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    dry eye patent coverage

    by thebasiles777 15 hours ago
    thebasiles777 thebasiles777 13 hours ago Flag

    I hope most of you are informed and intelligent enough to see Donk's argument here is completely without merit... you have hit rock bottom Donk... you actually used to sound a little intelligent and now just always looking to argue and playing the card that those here are as ill informed as you... hopefully not the case...

  • thebasiles777 thebasiles777 15 hours ago Flag

    Donk, you are showing how little you know... I always had and still have great interest in SCLN, one of my best trading stocks for making money over the years...
    I could and did make money off of traders here selling at the ask knowing the mm is shorting there and will move it lower to cover... I tell everyone to not do this here until the time is right and certain criteria is met... one of which is volume on the bid side... and again I am always posting to protect the downside with their bids and fill there if they want to buy... my agenda here is to make money with the rest of investors and have the best chance against incoming money is to get shares cheaper then them... you tell people to buy when they feel like and a host of other bad investment advice... and you call me a shill...

  • let's clear this up for the last time... if we succeed in the dry eye trial we have new drug coverage of 5 or 6 years... if we don't succeed we don't need coverage...yet we have coverage for signs and symptoms under other patents, one being in the wound area...
    Is this hard for anyone here to get other than the agenda driven DONK?
    We also are pursuing other patent coverage to extend this coverage and fortify the protection from infringement with enhanced wording...this way we lose no time off patent by having gotten it years ago...

    again is this incomprehensible to any else here besides DONK?

  • thebasiles777 by thebasiles777 15 hours ago Flag

    bid .395 ask .43
    the mm still has many shares shorted in the .39 - .40 area so look for them to push this down... last week after the first few buys they would return it to the bid with 100 to 300 share trade... with only 4000 volume on Friday they can easily push it down but can they find sellers to cover? better take off any stops if you have them on... they may get desperate here... trials in September and that starts tomorrow

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    Is this not true?

    by gkas711 Aug 28, 2015 2:23 PM
    thebasiles777 thebasiles777 16 hours ago Flag

    who are the 3 people who gave thumbs down to Bo's post... I am really questioning the motives here... after I saw Sno had bought at .50 at a point where stock could easily be had cheaper I posted that to protect the downside we need to all put bids in around the mm's bid + or - .001 depending on whether we wanted to buy or just hold the downside up...that is the way to combat the programmed trading here... now Sno is saying he didn't buy at .50... first it is Donk's bs he isn't holding any shares then when stock went over .50 he was holding options all along and then they fell out of the money and he was holding long, then Sno says he took some at .50 and now he didn't ... why do people have to be so phony...
    Sno nobody will deny your worth at bringing us the news usually before rgrx releases it but don't lower yourself to these antics...were you trying to sucker someone else into buying there... they will only pay too much also then, because the program will only short it back down again until certain criteria is the bid side enough and we can alter the programmed short

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    Whats up?

    by gkas711 Aug 28, 2015 11:41 AM
    thebasiles777 thebasiles777 Aug 28, 2015 12:05 PM Flag

    the mm is probably under you and first to fill...

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    Appeal 219,394

    by piano.man5 Aug 27, 2015 7:52 PM
    thebasiles777 thebasiles777 Aug 28, 2015 8:27 AM Flag

    Donk, if you can't prove your point just keep hurling insults,that will get you far...
    again your back with the same patent stuff and are twisting what has been said over and over again...
    we have coverage for sign and symptoms of dry eye and Sno says 5 years of new drug coverage but I had read 6 years...2 companies, the FDA and 2 countries found this to be suitable, while as we said rgrx pursues a more enforceable and longer patent protection...but somehow you think nothing will happen while we wait for patent and in the meantime in almost record time the Korean team is weeks or days away from having the first patients dosed
    the reason you don't even believe what you say or all full of bs is obvious... nobody as adamant as you about nothing happening until new patent is approved would have bet on the options coming into the money earlier this year... but you claim you did after you claimed you didn't... you claimed you were waiting to buy and then later claimed you were buying earlier on, on heart news...
    I really don't know why you are here, but the board is a lot less disruptive without you ...

  • how many times are we going to beat the no patent drum...
    are you saying the trials are delayed waiting on this patent?
    the drugs for trial are already packaged in single dose vials and delivered...
    first patient to be dosed any time now and then what will be the next short topic to be bantered around?
    can't spend another second on this, as it has all been hashed over again and again...
    we all know this new patent will extend and fortify existing protection...
    tell the people about new drug protection and how many years that covers...

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    by trotupinfront Aug 25, 2015 6:47 PM
    thebasiles777 thebasiles777 Aug 27, 2015 8:13 AM Flag

    bull, in over 30 years Ora has only helped bring 39 products to market and nobody to date has found something healing for the effects of dry eye(restasis, not really) the least of my worries is 2 products being approved at the same time for dry eye... If we are lucky enough for that to happen we would still have enough revenue to push this stock over $10 very quickly

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    6 Cents bo.

    by snogreen Aug 26, 2015 4:54 PM
    thebasiles777 thebasiles777 Aug 26, 2015 6:21 PM Flag

    Sno writes....So quit being silly, bo.......5 cents, 15 cent, 40 cents, 50 cents..MATTERS NOT. Chicken feed.

    Are you kidding me...nobody is that mathematically inept as to even lend any credence to that line Sno... buying at 5 cents, I would have bought 1 million shares and then traded those shares and probably wound up with 1.25 million shares,,, In the mean time you wait and buy with the same amount ($50,000) I invested and you get 100,000 shares and at .50... you are even in the meantime at .50 ...and I am up $575,000...

    tell me again about the peanuts, and chicken feed and all those other stupid things and how Bo is being silly... and then do the flippin math and tell me where I am and you are when the stock reaches $10...omg ... you are dense

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    by trotupinfront Aug 25, 2015 6:47 PM
    thebasiles777 thebasiles777 Aug 26, 2015 12:46 PM Flag

    wow, I came home for a break and just can't even believe how flawed some of the logic here is... Sno, you had the same arguments for not buying at .12 and missed the flippin boat and are still missing it... you can't go wrong with anything you buy at this price, because we will trend up as trials start and while trials are on going and as any news comes out during that period... so basically all you are achieving is minimizing your gains...
    and gkas, no I didn't buy the 39 shares for whatever reason you ask...and how could you even possibly say Sno has been right most of the time...we are here to make money... was he right arguing not to buy at .12? will he be right 3 months from now for not buying at

  • thebasiles777 by thebasiles777 Aug 25, 2015 8:45 AM Flag

    from around 4150 this stock has run up to 19,800 and rapidly fell back to 9,320 in a month and was up 2050 overnight to close at 11,650... will we start trending up now into trials? premarket bid .40 ask .43 but trading board is showing bid .30 and ask of .50 ... are we gearing for a quick move here... IDK...

  • thebasiles777 by thebasiles777 Aug 24, 2015 7:38 AM Flag

    even better yet... but why not under $2 at pump...where is that money going?

  • best part is we are a save haven... totally undervalued and squeezed even lower by an across the board short attack that the SEC failed to recognize or act on and which will redirect wealth once again from retirement and pension plans into the hands of the wealthiest of fund managers...crime...

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    LASIK will come faster

    by snogreen Aug 23, 2015 1:34 PM
    thebasiles777 thebasiles777 Aug 24, 2015 6:48 AM Flag

    Sno, I am not counting my millions... For 1 thing I am counting on the NK trial and I am counting on off label use of tb4 through doctors prescriptions. you are playing Dr Sno and head of the FDA again and saying what they can and can't do...after the fact the FDA can step in and require more trials for off label indications but nothing like you are trying to lead people to believe... and JJ is already preparing for that day... he has been far more diligent and driven with little to nothing to work with than any of the naysayers here would have been under same circumstances... Geez, no offence but you are so ill prepared you aren't even protecting your share value and making pennies off your shares being lent out to short, which is adversely affecting share can you point the finger at JJ all the time when so at fault yourself... not to mention you blindly follow Sno's personal opinions on matters, for instance blaming JJ for bad trial choice and design... really, he was the one who design and chose venous ulcer trial... please show me where that was disclosed other than Sno's post....

    bottom line, we will pass the NK trial and there will be a revenue stream from that and off label use... no drug has passed the dry eye test (restasis?) and that will be a challenge, but if we do make it there some of us will make millions here...the run up into that trial will see a rise in share price over $1 regardless... then there is the heart indication, even more intriguing, just wonder if I will still have shares left then or how many ... as always probably should buy more shares...
    do not listen to Sno's agenda driven rants... I learned that from 10 years at scln board...wrong wrong wrong

  • thebasiles777 by thebasiles777 Aug 23, 2015 6:37 PM Flag

    possibly another buying op... over the years I have been watching scln, for some reason, it is always late to react to the market moves... I for one have no idea what has kept this over $8 this long, as the China sector has been getting crushed and SCLN was milked so badly by insiders that it actually posted a loss for the Q... COULD MOVE BELOW $7...and then a bounce... depending on the action I will probably buy if it gets close to $7 and add... quick in and out hopefully...

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    LASIK will come faster

    by snogreen Aug 23, 2015 1:34 PM
    thebasiles777 thebasiles777 Aug 23, 2015 6:29 PM Flag

    sno, this is bs... you wrote...TB 4 and contact lens wearers may be an goo area for TB 4.......but the FDA will be wary of such. because contact lens uses will use teh medication like a water drop. the FDA woudl demand to know if there are any riaks due long termn and non stop usage. Trialk woudl have to be done top show data.

  • thebasiles777 by thebasiles777 Aug 20, 2015 8:49 PM Flag

    2015 08 20 | RGRX | 26000 |0| 33000 |O

  • thebasiles777 by thebasiles777 Aug 20, 2015 9:06 AM Flag

    hiding actual asks and bids... making it look like there is a wider spread and holding the action so they can manipulate it for themselves or client... they are blatantly playing outside the perceived guidelines... the SEC does nothing...the mm's are not giving you the ability to trade at the best price...using dark pools to hide trade, naked shorting to hold price, time marking their own bids at the same time a higher bid comes in and hiding shares under that bid, delay posting asks or bids for long periods while trying to fill their own orders at a better price for themselves... and on and on... where is the oversight?

  • thebasiles777 by thebasiles777 Aug 19, 2015 9:51 AM Flag

    2015 08 18 | RGRX | 37499 |0| 44974 |O
    I guess I was wrong again regarding shorting here... seems all the shares at .45 are a short sell... can't even begin to think where this stock price would be without this controlled situation mm/fund has on this and many other stocks... this isn't fair and balanced trading... SEC is a joke... if there is 101 million shares of this stock, then there shouldn't be allowance for any more than that to be out... naked shorting an unlimited numbers of shares is fraud and theft but somehow not a violation of SEC rules, due to loopholes created by the very same perpetrators of the actual crime... this mm/fund could sit here and short another 10 mil shares at .45...

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