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the_real_jen 6 posts  |  Last Activity: Aug 12, 2014 1:00 AM Member since: Mar 14, 2013
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  • the_real_jen by the_real_jen Aug 12, 2014 1:00 AM Flag

    Told you all about obumer.
    Showed his racism in his first year, regarding the Cambridge cop, professor case. I told you he was a racist fk.
    Told you about the health hurt law also. And guess what? The same amount of people who were uninsured are still uninsured. Do you understand what I just said???? The laws main intent was to get insurance to people who didn't have it!!!! The number hasn't changed!!!!!! And just you wait till 2015 comes. You'll see, and ill be back to rub it in. Working people will feel the pain of the hurt law soon. That dirty dog, idiot, fool. Ideologue pig. Racist monster. Friend to the national disgrace Al the scmmbag Sharkton. The racist animal Sharkton has been to the white house, over 40 times, to discuss policy with the president of the US??!!! AWWWW!! Al sharkton. Talking to our president...
    That right? That race baiting monster gets to talk policy with the president????
    Help me. I woke up in hell.
    The racist and chief won lie of the year for 2013. That's good. Right?
    Can you even imagine trying to defend that idiots record?
    How much was spent on that website? Ha ha ha ha ha. The roll out???? LOL LOL LOL And then the pain. Ha ha. muder murder.
    ha ha ha ha. Lying, worm.
    He loves wall street, and that's why I love him. You cant even believe the amount of wealth the rich has accumulated since 09. While everyone was buying guns, and gold, the rich were buying the market. Thanks president $hlt stain.
    Knowingly using Bush's nsa spying. F'n creep. Liar.
    The irs emails?????
    Yea? buying that are ya?
    His foreign policy? lol
    The great peace prize winner is bombing people in Iraq now. He kills inocents with deadly robot drons high in the sky. Boom Boom on you! The racist animal holder, was loath to say that you cant killl Americans without due process. Think about that. Those monsters want control of you. Every law they make, chips away at your personal liberty. Without liberty, there is nothing buy tyranny.
    ran out of letters....

  • the_real_jen by the_real_jen Jul 28, 2014 1:06 AM Flag

    So, we leave next Friday and we move the circus to my home in Saratoga, Its where siri jen was born, that cold terrible winter all those years ago. I love it there in august, steamy afternoons, cool evenings, and the wonderful trails. I like to go off alone in the morning and ride for a few hours in the woods. I dress the part, all dressed up in a cowboy outfit, I look really cute. I've been riding all my life, first on a horse when I was an infant in my mothers arms. (I guess im lucky she didn't drop me as she was drunk all the time.)
    Hunting has been good this trip, and I have provided my family with lots of good food. Boy its funny, we used to stay up late and party all night, but now by 12 we have tea or milk and cookies before we crash. Lately its the 4 of us in one bed, and we all love it. I had a giant bed put in the house ready for us. We all use tempor pedic so we had to have it specially made.
    Anyway, im tired and going to bed, I have an early morning date with my garden, and lots of chorrs to do.
    Hope you are all ok.

  • the_real_jen by the_real_jen Jul 19, 2014 12:56 AM Flag

    Hey. Are you well? I do hope so, and I bid you kind greetings. Its late here, im sitting on the porch listening to the woods talk, body tired from the day. Ed, Dawn, and Liberty are all sleepy bys, cause like me they are all exsausted. We are the only ones here, Besides a security crew of 3. All x special guys, who mostly work with drones and electronics. Because of where we are, they can see someone coming from miles and miles away. And no one could come here unless thay had heavy equipment. Much of the materials to build this place was brought by helocoptor, and that's how we arrive and leav here, except ed, who will drive his 4 wheeler, to keep the escape trails open. Its cool, there are 2 hidden type trails around the place, and they are protected from air sight. If you don't know how to find the trail, its imposible to move through these woods. The trails were designed by 'my guy, the money guy", and they are ingenious. There are 2 coptors here, one that my guy flys, and Ed can fly it to, and one belongs to security. They have every second of the time we are there coverd by drones. They put them up, and bring the others down for maintenance. And god help anyone who tangled with these dudes. We barley speak to them, and they are deadly serious about doing a great job, cause clients like us tell our friends. Yes mame, no sir from them. They were crystal cealr that they were not interested in getting to know us personally, and they didn't want to give any details about there lives. They are like princes from another planet. Smart, professional, fearless, kilers. Ed showed me some dvd of how these guys train, there protocols, and there commitment to the client. They are so impressive. Those drones are cool dude. feaken cool. I wish you could see em, and the great video it takes. Then there are the battle drones, and my god do they have fire power...... We are so lucky that we are living in a rennaseance period.

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    by the_real_jen Jul 9, 2014 12:59 PM
    the_real_jen the_real_jen Jul 9, 2014 1:00 PM Flag

    Theres bore and that is a real favorite. I usually set traps for them, but ive killed them with a rifle before many a time. We have a full garden, that is already up and running. lol, I really cant call it subsistenc living can I? the place is stunning, and has all the comforts, but we do our best to eat things that we catch and grow. I will hunt everyday, at different times depending on what im going after. On this trek ill take down 2 deer, and dozens of bunnies and hens and 2 bore. You should taste the bacon. My god. And the ribs and tender loin is just so good. Year old bore are good, there big enough and tender. The wild hens are awesome, and squirrel makes a great lunch. At times there will be 13 of us, so supper is a big deal. There will be no outside help, and ed will prepare most meals.
    Its funny, but here and at our island homes, I love to isolate myself under water, and when im in the woods I feel at home alone in the woods. I guess I have some loner in me.
    About the racist monster in the white house......
    Told ya...
    Told ya
    Told ya
    This poor country. 8 years of one nut job chimp, to another current nut job chimp.
    Bush = Obama.
    Well I have to go get ready, we leave tomorrow.
    I just wanted to check in, its been a long time. Seems like my siri is doing ok up from the 3 buck mark.
    Go Siri! Good luck longs! F the shorts!
    See you in the woods

  • the_real_jen by the_real_jen Jul 9, 2014 12:59 PM Flag

    Hello constant reader. Its been a while for sure, and as I type we are getting ready to move the circus away from the city and off to the bug out house. About me: I continue to be the most happy, and things are serendepuous in Jenny land. My marriage remains loving, lusty and interesting, and we are all healthy. So much has changed for me, my friends said that having a baby would change my life and perspective, and they were right. I dont think the way I used to, and my priorities are completely different. Liberty is getting so big and beginning to show her personality. She responds to all languages. All five. The stratage is simple, just have the language spoken in the backround and around her for a set period of time. 2 of the people are her nannies, Spanish, and mandarin. The fact that they are care givers is crucial because the languagg is learnt by hard wiring them from day one, with caring and love, so they pick up the accents and everything else. She will be greatly soaght after as an adult, fluent in many toungs. I do adrore her, and have been her main care taker for the last few months. I cant even stand it I love her so much. I love my whole world, and im the second luckiest girl in the world. Liberty first. So, we are getting ready to go to the mountans, then a group of us will practice subsistence living at the bug out house. I love hunting, I really do. I like to go out with my bow, and really hunt. I get skwirl, bunnies, wild hens, I can bring down a dear if hes close enough. I have a knack in the woods, and very soft footed, and I have great instinks, and im fierce. I can skin the little guys, but ill radio for the men to do a dear, cause you have to get the meat out quick, or bears, or big cats might come around. im more ascared of the cats. Some people have said that wolves are making an appearance, and if they get nosy, ill kill one of them. There smart. Real smart. They will know not to come around us when one of them is killed.

  • the_real_jen by the_real_jen May 28, 2014 10:39 AM Flag

    Got to be hard to be a basher these days.
    Go siri and good luck to all siri longs.
    I still love my siri. I just don't own any shares.
    Me and mine are well by the way and we will be summering in upstate ny starting in late june. We will also spend a month in the bug out house in the mountains. Cant wait. Little Liberty is getting so big.
    Oh how it all goes.
    By for now

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