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timetime222 51 posts  |  Last Activity: Aug 21, 2014 4:32 PM Member since: Aug 4, 2013
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    Wow. I called this perfectly

    by timetime222 Jun 23, 2014 2:32 PM
    timetime222 timetime222 Jun 23, 2014 2:42 PM Flag

    I called it 100 percent right. Just because the shares traded higher today does not mean anything. I actually said it could likely happen for a day or two. I'm not willing to risk my money on something that I know is going to zero. I did buy and sell and made a few hundred, but I was right about everything including the spike. Longs who think that they are somehow right in their analysis because the price is at 41 cents are about to be taught a huge lesson. It could have just as easily opened at 15 cents.

    The news is terrible. The market maker has to unload some of those shares he got at 30 cents on new suckers. Enjoy your losses.

  • I told you they would not continue as a going concern, and I also told you that you may have a chance to get out at a higher price for a day or two. Wow...I am seeing things so clearly. I see a bunch of losers and morons here now. I am going to watch you lose it all now. I will NEVER post again with this handle, but I want you to think of me when you wake up and you are down 85 percent from here.

    It will happen soon, and you will be a shell shocked idiot when it happens. Love it. I called every single thing perfectly. Wow!

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    by watuthink Jun 21, 2014 8:35 AM
    timetime222 timetime222 Jun 21, 2014 11:53 AM Flag

    The ship already went down, but you were asleep, so you didn't realize it. When you wake up and realize that you are basically ruined your mind will finally match up with the reality of the situation. Your brain chemistry will change, and you will be starting over. If you are young enough you can learn from it.

    Always ask your idiot self the following question: "If Warren Buffett were my age, and he knew about COCO, what percentage of his bankroll would he invest in it?" The answer is zero you fool!

    LongtimeFollower lost roughly 3 million here. He talks a good game, but his game is weak, as he analyzes these special situations as if they were EXXON or Microsoft, using absurd things like Book Value and Cash Flow for super dynamic fluid situations where Book Value is meaningless and Cash Flow is changing by the minute and cannot be maintained in any event.

    You guys are losers. Period. Keep playing with fire by putting up real money for bad investments like this and you will look back on a wasted life. I got caught in about three bad investments before, one of which might have been the dumbest investment anyone ever made. Now, at the time, there were a few things I could point to that would lead a reasonable person to believe that a total loss wasn't coming, but I was overlooking things that would lead a reasonable person to believe that there was no future.

    I took my losses years ago and bit the bullet, waiting for the golden opportunity that I found in FOUR. Now the wind is at my back, and once in a while I try to help losers like you and LongTime. LongTime is too set in his ways to ever be a winner. He will go down in flames when this market turns, as he uses leverage and it will be all over soon for him if he doesn't pay close attention.

    Final post, losers. See ya.

  • timetime222 timetime222 Jun 21, 2014 11:44 AM Flag

    LongTimeFollower lost between 2 and 3 million here. He, like you, paid attention to the wrong things, and totally misread the situation. It is a mathematical impossibility that COCO was the best investmentment available when you losers made it.

    You pay attention to the wrong things. Some of the variables you mention are things that real investors don't even take into consideration. You will lose again, as you don't know how to analyze situations and you totally gloss over horrible things that happen.

    Prepare for huge losses, jerk.

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    It is over. Here it is.

    by timetime222 Jun 20, 2014 10:16 PM
    timetime222 timetime222 Jun 20, 2014 10:20 PM Flag

    What that means is that the ED isn't budging, and that means the PARTY IS OVER. Adios.

  • timetime222 by timetime222 Jun 20, 2014 10:16 PM Flag

    Go to a place called the Layoff, and check out Corinthian College.

    nonymous13050, Saturday 06/21/14 02:07:25 UTC
    Jack's email
    Total #$%$ email. Further expense reductions... find new jobs now. Do they even have enough money to pay us next week? TO: ALL EMPLOYEES FROM: JACK MASSIMINO, CHAIRMAN & CEO RE: Update on Negotiations with Department of Education We continue to work with the U.S. Department of Education to avoid a sudden and unplanned wind-down of our operations. Since our communications to you on Thursday, we have met with Department officials several times to discuss alternatives to the 21-day hold on our Title IV funds, as well as proposals for the orderly transition of our operations. We have asked our friends in Congress to contact the Department on our behalf, and several of you have written to your own members of Congress to protest ED’s unreasonable actions against our company. If others of you would like to write to your member of Congress, please review your response with our Washington D.C. office (either Omar Terrie ( or Paul De Giusti ( before sending. In addition to our negotiations with ED, we are exploring all available options, including alternative sources of financing, legal remedies and further expense reductions. When negotiations are at an appropriate stage, we plan to reach out to the news media. We will continue to keep you posted as we move forward. Thank you for your continued support during these challenging times. Jack

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    Bought at .314 and sold at .335

    by timetime222 Jun 20, 2014 3:32 PM
    timetime222 timetime222 Jun 20, 2014 7:30 PM Flag

    Nobody pays you anything for your ignorant lectures, you maggot. People lost millions of dollars on this board alone. I tried to save them for months. I pished around with it and made a few hundred. You are a loser if you expect anyone on earth to ever pay you 10 cents t hear a word you ever will say. I have made people a lot of money with my analysis of FOUR. Early retirement for me, while you are running your mouth trying to get paid to give lectures. You are a LOSER. Get out of my face.

  • Illinois Senators telling COCO to stop enrollment. This will snowball, and it is ALL OVER, baby. Do the right thing and cut your losses. If you want to buy a real company, you can buy FOUR on Monday. It will go higher as time goes on.

    You idiots don't know what investing is. Wake the heck up, you fools! You now have 33 minutes.

    It will end BADLY next week if you do not listen to me. Get out now.

  • timetime222 timetime222 Jun 20, 2014 5:35 PM Flag

    Cutting their losses. The government is not into being scammed anymore. The next shoe to drop is the DOW Jones averages. The all-time high noise to masking tremendous weakness everywhere. When the Dow rolls over, which it will soon, hold onto your hats, because it will be a sight to see, and it will likely happen before the end of the year. The complacency is outrageous. People seem to forget how brutal 2008 was. There was nowhere to hide. I will never forget, and I will NOT be going down with this ship.

    The asset that everybody hates, CASH, will be the asset that everybody is looking for very soon. All this debt scattered throughout the world will simply not get paid.

  • timetime222 timetime222 Jun 20, 2014 5:29 PM Flag

    It is over even if they get a reprieve, which is unlikely. I ran this through my head for two days (made $365 buying yesterday and selling today, as well). The big issue turning points for me, that lead me to believe there is very little hope, are as follows).

    1) The Education Department waited many months before moving these schools to the new program where it takes 21 days to get funded. There is ZERO chance that they reverse course soon, if at all.

    2) COCO management didn't tell the public until 7 days after the letter from the ED that they got the letter, and in their press release they stated that the ED is not willing to work with them, and that they cannot get financing from lenders. There was no hope. There only thing they said was that they were working closely with the ED, and that they had assigned 100 new people to the case.

    3) Business is in decline, anyways. This scam/game is over. The whole For Profit industry is mostly a scam. Not all of it, but most of it. The world is simply a better place if these places didn't exist, so the government is cutting their losses now. They know that these loans will never get repaid in full, especially when we dip into another recession.

    There is a small chance at a miracle, and a big chance of a permanent loss. Maybe it will spike before the dagger comes, but I won't be holding shares. I played it for one day and made a little, but it was strictly a gamble. If this had any real chance of turning out well, somebody would have been buying hand over fist.

    I will still watch it, and might dabble again on the Pink Sheets in the next few weeks if there is some capitulation down to 8 cents.

  • I think the odds favor a much lower price very soon. If this was going to make it, shares would be much higher. This hasn't moved more than a few pennies in two whole days, and that is usually a terrible terrible sign.

    If you hold, you LIKELY will be devastated. But if you are right, you will make money. I suggest SELL. You have 7 minutes to save yourself. An ugly announcement is probably coming after hours or Monday.

    I made $365. I am a WINNER on COCO. Yay.

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    Bought at .314 and sold at .335

    by timetime222 Jun 20, 2014 3:32 PM
    timetime222 timetime222 Jun 20, 2014 3:36 PM Flag

    + 365 for me on this dog. Actually sold at .3312.

    1000 06/19/2014 0.3155 325.49 S 06/20/2014 0.3312 331.19 6
    300 06/19/2014 0.3125 103.74 S 06/20/2014 0.3312 99.36 (4)
    17600 06/19/2014 0.314 5526.40 S 06/20/2014 0.3312 5828.89 302 Short
    4100 06/19/2014 0.314 1287.40 S 06/20/2014 0.3313 1348.26 61

  • Bought 23,000 shares yesterday at .314 and sold them just now at .335. Longs will get killed, and here's why:

    1) Tight trading range the last two days. If this was going to survive without horrific news it would have spiked higher. This is how stocks that are about to get killed trade (See FBN and JRCC for recent examples).

    2) They waited 7 days to announce the terrible news. Yesterday they basically told you that they had been trying to salvage the situation for 7 days but could not do it. There is no way the ED reverses the 21 day hold any time soon, if at all.

    3) It is likely that the biggest loser here, Long Time Follower, was on the phone attempting to talk to people at the company. For him to take his huge loss means that they were unresponsive to him, or they told him something that he didn't want to here.

    May God have mercy on your financial SOULS! I may be back to buy at 8 cents when they file BK.

  • timetime222 timetime222 Jun 20, 2014 12:17 PM Flag

    How much is 3 million? Well, if LongTime worked a regular low paying job for 200 years straight, and saved 100 percent of his paycheck, he would be about even. Do the math.

    Google 3 million in cash and check out the pics. This guy blew up and will never be heard from again unless it is part of some big lie. Imagine the whiny calls and letters he is writing to COCO management, as he demands action! Lol.

    Remember when he suckered you idiots into buying HTCH, after he wrote those Press Releases? How was that ride down from over $6 to $2 now, suckers? Enjoy your lives now, as it is almost over for many of you.

  • timetime222 timetime222 Jun 20, 2014 11:54 AM Flag

    Remember when you bashed KIDEQ in the fall and winter of 2011, when the shares were 6 to 10 cents. You tried to rub it in, but you were too stupid to see what was happening. I made over 20 times my money since then. The shares now trade as FOUR, and have traded between 1.20 and 1.60 for months now (and going higher).

    Payback is a beach, isn't it? Have fun. Let us know how much you lost, you clown.

  • That is the question of the day. He is now down about 3 million, as he owns at least 3 percent of COCO. The big question is whether he is willing to risk it all and quadruple duple ruple down right here at 30 cents? If he puts his remaining account on this and he is right, he can get even, and he will have dodged a bullet. But if he is wrong he will lose it all and be homeless (and likely prison).

    One thing that we do know, is that if the shares spike up he will be back claiming to have bought the lows. If the shares go to zero he will somehow have "not lost that much".

    The pressure is on, Mr. Longtime. Who you gonna call, Ghostbusters? Now you know the rules of the exchange. Margin call, Sir! You wanted to play the leveraged portfolio game at all time highs, and now you are sitting on 3 million in losses. Enjoy your day.

  • timetime222 timetime222 Jun 19, 2014 10:58 PM Flag

    Desperate posting usually precedes more losses. Like when LongTime idiot was bragging that shorts should cover when the price dipped below $1. Time for you to take your losses like a man. There is no way for you longs to ever be right here, even if they survive and the price goes to $2 in a few years.

    You must first admit defeat, and you must admit that you NEVER in your wildest imagination thought that it could get this bad. And never forget this feeling. I have made the same mistakes as your losers before. I took the bone rattling losses and built back up slowly. Losers like you are going to get creamed when this economy really slides this summer. It is all smoke and mirrors. Once this market tanks it will make 2008 look like a picnic. No more bailouts. Take your losses. All bad investors will be culled from the herd.

  • timetime222 timetime222 Jun 19, 2014 10:49 PM Flag

    Shut up. This is a worthless, useless, company, that deserves to go to zero. However, all panic selling that ruins lives is a candidate for a bounce. Go crawl back under your rock. COCO pumpers are the lowest of the low, but so are doomdayers that post that the stock is Halted on companies like this. I don't think that you did that, but other like you did.

    I am fascinated by situations where people take huge losses, and I like to follow the dynamics. Now, if once in a while I buy a company that I think is worth zero, that is because I believe that I can make some money doing so. I have bashed this for about two months. I will NEVER EVER say anything good about the company. I will however, offer my insights on the dynamics of the situation, if I feel that I have them. Or I may just not post at all. Yahoo message board posters are subhuman #$%$, and I want nothing to do with any of them. Ever. Bye bye loser.

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    Chance of bankruptcy announcement over the weekend?

    by sumitomoo Jun 19, 2014 10:35 PM
    timetime222 timetime222 Jun 19, 2014 10:43 PM Flag

    I have a feeling that this will spike up. They said that they put 100 new people on the project to get the ED documents ready. And they mentioned that they gave the ED a time table, yet they did not state what that timetable was. The going concern is a real situation, but it is also boilerplate that has to be there, since if they do not get some things settled, by definition, it is over, as there is no money.

    I have seen enough of these that I feel that the odds favor a spike upwards. I make no judgements about the company. These things can spiral out of control to the downside, too, and when the party is over you will feel it like today when you logged into your account.

    The only question is: Does the government want them out of business, or do they want them to be smaller company, and really change their ways? If it is the former, the 21 day hold will never be lifted and it is all over. It will be chaos for students, employees, and everyone else, but the government may want to cut their losses, as they know that these loans that students are taking out will not be paid when we head into another recession, which may already be here (don't believe any report that suggests that the economy is strengthening.

    Now, if the government doesn't want to put them out to pasture, then they will ease these loan restrictions during the next week or so. If they do that, shares will do up, probably not back to 85 cents, but they will go past 50 cents in all likelihood.

    We're gonna find out real soon. The next official PR from the company or the government will provide all you need to know, if you know how to read between the lines at all.

  • Or it could go down to 10 cents. Anybody who claims to know otherwise cannot be taken seriously. In fact, this loser of a company could go back to 80 cents within a month. But then again, stranger things have happened that COCO being shut down.

    I am always looking to put up a few bucks on loser companies where others have done all of the dirty work and taken the life-changing losses for me. I do like to put a few thousand on garbage once in a while after others have destroyed their lives riding to the bottom. I look for big pain. But I am talking half of one percent or maybe one percent positions. No more BIG JOLTS for me. I got taught my lessons years ago, and won't be at the mercy of terrible human beings running loser companies.

    Every dog has its day. Will COCO rebound from 28 cents close today, or will it rebound from a much lower price? It will be fun to watch, especially since I know that there is blood in the streets and massive pain being felt. What will the breaking point be? Maybe it was today? Maybe not? Enjoy your losses, fools (to those who bought higher). I may take a little flutter at some point. Maybe I did today at 31.5 cents for a bit. But then again, maybe not. You will never know. There is a big bounce coming, but nobody knows at what price. The market will speak tomorrow, though, that is for sure. Today was quite in a very tight range for most of the day.

    You gotta zig when the rest of the world zags. Can you dig it? Can you dig it? Caaaaaaaaaaaan Yoooooooooooooooouuuuuuuu Diiiiiiiiiiiigggggggg itttttttttttttttt?

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