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  • tigersnumberone962 by tigersnumberone962 53 minutes ago Flag

    I forgot to put a bag of garbage in the can this morning before the trash people came. I'm going to drop it in the WMT parking lot. Nobody will even notice it.

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    Insurers owe $330M in Obamacare ‘refunds’

    by dbs_l952 1 hour 0 minutes ago
    tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 56 minutes ago Flag

    Give it up dbs, bird will never understand this story.

  • This is a story from 2012. Like WMT doesn't have hazard insurance.

    Laurel Walmart Makes Workers Pay for Storm Damage

    The Respect DC Coalition is reporting “a serious situation… developing at the Walmart in Laurel, MD,” where workers have long been organizing for workplace respect through OUR Walmart. Management at the store has announced that they are cutting associates’ annual bonuses to make up for profit lost during last months’ storm. The store, like many others, lost power during the derecho storm and produce and meat spoiled. Associates told Respect DC organizers that management is passing this loss directly on to them by taking money out of their yearly bonus. "This is yet another example of the way Walmart breaks promises to its workers” says Respect DC organizer Mike Wilson, adding that this is further reason why “we cannot allow (Walmart) to enter DC without a signed Community Benefits Agreement that protects workers and community members.” Respect DC organizers are working with employees at the Laurel store to mobilize against the cuts.

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    Tiger, North Carolina Refunds

    by bird4nobama 1 hour 10 minutes ago
    tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 1 hour 1 minute ago Flag

    Bird, I basically draw you pictures but when you can't even understand the pictures, you are truly beyond help.

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    GOP DeNapoli Lies About Serving In U.S. Military

    by dbs_l952 1 hour 16 minutes ago
    tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 1 hour 11 minutes ago Flag

    I'm sure he was just misunderstood and what he really meant is that one time he drove by a Marine Recruiting Office.

  • Over four years ago, John Boehner said he was working on an alternative plan with his republican colleges to come up with a consensus plan that would replace Obamacare. Then last week, Boehner was asked where the republican alternative plan was. Boehner replied, "we're not there yet." LOL Can you see the corporate owned republican establishment and the nut job tea party members ever coming up with a consensus? That's like trying to figure out how to mix water and oil into one consistent substance.

  • tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 1 hour 25 minutes ago Flag

    Again, you have no understanding of the Obamacare law. None of that money that is being refunded is government money. There are provisions in Obamacare that prevent excessive profits by insurance companies and if they don't pay out a certain percentage of insurance premiums by providing health care, they have to return the excess money to the policy holders. I hate to keep correcting you bozo's but you really need to understand the law if you think you have any qualifications to comment on it. Stop trying to get your education from fox and right wing radio. They make you look like a fool.

  • This may help you understand. This helps explain how you can get Obamacare coverage, even when its not the open enrollment period.

    What is a “qualifying event”?

    in Affordable Care Act

    Each fall, there will be an open enrollment period for those who will be getting insurance through the HIX (Health Insurance Exchange). That enrollment period will cover insurance for the following year. For example, from October through December of 2014, you can enroll for insurance that will cover you during 2015.

    This is to prevent individuals from “gaming the system” by going without insurance until they need it, and it’s very similar to what you’ve probably already experienced with your employer-based insurance.

    However, there will also be special enrollment options throughout the year for individuals and families who become eligible for coverage in the marketplace due to a “qualifying event.” Some examples of qualifying events:
    ◾A change in income.
    ◾A change in your status, such as marriage, death of a spouse, divorce, legal separation or annulment.
    ◾A change in your number of dependents, including birth, death, adoption or placement for adoption.
    ◾A change in your employment status, or the employment status of your spouse or dependent.
    ◾A dependent becoming ineligible for existing coverage due to attainment of age.

    You will have 60 days from the date of the qualifying event to secure new coverage without incurring a penalty.

  • tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 1 hour 53 minutes ago Flag

    Last I checked, 10.1 million is more than 8 million. That 8 million figure was at the end of April. I hate to always have to school you bozo's but do you realize that people are still signing up for Obamacare. You can sign up for Obamacare even when we're not in an open enrollment period. If there's a life changing event, like people retiring early, people switching jobs, etc. etc.,They can enroll at any time. They don't have to wait for the open enrollment period. Keep the faith. One day you may understand what's going on.

  • In Michigan, the battle for Carl Levin's senate seat has taken a turn. In the previous five polls, the republican had been leading by an average of 8 points but since the Koch Brothers organization started running a misleading ad about Obamacare, that 8 point lead has disappeared and now the Democrat is leading by 3 points. The same thing is happening where I live. The neighboring country to mine has always been republican controlled and there is a race for the US Rep. The republican had a 9 point lead in the polls and then a week and a half ago, he started running a TV ad that touted that he was a true conservative, a family man and wanted the federal government to stay out of our business and said he will work to repeal Obamacare. In the week and a half since that ad started airing, the republican is still leading in the polls but his lead has shrunk from 9 to 2. Seeing what's happening, I imagine that by the time the election is here, you won't be hearing republican candidates bash Obamacare and in fact, won't hear them mention Obamacare at all. Except for the extremely dumb republican candidates and they never seem to have a shortage of those types.

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    McDaniel wants Republican purge

    by dbs_l952 2 hours 53 minutes ago
    tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 2 hours 41 minutes ago Flag

    DBS, you need to explain to the republicans on this board what 'purge' means. A sixth grade Arkansas education doesn't go too far. They seem to still be struggling with 2+2.

  • tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 3 hours ago Flag

    Shep isn't here. Maybe she was forced out of her paid pumping position. Those nickel posts seemed to be hurting more than helping.

  • and shep says that everything's just peachy with the company. Stupidity or blind allegiance or both? That doesn't even count all the lesser executives that have departed. Yet things continue to deteriorate at the company. DUH, maybe changing people is not the answer. Try changing operating procedures by having respect for and rewarding your workers and respect your country by getting off the welfare dole. People are sick of the way WMT is operating and until they change that, they will continue to bleed customers. And no, all the fluff nonsense PR releases in the world won't fix the problem. The board needs to tell the Walton's to stand down because they don't understand business and we're going to get a qualified leader and no, they won't have a Walton brown nose.

  • tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 3 hours ago Flag

    Probably a similar read to the history of the La Cosa Nostra.

  • tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 3 hours ago Flag

    Blockbuster went away over a period of time but not that long but stores like Value City and Circuit City went away overnight. One day, all their stores were there and the next day they were all closed. Too much for shep to comprehend, I suppose. She doesn't have any understanding of how this business stuff works.

  • tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 5 hours ago Flag

    I think birds all for it. Another place for bird to park his home.

  • tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 5 hours ago Flag

    As I said before, when WMT loses the people in Texas, they've lost it all. The company is dying in this country and no matter how many low paid chicken pluckers there are in Arkansas, they can never support the company.

  • tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 5 hours ago Flag

    They're replacing Simon with the WMT president and CEO of Asia operations. I guess they couldn't take any more big fines in Asia and had to get him out of there. Does this now mean that fox and donkey meat will be coming to a WMT near you?

  • Numbers we haven't seen in decades. The Obama magic is exploding. We are so lucky to have that man in the white house. We need to pinch ourselves to remind us that Obama is real and he is our great president.

  • Wowza, things must be even worse than I thought at this dying company. I suspect its going to be one ugly earnings report next month. In usual WMT style though, they think changing faces will make their problems go away when in reality, changing their attitude toward their workers and their country is the only thing that can stop the bleeding.

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