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  • swihart_art swihart_art Sep 3, 2015 3:53 PM Flag

    I sold at .90 minutes after fugitive slammed down pretty hard after that...

  • swihart_art swihart_art Sep 3, 2015 3:52 PM Flag

    I'm looking at it but have moved my buy order down to .375 after watching today's action...I started at .50...saw weakness and moved it to .45...still saw even more weakness and started thinking about the NDA and also short interest...still weeks away from an announcement (maybe) and the shorts have time to drill it down....

    It went down to that area right after the announcement so I think it may revisit that area in the next few weeks...gonna leave a buy order there as we speak...that NDA is the biggest question mark on this...I personally think there will be one which makes this dead money for a while but I'll risk it at .37ish...I just have a hard time trusting Mr. Clean..the fearless leader of spanking shareholders...a guy on stocktwits claims he bought 65k today which IMO saved the day when it was pushing down hard on .46...

  • swihart_art swihart_art Sep 3, 2015 2:25 PM Flag

    I hope all invested make money too....I agree with you that having a PACER account gives you the inside line on things...actually...fugitive followed the stock on PACER very closely and shared info that he paid for with us longs on here...he posted what he found one day about Verizon and I got out immediately and it saved me a TON of money...even though I had already lost a the end people bashed him for posting the truth...he saved my skin so I appreciate his posts...GLTA

  • swihart_art swihart_art Sep 3, 2015 1:11 PM Flag

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions...

    This stock HAD tremendous potential when Rockstar was still in the picture...why the massive selloff?...because an NDA would put us all in the dark (like before) and it will take months to find out how good or bad the settlement is...I'm not gonna hold it if there is an NDA...and a court order is a court order...if there is an NDA then SPEX can't say jack until a 10Q or other way to show their income...if ever...look on their own website PR about the "Compufill settlement"..a settlement that NEVER showed up in any filing...

    So in other words, this spike was caused by the announcement of a settlement or "understanding"...without numbers to show it will go right back to where it was...don't forget, they had an "understanding" with AT&T too that made the stock spike...the spike fizzled out and we found out months later that it was $30,000... WOW!! enough to buy a midsize sedan or as I have said in the past...take the legal team for SPEX to dinner...

  • swihart_art swihart_art Sep 3, 2015 12:38 PM Flag

    Yep...that's why I'm scared to get in here at .55...volume has a waiting game..people looking for the quick buck will sell and move on within a few days...looking at the technicals as well...there is pretty strong resistance at .55...been struggling to get through that and bounces real hard off of .60...I moved my buy order from .50 down to .43....gonna wait for the shorts (who have 53% interest) to bear raid it to cause panic selling...looking weaker today...

  • swihart_art by swihart_art Sep 3, 2015 11:35 AM Flag

    Checked the short interest out and it was 53% yesterday...I think they are playing the... there will be a NDA card and capitalize on the crash card.... when people sell on the news of NDA...sure it's a gamble, just like longs are gambling that a huge settlement will be announced...I thought about buying...have a order in but I may pull out...I'm not sure that Huawei will settle without an NDA...I can't see where they would want a huge announcement of how much they paid...Hayes will more than likely agree to what they want if it means money...this is a tough call....been burned HARD by this one too many times...

    So in the interest of sharing opinions...anybody have a good reason why Huawei would want the settlement without an NDA?

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    NDA ? I think so.

    by fugitive6129 Sep 2, 2015 8:12 AM
    swihart_art swihart_art Sep 2, 2015 5:59 PM Flag

    Yep...this one is a tough call for me...still not in yet...I may get in tomorrow on a dip hopefully below .50 on a anticipation play...I think we may get into the .60's the closer we get to the 30 day "deadline" but TRUST ME on this...if there is a NDA attached...this will sell off quicker than you can say "we have to wait to see the money in a 10Q?"...and of course the big question will be how much so...I'll let the carnage happen and then buy back in just before the next Q and then act accordingly based on what it reveals...if it reveals big money then you know what will happen...if it's an AT&T-like settlement (30,000) you better be quick on the sell button buddy...low floaters are great for run ups but they can be just as brutal on the other side...GLTA

  • swihart_art swihart_art Aug 31, 2015 5:21 PM Flag

    BINGO!!...This is what makes me hesitate...took A LONG TIME and share price beating to find out that AT&T only paid $30,000....enough to take the legal team for SPEX out for dinner...we took it in the keister by buying in on the promise of a "AT&T settlement"...It HAS to be big right?...after all it's AT&T...look how much money they made on our patents!!!!....

    30K...peanuts...but the lawyers got paid anyway...

    I wish I could be like Hayes and get hired by the Pittsburgh Pirates as a pitcher...sure I would never win a game but I'd get paid to hang out on the field and strike out 3 times a game while the other team hits home run after home would be fun for me but not the fans...the ones who pay my salary...

    Just sayin careful out there and PAY ATTENTION!! if it ends up good then congrats, I may or may not be celebrating with you....GLTA....

  • swihart_art swihart_art Aug 31, 2015 5:06 PM Flag

    Really? the money for the Compufill patent settlement ...Spex has it as an announcement in 2013 right on their own website...I am yet to find ANYBODY.... even on this board...that can show that "settlement" in a 10Q or 10K or any other filing for that matter...must have been pennies to fly under the radar like that....the press release talks about ongoing licensing...??????????

    Read this.....
    Spherix Announces Settlement Agreement and Continued
    Monetization of Patent Portfolio.
    TYSONS CORNER, Va., Nov. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/
    an intellectual property development company
    committed to the fostering and monetization of intellectual property,
    announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary, CompuFill LLC, has
    entered into a settlement and license agreement with a leading technolo
    This is the first settlement and license agreement for the CompuFill portfolio
    since Spherix acquired North South Holdings LLC in September of 2013.
    Ongoing infringement enforcement continues as Spherix’s model of patent
    monetization grows in b
    oth scope and size.
    The CompuFill patents, each in the "on
    line pharmacy automated refill
    system" sector, trace priority back to October 1997.
    Commenting on the announcement, Anthony Hayes, Spherix CEO, stated,
    "The value of having this suite of patents ca
    nnot be emphasized enough. Our
    team of patent monetization experts brought this opportunity to Spherix only
    a few short months ago and we have already started generating revenue. This
    is a great example of how Spherix continues working to drive value for o

    Show me the money in any filing....

  • swihart_art swihart_art Aug 31, 2015 2:14 PM Flag

    I agree with Kaiser...NDA will be in effect IMO...I also agree that SPEX needs some positive news but let's not forget, Huawei is also in this equation...they may not want details disclosed and therefore may require that SPEX not disclose the terms of the settlement, and then there will be those who say SPEX shouldn't disclose to keep other infringers in the dark as to what Huawei paid....this is a really tough call from an old long on if I should get back in...this legal #$%$ really pizzez me off because.... A)... it takes forever....B)...these are lawyers we are dealing with here...and C) many variables like NDA's, RPX's firms on contingency's cut etc...there have been settlements in the past (see Compufill patents) that have NEVER showed up as income on SPEX's 10Q's or 10K's...where the heck did that money go?...o yeah...these are lawyers we are dealing with...(see B above)...

    Then there is dilution, possible reverse splits to stay above $1 and let's take a look at C again from above...RPX is a rival competitor of SPEX and just so happens to be the largest shareholder after Rockstar decided to bail out...(gee I wonder why) I personally don't believe that RPX will play nice with SPEX and has a huge interest in seeing them go out of business so that they can pick up the pieces for pennies on the dollar...

    Before you start the flaming on me, I say these things because I studied this stock for over a year now, lost a lot on it and I am simply sharing info for both longs and shorts and traders alike which leads me to my last point...I would play this as a trader, try to find a good entry (my opinion, .40 - .45 isn't bad as we speak, be good to get lower but may not happen) ready when the news hits and play the news accordingly and be VERY diligent of offerings after hours...GLTA

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