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  • tangojunto tangojunto 3 hours ago Flag

    I'm accumulating at these levels. Perhaps we could have a buyout in the near term but who can really say? If in fact another airline wants to swoop in and take ownership of Gol, what do think the price will be? They've been managing their metrics pretty well and they forsee at least a positive cash flow. I don't think the board won't accept anything below $6. Any thoughts?

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  • When the quarterly is announced, I suspect that GOL pps should decouple from the dismal macro environment in Brazil. I'm not saying it would be dramatic, but at least gradual. GOL has positives that are overlooked. An expanding international routes to generate dollars versus domestic currency, a updated capitalization to allow greater foreign ownership and the healthy load factors to name a few. I'm accumulating more shares at these prices. It may also occur that analysts will upgrade just on pps alone. An eventual buyout may occur in the not so distant future, but I'm not hanging my hopes on this. Current market cap is below GOL's ownership of SMILES.

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  • I'm not sure when Sanofi begins DTC program. I have seen dates being thrown around from April to July, but does anybody have a more firm date? Any any rate, the Nrx date will continue to build during their soft launch of educating physicians, and MNKD prescription data should be robust when DTC begins. The diabetic user's acceptance have been amazing on social media.

  • I can almost see it coming.

    Sam has beaucoup credibilty. Let's compare that to AF.

    The success MNKD will be the inverse of the noise of stock manipulators.

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  • tangojunto tangojunto Mar 9, 2015 4:27 PM Flag

    Hey facts,
    Thanks for the info on Dr Bode. The article I found at WebMD by googleing Dr Bruce Bode and Afrezza clearly states the superior advantages Afrezza. This article blows away naysayers.

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  • tangojunto tangojunto Jan 20, 2015 8:41 PM Flag

    GS came out today with 4.2 PT. The reference to a 2PT is erroneous.

  • PR's people has suffered under his leadership. Argentina redux.

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    Go big or go home

    by tangojunto Nov 6, 2014 3:33 PM
    tangojunto tangojunto Nov 6, 2014 4:07 PM Flag

    The current CEO was most likely fired over his plans to sell operations in France and not communicate those plans to the board. France would be up in arms and would man the barrier over lost in jobs. Had nothing to do with Afrezza.

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  • tangojunto by tangojunto Nov 6, 2014 3:33 PM Flag

    Recent WSJ article contains a reference to my subject. I believe Afrezza will play a central role in reviving their diabetes franchise. Another point I wish to make here---comparing Afrezza to Exubera is like comparing a pill that works to a mere placebo; people who make this Exubera comparison readily shows their transparent motives. The WSJ article also makes a point of the biosimilars that erode a competitive advantage. A biosimilar to Afrezza would be very difficult to engineer. For this reason alone, Sanofi will go big on Afrezza, making it their forerunner to reviving their diabetes franchise. It's very easy to make light of a revolutionary product where the future has not had a chance to prove itself. This is a dynamic that occurs throughout the past.

  • What does that tell you?

    Last reported put controlled 2,750,000 shares. I believe he wants to close that position at a small gain. He lost confidence in his bet.

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  • tangojunto by tangojunto Oct 19, 2014 3:04 PM Flag

    On Aug. 12, Doral entered into a consent order with the FDIC which gave them 120 days to raise capital, merger, liquidate or sell assets to comply with said consent order. 47% of 673m Tier 1 capital (as of Dec 31 2013) comprised the amount of the refund amount due from PR which is under appeal. Some corrective actions have been taken already but hasn't met the consent order as of now.

    My question is whether or not the win can be counting as Tier 1 giving its present status subject to appeal. PR seems intent on following all appeals available. It also seems weak to me that they win on appeal giving the strength of Perez's order.

    120 days from Aug 12 is Dec 12. Is there enough time to exhaust appeals? Can Doral force PR hand to prevent delays?

    Will Doral provide an updated capital plan with events transpired this month?
    I have sent a message today with some of this questions.

    Any input, good or bad from fellow MB members?

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    Any appeals will be shot down.

    by boyt1961 Oct 10, 2014 8:25 PM
    tangojunto tangojunto Oct 15, 2014 12:37 AM Flag

    It's plain that Padilla reeks of a banana republic leader. Given a long enough leash he would avail himself as a dictator. Nobody in US power circles have had enough of him. Appeals court will shoot any appeals down without additional proof by PR and would be glad to be rid of him and his cronies. It's a damn circus.

  • tangojunto by tangojunto Oct 14, 2014 8:17 AM Flag

    Gov. Padillo has already sealed the deal. I'm not just talking about Doral's case. His economic stewardship rivals Argentina's history. I feel sorry for the people of Puerto Rico. Doral should eventually be centered on mainland operations where the rule of commercial law is part of their DNA.

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