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  • A possible future like Chipotle, this higher flyer recently had everything thrown at it. Secondary offering, and the recent back to back 250 point drops last week and the worst time possible for this stock. with the new financing saving 7 million a year, good for a 10% increase in stock value, this tibet got squashed with the market collapse last week. Now market hit new highs and new restaurants opened. All that is in the way is technical damage of it falling. this stock will see an easy run to high 24 range.

  • titan_aa titan_aa Dec 5, 2014 12:35 AM Flag

    The lowest common denominator are the cops themselves. And you have the intelligence of a hill billy. Wake up and smell the coffee you moron. People who want to abuse power want to be cops. I feel sorry for the ones that are normal and professional. But something has to be done with these 30% defective people who are cops.

  • 2016 taxes have always been known and plenty of time for a number of things to happen to make that not effective.
    beat top and bottom and Forecast raised for 2015, yet down and still down.
    Cash rich, in tight as a n apple supplier.
    Step towards diversification in place?

    Is this all about 5 weeks of reported earnings that were weak from woflstien?


  • titan_aa titan_aa Nov 3, 2014 1:11 AM Flag

    10/31/14. Hopefully it stops the fall and it recovers

  • Ford's Strong Buy recommendation on Cirrus Logic Inc. is the result of our systematic analysis on three basic characteristics: earnings strength, relative valuation, and recent stock price movement. The company has enjoyed a very positive trend in earnings per share over the past 5 quarters. However, while recent estimates for the company have been mixed, CRUS has posted better than expected results. Based on operating earnings yield, the company is undervalued when compared to all of the companies we cover. Share price changes over the past year indicates that CRUS will perform well over the near term.

  • titan_aa titan_aa Nov 2, 2014 3:02 PM Flag

    In the iphone free app for Ameritrade, CRUS ratings has ford Equity Research listed with several other companies. They had a buy on CRUS yesterday. I noticed today it was changed to a STRONG BUY and when I clicked on the PDF, I read the report with a date of 10/31/2014 with a change from buy to strong buy. Their full report is there but it's not a link. I am going to try and copy it now and place it into the message board.

  • I hope Rick Schafer analyst at assinhiemer had his clients sell their puts on CRUS.
    I am impressed how his SELL recommendation was plastered over everything and caused a bullish earnings statement into a 2.5 + free fall for CRUS. I usually only buy this stock on the big dips, due to the fear factor these analyst can cast on this stock. Let's see if Rick's opinion can bring it down further based on 2016 tax increase. It certainly is creative, I never heard of a stock being slammed down after beating on both top and bottom with much higher forward projects, based on tax increase. maybe they will move their operation over seas by then to avoid taxes like all the other companies. in 2 years so many things could change.

  • titan_aa by titan_aa Oct 30, 2014 9:54 PM Flag

    Compare the two GOPRO has a P/E of 217.36
    CRUS 12.81

    CRUS experience the same percentage in surprise of earning.

    GOPRO is up 10%, CRUS down 12%

    I know they are different in many ways, but to use a reason like they have to pay more taxes or margins slightly lowered is rediculous. How could a move that should be up by 5% to 20% be a negative 12% loss.
    I know this is bouncing again and everything will change, but such a dramatic drop?

    HERE IS CRUS....
    Revenue in the three months ended in September rose 10%, year over year, to $210 million, yielding EPS of 68 cents.

    Analysts had been modeling $187.5 million and 54 cents.

    For the current quarter, the company is modeling revenue of $265 million to $285 million. That is well above consensus of $217 million.

    On a conference call this evening following a better-than-expected Q3 report from adventure camera maker GoPro (GPRO), management, including CEO Nick Woodman, and CFO Jack Lazar, reviewed details with the Street, and offered a forecast substantially above consensus.

    Lazar forecast revenue this quarter $550 million to $580 million, which is well above Q4 expectations on the Street of $503 million.

    Assuming a gross margin of 44%, plus or minus half a point, operating expenses of $105 million, plus or minus $2.5 million, and a tax rate of 30%, the company projects EPS of EPS of 65 cents to 69 cents, which is well above consensus of 54 cents.

    Lazar predicted strength in particular from “big box” retailers during the quarter, and said the company expects sales to rise in all three of the regions in which it operates to rise, though North America is predicted to be the strongest.

    GoPro shares are up $5.68, or almost 9%, at $73.93, and were up as much as 10% at one point.

  • titan_aa by titan_aa Oct 30, 2014 6:06 PM Flag

    First, The average EPS share is 26. CRUS is 13. Most stocks in my opinion are over valued currently, but this is a given. CRUS and AAPL are cheap in my opinion.

    Second, Earning releases gives those with negative opinions the chance to voice their opinion. Even in this case were bottom and top lines were beat, the negative opinions are being voiced louder. Not sure why? But I think those in positions of control, do not want earnings surprises upsetting their predictions and will write articles and take harder stances to desperately make themselves right.

    Third, These articles that are placed in yahoo and other sites are paid for by the author. I know most of us think it's real news. It's not. Just the bigger guys using message boards to manipulate the stocks in their favor. Remember it;s a lot easier to make money and move stocks downward than upward by using fear.

    Fourth, The authors of the bad news about CRUS that I have read today are all about making predictions like taxes are going to drive the future revenue picture downward. Well CRUS has a CEO and he reports what he thinks is going to happen as accurately as he can he looks bad at the end. He also has a history of being reasonable on projects and they are usually beat. So who are these paying analyst selling their stories of fear?

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    Jeffries Downgrades "Prices Too High"

    by don_corleone_is_back Oct 7, 2014 11:12 AM
    titan_aa titan_aa Oct 11, 2014 1:01 AM Flag

    You idiot. That was in May, 5 months ago when the stock was at 47.40. You made me think it just happened..
    Also that is like say that Neiman Marcus is selling shirts a lot higher than kmart.. Everyone knows the food at WFM costs more it caters to people who are willing to pay more

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