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  • Longs know who controls the price and why and you should know,its the same people who pay your wages.

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    Great news !!!

    by the.fugs 17 hours ago
    tesio_nz tesio_nz 17 hours ago Flag

    Well that is good news and funny to boot

  • by nothing more than pure hype...Tesla is the perfect example.
    The stock has the valuation it has on the perceived genius of Elon Musk and J B Straubel .
    They are young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who when faced with a problem find a solution ...they are thinkers ...modern day Henry Fords.
    Under traditional valuation models you wouldn't invest but to bet against them is tantamount to folly...they more than likely will deliver.
    Other companies had potential but got overtaken by new advances in technology or marketing.
    Examples are Kodak and some of the old time retailers like J C Penney and Sears.
    They have failed to keep up with the modern world.
    Yet others take time to find their feet ,time to break into markets ,Arena fits into this category.
    It has a completely novel drug competing against drugs which Doctors are familiar with .
    There has been an initial apprehension by many to prescribe until such time as they see others writing the scripts.
    Time will ultimately win them over.
    Then there are some of the insane valuations given to companies like ICPT which may deliver but probably won't .
    To suggest that the market is rational and stocks fairly valued is hogwash.
    Indeed if there weren't such widespread discrepancies in valuations no one would ever make a profit .
    Volatility is what drives the market,undervaluation and overvaluation the opportunity to gain.

  • Not me ,I'm content, jliebesfeld seems content,henry seems content,numerous other longs way too many to mention seem content so who does that leave?
    Ah....the shorts ...are they happy .....well...apparently not .
    But why not ?....aren't they the only ones who have made any money or this stock the past three years while longs have lost their shirt....what more are they looking for?
    Whats their problem ?
    Shorts what IS your greatest FEAR that you have to post here in shifts 24/7?
    Anyone care to explain

  • tesio_nz tesio_nz May 25, 2015 8:37 PM Flag

    have to agree he's been caught out on that one, the r and the i are't even on the same line as the a and the l and at different ends of the keyboard to boot.....typical basher tactic ....just look at how many posters they have imitated and for what possible reason ...longs don't have to lie, all they have to do is buy,hold and wait...patience will be rewarded to you .

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    In Reality_ Retail has Sold NOTHING

    by expander_3 May 21, 2015 8:03 AM
    tesio_nz tesio_nz May 25, 2015 6:05 PM Flag

    but the pie hasn't been static in size, there has been a dilution though undoubtedly a few retail have sold,Steve for one.
    In the event of farther dilution Institutional ownership will increase again at the expense of retail

  • They had all been champions in their field of sport.
    Couldn't believe how young they were or how heavy they weighed in .
    But what struck me more than anything was the fact that they would put themselves through such a grueling exercise program to lose weight.
    I am not suggesting that exercise isn't important but at those weights and an already compromised physical condition they would be better off taking a weight loss pill and employing a more moderate exercise regime than running the risk of a heart attack while undergoing stress .
    One thing it did show was their absolute determination in getting back in shape.
    One guy had lost his wife nine months before and was left to bring up four kids .
    His son telling him that they didn't want to lose him as well was his motivation ,he was in tears relating his story.
    Clearly it is apparent that there is a huge problem with obesity in the States .
    I remember my mother telling me way back in 1971 that she couldn't believe the number of fat women and their daughters waddling down the street.
    Today we have them here as well,it's an increasingly out of control condition affecting people around the world.
    Which is why a drug that is so easily able to curb the appetite has never been more urgently needed to address the issues in tandem with a restricted exercise program.
    Education and promotion are the keys to an increased uptake and improved lifestyle.

  • is proud of you ,one last concerted push was all he could have asked for and you haven't disappointed .
    Your bonus checks are in the mail.
    Know that your efforts are very much appreciated ,they haven't gone unnoticed and your severance pay will reflect the commitment and sleepless nights you have endured.
    You know who you are ,when the time is right ,the next target is determined you'll be called on again to repeat the exercise,until then get some well earned rest and avoid the mirror.
    In the event you do catch a glimpse remember that reflection ISN'T the REAL you,you're on the other side ,that image is FALSE not unlike the story.

  • for every obese person who sees an ad only 1 of 50 or so is likely to act on it .
    Which is why its important to replay it over and over again .
    It has been proven that just one frame of a Coca Cola can flashed in the middle of a program will reach the subliminal mind .
    It is all about brand recognition,once people know the brand and see results in their family or friends they are much more likely to act on it.
    Those programs with high impact TV shopping could well target a worthwhile audience.
    Compulsive shoppers are likely compulsive eaters.
    Many can be very interested in a product but may take time to act on it .
    It might be a visit to the Doctor or a sudden realization that they have to do something to improve their health.
    ''I want to see my kids grow up ''or ''my husband just left me for another woman''.
    There are many reasons for people to become motivated but until they make the choice themselves nothing is going to happen.
    And as Doctors come to the realization that this new unknown drug is capable of overcoming addictions like smoking ,eating ,drinking or drugs they too will feel more comfortable in writing a script.
    As with any new product often word of mouth is equally as important in gaining market traction whether that be among the medical fraternity themselves or those who are targeted.
    Likewise recognition of the huge cost of obesity to an over burdened healthcare system should motivate those with the power to enact change.
    Warren Buffet stated some time ago that the US spent 17% of GDP on Healthcare....17 cents out of every dollar.
    He said most Western countries spend closer to 10.
    Given the proven relationship between obesity and an increased risk of diabetes ,breathing issues ,stomach cancer, heart and kidney failure and the need for a heavily indebted nation to cut costs it should be a no brainer

  • than 1,000,000 shares traded a day.
    We could conceivably get down to about 650,000 or 700,000, then inevitably something will have to break.
    With luck it will be their volleyball machine.
    OREX with a little more than half as many shares today traded 87,793 more..... very telling

  • Seems like yesterdays low volume is on track to being eclipsed.

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    happy memorial day to all the vets on this board.

    by czeeke May 22, 2015 12:35 PM
    tesio_nz tesio_nz May 22, 2015 2:35 PM Flag

    You know in Australian RSL Clubs every night at 6pm the lights are dimmed ,all the pokie machines come to a halt,bars stop serving drinks and they play the Last Post in memory of those who lost their lives.
    I was amazed but super impressed....I'm not sure but very much doubt they do the same here in NZ.
    We have ANZAC DAY APRIL 25TH recognizing the service of Australian and New Zealand troops.
    Just had the 100 year anniversary of the battle of Chunuk Bair at Gallipoli where we lost so many men.
    Many feel we were simply used as cannon fodder .
    Well done by all who served .

  • Is it because they like them.....No
    Is it because they envy them ...No
    Is it because they feel threatened by them... YES ,a VERY resounding YES .
    It is all about undermining ,belittling,wearing down and DECEPTION .
    That's the name of the game when you're caught on the wrong side of a trade.
    100% LOSERS one and all

  • tesio_nz tesio_nz May 22, 2015 1:36 PM Flag

    What a joke ,this message board is more active than Yahoo's and you think there is little interest.
    And you a cross dresser who imitates another poster.
    We should believe what you spout given your very transparent desire to deceive.

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    doctors are not killers

    by jim.ross34 May 22, 2015 12:22 PM
    tesio_nz tesio_nz May 22, 2015 1:19 PM Flag

    Are you sure Bob?
    Doesn't seem to have stopped them from prescribing C nor Fenphen back in the day.
    Are they incompetent or just slow on learning from past mistakes?

  • the self confessed experts like HR who knows it all and even those who constantly feel the need to pump.
    It is easier to sympathize with the latter given the total BS that is being spread by those short.
    Somebody has to counter the #$%$.
    Apparently the big boys in spite of their current holdings still cant get enough.
    One of them affiliated with none other than our own resident PRO through the company he works for.
    Does that perhaps provide some insight into his role here.?
    Investing in this company has been a whole new experience in exposing the lengths that the wealthy will go to to ensure that they corner the market.

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    Super low volume....a little more than 0.63 of 1%

    by tesio_nz May 21, 2015 4:11 PM
    tesio_nz tesio_nz May 21, 2015 4:40 PM Flag

    If not I think it would be second lowest....a positive the way I see it

  • informed decision on Jack.
    Not too much to ask surely

  • Short's will tell you there are no buyers.....longs know better

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    Shorts remove bad/hostile management

    by peakipnoe May 21, 2015 2:43 PM
    tesio_nz tesio_nz May 21, 2015 3:14 PM Flag

    Hey peabrain....seriously that the best you can come up with .
    Lief will have you as an entree.

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