PM Flag

    The Bad

    As long as these BoZos continue to sell their FREE shares. Is all they do is express a lack of confidence in THEMSELVES and the science. Big money WILL NOT buy into a company that clearly displays a lack of confidence in themselves, unless they get a BIG discount considering the risk / return possibilities. IMO all supports broken. The gunner is after a break of 2, a gap fill from 2011. Watch the BoZos end up doing an offering at a very large discount.

    The Good

    A break of 2 completes a Major E. Wave and can set the stage for a new Hi. IMO one of the best things that could happen is if BOD pulls their heads out of the darkness from U know where and begins to buy shares on the open market. That would show some confidence to the market they believe in in themselves and the science. Whammy Zammie could open his eyes and see he has really screwed things up and the BOD begins looking for someone that knows how to operate the business. IMO obvious he and present BOD are not capable and are more concerned about $$$$$"s in their wallets than the science or saving lives.

    The Ugly

    BOD continues to sell shares about as fast as they can get their greedy hands on them. They sell the company for peanuts, they make $$$$$$$$$s, shareholders get shafted.

    Good Science Bad Management. Yea I believed they have / had an opportunity, but the BOD has got to be re-vamped.

    No long term investment here for me perhaps a bit of trend trading. Below 1.90 ish a buy then a sell at 2.50 ish, unless BOD begins to show they believe in themselves and the science or perhaps a good something happens???????????????????????

  • surestockholmes by surestockholmes Aug 3, 2014 11:37 AM Flag

    PSTI has been torn apart consistently on low volume. I am sure the geo-political issues are playing apart in this constant downward slope. IMO being aided by someone controlling the stock, my guess is the big wild buy with very little upward move in March is a key. Yes the trade that many here questioned. That trade should have sent a message to PSTI Board, but obviously didn't. Not even a suggestion of an investigation by BOD. I have written PSTI investor relations and have heard nothing. IMO they are hiding under a rock and are afraid to show their face or voice any concerns about protecting their investors or the company.. Is all we have seen is constant selling by insiders. I am beginning to think the BOD needs to be investigated due to lack of their fiduciary duty to shareholders.

    IMO by the constant open market selling by insiders is sending a message to any new buyers, DON'T BUY ANY OF THIS WE THE INSIDERS WILL SELL YOU OUT" By continuing to sell our practically free shares, we don't care about you the investors or company survival. Then add in the pending dilution at who knows what pps. If you are holding shares, I can offer No advice, if a forced investigation were to happen into insider activity will only drag the stock lower .

    AS I stated to IR " WE HAVE BEEN WHAMMED BY ZAMI" He is making it very clear he could care less about any investor so long as he and other insiders can continue to sell into this down trend, they are actually helping to sink their own boat. All trends have been broken with the constant new 52 week lows. I don't think BOD has any magic rabbit to pull out of any hat

    I have seen other companys go thru similiar activity. Is what turned their downtrend was NEW MANAGEMENT that put some of their own personal dollars into the company.

    At this point in time I believe that PSTI is in DIRE NEED OF NEW MANAGEMENT. The present BOD is not working, that should be very clear to all. I believe in the science but not the present management.

  • surestockholmes by surestockholmes Jun 8, 2014 3:26 PM Flag

    " IF " A total of 28.75 million shares is added to present float that will represent approximately 10% of outstanding shares with solid support at 4, anything under 4 will be a good quick #$%$, grab and hold. The money that buys these shares are not going to let it go much lower for any length of time. If they are willing to put that kind of cash out at 4. I believe they will average down if the pps goes lower. I will be placing another buy order soon.

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