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  • tommccauley31 tommccauley31 1 hour 0 minutes ago Flag

    You never win chasing the lowest common denominator.
    Buying FVE is chasing teats on a boar.

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    Watch your backdoor Barry:

    by tommccauley31 9 hours ago
    tommccauley31 tommccauley31 9 hours ago Flag

    In the end. This is an example of RS
    There is no relative strenght to a stock
    that keeps emiting the sucking sound.
    if you get suckered into so called value
    stocks that are trading to a discount to
    so called "real intrnisic value" You are
    stuck in the mud. For the last 4 months in
    a volatile market that is ready to implode
    you are trusting a horses #$%$ that has
    been #$%$ shareholders for 15 yrs.
    Call Barry and ask for a visitation?????

  • Every shareholder of this company is willing to
    sell it for 2 cents on the dollar. In the end you're just a pork-hole.

  • tommccauley31 tommccauley31 10 hours ago Flag

    Its interesting infiniti has not made comment
    since he called everyone on this message
    board anti-semitic? Hes probably busy putting
    on lipstick to get ready for Weds. earnings
    report. If infiniti doesn't realize the level of
    angst towards crooked capitalism (aka: the
    Portnoy family) He just doesn't get it.
    Its not about ethnicity. Its about greed.

  • There is no incentive for the Portnoys
    to make FVE look good. The operation
    has simply floated with the tide.
    It has no shareholder value. And was
    never created to benefit investors.
    The best news this pig could get is
    the Ports are putting lipstick on it.

  • tommccauley31 by tommccauley31 May 1, 2016 6:38 PM Flag

    I 've not been a big fan of Chad Carlson or
    the directors and insiders at Startek.
    Last year was a fiasco IMO.
    However, most people pay little attention
    to this company. (see the avg volume)
    SRT has one thing going for it that it didn't
    in 2015. Year over year comps will improve
    as a result of the Accent acquisition.
    This will show in coming quarterly reports
    as accretion adds to revenue totals. Margins
    should also improve. There is about a week
    until the earnings announcement.
    Pay attention.

  • tommccauley31 by tommccauley31 May 1, 2016 6:21 PM Flag

    You can turn the little porker upside down,
    right side up, or inside out. There is no upside
    to a pig, and there is no upside to Barry Portnoy.
    Hes fleeced the shareholders of FVE for 15yrs
    and the only reason many stick around is to insure
    his loss by cementing ours. If Ventas came along
    with a buyout of $4 share, I'd invite it.

  • tommccauley31 by tommccauley31 Apr 30, 2016 10:16 AM Flag

    Money always goes to wherever its best treated.
    In FVE's case the money all goes into Barrys
    ponzi scheme. Since the start of 2016 FVE has
    hit new 5yr lows while the rest of the market has
    rallied back to new highs. Many who thought FVE
    was a secure safe haven because of its so called
    intrinsic value, have found what long time shareholders
    already know. FVE is a value trap.
    There is no value in a company whose mgmy interests
    remain contrary to its stake holders.
    Dozens of metal mining and energy stocks are up
    300-400% while dead money Five continue to fleece
    investors. As ugly as this equity is. It will get real
    ugly if the country retreats into another recession.
    Portnoy's portulence invitites a hostile takeover.
    He thinks it impossible? I don't think most shareholders
    would object to a small premium for Five just to depose
    the present mgmt.

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    Holding pattern until earnings next week...

    by msears99 Apr 29, 2016 10:53 AM
    tommccauley31 tommccauley31 Apr 29, 2016 1:21 PM Flag

    Not get ahead of itself? LOL
    You must lead an exciting life Mr Sears.
    At least things have perked abit.
    We've got el douche/ infiniti calling all
    the naysayers anti-simentic.
    I don't think one of my heros Sam Zell
    was anti sementic when he took Barry to
    task a couple years ago.

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    Long and painful journey:

    by tommccauley31 Apr 23, 2016 12:23 PM
    tommccauley31 tommccauley31 Apr 29, 2016 11:32 AM Flag

    There are so many spammers and krap
    on these message boards. Its hard to get
    any real commentray. Yahoo has surely
    sunk to new lows......

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    14A Filing?

    by jreb1979 Apr 26, 2016 10:24 PM
    tommccauley31 tommccauley31 Apr 29, 2016 10:02 AM Flag

    Jreb, SRT announced its 1st quarter conference call on May 5th, 2015.
    Scheduling date of the event for Monday May 11th.
    I suspect you will see announcement of the earnings date next week?

  • tommccauley31 by tommccauley31 Apr 28, 2016 10:16 AM Flag

    I've followed this company since the date it was founded
    as a packaging vendor for Microsoft and Broderbund.
    StarPak was the name.
    I've seen it evolve into the call center business and
    didn't care for the business model. No moat, low margins,
    concentrated in one vertical with telecom.
    That being said. I understand SRT's business model
    and like to follow undervalued companies in my backyard
    of Colorado. SRT has literally whipsawed investors over
    the years. The shares trade daily in very low volume
    and it can be very volatile on news.
    Because of the low volume. I thought I would point
    out something that its likely positive for SRT?
    OPTIONS activity? SRT normally reports earnings
    May 10-11. Someone has taken an in the money
    CALL of 118 contracts on the May 20th expiration.
    I have never seen any option OPEN interest in SRT
    over the years because, quite frankly,there is very little
    interest in SRT. So it is interesting that someone is
    playing the earnings report long.

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    by infinitidrivr Apr 27, 2016 9:09 AM
    tommccauley31 tommccauley31 Apr 27, 2016 9:34 AM Flag

    You're part of the RMR pie.

  • tommccauley31 tommccauley31 Apr 25, 2016 12:45 PM Flag

    Here is the fact. ArbItraging outcomes is a fools
    game. Anybody risking dollars to make pennies
    is not going to ever win. Even Uptab who pumped
    this stock for many years cannot argue with me.
    He pumped HTCH everyday. WHERE IS HE NOW?
    90% of you who have sat on HTCH for a promised
    premium of 10% gain, have missed the upside in
    gold and silver miners and other companies that
    are up 200% in 2016. Hutch is dead money and
    those who arbitraged the 10% gain stand to lose
    big time if this acquistion is denied.
    My suggestion to all of you idiots that hold this
    bogus Hutchinson based company. Feel sorry for
    the little guys who worked for Hutch and live 50 miles
    west of Mpls. The town is the loser and all of the loyal
    employees of this sham company. There will be no
    monument built to Hutchison when they pull out of
    small town Minnesota after 30 rs of bullshitting the public.
    Arbitrage all you want for a 10% gain with unlimited downside.

  • tommccauley31 by tommccauley31 Apr 25, 2016 9:49 AM Flag

    For the chart watchers. FVE has had difficulty
    breaking through its 50 day MA since Dec of
    last year. The 50 day is at $2.33.
    For the the last few trading sessons Five has
    managed to stay above the 50 day.
    FVE put in a bottom of $2 in Feb , and then
    retested $2 again in early April.
    Could this be the classic double bottom?

  • tommccauley31 by tommccauley31 Apr 25, 2016 9:26 AM Flag

    SRT 50 day MA is at $4.29 with 200 day MA @ $3.95.
    Startek is coiled to spring higher. Even the announcement
    of the May earnings release date, should do it.

  • tommccauley31 by tommccauley31 Apr 23, 2016 12:23 PM Flag

    Ten years ago VGZ hit a peak of over $10/sp after
    the spinoff of Allied Nevada. Since 06, its been a
    tough sled. If you visited this message board a
    year ago, you would find very few positive voices.
    Most contributors were naysayers who had been
    burnt as VGZ continued to seek lower lows.
    Few understood the extent of VGZ's holdings, or
    even how the companies assets were just
    waiting for the gold cycle to return positive.
    I was one of the lone voices to preach patience.
    Now here we are again. On a threshold where
    Vista is ready to ascend to new heights.
    Its like Winston Churchill said...."This is not
    the end, or the beginning of the end. This is the
    end of the beginning." There is a lot more upside
    for Vista!!!!!

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    Iinteresting momentum buiiding........

    by msears99 Apr 18, 2016 1:02 PM
    tommccauley31 tommccauley31 Apr 23, 2016 12:02 PM Flag

    Sears, Watching FVE for a heartbeat is like watching
    grass grow. If you're banking on Hillary. I feel sorrier
    for you, than I do already.
    You need to watch interest rates. The Fed wants to
    manufacture inflation, and raise interest rates.
    Interest rate increases are a killer for REIT's.
    Be careful what you wish for.
    Keep making predictions. If you get one right out of 10.
    You can become a weather forecaster.

  • tommccauley31 by tommccauley31 Apr 23, 2016 10:45 AM Flag

    If you bought into the IPO of FVE 15yrs ago, the stock
    traded for $8 and change. With the recession of 2008,
    Five hit lows of less than $2. Just 5 years ago in April
    of 2011 FVE had finally climbed out the hole to the
    $8 and change mark. But this vehicle of portulance
    has never been designed to benefit shareholders and
    here we sit back at the 5yr lows.
    If you look at the average return of the S&P since
    2008 the market is up over 100%. And yet Porky
    has porked shareholders of FVE all the way to his bank.
    FVE trades a less than half of its book value and
    the fools parade marches on.
    Its time every shareholder votes to protest
    re-election of this insider, do nothing, board member.
    Its also time to write a letter to the board of FVE
    expressing your dissatisfaction. If you don't vote
    there is no room to complain.

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    by vonaboy Apr 1, 2016 2:50 PM
    tommccauley31 tommccauley31 Apr 22, 2016 4:04 PM Flag

    Vonaboy, I've always been "out there" according to
    the ones that know me best. Heska is a company that
    has seen its lows from the bottom of the pool with
    Dr Grievious. Hes done and gone now and we have
    a guy Wilson who isn't a scientist with his head up his
    kiester running the company. This is Wilson's company
    and he will monetize for himself and shareholders.
    He's already done what Grieve couldn't do in 20 yrs in
    the last 5yrs.

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