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  • truthbtoldhonest by truthbtoldhonest Sep 30, 2015 11:58 AM Flag

    and Why you ask. Because Putin now has his fingerprints all over the Middle East and those fingers will push oil higher and higher and higher. All Putin has to do is give the signal to take out Middle East Oil fields and Oil prices triple over night. Look out ERX shorts since Putin is getting ready to RUMBLE in the Middle East.

  • Think about it. Putin strategic move into Syria will lots of Fighter Jets, Tanks, Soldiers is for one reason. As Russia's flexes it muscle in Syria, Iraq and beyond oil rises. And should Putin decide to take out a few oil fields in the Middle East - Oil could explode higher. Its all about Oil now and pushing prices higher so Russia can rebuild in crumbling economy on higher oil prices. In other words - go long Uwti for an easy double in near future.

  • Putin just deployed an array of jets and missiles to the Middle East. But they’re not the kind of weapons he’d need to fight ISIS. They’re built for countering another major power.

    Look out Dust Longs because Russia - U.S. getting ready to Rumble in Middle East. (and maybe soon in Ukraine). BOOM - Gold Going Higher before you Know What Hits You.

  • Putin just deployed an array of jets and missiles to the Middle East. But they’re not the kind of weapons he’d need to fight ISIS. They’re built for countering another major power.

    This is how wars start between World Power's - Boy and Girls. And its now happening on your SHIFT.

  • truthbtoldhonest by truthbtoldhonest Sep 25, 2015 3:16 PM Flag

    Get your flashlights out boys since you might need them Monday. Market thought good things were happening today until it woke up and realize either a Fed rate hike hits in 30 days or a 1000 point Dow drop hits in two weeks, Either way volatility is back in SPADES.

  • because the market drop form 230 today tells me "Black Monday" is a sure thing.

  • truthbtoldhonest by truthbtoldhonest Sep 25, 2015 3:12 PM Flag

    and you guys want to play Spy up or down for a few pennies. Geeez

  • because we will soon drop to lower floors as we trend lower, and lower and lower. Come mid October Alibaba will be in $40's as Jack Ma gets ready to sell his new 155 million dollar home at a loss. When China bubble pops it take everyone with it. Especially rich billionaire who will soon be just be millionaires.

  • and once they come into this new world, I plan to take leave of absence and and count the millions I made off stupid Yahoo investors. Yahoo trading at all time "lows" as the CEO gets ready to take 3 month maternity leave and watch the stock nose dive into nothingness.

  • truthbtoldhonest by truthbtoldhonest Sep 17, 2015 9:46 AM Flag

    if Fed holds off rate hike. Well $6 a share might just be possible come Friday close - if not sooner.

  • truthbtoldhonest by truthbtoldhonest Sep 17, 2015 9:45 AM Flag

    and the nice thing is ever at $4 a pop its still cheap. Look for Congress to shut down govt. in a few weeks as Middle East wars go off the charts. Fed sits on sidelines as does nothing as Gold races higher. No brainer buying NUGT under $4 a share and hold for the easy double.

  • Down she goes today boys.

    "The underlying economic data in the U.S. warrants a rate hike. The U.S economy can stand it. The U.S. economy in my view actually needs it medium- to long-term and I'm pretty convinced that the U.S. will see a rate hike, most likely in September," Axel Weber, now chairman of UBS (Swiss Exchange: UBSG-CH) and formerly president of Germany's central bank, told CNBC on Tuesday.

  • seems there is nothing other then that to push stock market way up today. With weak Industrial Production numbers I assume Market takes that as a "Green Light" for the Fed to hold off rate hike Thursday. Or am I missing something else pushing market higher?

  • truthbtoldhonest by truthbtoldhonest Sep 14, 2015 11:25 AM Flag

    Think not. Rather had Baba just get it over with a drop to $40 or lower and then see which way the stock trades. This Chinese water torture of $2 - $3 drops every day is not only depressing, its unfortunately the long term trend now since Chinese government has no idea how to stop its crumbling economy and all Jack Ma can do is sell his insider shares as fast as he can before they drop 50%. Oh and Softbank and many other will be dumping shares ASAP, versus holding into the deep abyss.

  • simply because the world is going to hell in a hand basket and come Thursday the Fed holds off a rate hike as gold Soars Higher.

  • So go long Gold on Monday and Short the dollar. Yellen can't raise rates with China economy in Free Fall.

    Chinese investment grew at the slowest pace in 15 years in the first eight months of 2015 as factory output disappointed, raising fears that third quarter growth would drop below 7pc for the first time since the financial crisis. Fixed-asset investment, which covers expenditure on a wide range of assets from plant and machinery to infrastructure, expanded by 10.9pc in the year to August.This was weaker than the 11.1pc increase expected by economists and represents the slowest rise since 2000. The slowdown was driven by weaker property investment, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.Industrial output was also weaker than expected, rising by 6.1pc in the year to August compared with expectations for a 6.4pc increase. Economists said Sunday's figures provided further evidence that the world's second largest economy is cooling.

  • truthbtoldhonest by truthbtoldhonest Sep 11, 2015 10:03 AM Flag

    and it all starts next week when the "Fed" says no rate hike this month, next month and possibly not even in December. Nugt sreams over $5 a share next Thursday and might even close over $10 a share by end of month. All Aboard

  • truthbtoldhonest by truthbtoldhonest Sep 11, 2015 9:59 AM Flag

    and that's a very conservative estimate. If Fed moves to delay rate hike next week then Gold jumps. Especially so with Russia now fighting two wars. One in Ukraine and one in Syria. Throw in pending U.S. govt. shutdown at end of month and gold could really fly higher, way higher. Watch Yellen throw the "rate hike option" out the window next week and Nugt climbing over $5 a share and heading for $10 by end of month. BOOM

  • truthbtoldhonest truthbtoldhonest Sep 11, 2015 9:54 AM Flag

    Jack will do anything to keep his 155 million dollar new home and stock options above $40 a share. He is already throwing a 4 billion dollar stock buy back at Baba stock and its done nothing to stop the selling down trend. Of course he is worried insiders dump on September 20 (or what ever date) the stock lock up expires. You would too if you were holding several million shares of Alibaba shares and have invested in so many (loser Chinese companies) that you company stock share price could be cut in half. So Jack's desperate and will do anything to protect his shrinking nest egg. Well on the bright side once Alibaba hits Sub $50 a share in ten days or less Jack will still have a "Fat Head" and his 155 million dollar mansion.

  • Talk about a massive Tsunami coming next week for BABA. Its going to be awful for Alibaba longs since insiders who had to hold Alibaba stock as it dropped to new all time lows, will sell there shares like there is no tomorrow come stock lock up expiration date. With Alibaba management coming out and saying "the company will report a HUGE MISS" the coming quarterly report due to slumping China economy, you know Alibaba stock will be in the low $40's next week, possibly high $30's as the big boys dump their underwater shares as fast as they can. It going to be SO UGLY.

    Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba has lowered its sales estimates for the third quarter, in the latest sign that flagging economic growth is hitting consumer spending. As China’s economy has slowed, further buffeted this summer by a depreciating renminbi and stock market collapse, “we are observing some negative impact of the magnitude of the spending”, Jane Penner, Alibaba’s head of investor relations, said at a tech conference in New York. Referring to internal targets for gross merchandise value — a measure of the total value of all goods sold on its platforms — Ms Penner said that for the quarter ending in September, GMV “will be mid-single digits lower than our initial expectations”.

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