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  • surrealskiller surrealskiller Mar 19, 2015 4:46 PM Flag

    I would be very suspicious about this "upgrade'.
    The previous upgrade of Vuzix by Vista Partners was paid by Vuzix. I wanted to look on the actual document but it's only available for registered users .
    One other reason not to trust Vista Partners is the story with Ohr Pharmaceutical - search for article titled "The ugly truth behind Ohr Pharma (OHRP)" . It's written by a
    Here is from Vista Partners web page of the list previously covered companies
    company Symbol Starting Date Ending Date Starting Price Ending Price Percent change.
    Ohr Pharmaceutical, Inc. OHRP 4/18/12 10/3/14 $2.70 $7.08 262%
    Look nice , right ?
    Well, guess, what was their actual target price :
    "Jun 26, 2014 - Vista Partners announced today that it has updated coverage on Ohr Pharmaceutical, Inc. (NASDAQ: OHRP) ("The Company" or "OHR") and raised its twelve month price target from $14 to $31."
    That's available on Yahoo,
    And by the way, that "upgrade" was not only paid by OHRP , it was also based on information provided by OHRP , not independently gathered or even verified by Mr. Silver..
    Why all this matters to Vuzix investors , it's not related to wearables or smart glasses ?
    It could be just a coincidence, of course, but the main investor behind OHRP is Orin Hirshman , the same guy who owns about 20% of VUZI .
    So is there anyone who cheered for this upgrade and thumbed up Frankie is brave enough to download actual report from Vista Partners ?

  • surrealskiller by surrealskiller Mar 18, 2015 5:14 PM Flag

    On MVIS board a user 'luderella' challenged Karl Guttag that MS Hololense doesn't use LCoS but Microvision pico projectors instead. It followed quite civilized discussion to forgive KG as he just keeps defending his dissertation on LCoS over and over. I didn't contribute there as we *KNOW* what Hololense is going to use, ( ok , *SHOULD* use , we need to allow MS management some room for mistake ) , I think it will make a nice surprise for them.
    Overall, MVIS board looks quite intelligent , including their bashers. Of course , current MVIS run brought up a lot of froth, yet they still have quite seasoned users there.

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    Strange Close

    by fourstumps Mar 18, 2015 4:29 PM
    surrealskiller surrealskiller Mar 18, 2015 4:57 PM Flag

    It's not AH, it's settlement trade on AMEX (i think). It could come as late as 4:06 but still counts as regular trading hours. Sometimes it's a dime lower than 4 o'clock price , today it was higher (intraday high, nevertheless!) . I think I saw only one other stock that exhibits this behavior but I forgot which one.
    Let it be a reminder that we are here not for squeezing pennies - ignore it, the next day opening price will be different.

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    MVIS rolling

    by frankenberrylives Mar 16, 2015 2:01 PM
    surrealskiller surrealskiller Mar 17, 2015 8:19 PM Flag

    Good volume, 52 week high, then even higher in AH.
    Reminds me the run we had in 2010.

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    ot .. personal question

    by iamgarce Mar 17, 2015 5:31 PM
    surrealskiller surrealskiller Mar 17, 2015 8:09 PM Flag

    "Don't never take baths. Soap and water will eat holes in your protective crust and allow the jarms to git in."
    Other than that and what Rock said - check how hard is the water in your area. Gas tankless hot water heaters are fine - except that hard water deposits you need to clean from time to time. Don't remember if I ever used electric one.

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    Nice support here at 6.80

    by zeroletdown Mar 17, 2015 10:19 AM
    surrealskiller surrealskiller Mar 17, 2015 11:33 AM Flag

    Here is from you tube

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    HIMX more downgrades from BOA

    by frankenberrylives Mar 16, 2015 5:14 PM
    surrealskiller surrealskiller Mar 17, 2015 10:52 AM Flag

    I am lucky enough to invest in both HIMX and EMAN.
    I'd load up on HIMX now if I wouldn't throw what i had into EMAN's dive.
    All upgrades/downgrades in the beginning of OpEx week smell funny.
    I thought that HIMX speculative trading is over as LCoS story cooled down.


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    Nice support here at 6.80

    by zeroletdown Mar 17, 2015 10:19 AM
    surrealskiller surrealskiller Mar 17, 2015 10:42 AM Flag

    You're on the wrong board zero

  • surrealskiller by surrealskiller Mar 17, 2015 10:30 AM Flag

    Some of you came to EMAN board to make fun when it was down 17% after earning report.
    We all have our reasons to invest in companies we choose. Market fluctuation in share price and temporary setbacks are no justification to laugh on other investor misfortune. You never know what's in store for you.
    And some of us are really lucky - I bet money on both horses. Oh, well, as if I had no reason to have a drink on St. Patrick's day.

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    Let me get this straight...

    by tripoley2002 Mar 16, 2015 7:02 PM
    surrealskiller surrealskiller Mar 16, 2015 11:20 PM Flag

    What do you consider as 'Big block" if total volume of March 8 calls for today was 267 ?
    Definitely , some smart longs want March 8 Calls to expire. You're not one of them.

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    Some rambling on Google etc

    by surrealskiller Mar 16, 2015 12:15 PM
    surrealskiller surrealskiller Mar 16, 2015 10:46 PM Flag

    "Apple doesn't make anything themselves either" ?!
    Apple makes a bunch of iStuff - iPhone, iPod, iPad, and MacBooks and just Macs.
    Even if they outsourced some of it to Foxcon, still Apple has to manage supply chain, have engineering teams, have tech support teams, QA team etc. Plus, Apple used to make their computers in US by themselves - they have hardware manufacturing as a business. Google does not. Google has nothing related to hardware manufacturing. Microsoft has XBox division at least. Google bought Motorola and then sold it. They may want to get into hardware business because they have cash and click per view model has no growth any more. But that's a big change. Just like when Dr. Fan said that Kopin is now software company.

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    Let me get this straight...

    by tripoley2002 Mar 16, 2015 7:02 PM
    surrealskiller surrealskiller Mar 16, 2015 10:32 PM Flag

    Apparently, you have no clue how options work.

  • surrealskiller by surrealskiller Mar 16, 2015 12:15 PM Flag

    Well, the market need to chew on EMAM earnings and forecast and we can just relax and ponder on other things.
    I kind of wanted to revisit Google-JC affair.
    Google is software company. They have no manufacturing facility. name hardware product they produce. They sell search appliances for enterprise which are pretty much standard servers with their custom software. Any certified A-1 technician can build those. Nothing else. (if you think Nest products - that was a company acquired and it has it's own manufacturing line) . Google Glass was developed inside and produced inside. It requires some good engineers to design things right. Google has those engineers , they have enough money to afford a good hw lab and probably have several of them . Google produced 8000 for Explorer program. Not sure how they managed to make them - did they order all the parts in different companies and set up a mini assembly line or something else.
    And then Google came to eMagin to see if we can produce enough displays for them and they noticed that eMagin manufacturing facility is about the size of their lab and it is managed well. Why would Google offer employment to VP of manufacturing if they wouldn't plan to manufacture something in sellable quantities.
    The only thing I can get out of this speculation is that Google visited eMagin and liked how things run there. Would they use our displays or not is still a guess

  • surrealskiller surrealskiller Mar 16, 2015 11:41 AM Flag

    Last Tuesday it was traded at 7.25
    There was no news and yet it went up to 8 by Friday close.
    Why don't you call SEC on that manipulation - that was definitely OpEx set up .
    Relax, it will get to 8 by end of this Friday as well.
    If you cannot handle these drops than maybe you should invest in GE or some index.

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    Got my trading shares, SCaM_Bagh!!!

    by schatzman Mar 13, 2015 12:17 PM
    surrealskiller surrealskiller Mar 13, 2015 1:33 PM Flag

    April 15th is Microsoft event
    They should pre-release Windows 10 and they *may* show a pre-production Hololense .
    BusinessInsider has a pic of prototype but in that shape (cables all over it, everything screwed together by kids from First Robotics team ) it could be anyone's .
    Anyway, this event should move the stock , at least because of speculations that will start a week ahead.

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    Bought at 2.40

    by gwbbc Mar 13, 2015 9:43 AM
    surrealskiller surrealskiller Mar 13, 2015 10:15 AM Flag

    Me too
    nobody buys my 2.50 Puts.

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    The SCAM continues

    by emanscam Mar 12, 2015 8:24 PM
    surrealskiller surrealskiller Mar 12, 2015 10:07 PM Flag

    'operating loss increased.'
    Grasping the last straw ? - from official results : "Operating loss for 2014 increased slightly to $5.3 million from $5.2 million in 2013"
    Operating loss increased by 1.9% and it highlights your day ? Psst, a little secret - inflation rate was 1.7% in 2014, do you sweat about it too ?

  • surrealskiller by surrealskiller Mar 12, 2015 9:43 PM Flag

    Very nice coverage of CC

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    Purchase Orders

    by jimmye123 Mar 12, 2015 6:09 PM
    surrealskiller surrealskiller Mar 12, 2015 9:27 PM Flag

    My thoughts as well. There is only so much volume that military clients would order. But we got R&D contracts now.

  • surrealskiller by surrealskiller Mar 12, 2015 7:43 PM Flag

    As usual feel free to correct me and add yours
    The earnings were less than I expected, although bad debt would improve it and make it above 7M, still I was hoping for break even this quarter. That was probably unreasonable hope.
    IHMD prototype - they need to work out head tracking part as I understand. Nice going there , but I wish that AS was better during Q and A section - I thought the guy who asked about it was expecting something like "we are not going to produce IHMD in sellable quantities without partnership" . And Andrew started to answer how they going to minimize the cost of ramp up of IHMD instead. And I Shirley hope that they update their web site with demo of IHMD (videos , slides, pics) soon.
    Overall, there was less excitement than during previous CC, or was it just me ? Last CC the word 'partnership' was the talk of the town - with rosy pictures how we can produce QHD displays in millions if necessary. This time 'partnership' was kind of muted - either they didn't get enough interest or the other way, there is something in works and they play poker .
    The good thing was to get Oppy back and he was asking questions right away. The guidance for 2015 was "initial" with a clear hint that they may revise it. Aiming for 50% margins is good thing too, although I feel it is more of "10 fold increase of production" category.
    7 customers of Ultra High Brightness displays and 4 of them are small but promising. I guess eSight is one of the small ones.
    Well, there was no pps hike before earnings - it rather a sizable slide , so I think there will be no serious drop is pps tomorrow. I'll sell naked puts otherwise,
    The more I think of CC the more I get feeling that something was deliberately omitted. The guidance was vague, as if they don't really care about it - "you want the number, here is the number". The phrase '70% of our customer base is military" is what you would tell civilians interested in the company. So I started dreaming about buyout.

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