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    Quebec Committed to Help

    by w999surf Jun 9, 2015 2:29 PM
    thedeathrace thedeathrace Jun 9, 2015 3:58 PM Flag

    you and vip are complete idiots. Without a change in management and LG, CLF would have been bankrupt by now. No question about it. Bloom Lake burn rate would have consumed all CLF's cash in no time. Thank goodness for LG. The guy is awesome and is buying stock!

    Under LG.....

    Debt reduced hugely and balance sheet being restructured in a favorable way.

    Earnings well ahead of estimates for two quarters.

    Useless assets being sold.

    Headcount down and corporate overhead reduced from 420 people to 125 people.

    Capital spending rationalized to focus on best income producing endeavors.

    Bloom Lake put out to pasture in Canadian bankruptcy with no financial liability to CLF.

    Australian iron ore mine rationalized and strategic plan in Australia put in place.

    Management working of expanding the U.S. DRI pellet business with huge upside to CLF's iron ore volumes.

    Management buying shares.

    Management publicly tells idiot Wall Street analysts that their $1 price targets are a joke and that that the analyst who predicted 2015 bankruptcy are out to lunch.

    Huge new long term institutional holder buys 10% position in CLF.

    and so on.

  • So the SEC goes through 1 million pages of documents provided by ESI and they come up with some lame case how ESI over a two - three month period in 2012 helped students who were in financial difficulty handle their student loan obligations. Amount of assistance was $6 million (fyi ESI was doing $1 billion in annual sales). SEC claims that this is major fraud (against shareholders - it certainly is not any fraud against any students). And the bashers get all excited about "fraud" at ESI. And ESI will have to pay beck ill gotten gains. What gains. I guess ESI can ask the students for the $6 million in assistance back.

    In the meantime, the US banks perpetrate one of the largest financial frauds in economic history through its fraudulent home mortgage scam costs investors, homeowners and taxpayers hundred of billion, if not in the trillions) of dollars in losses. Not a single case brought by the SEC in those cases. Then the banks proceed with their old ways. There is the currency manipulation case by the banks. Then the libor rate fixing scandal. Then the commodities prices manipulation. The JPM Morgan's London Whale trader losses (to the tune of $6 billion). And so on. Not to mention all the massive money laundering cases. Absolutely massive amounts of money and losses involved. And the SEC makes a huge deal out of ESI and a whopping $6 million ( that is right, a WHOPPING $6 million) of student aid that the company and shareholders offered to students, while nothing gets done in these other cases that are of biblical proportions ( hundreds of billions and even trillions of dollars of fraud)?

    What a joke. The SEC case against ESI is going to go down the drain.

  • Goncalves is an awesome CEO. He knows the industry so inside and out. He knows exactly what needs to be done and how to do it. What a pro. And he knows how to handle a conference call and present to shareholders (and the analysts if they care to listen) what is really going on in the industry and the company.

  • What a conference call !!!! I must have taken 20 pages of notes. Every analyst, especially the ones who claimed bankruptcy or had $1 price targets started their questions to management with comments about what an amazing job the CEO and the company were doing. I loved the part when the CEO said to the pathetic Credit Suiss analyst that he should rethink this EBITDA target of $170 million for 2015, given that CLF has already produced EBITDA of $94 million in the seasonally dead first quarter of 2015. The CEO also made a nice comment regarding how that analyst had written in a report that CLF would be bankrupt by now. The analyst looks like a complete idiot.

  • I find it absolutely amazing that there is virtually no talk of CLF's entry into the DRI pellet market in the US. This is a huge market and the CEO indicated that 5-10 million tonnes is certainly possible in a just three years. Those are big numbers for CLF.

    I find this amazing. CLF is shaping up to be a huge stock. Everything almost cleaned up. Base US market in great shape. DRI market under development and early shipments now being made. Stock price crushed and company hugely undervalued.

  • I am surprised htat the market for CLF shares seems so lackluster right now.

    1. Company has beaten earnigns estimates hugely in the last two quarters.

    2. Bloom Lake written off and no more bad news on that front.

    3. CEO has been buying stock for his personal account.

    4. Debt levels have been reduced hugely.

    And so on.....

  • The bashers just don't get it. They are so stupid. They see some ridiculous "fraud" headline and they all harp and #$%$ and moan. Then they say, wee I told you, ESI's accounting is bad.

    They are so wrong and such idiots. They just don't get it and can't see through the headline to the real story.

    The SEC just conducted a MASSIVE investigation of ESI. It was a top to bottom review of everything. These SEC clowns were buying into the short sellers hype and figured that we are really going to find some awful stuff and so on. So what did the SEC find. They found out that ESI assisted a whole bunch of students financially in meeting their student loan obligations when the economy was terrible and the students were have trouble with jobs searches. ESI spent $6 million with this student assistance program. And this is what the SEC says is "fraud"? I am sure that a jury will find this more than interesting. The evil wrongdoer ESI helps poor students through $6 million in student financial assistance and the SEC claims that this is fraud. The jury deliberations will last no more than an hour on this one.

    However, more importantly, the SEC looked at everything at ESI: revenues, expenses, student loan payments, financial guarantees, executive compensation, cash flow and cash balances, illegal transfers of money to executives, accounts receivable, etc etc etc. So, what did the SEC come up with?????

    The SEC came up with $6 million in student aid that ESI paid in 2012 (this is now three years ago)!!!!! That is it???? Student aid in 2012???? $6 million paid out to needy students????? Well, what about the company's financial accounts for everything else in 2011 and 2012. What about all of 2013 and 2014????? What did the SEC have to say about all of that???? NOTHING. NADA. ZIPPO.

    The Sec suit confirms that ESI's financial accounts are 100% clean and solid. 2013 numbers are completely solid. Same for 2014. We will have clean 2015 numbers in two weeks.

  • Mining Industry Sees Bright Future for Direct Reduced Iron Technology, an Industrial Info News Alert
    Marketwired Industrial Info Resources

    SUGAR LAND, TX--(Marketwired - May 22, 2015) - Researched by Industrial Info Resources (Sugar Land, Texas) -- Mining companies in the U.S and elsewhere have shown significant interest in direct-reduced iron (DRI) technology as an added-value product to ore or pellet production. In North America, affordable natural gas and low iron ore prices make DRI economically viable, not to mention the fact that steelmakers are looking for furnace feedstock alternatives to steel scrap and iron pellets.


    Things totally headed CLF's way.

    1. Spot seaborne ore prices have been rising, not falling.
    2. Earnings far ahead of estimates
    3. Debt levels down sharply.
    4. Cost cutting reducing overhead significantly
    5. Coal assets to be sold.
    6. Bloom Lake to be sold for a price well above the market cap of CLF. When the buyers rice ranges are disclosed from the bidders' submitted letters of intent (this price range is a mandatory requirement in the submitted bids), investors and the market are going to be plenty surprised. There will be a minimum bid of $1 billion with the top end double that. Split the difference or choose whatever number you want in that range. Any way you look at it, the Bloom Lake value is materially significant to the CLF current market cap. CLF shares are much higher since my heads up and have totally reversed their collapse.
    7. DRI pellet market is a total wild card with massive upside to CLF. We are talking +10 million tonnes annually in volumes. That represents a massive increase in CLF's US business.

  • The price action of CLF shares over the long haul has been marked by massive volatility on the upside and downside. Anyone pulling up a 20 year chart can see the incredible moves of doubling, quadrupling, and more on the upside on a routine basis. The shares are also marked by large declines where shares lose 50% to 85% of their value in short spans of time. It is all part of the ridiculousness of Wall Street and investors who chase stocks up and sell stocks down without any real thought other than momentum or short term direction.

    CLF will have its day on the long side. There are too many good things going on at CLF and the valuation is too bargain basement for shares not to be poised for a huge up move (4-5 times increase). The difficulty for a long investor remains having the patience to wait 6 months, a year, two years or longer to make 4-5 times your money. One thing for sure. When it comes, it will be so hard and fast that there will be no way for people to catch it on the way up unless they already have established their positions beforehand.

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    Vale Cuts Production

    by w999surf Jul 13, 2015 2:49 PM
    thedeathrace thedeathrace Jul 13, 2015 2:55 PM Flag

    w999surf has been 100% correct on CLF fundamentals. Few people on this chat board have a better understanding of CLF. That said, everyone knows that no one can ever predict how a stock will trade. All we can do is hope to make reasonable investments based on our understanding of business fundamentals and valuation. That in and of itself does not guarantee short term, or even medium term, success. But in the long term, fundamentals will rule and short term, misguided gyrations in share prices will turn out to be just that - short term, misguided gyrations.

  • The CEO Goncalves is fantastic. He is three steps ahead of everyone. Everything he has said has happened and everything he is projecting is coming true. The big three iron ore fines producers are going to cut production and capital expenditures hugely. Iron ore prices are going to make a big move up, just as oil has done. This is a stock to own!!!!

  • Did anyone catch the comments regarding the IODEX iron ore platts 62 fines price index? This is the index that all the bashers and press have been commenting about - the quoted seaborne price iron ore fines price to China. The CLF CEO talked about how the index in completely rigged and fake. It is manipulated by the big three producers and not reflective of real supply and demand. He even thought that the market price of the index was being manipulated by the big three.

    I think that he is 100% correct.

    The conclusion is obvious. The IODEX price is a joke and will no doubt rebound sharply, just like oil has. No one should have taken down CLF stock price based on that index price drop as it has little to do with CLF's largest business. It will be interesting to see what happens to CLF's share price when the IODEX price index rebounds. In effect, CLF's share price should do nothing, but just as the share price should not have fallen, maybe it will go up on this.

  • CLFis going to be a monster stock. Why?

    1. Shares are grossly oversold and undervalued hugely.

    2. New management is doing a great job and their efforts are starting to be acknowledged by Wall Street analysts - even those who have been severely negative on the company.

    3. US iron ore business continues to do great, regardless of the iron ore situation in China.

    4. A cleaned up balance sheet translates into lower business risk. Lower business risk means a higher valuation.

    5. The DRI pellet market is a new area for CLF and offers excellent upside and a growth story angle to what is now a deeply discounted value stock.

    6. The whole market tenor towards iron ore will change to the positive, just as it has for oil. The big three iron ore producers will start to make rational production and capital expenditure decisions. This will lead to higher valuations for all the companies in the sector.

    7. CLF EBITDA numbers are going to be well ahead of analyst estimates for 2015.

    8. CLF is already beating the recent analyst earnings estimates and this is generally a precursor to an increasing share price.

    9. The short interest in CLF shares is humongous and these short positions will have to be closed.

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    by myartcraft May 15, 2015 2:15 PM
    thedeathrace thedeathrace May 15, 2015 2:17 PM Flag

    They are among the worst #$%$ ever. The post endless garbage, show no intellectual capacity, make the stupidest arguments and so on. It is really quite hilarious. Background checks on these people also show them to be completely twisted people.

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    LG buys 108,148 yesterday (5.26) @ $5.08

    by bottomfeeder001 May 27, 2015 10:22 AM
    thedeathrace thedeathrace May 27, 2015 1:25 PM Flag

    Anyone who can't figure out why the CEO Goncalves is buying CLF shares right now is a dope. Gonclaves knows EVERYONE in the iron ore market and knows every steel producer and executive in the business. He knows exactly what the Bloom Lake price ranges are although he has not seen the exact letters of intent submitted by the prospective buyers. His buying shares says it all. The fix is in. CLF shares are going to go much much higher.

  • I told everyone last week when shares were $4.90 on the day when the Bloom Lake bids were due what the price range was. Now we have the CEO loading up at $5 and higher. Shares are $5.65 and climbing. That is a 15% gain in 4 days. Nice. And shares are going much higher.

    Furthermore, the CEO has seen the numbers for the quarter to date and he knows that these numbers are again running way ahead of the Wall Street estimates. Another huge earnings surprise is on the way, combined with massive Bloom Lake developments.

    Bloom Lake is clearly getting attention from potential bidders as the mine's reserves are 66% fe (top quality) and the quantity of the mine's reserves are huge. Well over 1 billion tonnes of raw ore. That is a mega load of ore. Anyone buying this mine is golden for a really great stretch of time. Oil companies often trade in valuation off their reserve base. Investors want to see reserves being added over time, even as oil fields are continually pumping oil. This is no different than with iron ore players. No reserves means no business.

  • This clown is such a complete tool. He NEVER posts anything even remotely intelligent. His views are warped and perverse. He has no understanding of accounting, finance, valuation, or business. He has no understanding of the education marketplace, the state of education in the United States, what needs to be done to get the 3 million students annually who enter post secondary education eligibility each year (but who are not enrolled in any post secondary education programs). What a loser. Do a web search on this clown and everyone will see that he is a complete racist to boot. A total disgusting individual. A paid basher by the short sellers.

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    Quebec Committed to Help

    by w999surf Jun 9, 2015 2:29 PM
    thedeathrace thedeathrace Jun 10, 2015 1:55 PM Flag

    vip, your post is idiotic. I am here all the time. Wake up. I dont tell a "story" about anything. I present the facts and my conclusions.

    1. LG has not done a "good job". He has done an "outstanding A plus" job.
    2. There are no inherent problems left at CLF. What are they? Bloom Lake has been addressed. The balance sheet is being foxed and is much repaired. Cash flow is excellent. Earnings are well ahead of expectations. Costs are down hugely. Australia has been addressed. Unnecessary assets (but not all of them) have been sold, and the ones not sold have been put into the discontinued operations segment.
    3. Who cares what Wall Street thinks. These clowns are shills for the shorts and were not friends to CLF well before Goncalves arrived.

    You make no constructive criticisms. Your criticisms are not well thought out in the least. Your views are warped by some lack of perception and lack of insight.

  • And in meantime CLF share price is down from about $6. Huge disconnect will not last forever. Watch and you will see. Either CLF's share price is too low for current iron ore price or iron ore price is too high for the CLF share price. Given that fundamental developments are CLF have been proceeding beautifully for shareholders, it is only a matter of time before CLF shares make a huge move upwards.

  • thedeathrace thedeathrace Jul 7, 2015 4:03 PM Flag

    you are an idiot. Go away. No one here cares what you say or write. You are a complete moron.

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