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  • This is just the start of the CLF rebound. DO NOT SELL. Sure it will bounce around. Do not get chased out of your long position now on any dip. CLF shares are going a lot higher.

  • Who would ever do something so idiotic, - short CLF at $5 and see the shares rise 5% (creating a 10% loss on margin) and then short more at $5.25.

    But then again, we need some idiots short sellers here as these are the people who are going to get fleeced by the street. So, while I think they are idiots, god bless them!

  • Now shares are $5.35. Shares up +20% off the bottom so fast. And 20% is nothing as CLF shares are going to quadruple at minimum.

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    options say we move up this week

    by dpreim Apr 14, 2015 10:41 AM
    thedeathrace thedeathrace Apr 14, 2015 11:10 AM Flag

    ESI shares are going to make a huge up move. This is just the start.

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  • GE's businesses stink. Finance, and energy are the primary segments. Aerospace is okay, but there is no growth.

    What is also amazing is that the writeoff announced today is over 10% of shareholder's equity. What a huge negative hit. GE's finance assets are grossly overvalued and more writeoffs are to come.

    Basic businesses serve the energy sector. GE got sucked into energy when Oil was going to the moon. Now they are screwed.

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    GE is now an Industrial company with a higher PE

    by lws2000 Apr 10, 2015 9:53 AM
    thedeathrace thedeathrace Apr 10, 2015 10:04 AM Flag

    Sorry. Defense and Energy are super low p/e businesses. As low as the financial sector.

  • How could GE have a $16 billion after tax write off on real estate. That means the pretax writeoff was probably $24 billion. The sold the real estate assets for $24 billion. that means the assets were held on the books at $48 billion and then were sold for only $24 billion????? And this is after 5 years of recovery in the real estate markets?????

    What a sham. GE was cooking its books so badly. That $24 billion in pretax writedown was in effect $24 billion of fake earnings that GE had been putting on its books for years going back to the Jack Welch days.

    I think what happened was that either the company or its auditors did a real full in depth review of the assets and earnings in the financial business and came away with some shocking news. GE was going to have to take a $24 billion writedown on its assets, which were all vastly overvalued on its books. So, in order to paper over this fiasco, they "sell" the business and claim that it is a big restructuring, thereby diverting attention away from the financial fraud and the humongous writedown.

  • ESI is an easy quadruple. Market cap is $130 million. Cash on balance sheet is +$200 million. Therefore, downside limited to market noise. Upside is four times your money, easy.

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  • thedeathrace by thedeathrace Apr 10, 2015 9:45 AM Flag

    Time for everyone to get aboard the CLF train. Stock is going up a lot higher. Conductor is shouting to those on the platform "ALL ABOARD!"

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  • Market makers have been trying to hold CLF below $5 for some weird reason. They probably figure that $5 is a psychological level that should not be broken on the upside. CLF shares have hit $5 many times in the past few weeks bit has always sold off immediately. But then after that sell off, the shares go to the $4.50 - $4.80 level, settle, and then march back up. This looks like signs of major short covering. The short sellers are calling it a day and booking their profits. When CLF gets through $5 in a solid way, I suspect that we will see $6.50 quickly.

  • thedeathrace by thedeathrace Apr 9, 2015 2:05 PM Flag

    I see so often in a stock under some fundamental business pressure and a declining stock price how the Wall Street analysts just can not take the pressure of a declining stock price. It becomes easier to "go with the flow" and set their price targets based on whatever the current price is (if the stock is at $4 and your price target is $8, you revise your target to $4, because that makes you "correct" in terms of current valuation). This is just part of the analysts "throwing in the towel". It is the final capitulation phase. Eventually, each successive capitulation by the analysts does not result in a further declining stock price. The horse has already left the barn. The last analysts to downgrade CLF are just knee jerking it as they can't take the pressure of going against the grain, which is the correct investment strategy.

  • There is no question about it. CLF has an incredible set up for a huge up move. At least a 3 - 4 x move up.

    1. New management doing a tremendous job is addressing the problems created by prior management bozos

    2. Bankruptcy no longer an issue now that massive, never ending money loser Bloom Lake has been put out to pasture.

    3. US iron ore business remains solid and grossly undervalued.

    4. China seaborne iron ore price collapse has pushed CLF share price down as CLF is the only US-based and traded iron ore producer. CLF shares have fallen far more that warranted in relation to the decline in the chinese iron ore price.

    5. Analysts have all thrown in the towel on the stock.

    6. The CEO has been buying shares.

    7. Debt levels at the company have come down rapidly from $3.9 billion to $2.5 billion.

    Back up the truck on this one. Buy and hold every share you can get your hands on !!!!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Regarding ESI's attempt to assist students by extending guarantees to lenders on loans (these are non-government loans) the lenders made to students to pay for tuition in the 2007 RSA, the 2009 RSA, and the most recent PEAKs programs, the default rates have been very high according to the company. I think that the company's terminology was that the default rates were "off the charts" historically and way beyond anything seen in the company's 65 year history. That said (and it is all well known), the 2007 RSA has been fully reserved for and ESI has no obligations left on that loan program. The PEAKs program guarantees are now accounted for as if the student debts were on ESI books. The 2009 RSA guarantee payments have been made, although now that final lending program will be consolidated on ESI's books as if ESI itself made the loans. In the recent 8-K, ESI stated that the consolidation of the 2009 RSA onto ESI's books will now result in a "material gain". What is that all about?

    Clearly, if ESI is to report a material gain on the 2009 RSA consolidation, that means that ESI to date has taken too much in guarantee charges/losses as recorded on its financial statements. In other words, the student repayments on the 2009 RSA loans is now better than what the company had expected and better than what the company charged as losses against its past income. This is an incredible development. It means that student repayments on the 2009 RSA are getting better, not worse. The 2009 RSA will be consolidated in the upcoming FY 2014 year end financial statements to be released no later than May 2015.

    The weak performance in repayments from 2007 through 2011 are a direct result of the wicked recession (the worst sine the 1930's depression). Unemployment was brutal and it was a difficult time for any student from any school graduating and then going to look for a job.

    The job market has now been improving and this will reflect well on the education companies.

  • CLF can bounce around down at $4-5 range. Base is forming. Upside is +$25 easy. There is no other investment in the market with this type of return potential.

  • ESI is going to make a massive move upwards. The base in the stock is being set. Balance sheet issues all put to rest by May and the balance sheet will look solid with a huge pile of cash. Nursing and other education programs will continue to show growth. The weaker education programs (drafting and criminal justice) are all down to the bare bones. Demand for technology jobs and training will remain excellent. Technology positions are going to continue to be in demand for a long time as electronics, software and the internet continue to grow rapidly.

    Back up the truck and buy the stock. Lock it away in a drawer for a couple of years.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • thedeathrace thedeathrace Apr 8, 2015 9:36 AM Flag

    I agree with you re the internet trolls. I will stop responding to their ridiculous and useless posts.

  • thedeathrace thedeathrace Apr 7, 2015 4:18 PM Flag

    big deal. one small campus out of a +130 campus system. 60,000 students in total and the program you are referring to has 200 students. Furthermore, the company's nursing program was NOT suspended in Indiana as a whole as you indicate. total liar. You are attempting to generalize something to a state-wide level. What a joke. Dude, get a life and post something relevant.

  • dawn continues to post the same garbage over and over...he writes "Chronicle of Higher Education (3-26-2015) revealed ESI was manipulating its student loan default rates (above the reported 27%)."

    This is a complete total fabrication. That is NOT what the Chronicle of Higher Education said. Even if it were, the Chronicle of Higher Education is a complete liberal rag that has nothing relevant to say about education in the least. Totally biased #$%$. Something perfect for dahn to read.

  • thedeathrace thedeathrace Apr 7, 2015 3:54 PM Flag

    Here is how you do it. Go look at the nursing numbers for ESI. Check out the demand and growth rates. Look at the overall nursing education demand in the United States - it is going through the roof. Demographics for nursing are off the charts and only getting better. From the growing enrollment numbers etc, one can easily back out a value for this business. It is all in the public SEC filings. Nursing education is a high value business and should command a p/e ratio well above other education disciplines like criminal justice and drafting which have been in decline for the past few years. This is not rocket science. Anyone can do the analysis. I would rather have you do it yourself so that you feel comfortable with your own conclusions about it.

  • To those here who adhere to the X-files type of paranoia that everyone is hiding the existence of aliens from the uniformed and easily mislead masses, the Education marketplace is the most regulated industry in the United States. In fact, it has a single cabinet level department (The Department of Education) solely devoted to continuously auditing and monitoring education companies. In addition, the for-profit companies are closely monitored by the SEC also. If the companies have shares traded on exchanges, they are also regulated by the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ. The education companies also have enormous local state regulation and oversight. It is the most closely scrutinized industry in the United States. There is nothing that happens in this sector that is not looked at with a microscope. An education company farts, and every yo-yo regulator is all over it. It cracks me up how idiots on this board somehow buy into the X-Files mentality regarding the education sector.

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