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  • When the fed promised endless QE and endless ZIRP, they essentially gave an "ALL CLEAR SIGNAL" to the wealthy to park their standing cash in stocks for a VERY VERY VERY LONG TIME. And, Yellen's job COULD NOT BE EASIER. All she will do is say "We see no signs that tapering is needed". "We will act when data supports such action". Gee I wish I had this lady's job, right? IT'S A JOB CRAFTED FOR A #$%$, A NO BRAINER. Obama found his girl, didn't he? LOL!!! NEVER SELL STOCKS PEOPLE!! THE RICH CERTAINLY HAVE NO PLAN TO PART WITH STOCKS. WHY NOT GET RICH WITH YELLEN AND THE RICH. YELLEN = THE RICH ... THE RICH = YELLEN. BANK ON IT!!!

  • I'm hearing the obama and congress are short stocks and due to their timing ans shorting a week ago, they are deep in the red. expect more jargon to "make the markets go down".

  • The real fear from the stock market: m2 money supply growth is down to 2.9% from 9% in 2012 and 2011 . just another little fact your federal reserve and your gov. Is refusing to talk about and share with the american people. if i ran out of money i guess this would be my move too. otherwise there likely would be a a stock. Market crash over dried up money supply.

  • The smoking bullet is m2 money supply shrinking to 2.9% vs 9% last year and year before. all the charades in washington this week/month are a smoke screen. look around and notice the one thing that noone is talking about but the banks know about it and so does the fed and they both are positioning themselves for a disaster when the m2 money supply slowdown hits the united states "this month (oct/2013). this is why the markets are selling off today.

  • THE FED HAS RUN OUT OF MONEY! -NOW RESORTING TO STEALING TAX REFUNDS! The quiet little secret that everyone has yet to hear about is the US federal government has halted refunds of taxes due back to tax return filers in the United States. This is seriously presuring consumers as they are now faced with high oil/gas prices, high grocery prices, high electric bills (and climing), and now the federal government refusing to hold to their agreement and oath to tax payers by keeping the refunds the IRS should be refunding. THIS IS HOW DESPIRATE THE GOVERNMENT AND THE IRS HAS BECOME. THEY ARE OUT OF MONEY AND NOW THE NATIONAL DEBT CEILING IS AT SERIOUS RISK OF NOT BEING RAISED. THIS IS A VERY VERY VERY SERIOUS MOMENT FOR AMERICA AND NOW WE WILL SEE WHAT A GOVERNMENT IN A CATCH 22 DOES TO GET OUT OF SOMETHING IT CANNOT GET OUT OF. LET'S SEE HOW THEY TRY TO EXPLAIN THEIR WAY OUT OF THIS ONE. THEY ARE OUT OF MONEY AND UNLESS THEY RAISE THE DEBT CEILING BY "ALOT" THIS PARTY COMES TO A SCREACHING HALT. BELIEVE IT!

  • Excessive fees wiping out bre residents / higher interest rates choking bre . expect interest rate "normalization" to kill bre's profitability for 2013, 2014, and 2015. better reits out their if you really "have to own a reit", which i would highly advise against doing at this time. bre is on our "avoid" list at wells advisory for the next 3 years.

  • Why is M2 money supply growth slowing down so dramatically? This is the question the news boxes are not grabbing. Jeremy Siegel is looking more nervous today than ever, yet he is still hoping to see higher levels in the markets "by year end". So what happens between now and year end Jeremy? Siegel does not want to cause "the October Crash" so he's neutral on stocks at this time as per this morning's cnbc interview. That's a major shift for Siegel and is ULTRA-BULL stance as of prior month's cnbc interviews. Reason being, Seigel sees what the SMART MONEY is seeing. A MAJOR FALL OFF IN M2 MONEY SUPPLY GROWTH FROM 9% DOWN TO 3%, AND FALLING. This is what noone else is talking about but should be. Just shows you how backwards tv news reporting is, right? The intelligent reporting isn't even reported. Just jabber about Carl Icahn and Tim Cook, that's all they can come up with today. BRAIN DEAD! IT'S LIKELY THAT OCTOBER WILL SLIDE INTO NOVEMBER WHICH WILL SLIDE INTO DECEMBER. YOU HEARD IT HERE BEFORE THE SLIDE.

  • QUESTION FOR MILLENNIALS: CAN A NEW GOLD IPHONE MAKE YOU "EMPLOYED"? The problem is that the "Milleninials" make up the HIGHEST UNEMPLOYED DEMOGRAPHIC IN THE UNITED STATES. Millennials may believe that a new iphone buys them "INSTANT STATUS" but in reality it just makes them more "INSTANTLY BROKE". You see ATT, VERIZON AND OTHERS ARE LOVING YOU FOR BUYING THAT NEW PRETTY LITTLE PIECE OF PLASTIC BECAUSE THEY KNOW IT WON'T WORK WITHOUT A CELL NETWORK. SO AT WHAT POINT DOES IT MAKE SENSE TO BUY A NEW IPHONE? ANSWER: WHEN YOU HAVE THE DISPOSABLE CASH TO MAKE THE PURCHASE AND YOU HAVE A JOB THAT CAN AFFORD THE CONTINUED PAYMENTS TO YOUR CELLULAR NETWORK PROVIDER AND THE PHONE CAN REALLY INCREASE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY. Chances are 99% of millenials cannot say yes to these three prerequisites. BOTTOM LINE: AN IPHONE IS A PIECE OF PLASTIC THAT MAKES YOU "POORER" BY THE THE MINUTE OF EVERY DAY. IT MAY LOOK CUTE TO YOUR FRIENDS AND LITTLE SISTER/BROTHER, BUT THAT'S NOT GOING TO MAKE YOU MONEY OR SCORE YOU A CAREER. MILLENIALS UNEMPLOYMENT STANDS AT 14.9% AND GETTING WORSE. If you are a parent and you're giving your kid an iphone, you are esssentially doing more harm than good because you are teaching your kids to buy things they cannot afford and don't even need. SUGGESTION: Purchase a NET10 phone and pay by the minute. Even at 10 cents per minute you will save hundreds and likely thousands of dollars per year vs buying an iPhone that will lose it's value in a year when the next version is pooped out by Apple.

  • So many better choices than eTrade and for far better commission rates. Look around. TradeKing, Optionshouse and several others all charge half of what eTrade charges for commissions/fees. Trust me, eTrade is the last place to trade.

  • TIM COOK IS "ONE-DIMENSIONAL" VS STEVE JOBS WAS "3-DIMENSIONAL HD" !!! sorry folks, joni ivy is no Steven Jobs, and Tim Cook is mearly an impersonator. Stock goes to 395.99 by Christmas ... unfortunately. Icahn or no iCon. An icon investor like ICahn is mearly an "icon" to the investment community. iCahn has lost billions over the years betting on losing technology and losing industries. Add this one to his losses.

  • 9 million iphones sold? Lol, that's comical when there are 1.4 billion iphone users around the globe today. that's a pretty pathetic number. and, apple saw this coming. they limited supply on the gold phone and others to generate an image of "running out". when you run out of something that you should have made twice as much of, that's another stupid planning screwup! apple just keeps on screwing itself! steve would never have let this occur.

  • Nothing apple will be worth investing for the next 10 years. what you cannot touch but what is derived from imagination and user engagement will be the mind blowers and the big money winners. so toss out your iphone and your android plastic too. what if you didn't need a phone at all to surf the net or create an email?

  • Boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,

  • Apple is boring! boring, boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,

  • Apple intentionally limited the supply of the new gold iphone 5s. they did this to create hype and want by ebayers and mac junkies. problem is, apple die hards are slowly but surely turnin' to samsung as samsung and other overseas producers of progressive and revolutionary smart phones are thumping apple and blackberrry at what once was their baby. but the baby died with steve jobs. joni ivy can only make an icon look unique for just so long. the latest ios is one dimensional, next go around will be 2-dimensional and who knows, maybe they will even churn out a 3d icon for the ios look and feel some day. oh=boy!!! what joy there will be in iphone land!! b o r i n g !!!!

  • Price range of $440 - $540 for eternity - on one dimensional business plan

  • What was all the talk about in june? tapering? There was never a need for tapering. bernanke was scared that rates were going to become negetive rates just like japan. the ultimate lie and fakeout to artificially inflate rate and postpost monster deflation that were are now in. the biggest news going forward will be how horrible the united states inflation rate is turning into monster deflation. and, it's deflation that is about to kill the net proftis and earnings for american companies. that's what's going to be the headline news in the next month to 4 months. bank on it!

  • When bernanke told the world in june that it's time to taper, then stated the economy is strong, and then supported these statements in following months leading up to september, the world still believed in bernanke and his assesment of fed policy and the current state of the economy and the need or no need of qe 1, 2. 3 and 4. september 18, 2013 goes down as the confirmation date for proof that ben bernanke is just like all the read, a market manipulator and stock market trader for personal gains. he does not have the u.s. Or american's best interests in mind. this man told the world he was ready to begin tapering and then opted to go back on his guidance for tapering just because of obama care and debt ceiling squawks and the pullback of bombs away in syria. instead, he opted to tell the world that the conditions are not right for tapering. this is the biggest flat out lie of the century. and, the world now trusts in noone, bernanke's credibility is now zero.

  • Carl icahn just state on cnbc, apple is undervalued, u.s. Stocks are "very over valued" . he just stated this on cnbc interview with maria bartaroma. should be replayable and should hit the headlines in the next 30 minutes or so.

  • Warren warren warren, your nose is growing again!!! how do you say that the market isn't overpriced today and yet you are having a really hard time finding anything more to buy in today's market at the current level on the s & p 500? i think warren said it best by saying " there isn't squat to buy at today's prices in stocks ".

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