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    current thoughts - answer to stockvader

    by tappyt_2014 May 13, 2016 8:26 AM
    tappyt_2014 tappyt_2014 May 13, 2016 10:03 AM Flag

    Final post for now. Of course I have lost money on some investments. What is important is what you learn from the experience and how you net out when subtracting losses from profits. On both-- I am comfortable that I am way ahead of the game.
    by the way - I expect to be at the annual meeting in June for anyone wanting to punch me in the nose.

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    current thoughts - answer to stockvader

    by tappyt_2014 May 13, 2016 8:26 AM
    tappyt_2014 tappyt_2014 May 13, 2016 9:47 AM Flag

    I guess we will soon see who's right. I have made a lot of money betting on myself !!!

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  • stockvader posted about several failed ATRS projects:
    Several certainly have failed and his hindsight is 20 / 20.
    This is the thought of a great many investors and thus
    our stock if below $1.
    It is easy to jump on the negative bandwagon, easy to
    criticize and easy to look backward.
    When investment company's state: "Future results are not
    necessarily indicative of future performance" - they are
    usually touting previous success and add a disclaimer as
    required by either law or their attorney's.
    I think in the case of ATRS it is the opposite in that
    past failures are not a predictor of future failures - but
    I think the past is behind us and the future is very bright.

    It is the forwarding looking people who can more
    clearly see the future - so let's look at ATRS' future.
    1. TEVA continues to buy millions of dollars of Epi Pen
    devices and TEVA is the largest generic drug company in
    the world. If we get generic EpiPen approval - TEVA
    should take a large percentage of the $2 billion EpiPen
    market and with ATRS' approximately 10% between royalty
    on product sales and device sales - that could easily amount
    to tens of millions of dollars annually to ATRS.
    2. The testosterone market is around $3 billion and we
    are having excellent clinical trial results on what should
    be the "best in class" product in that market. Safe, easy
    to use at home, painless, shown to keep levels totally
    within the desired range. Compare this to a very painful
    IM injection which must be given in a doctor's office,
    disadvantaging the patient with peaks and troughs in Testosterone levels - a daily underarm roll on which is
    an idiotic way to administer a drug - and a potential
    oral (waiting for approval) which must be taken twice
    daily with a high fat content meal. QST is a no brainer
    to have sales in the hundreds of million to billion dollars.
    3. Sumatriptan will soon launch by TEVA with a 50 / 50
    split of profits.
    4. Zomacton will soon launch by Ferring and they are one
    of the largest sellers of HGH in the world. All ATRS does
    is deposit the royalty check. No cost, risk or effort.
    5. Anyone listening to the AMAG call and their praise of
    ATRS's device would conclude that their Makena which is
    now a few hundred million product will be enhanced and
    improved by use of the ATRS device.
    6. Otrexup is a question. I have met Bob Apple and know
    people who know him personally. I have great confidence
    that ATRS will get Otrexup on the right track and - with
    fits and starts - the product is moving forward and, with
    luck, should hit break even this year and profibility next.
    In any event it could help us and will not pull us down.
    7. The various other TEVA projects are moving ahead and
    some are very significant.
    8. All of the above is verified by big bucks in the form of
    Broadfin and Armistice owning about 25 millions shares between the two funds - and insiders recently buying about $600,000 worth of stock with cash.

    Finally Epi and QST are a few years out. The other TEVA
    projects are subject to delays such as the 30 month stays,
    etc. So it might take us some time to create really meaningful revenue and profits - but I think cash is sufficient to get to profitability without a money raise - and I think
    new deals and major announcements could come at any time.
    I think owning ATRS Now - could be dead money for a while,
    or I think profit could come quickly from here.
    I think - from a profit standpoint - it is far, far better to
    be in the stock (especially at these prices) than to wait to
    buy, because waiting might see the share price much higher
    and deny an investor of a profit of several times today's
    share price.
    MY OPINION - Wrong in the past (as I am sure several here
    will be glad to point out) - but I am in the game with both
    feet and fully expect to be a winner. I don't ever remember
    seeing a very small company with so much on its plate and
    most of which are low risk and very high potential reward.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Omitted from my first post of the day:

    If all Antares is working on goes well - -
    (and some Expect it will - some Hope it will - and
    some will never believe it until it happens) --
    ATRS can achieve bottom line profits of 50 cents
    to $1 a share in the next few years.

    HOW: 10% royalties from AMAG is $25 million.
    Sumatriptan can yield $5+ Million.
    Epi-Pen can take 40+% of a $2 billion market
    and with ATRS's 10% (royalty and product sales)
    that can be $80 million.
    Zomacton could yield from a few to several million.
    A million (+ -) from legacy gel royalties.
    With about a $20 million break even number for
    Otrexup, if we get on track with revenue - Otrexup
    could provide a profit of several million dollars.
    Other various opportunities are to vague to count
    but some are for real and should not be totally
    AND QST - if clinical trials continue well I believe
    it will be licensed for sales to primary care providers
    and give ATRS a very significant up front and
    milestone payments (these are non recurring) but a
    large recurring royalty income stream - Plus the
    revenue we will garner from "in house" sales to
    This can add up to more than $140 million a share
    and to discount for time and risk and we should have a
    much higher share price in the very near future -
    Assuming no bad news..

    NOW: Some would say: "When ATRS has not produced
    a profit in it's years of trying - and several products
    failed (or failed to succeed to any degree) - what is
    different this time?

    Fair question:
    First - management is essential to success and I have
    confidence in Bob Apple. (Remember before ATRS - he
    and the current ATRS chairman of the board Len Jacob
    started, built and sold InKine to Salix and made large
    profits for shareholders). Before he took orders, now he
    gives them.
    Second - most of the failures were with the gels which
    proved to pretty much of a failed platform ATRS is now
    developing injectable's which are far more accepted and
    standard in drug delivery.
    Third - much of our success depends on strong partners
    and (with TEVA especially - who has had their own
    problems recently, but now seems to be right on the ball)
    we should profit from their strength with them doing
    most all the work, taking all the risk and assuming all the
    cost - and for ATRS as royalty income - much or our
    revenue will drop to the bottom line.

    Now I am not saying it will be quick or easy. Or that we
    will definitely succeed on all of our opportunities - and
    we might not succeed on any of them - and that is why
    if the stock was $3-4 (with no more news than we have
    right now) I would take some money off the table -
    But we are looking at a sub $1 stock - With money in the
    bank and no debt - A manageable burn - And what I see is
    the very real possibility of earning from 50 cents to $1
    a share and that would give the stock a valuation of around
    $7 to $15 a share.

    Finally if the above does materialize as I think it could/
    ATRS will be recognized as an industry leader - with good
    credibility - and more and more deals will come their way.
    Also - I believe if we accomplish much of the above -
    Antares will be acquired, on a stock swap (tax free exchange)
    with a large pharmaceutical company - probably TEVA and
    all can pat themselves on the back - glad they have the
    courage of their convictions and held and bought through
    what seemed like the toughest of times.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    Tappy Checking In

    by tappyt_2014 Mar 30, 2016 11:07 AM
    tappyt_2014 tappyt_2014 Mar 30, 2016 2:51 PM Flag

    Foogle 88
    Answer to first question: Bought 30,00 shares as below
    03/22/2016 11:48:59 Bought 100 ATRS @ 0.78 -87.99 -921,088.02
    03/22/2016 11:50:01 Bought 100 ATRS @ 0.785 -88.49 -921,176.51
    03/22/2016 11:50:58 Bought 800 ATRS @ 0.7875 -639.99 -921,816.50
    03/22/2016 11:50:58 Bought 100 ATRS @ 0.7875 -78.75 -921,895.25
    03/22/2016 11:51:13 Bought 28800 ATRS @ 0.7875 -22,680.00 -944,575.25
    03/22/2016 11:51:13 Bought 100 ATRS @ 0.7875 -78.75 -944,654.00

    Answer to second question. If I am in town (I am from
    Phila and return there for the summer) at the time -
    I will surely attend. I won't make a special trip.

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  • tappyt_2014 by tappyt_2014 Mar 30, 2016 11:07 AM Flag

    After so many weeks / months of not being here -
    I see my name still comes up from time to time.

    Right now - let me state some "facts".
    ATRS just had over 1/2 million shares bought, for
    cash, by insiders and ATRS has two funds which have
    accumulated nearly 10 million shares each.
    ATRS has just appointed a new CEO (opinion - that
    I think will prove to be a fact) who is highly qualified.

    ATRS has a partnership with AMAG for a drug with a
    sales of about $250 million (ATRS probably gets about
    a 10% (+ -) Royalty. Sumatriptan should launch soon
    and ATRS gets a 50 / 50 split of revenues (after TEVA
    costs). Ferring will soon launch Zomacton.
    TEVA's generic Epi-Pen is before the FDA (and after a
    setback with a CRL citing deficiencies) there is no better
    company when it comes to knowing how to obtain FDA
    approval (and I think they will) and that should mean tens
    of millions annually to ATRS.
    QST trials have been great and the Testosterone market
    remains near $3 billion. Arguably - a safe, painless, once weekly injection - that keeps levels in a desirable range
    will capture a large percentage of that market.
    Otrexup has been very slow on the uptake - but we just
    got additional doses approved, management claims to know
    what to do to increase sales - and Otrexup could break even
    this year and be profitable next.
    ATRS still receives a gel royalties - small, and hardly worth
    mentioning, but almost like "free money" and that is a
    good thing.
    Various other projects represent opportunities.
    ATRS has about $40 million in cash and no debt. I do not
    believe ATRS will have to raise money for quite a long time,
    and if profitability and milestone payments kick in for various achievements, a money raise might be off the table permanently.
    There is always clinical and regulatory risk - but ATRS is
    not trying to develop exotic new drugs and when considering
    BioTech investments - such risks for ATRS are on the very
    low end of the risk scale.
    Of course, I wish I have bought ATRS earlier this year,
    instead of 10 years ago - But I have never been more
    sure I will ultimately be proven right on this investment.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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