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  • which is the all time high set back in july.............you can kiss tvix goodbye forever......I told you the dow would follow the topping patterns of the other indices but your still getting your advice from your neighbor billy bob horace

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    Market oversold

    by bologna470708 6 hours ago
    timberjoseph timberjoseph 6 hours ago Flag

    your so wrong buddy but keep on buying tvix for my sake............tvix hits new lows this week

  • the double top in the dow fooled a lot of traders...........not me of course........I would sell tvix pronto......like right now.......thanks for all the wonderful vacations this year longs

  • timberjoseph by timberjoseph Sep 15, 2014 12:51 PM Flag

    we now have the silver shorts at its 4 year low...........they are going to crucify retail shorts.....read the articles designed for the retail investor and you know what I mean

  • timberjoseph by timberjoseph Sep 14, 2014 5:33 PM Flag

    and gold close to the 1200 big support area means they run silver up for a few weeks

  • I see a rally in gold in silver here soon.....strong support for gold at 1200 and we are almost there .....they could rally these before then.....im in agq today looking for a nice gain.......will average down if it gos any lower

  • timberjoseph by timberjoseph Sep 11, 2014 11:54 AM Flag

    could see a snap back rally soon

  • the only time I really see this move is when we are in backwardation and that doesn't last long at all

  • which means we see one more downdraft before the year end run.. mid nov through the end of December......maybe in a few weeks from now..........have to be careful of shrills on CNBC who work for the sharks on wall street and the one percent who are able to create fear, panic and complacency in the markets..........they were pushing the September being the worst month for stocks idea for weeks to get people short now they seem to be running the markets up now..........the downdraft wont be as deep and will give you one last chance to load the boat for the final run

  • timberjoseph by timberjoseph Sep 5, 2014 5:09 PM Flag

    can you believe it

  • if your going to make it as a trader ..the most important asset you have is to admit you were wrong and move on and play what your given not what you think the market should do......the market could care less what you think

    Based on the economic performance of the U.S. vs. Europe, it seems pretty clear six years later that Ben Bernanke was right to act aggressively and hastily, in contrast to his counterparts in Brussels. America's economy isn't exactly going gangbusters but it's going a whole lot better than the EU's right now and Bernanke deserves a lot of credit for standing up to the "hard money" crowd, who persistently declared that the Fed's easy money policies would lead America to ruin.

    So did Ben Bernanke "save" the U.S. economy? You can never prove a counterfactual -- i.e. what would have happened if the Fed hadn't acted -- but the doomsayers were dead wrong, or at least dreadfully early in their prognostications, as Henry Blodget and I discuss in the accompanying video. Most notably, the Dollar Index is up about 16% from its lows of June 2008 rather than having turned into toilet paper, as Bernanke's biggest critics warned (and many still do). And foreigners haven't "dumped" U.S. Treasuries en masse sending rates skyward as, again, so many predicted

    you can always purchase the sarah palin channel to put you back into your conservative trance only 9,99 month.........that is a great deal if it will keep the blood pressure down and keep you contained in the warm and cozy bubble

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    long the dollar is a good play

    by timberjoseph Aug 19, 2014 1:41 PM
    timberjoseph timberjoseph Sep 4, 2014 12:24 PM Flag

    did anyone else catch the breakout or are you guys still stuck on the republican conservative I hate Obama play TVIX......

  • the vix fell right through 12 like it wasn't even there and the dow double top got breached causing buyers to come in........the dow and transports were the only laggers and now they followed

  • that's fine with me,,,,,,,I will take your money.....if you hate the government so much why don't you move to countries that have a very weak centralized government and no corporate regulations or workers rights.........that of course would be all the third world countries where pure capitalism is king and there is no middle classes only the super rich and poor just the way the Koch brothers would like to see this country turn into......you will have all that freedom and liberty from working 12 hour days at 2 dollars an hour.......don't worry though you can send your children into the mines at age 10 only to have a life expectancy of age 45......freedom rocks!!!

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    fund managers now have to chase returns

    by timberjoseph Sep 3, 2014 6:05 AM
    timberjoseph timberjoseph Sep 3, 2014 7:15 AM Flag

    It also gives us a very special, secret pleasure to see how unaware the people around us are of what is really happening to them." –Adolf Hitler. Norquist is the president of Americans for Tax Reform, established in 1985 and funded by the Koch brothers. The pledge forces Republicans to protect the trickle down tax cuts put in place in the 1980s on advice to Reagan from William Niskanen, former chairman at Cato, formerly the Charles Koch Foundation. Heritage Action, funded by the Kochs, scores the Congressional votes - in other words "Vote for a tax increase for the Kochs and lose Koch funding for reelection". This Koch scheme is why nothing gets done in Congress, why our infrastructure is crumbling, and why the Treasury has been forced to borrow about $6 trillion for trickle down tax cuts since 1982, which has cost the Treasury around $10 trillion for interest expense (interest income for the wealthy bondholders). The Kochs aren't stupid - they must know they are pushing us off the cliff.

  • those that are lagging have no choice but to throw money in the stock market......its the only game in town with a retrun

  • not that I didn't warn you bozos about the double top breach and the vix flag..........your dead in the water now

  • panic is leaving the market......gold and oil would have jumped today if it wasn't..........you risking a lot holding tvix here.......congrats on your two cents jump today.......the dollar store has specials on mondays

  • timberjoseph by timberjoseph Sep 2, 2014 4:13 PM Flag

    The PMI Index jumped to 59.0% in August, climbing 1.9 percentage points from July's healthy 57.1% figure. It was the highest the PMI Index has reached since a 59.1% reading in March 2011. The growth was driven from another healthy climb in the New Orders Index, which rose 3.3 percentage points to 66.7%.

    "The August PMI is led by the highest recorded New Orders Index since April 2004 when it registered 67.1%," said Bradley Holcomb, chairman of the Institute for Supply Management's Manufacturing Business Survey Committee. "At the same time, comments from the panel reflect a positive outlook mixed with caution over global geopolitical unrest."

    The PMI Index jumped to 59.0% in August, climbing 1.9 percentage points from July’s healthy 57.1% figure. It was the highest the PMI Index has reached since a 59.1% reading in March 2011. Courtesy: Institute for Supply ManagementOther PMI-related indices also rose in August. The Production Index was up 3.3 percentage points to 64.5%, the Employment Index was roughly unchanged at a strong 58.1%, and the Raw Material Index reversed a one-month decline with an increase of 3.5 percentage points to 52.0%. Any figure about 50% indicates growth for the sector.
    Survey respondents were almost universally positive. Among the comments:
    •"Business is looking good for food manufacturing. Packaging materials prices are staying in check, minimum wage is up a bit, but manageable." (Food, Beverage & Tobacco Products)
    •"The commercial building business is good, our business is up." (Fabricated Metal Products)
    •"Overall business conditions are flat. World issues taking a toll on business. Consumers are cutting back on spending."" (Transportation Equipment)
    •"Overall business is improving. Order backlog is increasing. Quotes are increasing. Much more positive outlook in our sector." (Electrical Equipment, Appliances & Components)
    •"Demand in the United States is consistent and geopolitics remain a concern." (Chemical Products)
    •"Business is strong. Labor is becoming a difficult issue." (Furniture & Related Products)
    •"Demand is strong. Numbers are up over last year." (Machinery

  • do not buy until under 1200 and even then it will most likely fall further ......im buying at 1100 and lower but 1200 is the safe zone

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