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tanzania34 11 posts  |  Last Activity: 5 hours ago Member since: Jun 16, 2009
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    Down again

    by mfrank2849 6 hours ago
    tanzania34 tanzania34 5 hours ago Flag

    Yahoo cut off most of the post above. below book value. BAA has traded down 19 out of 25 days and traded down or neutral 21 out of 25 days. Just those two factoids makes this pps not adding up, value is in the eyes of the beholder and I just added more today thanks. First quarter earning should be out soon, I think .03 and a surprise of .04. The risk at this price is small and the reward is much bigger. Patience will be rewarded it all depends upon what your definition of patience is!!

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    Down again

    by mfrank2849 6 hours ago
    tanzania34 tanzania34 6 hours ago Flag

    Agreed about things not adding up but BV is more than 75% below (

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    Reversal underway.

    by randy_raven99 10 hours ago
    tanzania34 tanzania34 7 hours ago Flag

    I had a feeling it would revert back to the 50 day ma and if so I was hoping it would bounce from there to establish the next leg up so far so good. Regarding news, if I remember correctly from the CC, news would only be announce if it was producing revenue not when LOI or anything else was signed. If and only if it was producing bookable revenue which IMO is the most conservative way to handle it. I am not 100% on this but if so that bodes well to any news that is released since T's and I's are crossed, dotted and revenues are rolling into the I/S. I would rather have that news instead of fluff stuff saying something might happen and then get news ohhh it didn't happen because this permit wasn't okayed or the funding wasn't there or some other lame reason.

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    CT Order

    by ijinxjj7 Apr 12, 2014 8:01 AM
    tanzania34 tanzania34 Apr 12, 2014 1:30 PM Flag

    It appears to be great news. I just read a 27 page research paper from Villanova regarding CT orders. Not an expert, but appears that the number one reason was due to a M & A activity and that stocks with such CT orders were delisted within 6 months - 1 yr due to the M & A activity. That said, it appeared that most of the stock gains occurred prior to the CT order and the CT order was filed by investment firms who wanted to liquidate their holding in a relatively orderly fashion.

    The #2 reason for a CT order was due to a delisting of stock because of the exchanges ordered them to do so. Given the recent funding and acceptance of the exchanges zbb's plan avoiding delisting, that reason IMHO is off the table.

    So, it appears there will be a M&A of some sort and the questions are who, why, when, how and how much $$. I believe the price action will be heading north but by how much will depend on ..............many variables.

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    est eps for 1st qtr 2014

    by tanzania34 Apr 10, 2014 11:56 AM
    tanzania34 tanzania34 Apr 11, 2014 1:12 PM Flag

    bump, lets see my eps est vs the analyst ,who get paid millions to scrw investors, is right.

  • tanzania34 by tanzania34 Apr 10, 2014 11:56 AM Flag

    I am estimating it to range from .02-.045, assuming avg gold price of $1,250 and assuming 307,799 fully diluted shares which includes the recent dilution and using last qtr.'s financials. I try to be conservative so I think it will come in at .03 per share. Anyone else want to make a prediction.

  • tanzania34 tanzania34 Mar 28, 2014 1:38 PM Flag

    Thanks Spencer, now you can add the Japanese people to the list:)

    3.28.14 Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewelry, a precious metals specialist, reported that sales of gold ingots across seven of its shops are up more than 500% this month. At the company’s flagship store in Ginza on Thursday, people queued for up to three hours to buy 500g bars worth about Y2.3m ($22,500). March has been the busiest month in Tanaka’s 120-year history."... "Investors are being drawn to the metal not just because of higher taxes, said Itsuo Toshima, an adviser to pension funds.“Slowly and steadily, people are preparing for the worst, which is the failure of Abenomics." “To protect the value of wealth, gold comes into play as an inflation hedge, and if the economy goes back to deflationary circumstances then, again, money seeking safe havens would flow into gold."

    People are buying and most don't plan to sell using it as store of value not day trading. Where is Germany's gold? Where is all the demand for real gold not paper gold going to come from? Paper gold to physical gold is leveraged nearly 100:1. Plus it is typical for the paper gold and their friends to push the metal prices lower towards the end of the month. Patience and accumulation regarding baa is the only way to win the race:)

  • The ultimate accounting score card which can't be manipulated by anyone inside or outside of a company is the Retained Earnings. If you are an investor you know what I mean. If you are a pumper, basher, hedge fund, etf, or squid then keep doing this for those who understand.

    Since inception, BAA has $(85 mil) RE as of last quarter which is impressive given that it has been public for 18 years, has explored, developed and commercialized two mines with two to go. Plus, given the size of their mining permits, who knows what lies below all that earth. For those unable to do the math, that turns out to be $(4.7mil) RE per year and $(1.2 mil per qtr). Folks that is pretty impressive to find that much gold $100's of millions in profits in such a remote place on earth for $(1.4) mill RE per quarter.

    If you are interested then this price is load the truck area. If not then go buy Fakebook, or zynga or some other virtual reality stock oh and look at their RE line before doing so. This one has the hard assets that everyone does want and will want more of hands over fist in the near future. Go ask the central banks of china, india, Russia, turkey, Iraq or any other bank that are loading up on gold or go ask Germany where their stuff is. Or go ask the people of china who are buying left and right. Go ask the people of india as to why they are smuggling it in......on and on.............

  • tanzania34 tanzania34 Mar 25, 2014 7:36 PM Flag

    Hello all, I am a new investor since 2.18.14. I have been loading since then nearly 28k shares. BAA appears to be way, way undervalued with Price/Book below .30 with new mines/production coming up to speed and consistent profits in sight for a long while. BAA is due for some massive PPS increases soon. Checking the five year charts when they were not producing 1 oz of gold vs today's price it is like picking up a junk silver dime or quarter from someone who still thinks it is worth only $.10 or $.25. FYI, Iraq just purchased 1.5 bil in gold.

  • google this headline, this is also a main reason to have microgrids/backup batteries/ energy storage. This article ties in the San Jose incident but also ties in many others occurring around the US. If you are in the position of responsibility in any organization how long before you see the potential for either one of these attempts to succeed and you have no power. Given the ice storms and storms in general, many organizations have experienced it already. Power is not insurance it is a necessity. Before the energy storage market existed there was no way to prevent loss of power because you couldn't store it. Now you can. Micro-grids/energy storage would be my choice for vital investment dollars today not tomorrow. Throw in the Cummins opportunity fleets saving up to 30% of fuel. How big a market could that product line be? Low share count, low market cap. zbb has a future it has always be about timing and if their funding needs are covered for the time necessary those have always been the $64,000 questions. I think the Tesla announcement answers the timing question. Maybe the financing question is being answered?

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    A rising tide will lift all boats!!

    by ijinxjj7 Feb 27, 2014 11:57 AM
    tanzania34 tanzania34 Feb 27, 2014 2:06 PM Flag

    You may be right but as a holder of this since 4.8.09 this boat has done nothing but take on water. In order to bail out all the water this ship has taken on, this dingy would have to rise well into the mid $2 to recapture its 52 wk high and the $7's to recapture my highest purchase. I just don't see that happening any time soon maybe after the V3 but money may not last till then. IMHO their only chance short run is the hybrid engine components to carry the cash flow ills but the fact that Cummins hired a new sales VP and ZBB hasn't even reached out to him is bad business strategy and relationship management. Also when the new CFO is pulling in 160K given the situation is so self serving, ill advised and a poke in the shareholders eyes. I could go on, Lotte deal necessary but another poke, battery companies getting millions to build plants zbb gets @#&%!.... Thus, I have sold nearly 40% of shares at a massive hit to a small fry thanks Eric and their Fortune 100 Dream Team BOD. I may hold onto my remaining shares to see how things play out or to sell into some bounces since I have realized the biggest part of my losses. The scraps I did receive from selling went into BAA and RGDEF companies with a much better story and management teams, early stage, profitable and cash flow postiive!!

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