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  • Most all of us have so much to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day and really, every other day of the year. I know I have so much to be thankful for and a lot of that is because of President Obama. Just think of all these great things that American people have to be thankful for

    Social Security
    Forty hour work week
    Overtime pay
    Workers rights
    child labor laws
    Health care availability
    Safe drinking water
    Clean air to breath
    Preserving National Parks
    Consumer protections

    I could go on and on with this list but I think we can all see a common theme here. All of these great things that the average American enjoys were brought to you by Democratic politicians. I've gone back to 1900 and President Theodore Roosevelt did some good things for the American people and President Eisenhower gave us the Interstate Highway System but to bring the highway system to the people of the United States, he had a top tax rate of 91% for the very wealthy in this country so we could do things like that which greatly benefit all Americans and American companies. Teddy Roosevelt and Ike were the only two republicans that did anything good for the average people of this country. The rest of the republican presidents since 1900 have only brought destruction and heartache to this country except for the few extremely wealthy that they have catered to. Sooooo, in closing, I think we can all give thanks that there were enough Democrats in government over the past 115 years that our lives are far better than they could have been and to keep prospering as a people, we need to put nothing but Democrats in office because we really can't afford anymore republicans.

    One last note before I leave again. I'm really enjoying watching WMT suck the big one. Funny as hell and well deserved and its going to get much more enjoyable. I've noticed, have you, that not one Walmart insider has been willing to dip into their own pocket for even a measly $60 and buy one share of WMT stock? TELLING!!

  • Congratulations to those who joined me in buying RATE when I posted my buy in August after it got slammed over accounting issues but it was obvious the accounting issues was just a mistake and misunderstanding by the CFO and wouldn't amount to a hill of beans. Sold this morning for a 50% gain and if you would have waited a couple days after my post, you could have gotten it even cheaper. On the other hand, you may prefer to lose 30% on something like WMT while anxiously awaiting that big 3% dividend for a year. Face it, just buying and sitting on stocks these days the kiss of death. Later Trump fools.

  • tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 Nov 6, 2015 10:03 AM Flag

    Just stopped in for a quick second to congratulate anyone who joined me in buying RATE. After this post, you could have gotten it even cheaper than I did. Sold mine out this morning for a gain of about 50%. Not bad for three months. On the other hand, you may prefer to lose 30% on a stock like WMT so you can collect that big 3% dividend a year. LOL Buying and holding is a death wish in these markets. Later Trump fools.

  • tigersnumberone962 by tigersnumberone962 Oct 29, 2015 7:26 PM Flag

    I decided to quit wasting time on this board and using my time to help others but I felt it my duty to post this. I was telling people to bet on Beholder in this Saturday's Breeders Cup Classic race, the richest race in this country. Sadly, they scratched her today. She had a fever earlier in the week and today after a scope, they discovered she had blood in her lungs. Its nothing serious and the bleeding in the lungs is fairly common for thoroughbreds when they have a fever. They probably could have still run her but they didn't want to chance it by running her in a race that takes a lot out of a horse. Glad to see they care more about the horse than the approximately three million they could have collected after she won the race but I am disappointed because I really really really really wanted to put some big bucks on her because I was sure she would win. Doubt if I'll even put on money on the Classic race now but there are a lot of other Breeders Cup races starting tomorrow and continuing Saturday and there are several races that I have a lot of interest in. I just didn't want anyone to expect to bet it and then wonder what happened. Signing off again. Later crumbs.

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    Now for the BLOCKBUSTER NEWS

    by tigersnumberone962 Oct 5, 2015 11:22 AM
    tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 Oct 5, 2015 11:23 AM Flag

    By the way, I will still be trading stocks and playing the horses because that's what I love to do but the rest of the time will be used much wiser. BYE

  • tigersnumberone962 by tigersnumberone962 Oct 5, 2015 11:22 AM Flag

    As you know, me an my wife went away for a mini vacation over the weekend. The real reason we went was to be by ourselves and talk. Yes, we're by ourselves at home but there's always too many distractions, whether it being me fooling with stocks and playing the horses or her, playing her games on her IPad and whatever else she does on there. So we decided to go away for the weekend, leave the IPad at home and only take our phones which would only be used to take calls or make a necessary call and use the quiet alone time to talk. We decided that we want our lives to have a bigger impact on this world while we're here. We decided to spend our free time helping others, working with charities, being active in political issues and giving away a big chunk of our money. Yes, we have always donated money to charity, helped DESRVING people in need , volunteered our time for good political causes and tried to leave an impact but we are jumping into this big time with the best effort we can give. We will make sure we will always have enough money to live the rest of our lives but beyond that, we're going to be spending a lot. We'll still buy what we want but we've never been people who wanted a lot. The first thing we're going to do is redo our will. Our will was one that left all our money to charity but nothing to our children because we are firm believers in people making their own way in life so they appreciate what they have and treat others well instead of being me me people. We have now decided to leave each of the two kids some money but not a great deal. It will be enough to probably pay off their mortgage if they have one and if not, its up to them to do what they will with it. The rest will go to charity but it will be much less than it would have originally been because we are going on a giving spree while we're still alive and if we don't like how a charity is being run, divert to another charity doing better work.

    So, I am signing off forever. Good luck.

  • tigersnumberone962 by tigersnumberone962 Oct 5, 2015 11:00 AM Flag

    So desperate that Jeb has asked his brother, George W. Bush to play a more active role in his campaign by stumping for him. WOW, that says it all.

  • tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 Oct 5, 2015 10:54 AM Flag

    Or Benghazi. LOL

  • tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 Oct 5, 2015 10:51 AM Flag

    Someone should ask the sheriff what he thinks about the US landing on the moon many years ago. I would love to see what he says about that. LOL

  • tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 Oct 5, 2015 10:38 AM Flag

    6. Always save money to invest. No matter what income you have, take a minimum of 10% and put it aside for investments. If its not a lot, save it up until you can make one decent buy and start saving that money again. If you have the attitude that I can't survive without it, you will never have any real money. WMT employees are exception. They really can't survive without it and they need to take action to make sure the company will pay a living wage. Start taking the action needed.

    That's the 6 steps that will make you a far better investor. I wanted to add a seventh which would be not to ride the stock roller coaster up and down. Buy when low and sell when it goes back up before it goes down again is a way to make unheard of profits but I couldn't post that. To be successful at that, you need years of experience, need to develop a great gut feeling for things and really know what's going on in the world, not what someone tells you is going on. Some of you may develop into that and some never will but now is not the time to tackle that.

    Hope you take heed and use this help.

  • tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 Oct 5, 2015 10:29 AM Flag

    3. Never ever never use technical analysis. It simply doesn't work but the media will try and make you believe it does and its just another tool for them to take money from you. Yes, it will work some of the time but so will flipping a coin. That's no way to invest. People want so bad to believe that there is some secret formula to making money in the stock market that on the occasion that it does work, they will remember that because that's what they want to believe.
    4.Never buy on margin. It a recipe for disaster. You don't want to be caught in a big down market and have to sell something to cover at pennies on the dollar of what its worth. That's our job as a good investor to be buying from the people who have to sell.
    5. Just because you have cash to invest, don't let the money burn a hole in your pocket. Don't just run out and buy something. Keep that cash on the sideline until you find a great buy.

  • I won't be giving stock and I never will give you one again, nor will I give you anymore advice, which I will explain in a later post. So, here's your final freebie. I am going to give you six investing tips to make you a more successful investor and if you're honest with yourself, look into the mirror and admit, I've been doing this wrong, you will become a good investor. Here's the advice you need to follow to become a good investor.

    1. Never ever never let anyone, whether it be the people on the business channels, newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal, magazines such Forbes or so-called analysts, affect how you think, how you invest or what you invest in. You have to use your own brain to analyze what's really going on in congress, in the business world, in politics or any other facet of life that affects your investing and the economy. Those publications and people are there for one reason and one reason only, to take your money in the long run.
    2. Never ever never use stop losses on your stocks. Stop losses serve only one purpose and that is to steal your shares from you when the big money people play their games. They will never help you. If bad news comes out about a company, its going to gap right through your stop loss price and you'll never sell for that price. Only buy stocks that are selling for a very good price. If they go down, you certainly don't want to sell them for even less than they're worth. If anything, you should be buying more because you're getting something for a super price that you will end up making a lot of money on.

  • A right wing, gun loving, conspiracy theorist and 100% republican. This guy seems to support the theory that the Sandy Hook School massacre was a government plot. So, since that's the way his wacko mind works, we have to ask the question as to whether or not he was behind the Oregon shooting and found a right wing nutcase to carry it out. Will the sheriff be the next to go on a killing spree? He does seem to be very mentally unbalanced. Where the shootings occurred is a rural, very conservative area. Lets see if the nut cases elect him to the sheriffs position again. I suspect they will. The right wingers seem to love their mental cases. My advice, if you're visiting Oregon, is to stay far away from the rural conservative areas and limit your stay to the population centers like Portland, Corvallis, Salem and Eugene, where the intelligent, mentally stable liberal Democrats are.

    About a month after the 2012 Sandy Hook school shootings, Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin in Oregon posted a video on his Facebook page from conspiracy theorists who said the event might have been a hoax. A few days later, he wrote to Vice President Joe Biden, telling him to stay away from gun control.

    Hanlin was thrust into the spotlight on Thursday, when a gunman opened fire at a college classroom in Douglas County, killing nine people and wounding several others before police shot him to death.

    The sheriff from a woodlands section of Oregon quickly became a focal point of the national debate about mass killings at schools. Some criticize him for opposing measures to make it more difficult to obtain firearms, and others see him as a man of integrity standing up for the constitutional right to bear arms.

    "Gun control is NOT the answer to preventing heinous crimes like school shootings," he wrote in a letter to Vice President Joe Biden in 2013, about a month after Sandy Hook, when a gunman killed 20 children and six adults at an elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, then killed himself.

    On Friday, the sheriff told CNN: "The discussion over firearms and control of firearms will occur," adding that he would speak on the subject later but now was not the time.

    Hanlin, who has been with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office since 1989, was elected sheriff in 2009. In 2012, he ran unopposed.

    Born and raised in the Roseburg area, he attended Umpqua Community College - where the shootings took place - his official biography said. He has two sons, according to a biography by the Oregon State Sheriffs' Association.

    A hunter and fisherman, Hanlin's views on gun ownership are similar to many other residents in the state that is sparsely populated and guarantees the right to arms.

    "The people shall have the right to keep and bear arms for the defense of themselves and the state," the state Constitution declares.

    Oregon is also one of seven U.S. states that allow concealed weapons to be carried on college campuses, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, which tracks local laws.

    Supporters of such laws argue that having more guns on campus would prevent the mass shootings that have become commonplace in recent years. Opponents say such measures mean more danger for all on campus.


    Hanlin was at the forefront in speaking opposition to a measure debated earlier this year in Oregon that would expand background checks on gun sales. He testified at a legislative committee in April.

    "Creating more regulation and control over the transfer of firearms will only affect the honest, law-abiding majority of Oregon gun owners," he wrote in March of this year.

    The governor signed the legislation into law in May.

    On his Facebook page, Hanlin shared posts in favor of gun ownership, including one from Sarah Palin, the former Republican vice presidential candidate, that said "Remember when the Colonists stood in line to register their muskets..." either."

    Hanlin has taken the unusual step of refusing to publicly identify the suspect in the latest shootings, insisting on Friday he would do nothing to glorify the gunman or his cause. The stance has won him support at home and nationwide.

    Area resident Trey Bailey, 19, knew a girl who was shot, and said Hanlin was correct because the shooter was desperate for notoriety.

    "All he was looking for was attention and that's not the way you should do it, period. If he's going through hard times, he could have sought help, not shoot others," Bailey said.

    After Sandy Hook, Hanlin took to social media to support legal gun ownership and opposed the Obama administration's push to enact new gun control measures.

    He also posted on his Facebook page a widely circulated video that claimed Sandy Hook was perhaps launched by the government wanting to take away guns from citizens: "That makes me wonder who we can trust anymore." (Reporting by Jon Herskovitz in Austin, Texas; and Katie Reilly in New York; Additional reporting by Eric M. Johnson in Roseburg, Oregon and Doina Chiacu in Washington; Editing by Jeffrey Benkoe)

  • Next week at some time, maybe Tuesday, I'm going to toss you losers a freebie that could mean a lot of money to you. Details next week.

  • tigersnumberone962 by tigersnumberone962 Oct 2, 2015 5:26 PM Flag

    Well, I made so much money today that the better half wanted to take a weekend mini-vacation. Not sure if we'll come back Sunday night or Monday. We'll fly by the seat of our pants. No matter what, I think I'll make Monday a well deserved vacation day from the markets. Later Dirt People.

  • tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 Oct 2, 2015 5:23 PM Flag

    Yep, Obama's job numbers are going to sink the markets. LOL I hear that the republicans are supplying Art Linkletter so much material with the things they say that he's planning on bringing back his old show, 'Kids Say The Darndest Things'. Too funny.

  • tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 Oct 2, 2015 1:51 PM Flag

    High ranking GOP official booed hissed and yelled at when trying to defend the GOP Benghazi investigation.

    The audience booed, hissed and yelled "You're lying!" while cMorris Rodgers attempted to deny that the Benghazi committee was politically-motivated. She had been asked by ABC's Jonathan Karl to weigh in on comments made by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) in which he boasted that the committee's investigation had taken a toll on Hillary Clinton's poll numbers.

    "I do believe that the work that we're doing in the Benghazi committee is very important," McMorris Rodgers said, during which, according to the Huffington Post, the audience's disapproval only grew louder.

  • After admitting that the Benghazi investigation was basically a political move to try and get Hillary Clinton, a light bulb went off in his head saying that this might not look too good for republicans going into an election and tried to walk the statement back. Even FOX had him on trying to assist in the walk back. This McCarthy really is stupid, even for a republican.

  • Donald Trump comments on the Oregon shooting massacre


  • tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 Oct 2, 2015 1:05 PM Flag

    Well, this was way too easy. Dr. Profit wrote the perfect stock market prescription for me today. Sold almost everthing I bought this morning plus one of the few stocks I was still holding. Giant buckets of money rolling in. A special thank you goes out to the idiots on TV this morning that had such dire predictions that you'd think it was going to be the end of the stock market and the republican sheep ate it up big time and panicked out of the market, selling me their stock to me at an unbelievably low price. At times, this really is far easier than it ever should be. Its like legal robbery.

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