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toobig2failagain 8 posts  |  Last Activity: Nov 20, 2014 9:19 AM Member since: Jan 29, 2013
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  • toobig2failagain by toobig2failagain Nov 20, 2014 9:19 AM Flag

    Amazing beat!! JKS should make over $3.50 / share this year (2014) and $4 - 6 / share next year.

    And trading at a forward PE of 6.72 on 2014 earnings and 4.70 on 2015 earnings est.

    Best buy in the solar field, IMHO.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • toobig2failagain by toobig2failagain Nov 20, 2014 8:35 AM Flag

    Awesome earnings. Earnings blow-out!!! $1.32 / share this quarter versus $0.72 last year.

    Analyst consensus for this quarter was only $0.71 / share. Beat this estimate by $0.61 / share -- or 86 percent.

    Revenue came in slightly lower than the estimates, but who cares if they are that profitable at these levels. PE now at ridiculously low levels. Should be priced in the $40 with these earnings!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • It is quite evident that Pharmathene's stock price is being manipulated by the MMs on very little volume.

    Oddly enough, SIGA appears to do all its banking in San Antonio, TX, when its case is being litigated in Delaware and its bankruptcy is being handled by the Bankruptcy Court in New York state. Any significance to San Antonio, or are all federal bank CBO services handled by the US military in San Antonio?

    Bankrupcy case shows no significant debts owed by SIGA, although SIGA has disclosed it has $386.7 million in "Liabilities Subject to Compromise". Interesting.... With $103 million in cash, $18 million in inventory, and $175.1 million in additional paid-in capital (hidden cash from sales?), SIGA looks quite profitable and capable of paying off its debts in BK.

    We shall see. All BK proceedings and arguments have been completed. Now just awaiting judgment from the Delaware court. Nothing on court schedule but the meeting with the creditors on 12-18-2014. With the BK proceeding finalized in mid-December, and all that hidden money in SIGAs bank (San Antonio, TX?), seems as though someone is attempting to buy this company out very soon.... Doesn't the incumbent mayor of NY city and several major New York City businessmen also bank through Citibank in San Antonio?

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • toobig2failagain by toobig2failagain Oct 27, 2014 9:47 AM Flag

    Funny how SIGA keeps going up bit by bit, while PIP is being artificially held down by the MM at a price close to that of a company in bankruptcy.

    It is as though certain thieves of Wall Street are trying to make it possible for SIGA to buy out PIP while in bankruptcy. Sad that the US has declined in moral values so badly that certain controlling banks (BofA) and MM such as Citibank work with billionaires to rob individual investors of gains so that the few can benefit greatly. Wall Street, the investment banks, and some of our brokerage firms that illegally disclose individual investor holdings to these banks get away with it without being thrown in jail for the illegal actions they do daily.

  • toobig2failagain by toobig2failagain Oct 27, 2014 9:38 AM Flag

    One of the best buys in the solar industry. Analyst est. of $0.29 for FY2015. And this is probably substantially understated.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • toobig2failagain by toobig2failagain Oct 9, 2014 12:50 PM Flag

    I have no doubt that this will be at $35 - $45 soon. Earnings are going to be huge.

    Any company with a forward PE of 10 or less, like this one, is a steal.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Seems like everyone should be exiting this position due to the bankruptcy and the most probable award of the smallpox drug to PIP in the bankruptcy proceedings.

    Yes, SIGA has its Ebola drug, but there are a lot of companies with more R&D invested in creating a vaccine for Ebola than SIGA, and SIGA has chosen to hunker down with PIP and not perform any research or anything else to LOOK LIKE it is on the road to making any substantial forms of revenue.

    I believe SIGA will lose the Ebola opportunity due to its inability to get past its lost cause with PIP regarding ST-246. SIGA could be a greatly profitable company with its unlimited funds from the ST-246, but it chooses to launder the funds and hide the revemue wth its paid corrupt accounts. The US government and BARDA do not purposefully deal with corrupt companies such as SIGA who do not disclose information properly to the public, so its efforts with Ebola and any future sales of its Smallpox drug will be limited (unless Pharmathene gains total control of the drug).

    SIGA is a lost cause with obvious corrupt management. SIGA needs to drop its current management, rename itself or sell to PIP, and quit being a deceptive company to the public and to the US government.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • toobig2failagain by toobig2failagain Oct 3, 2014 3:39 PM Flag

    Maybe I am a moron, with what I see from SEC disclosures and Parson's ruling following the Delaware SC ruling, I see that PIP is substantially undervalued.

    0 courses * $240 / course = $0 - $2 million upfront payment = ($2,000,000);

    0 courses * $240 / course = $0 - $2.7 million license fee paid to SIGA + $1.5 million (post-financing for sales $15 million) + $2 million NDA Approval = ($6,200,000);

    0 courses * $240 / course = $0;

    0 courses * $240 / course = $0;

    2,980,649 courses (consisting of 2,955,600 courses sold to the SNS and 25,049 courses sold to the DoD) * $240 / course = $715,355,760;

    2,980,649 courses * $240 / course = $715,355, 760;

    g. 2012:
    2,980,649 courses * $240 / course = $715,355, 760;

    h. 2013:
    2,980,649 courses * $240 / course = $715,355, 760;

    i. 2014:
    2,980,649 courses * $240 / course = $715,355, 760;

    Okay, it looks like the Parsons ruling will award PIP around $3.568 billion. I understand that there are probabilities involved. However, PIP will easily be worth in the double digits once the award is made and SIGA shareholders are wiped out completely. PIP will get the smallpox drug. So why is SIGA rising and why has PIP dropped so much just because SIGA declared chapter 11?

    PIP will get everything unless SIGA settles or agrees to a buyout at pennies on the dollar.

    PIP will control the smallpox drug regardless.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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