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susan.mcan 27 posts  |  Last Activity: Nov 16, 2015 4:05 PM Member since: Sep 27, 2010
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  • susan.mcan susan.mcan Nov 16, 2015 4:05 PM Flag

    Oh greenie, part of me actually wishes this would continue for another 28 years that I can hold onto these shares. I will really miss these pearls of wisdom from you and the rest of the east coast crew.

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    $1.73 traded today

    by bloaqworthnada Nov 9, 2015 1:13 PM
    susan.mcan susan.mcan Nov 9, 2015 6:40 PM Flag

    Thanks blockie for taking the time to figure that out and being sure to post it here so that we are all well informed.

    Seriously, don't know what we would do without you eastcoast crew.

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    by mrjersey66 Nov 9, 2015 12:15 PM
    susan.mcan susan.mcan Nov 9, 2015 12:33 PM Flag

    Good to see you are quick to post your findings in Dish's report jerseyshore. Glad to see that solely out of sheer concern for the financial well beings of others, you are constantly here posting and have racked up an impressive post count that dwarfs most people who actually own shares. Keep up the good work!

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    Blockbuster Inc Australia

    by ritaflagstar Nov 9, 2015 10:51 AM
    susan.mcan susan.mcan Nov 9, 2015 12:26 PM Flag

    Jersey, who does you shopping for you? I don't know how you would be able to find time to buy groceries given the majority of the hours of your life appear to be dedicated to posting here.

  • susan.mcan susan.mcan Oct 25, 2015 7:03 PM Flag

    BTW, I hope this drama spans out the remaining 28 years I left to hold onto my shares. I really enjoy these endless pearls of wisdom you and your cronies provide.

  • susan.mcan susan.mcan Oct 25, 2015 6:59 PM Flag

    Keep up the work greenie, if only the world had more selfless individuals such as yourself; working tirelessly day and night over the years looking out for the financial well being of others, the world would be a far better place.

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    SEC and FINRA Complaint Forms

    by susan.mcan Oct 21, 2015 12:48 PM
    susan.mcan susan.mcan Oct 21, 2015 1:13 PM Flag

    Pay no attention to the clowns of misdirection.
    If there are any debt or share holders that have not filled these out please do so.

  • Another reminder to bond and shareholders to fill out theses forms.

    Some points to consider:

    Carl Icahn converted his equity stake into debt taking a so called blocking position in the senior subordinate notes only to turn everything over to Charlie Ergen and Dish Networks in an overnight session at his NY residence. According to Dish CFO Robert Olson in an interview the final price was:

    "As we have discussed before, we were able to purchase the Blockbuster assets at a far lower price than their previous book value."

    Carl had previously stated that BB was his "worst investment ever" so he once again invested in BB only to take yet again another unnecessary loss on his investment. I assume this would make BB both is his first and second worst investment ever.

    Both Carl and Charlie Ergen had been exposed colluding on LightSquared where Carl Icahn sold his debt to an entity created by Charlie Ergen while he remained hidden.

    Additionally, the BB senior notes which Carl had taken a blocking stake were orchestrated by him in the first place with stipulations that were unrealistic given the state of BB at the time. These notes were designed with a single purpose that being to crush BB under the weight of that debt forcing it into BK at an accelerated rate.

    Before the point Carl revealed his blocking stake in BB he had also acquired a substantial stake in Netflix, both he and his son

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    Hold for Gold !!! So funny!

    by tomijerry2011 Oct 16, 2015 9:06 AM
    susan.mcan susan.mcan Oct 18, 2015 6:28 PM Flag

    Yes, I wonder how long before Carl Icahn ends up charged or in jail.

    Just a few of the numerous events that scream corruption and fraud.

    1. Carl Icahn helped issue the senior notes with stipulations not maintainable by BB at the time only to obtain a so called blocking condition in said notes during the last hour before the subordinate note holders were taking the company into bk.

    2. Carl Icahn hijacks the whole bk proceedings in which he turns everything over to Charlie Ergen and Dish in a 363 during a Cognac & Cuban slumber party at Carl's NY residence for:

    "As we have discussed before, we were able to purchase the Blockbuster assets at a far lower price than their previous book value." - Dish CFO Robert Olson

    Taking yet another (and unnecessary) loss in what Carl Icahn previously called his "worst investment ever". And all this was accomplished with Lifland gaveling every objection before and after the deal as if he was going to be late for dinner.

    Biw fast forward a few years later and the two tried to do almost the exact same thing with LightSquared.

    Oh, I almost forgot to mention, when Carl with the in the process of taking out his blocking position and pushing BB into bk only to turn everything over to Charlie, both he and his son had a substantial stake in Netflix.

    There is so much more to the story than this if we go back to the time of Jimmy (smiling) keys being made CEO by Carl, making off with the big bag of unsustainable notes and doing nothing with it but let it crush BB under that debt. Then lying to everyone stating the company was in fine shape and when it came to the merger between the two classes of shares and reverse merger, he got up in front of everyone saying the deal was approved only on a Sunday of all days cowardly say he was wrong and it didn't.

    All this was orchestrated by Carl Icahn and the corrupt, criminal and fraudulent trail is so obvious a junior high student could see it.

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    When does this bankruptcy conclude?

    by strato5858 Sep 26, 2015 6:46 PM
    susan.mcan susan.mcan Sep 26, 2015 8:56 PM Flag

    Lifland's untimely departure left Carl Icahn without his gavel hand; so that must have surely thrown a monkey wrench into a whole lot of his corrupt plans. I'd bet the farm that the LightSquared case would have leaned quite favorably in Chuckie's favor if Lifland had seen it through.

  • susan.mcan susan.mcan Sep 26, 2015 8:18 AM Flag

    Wasn't he also one of those saying that FINRA's claim of dish ownership of the 2012 notes, Symbol DISH3706274/CUSIP 093679AC2, was the result of an intern's mistake? Which not to mention hasn't been corrected for years despite several inquiries? I myself had made several calls to FINRA with each saying the same, guess I always ended up talking to a different intern, new grad or just someone who didn't know what they were talking about each time.

  • susan.mcan by susan.mcan Sep 23, 2015 10:29 PM Flag

    Do you get paid by the post or by the hour?

  • susan.mcan susan.mcan Sep 23, 2015 12:35 PM Flag

    Oh is that the sale that happened overnight at Carl Icahn's NY residence, you know, the Cognac and Cuban slumber party in which Carl turned everything over to his buddy in crime Charlie Ergen for:

    "As we have discussed before, we were able to purchase the Blockbuster assets at a far lower price than their previous book value." - Dish CFO Robert Olson

    You know, when Carl was able to do this by turning his equity into debt, taking a large unnecessary wash in what he previously called "his worst investment ever".

    Interesting how that stake was in the same notes he was instrumental in issuing despite unsustainable stipulations given the state of BB at that time. Seems to me those notes were issued with a single purpose, to crush the company seeing ultimately it was that debt which placed a suffocating strangle hold on the company.
    And how interesting, flash forward a few years later and both these c R 0 0 k s (Carl and Charlie) are at it again with LightSquared, fortunately though this time they were fired after their corrupt and shady plot became exposed.

    For more interesting and true stories on our model citizen Carl Icahn's previous dealings, head on over to deepcapture and simply type in his name, his colorful history has left a bloody trail of greed and corruption through the decades.

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    I choose not to live a lie.

    by bill.strouss Sep 19, 2015 9:49 PM
    susan.mcan susan.mcan Sep 20, 2015 5:49 AM Flag

    Honestly, what prompts the likes of freddy, jersey, greenie and now this new ah0le to post round the clock, including weekends, on a (now in its 5th year of bk) company's message board which apparently turned everything over to Dish in a 363 for:

    "As we have discussed before, we were able to purchase the Blockbuster assets at a far lower price than their previous book value." - Dish CFO Robert Olson

  • susan.mcan susan.mcan Sep 15, 2015 12:36 AM Flag

    Well let's see if Carl doesn't end up in jail or coping some type of deal to stay out of jail first. The #$%$ he pulled with BB can't stay buried after Lifland's untimely departure.

  • susan.mcan susan.mcan Sep 15, 2015 12:29 AM Flag

    Oh I bet he is well connected with the Triad (mafia) like he is here. His entire history reeks of mafia dirty laudry.

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    Memory lane

    by borntokickazz Sep 10, 2015 11:22 PM
    susan.mcan susan.mcan Sep 11, 2015 12:06 AM Flag

    January 12, 2014, Burton R. Lifland presiding judge in the Blockbuster dies.

    It was said that he had developed a severe case of tennis elbow before his passing. One can only assume it from the voracious gaveling of any and all objections and challenges to Carl Icahn's manipulation of the bankruptcy case.
    Carl Icahn was last seen under his desk in the fetal position on hearing the news.

  • susan.mcan susan.mcan Sep 10, 2015 12:20 PM Flag

    His motivation is to make money. You talk like Icahn is a straight shooting model citizen or something not the liar and mafia associated #$%$ he is. All his mentors and backers that got him off the ground are criminals he has just been fortunate not to get caught so far. But then again seeing you more than likely work for the guy, given your full time job her bashing, so it would also be your job to spin doctor him up.

    "He lies, he has no ethical boundaries, he'll say anything, do anything, I have no time for him" - Michael Dell

    "Activism is one of those terms like 'hedge fund.' It depends what you mean. So, activism in the form of Ralph Witworth is fantastic. I can't say enough good things about Ralph. He's astonishing. He's a teacher, he's a mentor.
    Icahn is a different story, Carl's like literally the exact opposite. Remember the 'Star Trek' episode where they've got the good Captain Kirk and the evil Captain Kirk. … Carl's like the exact opposite. … He lies, he just makes stuff up. He slanders. … It's like his inner 6-year-old comes out.

    Quotes from guys that are just a bit more connected than you Jersey and of course you also ignore my post where both Carl and Charlie tried to pull the same scam again with LightSquared but fortunately were shutdown.

  • susan.mcan susan.mcan Sep 10, 2015 9:20 AM Flag

    Just so that everyone is aware. I want to be doing a public service like jersey, greenie and freddy although having a full-time job outside of posting on a message board makes it difficult to compete with those guys.

  • susan.mcan susan.mcan Sep 9, 2015 10:57 AM Flag

    Don't forget that Carl was kind enough to lend out his NY residence to host the overnight Cognac & Cuban slumber party where he turned everything over to Charlie Ergen and Dish Networks for:

    "As we have discussed before, we were able to purchase the Blockbuster assets at a far lower price than their previous book value." - Dish CFO Robert Olson

    This bears a striking resemblance to what just happened recently with LightSquared doesn't it? I bet you know Jersey, Carl here turned his debt over at a loss to a shady backdoor entity created by non other than who Jersey? That's right Mr. Charlie Ergen.

    ROFL you can't make this stuff up.