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  • Low volume premarket trading is killing BP. Once again BP is down almost 1% on less than 50,000 shares traded in the premarket. BP average daily volume is 5 million, it is amazing to see how low volume like today's premarket trading has on the stock. Over the past 5 days BP has been down in premarket trading each day just like today again. It is also very interesting to see that the trades are in blocks of 100 (driving bid ask lowers). Looks like someone or a hedge fund is driving this stock down. Premarket trading is BS.....

  • u087787 u087787 Aug 4, 2015 6:51 PM Flag

    Over reaction to earnings, DIS will not open 6%+ lower before the opening bell. I agree the stock will be down tomorrow but not 6%.

  • What is the excuse of the day for SWKS being down again? Bad earnings - no, bad guidance in the future - no, Apple crashing - no Apple is up today, must be the Chinese government passed a law banning the purchase of new cell phones and all SWKS business comes from China!!! This BS is getting old, once again the worse performing horsemen.

  • Market is heading higher and SWKS is going down, no support. The biggest surprise to me is there is no rebound after the big drop from 106.5 to 93 this week (after earnings). In the past when the stock took a big hit it would start to recover shortly after. Not a good sign right now.

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    NXPI was a good beat and guidance

    by dividendseeker Jul 29, 2015 9:02 PM
    u087787 u087787 Jul 29, 2015 9:29 PM Flag

    The real kicker is NXPI is down less than 1% and SWKS is down 7 % in the past week.

  • Will SWKS continue to get killed tomorrow or will SWKS turn around, this has been a very bad week - 106.5 to 92.5.

  • I remember not to long ago MU was the turd of semis, not it appears to be SWKS. MU is now on a roll, amazing....

  • SWKS did not have a strong rally today, up 2.34% on a 190 points or 1.09% rally on the DOW, average volume for SWKS too. Yesterday the DOW was down less than 1% and SWKS was down almost 5%, heavy volume. Will SWKS continue to rise or will we see more selling pressure starting back up soon? This crazy talk about China is putting a serious hurt on this stock. I just wonder in the short to mid term will SWKS continue to struggle? I am still long SWKS but feeling a lot pain and some lack of confidence with SWKS. Will see how the rest of the pans out.

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  • Can't understand how SWKS is once again the worse performing horsemen. Down from 106.5 to 94, almost a 12% drop in two days, stock should be up 10%. I understand all this China #$%$ is going on but this drop makes no sense on a strong earnings report and a solid guidance next quarter. You expect a big drop like this on a big earnings miss. Bunch of BS...

  • How low does SWKS go today/ week with all this China #$%$ going on? Will today be another big surprise with a 5% drop?

  • u087787 u087787 Jul 24, 2015 8:16 PM Flag

    This explains why the stock went down today, the street was expecting 10 upgrades..... Just joking, today's drop was BS......

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    100 block trades

    by ogletree.daniel Jul 24, 2015 3:23 PM
    u087787 u087787 Jul 24, 2015 3:53 PM Flag

    Are they selling or buying?

  • SWKS moved from 106.5 (pre-market) to 98.5 on a great earnings quarter. I do not believe this is simple profit taken, first hour of trading. As fast as buyers were starting to move back into the stock large sell orders were coming in right behind it, looks like some one/ institution with a lot of money is driving this stock down. Over 4 million shares traded in the first hour, 4 million is more than the daily average. AVGO, QRVO and NPXI are down too but near 4+% like SWKS, also the volume for the other horsemen are no where near 4 million shares or near their daily volume. Something does not add up here. I have no concerns that SWKS will bounce back in the near future but SWKS is starting to trade like a penny stock, big movements on no real news but pure stock manipulation for some reason. SWKS is quality stock and will continue to go higher and reward the longs but this short term volatility will give the longs and short term investors ulcers. What is your opinion? Full disclosure I own the stock, long term investor.

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    by billythart Jul 21, 2015 7:17 AM
    u087787 u087787 Jul 21, 2015 4:12 PM Flag

    Natural gas is not going higher because they are only taking down rigs that drill vertical or directional and leaving the horizontal rigs operational. Horizontal drilling rigs produce all the natural gas through fracking. They can drill underground in any direction unlike vertical/ directional rigs that drill straight down/ one direction. This is why we see less rigs but more gas being extracted from the ground. Plus it is much cheaper in the long run to drill a well we're fracking can be done. Also keep in mind in nat gas goes higher producer will open up the other wells quickly putting more nat gas on the market. Nat gas does not have a bright future right now.

  • u087787 by u087787 Jul 20, 2015 10:23 AM Flag

    Natural gas is heading back down to 2.65, to much gas on the market and no real strong factors to support it (higher prices). Strong supply - we are 70+ over 5 year averages, weather is not hot enough in key regions (weather report today shows cooler weather than forecast weeks back) and not enough rigs taken off line (directional and vertical rigs are lower but horizontal rigs). Horizontal rigs are the main rigs that support fracking. Weekly report averages are much higher than in the past 5 years, continuing to build supply and putting pressure on prices.

  • u087787 by u087787 Jul 8, 2015 10:07 AM Flag

    Poorest performing stock among the four horsemen. This BS is getting old.

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  • Hoping earnings will turn this stock around shortly, God knows this Greek BS will be going on for long time. Can't forget the fed's BS is lingering too.

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  • Interesting how SWKS is taking a dive in the past week. How does SWKS have anything to do with Greece? Market is down less then a half of a point and SWKS is down over 2.5% today, down over 6% in the past two days? Is this a case of investors taking profit to invest in other places like oil or is this a case where hedge funds are pounding the stock (shorting the stock)? Also, very interesting how SWKS is the worse performing amount the four horsemen, not making sense.

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  • Little surprise with SWKS performance today on a big market up day. SWKS is still down over 7% from it's 52 week high (112+). It appears that the four horsemen are all following the same pattern as SWKS. Maybe this afternoon will see a big turn around. Long on SWKS....

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  • When will BK announce the dividend for the quarter? Does it normally happen before earnings or after? Thanks.....

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