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  • I was just reading about another one of those top notch republican presidential candidates. This time Scott Walker who loves to talk about fiscal responsibility but has never practiced what he's preached as governor of Wisconsin. Now it comes out that he has tens of thousands of credit card debt including $50,000 on his Sears credit card alone. As if that wasn't bad enough, his total net worth is $72,500. A 47 year old with an amazingly low amount of net worth. That's about as fiscally irresponsible as it gets. I expect that a 47 year old WMT worker who's worked at WMT all his life might only have $72500 in net worth because they've made poverty wages all their life and could never save anything because they were just trying to survive. I'd be ashamed to death if I were 47 and only had that measly amount as my net worth. How much of that is in cash? Probably $200. I'm serious, I was just floored when I saw this. If one of my children were 35 years old and that was all the net worth they had, I'd be chewing them out. At that age they don't have to listen but I'd be dishing it out. I have to go now. No time to be wasting on here.

  • Kids served pork that's older than them: Fury as Tennessee school gives SIX-YEAR-OLD meat to students
    Cafeteria worker turns whistleblower posting picture of out-of-date meat
    She reveals she was ordered to smother it with gravy to disguise the taste
    Meat was served to kindergartners meaning it was older than they were
    School district director claims several students came back for seconds

    By Daniel Miller for MailOnline

    Published: 05:28 EST, 1 May 2015 | Updated: 05:54 EST, 1 May 2015

    Furious parents have slammed a school district after hundreds of students, including kindergartners, were fed six-year-old pork for their lunch.

    Hawkins County Schools, a rural district in the northeast corner of Tennessee, admitted serving the out-of-date meat at 18 of its schools in mid April.

    The scandal emerged after a cafeteria worker at Joseph Rogers Primary School revealed her manager had ordered her to smother the grey, smelly meat with gravy in order to make it taste better.

    The cafeteria worker took a picture of the meat which was posted on Twitter where it provoked a furious response.

    Staff at Joseph Rodgers Primary eventually decided not to risk serving the meat - however it was served at several other schools.

  • They couldn't even eat well when they're working on the miserly poverty wages they're paid. How could they eat well when they lose their minuscule paycheck? Talk about out of touch. That's like telling someone to shop at WMT if they want quality. These things don't even make sense no matter which how much lipstick you buy and apply.

  • tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 May 1, 2015 8:32 AM Flag

    They gave the cafeteria workers the same time tested fine advice that you would give to someone who buys pink slime. Hey, just put gravy on it to make it taste better. LOL

    Got to go now. A big busy day lies ahead. Later gators.

  • I'm really busy but this was much to important not to comment on. The six officers have been charged with various offenses including second-degree murder, manslaughter, misconduct in office and false imprisonment. One of them was charged with second-degree depraved heart murder which was issued because of his callous disregard for the value of life.

    We can all be thankful that Baltimore is taking action for this needless murder. Ferguson should have moved like this. Out of control racist police are getting out of hand and things like this badly need to be punished. There were a couple other incidents where the officers have also been charged. Lets hope it sends a loud and clear message to racist cops out there that this kind of behavior and murder will not be tolerated and you will pay the price. The racists cops are giving a bad name to the good policemen out there and putting their lives in danger. America needs to clean up the racist garbage and put them where they belong, in the garbage heap.

  • and his lawyer said they have evidence that shows Christie knew what was going on. OH OH!!

    "Wildstein was released on his own recognizance on a $100,000 bond. He could face up to 15 years although his cooperation with prosecutors will be a factor in determining his sentence, Fishman said, adding that Wildstein was unlikely to be sentenced until after the other cases come to trial.

    "He deeply regrets what occurred," said Wildstein's attorney, Alan Zegas, outside the courthouse, adding that by cooperating it "should shed truth on what occurred."

    Zegas said, "evidence exists to establish" that Christie knew of the lane closures while they were occurring.

    Prosecutors said Wildstein, Kelly and Baroni conspired to punish the mayor of Fort Lee for refusing to endorse Christie for governor. The three arranged to shut down the bridge lanes and decided that doing so on the first day of school would maximize the congestion.

    The guilty pleas and indictments were another blow to Christie, an early favorite in what is likely to be a crowded Republican presidential field for 2016. Lately he has been lagging other potential candidates.

    "Problems in your home state create an undertow for presidential candidates and sometimes they pull them under," said Rob Gray, a Republican strategist in Boston."

  • Just last fall, polls were conducted that showed a majority of white Americans thought that police were color blind and that blacks were treated fairly. Now, just months later, a new poll shows that a majority of white Americans say that police are not treating blacks fairly. Of course, what else could you expect. Anyone with an open mind who has witnessed what is going on and isn't racist could now come to no other conclusion.

  • They now fear that they won't be able to receive a fair trial in Baltimore. LOL Of course they have no concern that blacks are being targeted and mistreated and in some cases, murdered by police.

  • Houston, we have a serious management problem. We're going to crash and burn. It doesn't matter what part of the world you look at, this company is dying. Aldi is eating their lunch in Britain as they are now doing in the US. Not to mention Costco and Amazon.

  • tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 May 6, 2015 9:13 AM Flag

    Looks like shoppers have the same amount of respect for WMT as WMT does for its workers. ZERO. Fitting, very fitting. Go to get some work done now. Later mouth breathers.

  • "Musk said in a quarterly earnings call on Tuesday said that demand for the batteries has been "crazy off the hook," with 38,000 reservations for the Powerwall. While storing residential power with the Powerwall is still more expensive than grid power, he said, "that doesn't mean people won't buy it." Demand for the new batteries, including those for businesses and utilities, has been so strong that the company may need to considerably expand its $5 billion battery factory that's under construction in Nevada."

  • but this is just another example of why the republicans have turned so many people off. Its fine if somebody wants to have 12th century beliefs and ignore science and facts but don't put your ignorance on display and try and shove it down peoples throats.

    GOP Lawmaker Wants to Make Bible Official Book of Tennessee

    By THE ASSOCIATED PRESSFEB. 11, 2015, 1:01 P.M. E.S.T.

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A Tennessee lawmaker wants to make the Bible the "official state book."

    Rep. Jerry Sexton, a Republican from Bean Station, is sponsoring legislation adding the Bible to the state symbols of Tennessee.

    It's unclear whether the proposal would meet separation of church and state provisions in the federal and state constitutions.

    Tennessee's state symbols already include the tomato as the state fruit, the tulip popular as the state tree, the Tennessee cave salamander as the state amphibian and the square dance as the state folk dance. The state also has several state songs such as "Tennessee Waltz" and "Rocky Top."

    Similar proposals to make the Bible the state book failed in Mississippi earlier this month and Louisiana last year.

  • tigersnumberone962 by tigersnumberone962 May 7, 2015 8:28 AM Flag

    Later moose breath.

  • tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 May 7, 2015 5:56 PM Flag

    Anybody jump on TSLA this morning when they knocked it down? Making money doesn't get much easier than that. You have to take advantage of extreme market stupidity. You could have made a quick 7-1/2%. Not a fortune but a nice little pickup for a one day hold. When they're handing out basically free money, I always try to be first in line.

  • tigersnumberone962 by tigersnumberone962 May 10, 2015 9:00 PM Flag

    Now there's a shocker. A Bush starting an unnecessary, costly, deadly and illegal war. LOL

  • they must win over the Latino vote. So just how do they do that? Well, for starters, at a republican summit in South Carolina, republican congressman Steve King called immigrants rats and roaches as the crowd cheered wildly. Yep, that's the way to get them to vote for you. Or is it more likely that they know they can't win the white house and just put their honest hate of anyone that isn't fat, old, doesn't care about anyone else and a liar, on display? Do these idiots realize that 99.8% of people in the United States wouldn't be here if it weren't for the IMMIGRANTS in their family tree?

  • Karl Rove tells republicans to drop the idea of repealing Obamacare and to quit bashing it. Rove may be a slimy snake but at least he has a few brain cells left under that chrome dome that sits atop that dorky face.

  • tigersnumberone962 by tigersnumberone962 May 10, 2015 9:11 PM Flag

    Going to head outside and enjoy this more than perfect spring evening.

  • tigersnumberone962 tigersnumberone962 May 11, 2015 4:26 PM Flag

    Yet, I'll bet the republican sheep still don't have a clue as to why Karl Rove is telling the republican politicians to quit being stupid and stop bashing and trying to repeal Obamacare. The republican politicians have it so ingrained in the sheep's tiny tiny brains that Obamacare is a bad thing that they can't fathom now why it is such a good thing. Its like the gay issue. They pounded into their heads for so many years that being gay was anti religious and anti American that now that American's views on LBGT's has changed, the sheep can't imagine the real world being any other way than what they are taught. That proves the dangers of a political party, in this case the republicans, hanging their entire future on the lowest of low IQ people. Now they're stuck in the position of supporting what they've told their supporters for years was wrong and losing the idiot vote and at the same time not picking up any new voters because they've seen how ridiculous the republican politicians have been for years and know that the only reason they're changing their tune now is because they're desperate to try anything to save their political hide. Republicans have put themselves in the greatest catch 22 of all time. I can't speak for anyone else but I know I'm sure enjoying the show. LOL

  • The republican sheep's mostest favorite #$%$, gun loving racists. This time he was on the receiving end though. It says a lot about what kind of person he is when his own friend tries to shoot him. Don't you just love the people the sheep admire?

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