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  • “By doing nothing we lose elections and we have tepid growth,” Bush said, making the case for reform that includes a path to legal status for undocumented immigrants. “You can’t self-deport,” he added, referring to Mitt Romney’s 2012 prescription, because “that’s just not an American value.”

    That wasn’t good enough for Charles Pewitt of Concord, who challenged Bush to defend his support for immigration reform along the lines of the Senate’s “illegal alien mass amnesty surge bill,” which Pewitt warned was flooding America with competition for jobs.

    “I respect your view, but I don’t have to agree to it,” Bush, who argued that immigrant labor would boost GDP rather than increase unemployment, told Pewitt.

  • tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 Apr 17, 2015 11:03 AM Flag

    OOPSIE, there goes the 78's. Can it hold onto the 77's?

  • but his AXP is getting slammed again too. He's scratching his head, he just can't understand it. He was sure he used his American Express card when he bought his ice cream sundaes from Dairy Queen so that should have made their quarter. On the other hand, he may not have used his card. Confusion is getting the better of him. Now he thinks he may have paid each day for his ice cream by giving them one share of his WMT stock. If that's the case, he may not be quite as confused as we think. He would have pulled a quick one over on Dairy Queen.

  • tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 Apr 17, 2015 9:55 AM Flag

    What's funny is WMT started the war but are inferior to the enemy in war games. The first rule of war is to size up your enemy and WMT either didn't do it or didn't know how to do it. Starting a war with someone with a far superior military is a sure road to total defeat. Its a dying company and the vital signs are weakening quicker than anyone could have imagined.

  • tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 Apr 17, 2015 9:47 AM Flag

    As I said before, don't tarry. Gets those guesses in quick. WMT has already lost the 79's today and may lose the 78's. An avalanche doesn't wait for anyone to get out.

  • Wal-Mart and Target Are Being Crushed by Supermarkets in the Business of Selling Food

    By Brian Sozzi Follow | 04/17/15 - 07:00 AM EDT

    NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Traditional supermarkets such as Kroger (KR - Get Report) and Safeway are schooling mass merchants Wal-Mart (WMT - Get Report) and Target (TGT - Get Report) in the business of selling fresh food and packaged goods, sending two of the nation's most formidable retailers back to the drawing board to reignite their sales.

    The winning recipe for grocers Kroger and Safeway, which don't have to be retailers of everything, has been a result of investments in customer service, more competitive prices, and an expansion of health and wellness products. Ohio-based Kroger, which has 2,635 stores in 34 states, has notched an impressive 45 straight quarters of same-store sales increases in spite of the ruthless price competition in weekly circulars and online at Wal-Mart and others.

    Kroger's natural foods, meat, deli and pharmacy departments all posted double-digit percentage same-store sales growth last year. Investors have subsequently pushed shares up 66% in the past year, compared to 3.2% and 36% gains for Wal-Mart and Target, respectively.

    Kroger is in the process of investing billions of dollars into making its prices more affordable to entice customers who are visiting stores less, but are apt to spend more once they're in the store due to the decline in gas prices. But offering lower prices on veggies and toilet paper is only a part of what Kroger execs have done to take aim at the giant discounters.

    "Even though natural and organic foods have been notoriously out of reach for many customers, we used our merchandising expertise, manufacturing base and buying power to make them affordable and accessible to all customers thro

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    Gay group rejected from Republican conference

    by dbs_l952 Apr 16, 2015 9:00 PM
    tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 Apr 16, 2015 9:06 PM Flag

    The problem with members of the GOP is that they know what they need to do but just can't bring themselves to do it. Its like the presidential election. They knew that Obama was the only logical person to vote for but they just couldn't put that racism behind them and actually pull his lever.

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    Gay group rejected from Republican conference

    by dbs_l952 Apr 16, 2015 9:00 PM
    tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 Apr 16, 2015 9:04 PM Flag

    That's the big tent they said they need to set up if they ever want to win the presidency again. The only thing is you're not allowed in the tent if you're gay, a woman, a working American and aren't old white and fat.

  • tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 Apr 16, 2015 9:01 PM Flag

    Speaking of Scott Walker, if you ever hear him speak in real life, take a peak around his back and you can see the Koch brothers arms moving up and down, controlling his mouth.

  • but seeing the performance already from the republicans, I just have to laugh. They are in super desperate mode and already know how badly they're going to get their rear ends kicked. It is going to be one enjoyable 2016 election. Even Babs Bush said we don't need another Bush in the white house when asked about Jeb. My guess is they'll end up with Scott Walker because they feel so comfortable with him. No college degree and dumb as a rock. They like people just like themselves.

  • Now isn't that just peachy. I'm sure the orphaned children would be much better off in an orphanage with nobody to love them instead of being with a couple who will love them, nourish them, raise them and educate them and take the burden of the cost to raise them off of the taxpayer. Too bad Charles Dickens isn't alive today. He could write Oliver Twist II, based in Alabama.

  • tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 Apr 16, 2015 8:34 PM Flag

    It seems like this stock was in the 90's just a few months ago but, wait, it was just a few months ago. Oh well.

  • tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 Apr 16, 2015 8:32 PM Flag

    Of course all the republican politicians who are in love with their government health care tell the sheep how terrible it would be for them. That's bad but the sheep buying it is just mind boggling.

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    Careful shep2l998 is prone to psycotic meltdowns

    by dbs_l952 Apr 16, 2015 8:00 PM
    tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 Apr 16, 2015 8:30 PM Flag

    A very lonely person but what would one expect when their life is consumed by such racism and hate.

  • tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 Apr 16, 2015 8:28 PM Flag

    Reminds me of WMT. They refused to sell the book by a woman detailing her hard work and sacrifice to get to the top of the mixed martial arts world in the Olympics and beyond because they say she's too violent but if you want to buy a rifle and ammo to blow people away, no problem. Same type insane backward nonsensical thinking.

  • A new report by the Federal Office of the Actuary has shown that the annual rate of increase for Medicare and Medicaid has grown more slowly than private insurance, based on per capita spending and that slower rate of increase is expected to last at least through 2023. What's even more shocking is that Medicare and Medicaid cover the elderly, disabled and low income people, a more expensive group to take care of, versus the average population. That's not really news though if you had compared what the US pays for health care compared to other developed nations which all have some sort of single-payer health system that spends far less than we do per capita.

    So the republicans want to scrap Medicare and Medicaid and let the private insurance carriers run things with their system that costs us more and keeps us sicker and provides lesser care.

    And silly me said the republicans are owned by corporations. What could I have been thinking of. LOL

  • Presidential candidate Rand Paul has raised some eyebrows with his recent let's-call-it "testy" interviews with female news anchors. Not that he isn't a jerk to the menfolk anchors too, as he is quick to point out in his own defense, but there has seemed of late to be a qualitative difference there. Not to worry, though; Paul's wife has been summoned to explain that it couldn't possibly be true because reasons.

    "Absolutely," [Kelley] Paul said. "I mean to me the whole gender angle on that was a bit of a false construct. I mean that's not who Rand is as a person. He wrote the forward in my book and he talks about all of the women in his life. And his whole family is full of strong women."

    Paul also noted that one of her husband's longtime business partners was a woman [...]

    I do wish we could get past this political trope that says you can immunize yourself from claims of sexism by pointing out that you have wommenfolk in your very own family, or that you cannot be a bigot because you have A Black Friend, or that you cannot possibly be creepily prejudiced against immigrants because your grandpappy was an immigrant and you never hated his guts or told him to speak English better, when he came 'round for your birthday parties.

    Frankly, I don't think the Paul campaign needed to wheel out the damage control squad at all for this one; all he needs to do is not continue to do the thing that raised eyebrows. Easy stuff. "Shushing" female reporters while granting Sean Effing Hannity license to ask the same questions has currently raised eyebrows, yes, but those eyebrows will probably be dropped again so long as Rand Paul does not make a habit of it—and if he does make a habit of it, well now won't that be interesting.

    For now, though, 'twas raised eyebrows only. We're at eyebrow elevation stage 3, code yellow; take no action but report suspicious activity to your building supervisor. All he has to do to make it a non-story is not do that thing.

  • tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 Apr 16, 2015 2:57 PM Flag

    And once again, as the market improves, WMT stock sinks even more. Nah, there's nothing to see here folks, just move along.

  • Florida Governor Rick Scott is suing the federal government for not receiving federal funds to expand Medicaid. So, why is he not receiving the money? He's not receiving the money because he refused to expand Medicaid that under Obamacare, the federal funds would pay for 100% of the expansion. I guess he didn't like those pesky little rules that President Obama put in that the money would actually have to be used to pay for medical care for people in the state of Florida that can't afford medical care nor to pay for insurance. That would throw a real wrench into plans for Scott to, lets say, divvy the money up between him and his buddies. He want's the money but not strings attached. Can you believe these republicans. Hey Rick, I've got a great idea. Just expand Medicaid and you will get the funds but you'll just have to abide by the rules that the Medicaid money has to go for the medical care of poor people. Those mean old Obama rules seem to be more than some republicans can swallow. LOL

  • tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 Apr 16, 2015 2:29 PM Flag

    He should be a big favorite of the GOP sheep than. They see education as a negative for their candidates. They like their candidates to be just as stupid as they are and that way, they don't feel inferior.

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