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toadear 250 posts  |  Last Activity: Nov 13, 2014 9:32 PM Member since: Aug 5, 2002
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    Who said he was shorting at $3.08?

    by o08o.ugh64w Nov 11, 2014 12:47 PM
    toadear toadear Nov 13, 2014 9:32 PM Flag

    Make sure you take your laptop or a smartphone. Something tells me your broker will be desperately trying to get in touch with you to make sure you can make the margin call.

    Or, play it safe and bank your $0.12-$0.15 losses now, and enjoy your vacation.

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  • toadear toadear Oct 1, 2014 10:45 AM Flag

    If they keep making employee deals like they did with the new CEO, that $112,000,000 will be gone by the beginning Spring 2015!

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    by locke12 Jul 29, 2014 10:54 AM
    toadear toadear Jul 29, 2014 11:53 AM Flag

    You might want to check "that character eric's" posts before you start calling names. "that character eric" posted that the price would drop to the $3.00 to $3.50 range. We are a long way from that, and, in FACT, much closer to the $4.25-$4.35 price level when he made that outstanding prognostication.

    So, the reality is "that character eric" is still WRONG, and all of us "Fools" are RIGHT.

    Who's the fool now?

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  • toadear toadear Jul 21, 2014 3:54 PM Flag

    The ONLY reason Bernitz was terminated was failure to get a deal done. NOTHING else makes sense. Bernitz would have simply resigned if his work was done and a deal was in place, not get "terminated" which would be a black mark on his resume going forward. Also remember, he was terminated in a very abrupt manner, which makes me believe that he was at odds with the BOD.

    However, this is not all bad news. One reason he could be at odds with the BOD is because he DID get a deal done, but the BOD refused to accept it. Or, Kovner could have a deal in the works and just didn't need Bernitz anymore. Either way, the reaction of the stock to his termination is VERY POSITIVE in my opinion.

    Whatever information is available is certainly enough to allay the concerns of company insiders and institutional investors. This would have to be VERY GOOD news in order to counteract the sudden termination of a key figure in the corporate hierarchy.

    IMO Synta knows it is positioned for much higher value in the future. I believe that they KNOW it will take some additional financing (probably next summer) in order to get to where they KNOW they can go with the company. And I believe that they know that this value will soon be recognized by the industry/Big Pharma and want to be in position to go it alone if any offers don't meet there expectations of the true value of the company.

    Also, IMO, I don't see how any of the recent developments with Synta can be taken negatively. At the very worst, Synta is following the same blueprint as 90% of all biotech companies and is a few years away from the "boom or bust" deadline.

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    Is $30.00 a fair value

    by jdoobah Jul 17, 2014 3:15 PM
    toadear toadear Jul 17, 2014 4:33 PM Flag

    Hey, it's a biotech company, so valuations are very complex. But here are my $0.02:

    1) Could the drugs currently in R&D become viable products. (I think they almost certainly will.)

    2) How big is the potential market? (Hard to say, but I would estimate around $1 billion.)

    3) Are there any competitors to these drugs? (IMO, not really. And Ganetespib has some built-in self-protection as other biotech firms will likely concentrate some efforts on developing new drugs that work WITH Ganetespib.)

    4) How efficiently can the drugs be manufactured? (Very hard to tell, but I wouldn't think that any company would spend the money Synta has if there weren't at least reasonable margins to be realized.)

    5) How soon before drugs reach the market? This is the $30,000,000,000 question. (Slow progress leads to more cash needs, which leads to more share price dilution, which leads to lower interest in the stock, which leads to lower share prices, which leads to even greater need for shares in order to raise more cash, which leads to more share price dilution, etc. etc. etc. etc. [Note: this is the life-cycle of virtually all biotechs. Bring a product to market before all the cash is used and you might be very successful.] My guess is that Synta will have a marketable version of Ganetespib within the next 9 months.)

    Put all of the above together and I think you are looking at a stock that, before next summer, will be trading in the $20-25 range. If Ganetespib is a Grand Slam, then it could easily top $40/share.

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  • toadear toadear Jul 11, 2014 1:47 PM Flag

    True. And I don't know why I waste my time because I believe in the old adage (Mark Twain?) that says "don't argue with a fool; onlookers may not be able to tell the difference".

    However, in ericknl22's case I sincerely believe that even a child could see the blatant ignorance of his comment. Again, I know it is a waste of time, but when someone posts something so insanely stupid I just can't help but to call them out.

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  • toadear toadear Jul 11, 2014 11:55 AM Flag

    Show me one "trader" or "investor" who has NEVER bought a stock on the high side and I'll eat my hat.

    Now answer my original question. Where was the "pump" in your "pump and dump" claim? Can you give me evidence of even ONE sentence of "pump" relating to SNTA BEFORE this weeks run-up?


    That's what I thought.

    I stand by my assertion that you are one of the most ignorant, uninformed posters I have ever come across on these message boards.

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  • toadear toadear Jul 10, 2014 11:11 PM Flag

    Where, exactly, was the "pump"? There was absolutely ZERO news associated with this recent run-up in price.

    You have got to be one of the most ignorant, uninformed posters on this board.

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    Shorts are getting nervous

    by t_baroi Jul 7, 2014 1:04 PM
    toadear toadear Jul 7, 2014 1:11 PM Flag

    Chart looks like profit taking by the day traders pushed the price down to the $4.65 range right before lunch and now the short covering has begun (along with the afternoon day traders) which should propel the stock to a close in the $5.10-5.25 range.

    With NO news I would expect the price to trend back down toward $4.75, but with good news SNTA could blow through $7.00 by the end of the week.

    I have no clue if there is a pending deal out there to be announced in the next few days, but if there is, then I think we will all be looking at a $15-20 stock by the end of the month.

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    The more posts I see by the pumpers

    by ericknl22 Jul 7, 2014 10:57 AM
    toadear toadear Jul 7, 2014 12:58 PM Flag

    It's easy to pick on biotech stocks for their lack of fundamentals. But that doesn't mean there isn't inherent value in the stock. What you seem to be oblivious to is the fact that most biotechs, especially those predominantly in R&D, will NOT have solid financial fundamentals. Every investor knows this, so why not make arguments against Synta that focus on the your perceived negatives of their technology?

    My guess is that you can't. So you make yourself feel better by bashing every biotech stock you can in order to "cash-in" on the statistical probability that you will be right 90% of the time. Well, that sounds like a fun little ego boost, so I'll have a go at it myself: I predict it will rain somewhere in Florida today.....and tomorrow.....and the next day.....and the day after that.....etc., etc. etc. Man, I can't wait to get that call from The Weather Channel once they hear of me extraordinarily accurate weather predictions!

    I appreciate your tips on self-aggrandizing, but would actually be more impressed if you could at least offer any credible argument against the promise of Synta's technology.

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  • toadear toadear Jul 7, 2014 9:34 AM Flag

    WOW! You pegged that one! Amazing!

    Your in depth analysis of Synta is spot on. Thank you for the advice. If i weren't for you I would be left holding on to my shares as they moved up 5% in pre-market, and likely 15+% on the day.

    By the way, if you would like to buy some of my shares to cover your short position, I'll let you have them for a bargain at $5.99 - today only.

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    A down day today

    by iamnotanexpert Jul 7, 2014 9:06 AM
    toadear toadear Jul 7, 2014 9:24 AM Flag

    Excellent poster name! Fits you well.

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  • toadear toadear Jul 1, 2014 10:04 AM Flag

    It seems my post above was truncated. I guess Yahoo MBs don't like some symbols, or I don't know what some symbols (like the "less than" symbol) actually are intended for.

    For those that are interested here's the rest of my post:

    less than 5% since I started investing in SNTA about 9 months ago. And I am still bullish on the long-term prospects for Synta. However, I can't help but believe that the "firing" of Bernitz is, at best, a short-term negative for the Company. At worst, it could mean that raising capital in the future and/or attracting a major partner/investor is going to be very difficult.

    I don't think someone with Mr. Bernitz's resume would stand for being terminated in the fashion he was if he felt he was doing an adequate job. And I don't think it is likely that he was successful in putting something together either. Both of those scenarios would have, in all probability, called for the "resignation" of Bernitz for some benign reason.

    I think the most likely scenario is that Bernitz wasn't able to accomplish the task that he was hired to accomplish. His short tenure at Synta suggests that he was hired to do something very specific (probably negotiate a buyout or major partnership based on his background), probably with a very narrow list of companies.

    His abrupt "termination" probably resulted from the BOD feeling that the negotiations were going nowhere and Bernitz probably wanted more time or the opportunity to negotiate with a broader list of companies. Either way, it is short-term negative for Synta.

    On the positive side, the hiring/firing of Bernitz suggests that the BOD believe Syntha has SIGNIFICANT value NOW. I think this is VERY VERY BULLISH long-term. Just because a deal wasn't put together under Bernitz (also consider that Bernitz likely wouldn't have taken the job had he felt there was no value in Synta) doesn't mean that there won't be one.

    These actions make it clear that Synta is ready for, and wants, a buyout/partner.

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  • toadear toadear Jun 29, 2014 10:55 AM Flag

    Exactly what I was thinking. I'm a long too - had made over 100% trading the ups and downs, then got greedy and over-anxious and went all-in at $4.99 so am sitting on a net gain of

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    Steven Bernitz - LinkedIN page

    by jdoobah Jun 28, 2014 12:27 PM
    toadear toadear Jun 29, 2014 10:42 AM Flag

    Playing devil's advocate - it could be that he COULDN'T put a deal together?

  • I've been a trader of SNTA for almost a year. Was up almost 100% before my last blunder where I bought back in at $4.99 (still holding).

    SNTA has not been as volatile lately and I think that's about to change. I'm looking for a close tomorrow above $4.75 and next Friday above $5.25.

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  • toadear toadear Mar 19, 2014 3:24 PM Flag

    Funny. They are on the agenda for 9:45am Tomorrow (see below - copied directly from the EBCC-9 Programme):

    THU 08:45 - 10:15

    Proffered Paper : Tomorrow's Practice Changing Abstracts

    Chair: F. Penault-Llorca (France)

    Tailoring local therapy in post-menopausal endocrine responsive HER2neu negative breast cancer patients based on their genetic risk profile using Endopredict
    Speaker: F. Fitzal (Austria)

    Display abstract

    Genomic profiling of breast cancer during pregnancy
    Speaker: H. Azim jr (Belgium)

    Display abstract

    The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre experience with molecular profiling of metastatic breast cancer to screen for genotype-matched clinical trials
    Speaker: W. Chen (Canada)

    Display abstract

    A randomised phase II study evaluating anastrozole and fulvestrant in postmenopausal patients treated for large operable or locally-advanced hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer: Preliminary results
    Speaker: N. Quenel Tueux (France)

    Display abstract

    Targeting HSP90 in breast cancer: ENCHANT-1 (NCT01677455) phase 2 proof of concept study of ganetespib in first-line treatment of women with metastatic HER2 positive or triple negative breast cancer (TNBC)
    Speaker: D. Cameron (United Kingdom)

    Display abstract

    Discussant: A. Thompson (United Kingdom)

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  • toadear toadear Mar 5, 2014 4:16 PM Flag

    Could have been much worse. I think the fact that it held up well in the last hour of trading suggests that there is strong interest in buying at these levels. It took a lot of bullish sentiment to slow the momentum of that slide.

    My prediction for tomorrow and Friday:
    - Thursday open strong and move up to high $5's. If no real news by the end of the day, look for a small sell-off in the late afternoon to around $5.75.
    - Friday open VERY strong and move toward $6.50 before noon (on anticipation of news). Then a fantastic close at $7.00+ as rumors of partnership, good trial results, or buyout begin.


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    Back in at $5.79.....

    by toadear Mar 5, 2014 3:11 PM
    toadear toadear Mar 5, 2014 4:08 PM Flag

    No. I am always LONG or on the sidelines. Not a day-trader by any means (don't have the time), but look for "trading" opportunities. SNTA is one of the best I've seen in a long time as it tends to move up and down in relatively large increments.

    My goal is to make $0.50/share on each round-trip. No time frame, just do it based on feel and news (or lack thereof). I really thought SNTA would hit bottom around $5.75 - missed that call. Then again, if I get in/out within 2.5% of the bottom/top I am VERY HAPPY, and am not disappointed unless I miss it by 5%.

    With a stock that moves nearly 10-15% per week (it seems), that leaves a 5-10% profit to work with. If I had time (and always made the right call) then, on the low side, I can double my money every quarter (THEORETICALLY!).

    That's a 1500% return every year (again, IF IF IF you ALWAYS make the right call - which I don't). Overall, my realistic goal is to have a 50 to 100% return per year.

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  • Also bought IDRA a $5.81

    First time in almost a year that I have been long more than one stock at the same time. We'll see how it goes.

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