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thacratemayne 52 posts  |  Last Activity: Apr 11, 2014 6:55 AM Member since: Jun 17, 2009
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    whats going on ladies, LOL

    by whartonmba99 Apr 10, 2014 6:56 PM
    thacratemayne thacratemayne Apr 11, 2014 6:55 AM Flag

    I love it... Your beauty RF goes down almost 4% yesterday, or 10% past 5 days, and yet you're gloating on here about your SNV short that still has yet to ever make you money.... That's like having AIDS and making fun of someone with the clap.

    Talks of a possible R/S and a bad market week still have SNV down less than RF, which has nothing bad happening... That ain't gloat worthy. You probably also didn't get into RF until $8 or $9, while I'm in RF at $3.30 :) So you actually are feeling the declines :)

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    by coongapmtn Apr 10, 2014 4:20 PM
    thacratemayne thacratemayne Apr 11, 2014 6:37 AM Flag

    It would turn into 7 cents, so nothing gained... And then when dividend finally increases to the projected 2 or 3 cents (current) it'd actually be 14 or 21 cents (post-split), etc.

    R/S still is no guarantee if approved though. Vote approval just gives them ability to do one before Dec 31st, if need be... And if they don't by then, they'd need to put it to another vote to re-gain the ability. Doesn't mean I like knowing they have the option on the table, but it doesn't mean day after approval they are definitely enacting the split.

  • thacratemayne thacratemayne Mar 28, 2014 8:03 AM Flag

    They were paying the Govt $50 million per quarter for TARP, so overall in grand scheme it's a non-issue... Thankfully no billion + settlements on deck like BoA, JP, etc.

    Still hating all this stagnant/negative action lately, but the settlement we can absorb. Just gimme that extra divy already! Liable to be pushed back if they need to pay in full. Good to see that Sea Isle thing was fully insured though, eases things a lil bit.

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    looks like the 1:5 REVERSE has been leaked

    by whartonmba99 Mar 17, 2014 11:49 AM
    thacratemayne thacratemayne Mar 17, 2014 4:00 PM Flag

    Every other bank I own is up today, so something definitely is happening... Crazy volume going on, only saving grace is that there were buyers to stabilize it. Saw an article today about the bank stress tests that will be happening in coming days, which will determine if banks can start unloading their profits to shareholders... And the release of the article did coincide with when the drop started. So for all I know, it could be tied to that, rather then the news of eventual RS. Said funds would start dumping the banks they thought likely cant pass the test yet. RS still needs to be voted on, and the shareholder meeting isn't til mid-end of April.... So there is nothing to leak about that haha.

    Been disappointed with this stock though, that's for sure. Been stuck sideways for too long. I'm at too much of a profit to ever bail on it, but it's definitely been lackluster for awhile now. I didn't expect the divy raise this quarter, but now I wish it did, because this stock really needs a shot of adrenaline in it. We only made it into the 3.70s because people were expecting divy increase news last quarterly. It's been 3 quarters of profit since TARP, and yet the PPS stays limp. It really is going to take the divy to ever see signs of life again.

  • thacratemayne thacratemayne Mar 8, 2014 8:40 PM Flag

    Case in point: this douche with the underground stock site also uses GoDaddy too

  • thacratemayne thacratemayne Mar 7, 2014 10:44 AM Flag

    he's looking at the real world price, unlike you

  • thacratemayne thacratemayne Mar 7, 2014 10:20 AM Flag

    He's also been wrong EVERY single time he's shorted SNV, so don't go becoming one of his sheep believing his words hold weight.

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    BUY OUT?

    by archerydoc Mar 6, 2014 8:16 PM
    thacratemayne thacratemayne Mar 7, 2014 10:14 AM Flag

    Because anything coming from a guy with the stock name in his screen name should be believed... This "traffic" you speak of relates to websites that earn their money through advertising... Does MCig have banners plastered ove their site, and gain money this way? No, they sell a product, which isn't even in the tech sector. So quit acting dumb, and move along from your hilarious notion that some major buyout would happen.

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    Up too fast!

    by boraco77 Mar 5, 2014 8:43 PM
    thacratemayne thacratemayne Mar 6, 2014 1:44 PM Flag

    At this point, future buys would be best served after the dip back to reality, which likely happens tomorrow... And is already commencing as we speak.

    If you're late to the party it'd serve you no good to buy now, it's run up like 100% in a week, that's cause for disaster. Outlook can be good, but that still is a disaster in waiting since you'll be at a loss the moment you buy.

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    Up too fast!

    by boraco77 Mar 5, 2014 8:43 PM
    thacratemayne thacratemayne Mar 6, 2014 1:27 PM Flag

    Using charts to analyze a penny stock, now that's hilarious. And if you don't foresee a pullback from people cashing out their quick gains, you're even more hilarious.

  • thacratemayne thacratemayne Mar 4, 2014 3:50 PM Flag

    Most of the domain providers the spammers use for their sites have anti-spam policies... For instance that pennystockweekly douche that posts every day on every board uses GoDaddy. I reported him once to them, but I'm sure multiple people will make them pull the plug on him. Might as well affect their wallets for all the annoying they do to us

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    Get the visine out, gonna be a red day!

    by thacratemayne Feb 27, 2014 8:20 AM
    thacratemayne thacratemayne Feb 27, 2014 4:57 PM Flag

    I'm good, more red tomorrow... Hope you bought your visine by the bulk!

  • thacratemayne thacratemayne Feb 27, 2014 8:28 AM Flag

    I've only been momentum trading, I don't care if the stock drops 100% tomorrow.... I'm not getting hurt by it. But it's silly to think that the company wont figure things out in time. Every year that passes is another year of R&D and increased production capacity. Electric cars have failed due to batteries, but they seem to be the only company actually trying... And that's on top of their stellar safety/style ratings.

  • You guys are saps to still be in this... After the initial jump, it has traded sideways for weeks now. Nosedive back into the .08s will commence again soon enough. This fake non-product producing company has no real ties to the MJ sales cropping up. Little old retired ladies have more in their savings account than this "company" does.

  • thacratemayne thacratemayne Feb 27, 2014 8:03 AM Flag

    You're so dumb... You do realize prices come down after production capabilities and demand are fully in order, right? Remember how DVD players were like a $1,000 when they first came out? And now they sell for $20. Stop acting like the future can't change because of the present. It obviously takes time for prices to decrease. I could see bashing if it was a #$%$ car, but damn man, it gets 10/10 ratings.

  • thacratemayne thacratemayne Feb 25, 2014 3:55 PM Flag

    So you bought in after like a one day 14% jump, and expected it to not see profit-taking? Have some professionalism yourself

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    Reverse Split

    by thacratemayne Feb 23, 2014 7:50 PM
    thacratemayne thacratemayne Feb 25, 2014 3:24 PM Flag

    Click on the "Market Pulse" section, and then the link posted from cctranscripts on Friday Feb 21st shows it.

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    Reverse Split

    by thacratemayne Feb 23, 2014 7:50 PM
    thacratemayne thacratemayne Feb 23, 2014 8:53 PM Flag

    Yeah I hear ya, the statistics show it's basically 50/50 though... So assuming it's approved and one day implemented, hopefully the few points I mentioned sway it to being a plus. If RS was for any reason other then just to gain more institutional exposure, then I'd be more worried. I'm too deep in the money to sweat it long-term, but I'll surely be disappointed should it negatively affect the price short-term for too long.

    Just wish they'd give a firm yes/no to if/when it would happen. Still kinda mad about the TARP/Quarterly being released a week early... Sold some calls the day before so I could consolidate into the same strike, then I'm blindsided by the TARP news. haha was so mad.

  • thacratemayne by thacratemayne Feb 23, 2014 7:50 PM Flag

    Any of you read the Proxy? Looks like they have plans to implement a share increase and reverse split. It says they just want them approved so in the future, if need be, they can authorize without waiting for approval. Share increase is stated to help with providing more common stock for future acquisitions, etc. And the RS is to bring more investors in... What's everyone think?

    Me personally, I feel it shouldn't do too much negatively short/long-term since the stock has been doing well, isn't near NYSE de-list price, and dividend increase is coming soon. So overall, it should mostly be a cosmetic split to bring more investors in, which is a good thing. But that also doesn't mean I was too thrilled to read about it. Felt good knowing I amassed so many shares past couple years, and within year+ it'd make it above $5 by itself anyway. 1 for 7 split seems kinda steep too, will have us around the $25 mark. Also will probably end up shelving any potential buybacks within immediate future since the RS takes the easy road to higher share price. Will also make me have to ponder new plans for all my long calls now. Pretty much just buy large quantity then sell some off near expiration to fund exercising the rest... but a RS will make them pretty illiquid, so I'll likely have to move things around now. Would prefer to know a RS is definitely happening, rather then knowing it could happen.

  • thacratemayne thacratemayne Feb 20, 2014 10:53 PM Flag

    You put $17,000 on a penny stock? Hate to be blunt, but you're either lying or just plain dumb. Maybe next time you should do a minute of actual research before you lose all you're money.

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