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taxfairnessforall 12 posts  |  Last Activity: Feb 7, 2016 1:11 PM Member since: Apr 19, 2011
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    "I would choose Trump "

    by shep2l998 Feb 4, 2016 6:35 PM
    taxfairnessforall taxfairnessforall Feb 7, 2016 1:11 PM Flag

    By the poster not telling the context in which the remark was made it is nothing but a lie. By trying to deceive it becomes a lie. As you said the remark by Carter was in response to a question by the press asking if he had to choose one would he choose Cruz or Trump. Of course most people would choose Trump because Trump knows that most of what he says is not what he feels but playing to the crowd. As Carter said, Cruz actually believes what he says. That is what makes Cruz dangerous because he is that far out in right field.

  • taxfairnessforall taxfairnessforall Feb 5, 2016 9:50 PM Flag

    I gave you a thumbs down and this reply. That's 5.00. I know its not much but please put it toward an education.

  • taxfairnessforall taxfairnessforall Feb 5, 2016 11:35 AM Flag

    Wrong on all accounts. What happened was the creation of IRA's and 401K's that put hundreds of billions each year into markets that never would have been there before and then along came the internet which allowed people to learn about the markets, do their own research and able to buy stocks online for a fee ranging from a couple dollars to $15 instead of the $250 or $300 you would have to pay in fees just to buy a stock in the past by going through a standard broker which was your only choice unless a company had an employee purchase plan which very few did back then. If we would take the IRA's, 401K's and the internet away today you would be back to miniscule investing by individuals compared to what we have today.

  • taxfairnessforall taxfairnessforall Jan 31, 2016 10:29 PM Flag

    I know someone that owns a nice home and a nice car and he pays for it all by collecting aluminum cans during the day and selling them for scrap. I know somebody else that makes over a hundred thousand a year, never wastes a penny and cannot make ends meet while living in a very modest home and using public transportation. Neither one of those are true but the point is you can post anything you want on these boards whether true or a big lie. Back up your post by showing a breakdown of how the money he makes gets spent to cover all these items. Show how much a week is spent each week on gas, housing , insurance, clothing, car expenses, home expenses, food and so forth. If you want to be believable you can easily show that and if not it is a lie. Remember that the numbers have to be realistic. As another poster put it you can live on a dollar a day but it won't be pretty and I see no way someone can have even a reasonable life on that little money. So prove it. Living in a cave in the woods and eating nut, berries and any animal you can kill will cost someone nothing but its not a reasonable way of life. I hope you don't think the American dream is living life just to survive but not to live. If so you are living in a country other than America.

  • taxfairnessforall taxfairnessforall Jan 27, 2016 11:38 PM Flag

    They should finally realize how horrible the Republican congress is. They should have a committee hearing titled "Laying Out the Reality of the Republican Congress" as the republican congress approval once again dives into the single digits. The USPS if the model of efficiency compared to the Republican congress.

  • "How do we say, why do you keep voting for people who are giving more tax breaks to billionaires, who are going to send your jobs abroad, not going to let you form a union, not going to allow your kids to go to college? Why do you keep voting for these guys?"

    Bernie Sanders

  • taxfairnessforall by taxfairnessforall Dec 19, 2015 9:09 PM Flag

    "If the environment were a bank, it would have been saved by now."

    Bernie Sanders

  • taxfairnessforall taxfairnessforall Dec 9, 2015 6:00 PM Flag

    That doesn't really separate him from the other republican candidates. They all thrive on the Hitler tactics of fear and hate.

  • taxfairnessforall taxfairnessforall Dec 9, 2015 5:43 PM Flag

    As the other customers posted, it is included in the estimate. In their press release there is a footnote that says that approximately 200 million is included in the earnings estimate from the sales of investment and from their share of 8.3 earnings. With about 100 million shares outstanding that would mean that accounts for about 2.00 of the earnings. But it doesn't make sense that it wouldn't have already been built in because revenue is projected to be close to what earlier estimates where, so surely earnings estimates could not have been cut in half because of that. So the bottom line is, yes its included but it really doesn't make sense.

  • taxfairnessforall taxfairnessforall Nov 28, 2015 7:50 PM Flag

    Believe what you want. Invest in it if you want. The 10,000 people comment was silly and you and I both know it. I went to pick up a pizza about four oclock this afternoon and its in the same complex as Wal-Mart so I drove right by Wal-Mart. There were not many cars in the lot and it surprised me because on a Saturday afternoon when most people are off and just after the Christmas buying season has kicked off I thought there would have been a lot of people there. The only videos I see on the net are videos of the fights. Not to be too hard on you but you sound as if you are trying hard to convince yourself that something is not true when you know deep down inside it is true. That's my read. Remember to always follow your heart but you have to be true to your heart.

  • taxfairnessforall taxfairnessforall Nov 28, 2015 7:23 PM Flag

    That's because the videos you see are just the short time that they are selling product at a loss to get people in the door and try and get some press time but selling things at a loss is not good for business. After the loss items are gone so are the customers. They need customers to come in and buy products after the come on items are gone and that doesn't look like its happening. As far as their reporting that Amazon is doing well, they took surveys of shoppers and the surveys are showing that a lot of people are saying they're buying from Amazon. So there is no grand conspiracy going on here.

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    Climate = Distraction

    by jekkinhydde Nov 23, 2015 9:38 AM
    taxfairnessforall taxfairnessforall Nov 26, 2015 9:54 AM Flag

    What difference does it make if Hillary wants your guns because you don't have any guns? Remember when Obama was running for president and all you Dumbo's said Obama is going to take your guns away so I assume you no longer have them. Being stupid about something once is forgivable but being stupid about the same thing over and over is dumb.

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