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  • ualdayan ualdayan Dec 5, 2014 5:51 PM Flag

    Rally? The S&P is up 0.17%, the Dow is up 0.33%, and NASDAQ 0.24%. The 'just going with the market' doesn't explain today because we've had plenty of days where the market was up significantly more than that and we weren't up anywhere near the 3.33% we were up today. No, this isn't simple 'just going with the market' behavior for the OLBs.

  • Pretty much said it all in the subject. Did something happen that I missed? I mean, it's GREAT to look up my stocks, and see ETFC doing so well today, but then I go to read the news section and don't see any news. Then I looked up AMTD and SCHW and saw them up too so I guess it's just the brokerage industry in general - but why?

  • ualdayan ualdayan Dec 1, 2014 10:23 PM Flag

    Well, that's just it - once he did what he was told to do (the modern day image you might have of a Catholic priest wasn't around back then - even Christianity didn't exist yet - so it wasn't a priest that told him to do it, he was told to do it directly - in many cases messages were mentioned to have been delivered specifically via dreams). Jonah went to Nineveh, was granted audience with their king, and changed the entire way the city behaved. Jonah however was angry afterwards, he didn't want to warn them, he didn't want them to change, and he didn't want them to be spared (understandable that if somebody has done horrible things you might not want them to just be completely forgiven even if they truly change for the better - and Nineveh was the kind of head on pike to all strangers kind of evil.)

    I don't know if you read this far, but afterwards Jonah wanted God to kill him, he didn't want to live in the world where Nineveh was spared punishment, so as Jonah slept one night a plant grew and provided shade. Jonah loved the shade (we are talking about the Middle East - shade would be very welcome), but the next day the plant was killed by worms. The sun and the wind beat down on Jonah and he again just wanted to be killed again. That's when he's told to think about how much he missed that plant that had only existed for one day - and think why Nineveh, a city of more than 120,000 people, should be given every chance to turn towards doing good.

  • ualdayan ualdayan Dec 1, 2014 10:02 PM Flag

    You know what they say about those who assume things right? You'd be hard pressed to find a whole lot of pro GOP posts in my post history.

  • ualdayan ualdayan Dec 1, 2014 1:53 PM Flag

    What the Bible says is that Jonah was told to deliver a message to a people he hated, that if they didn't change their evil ways God would wipe them out. Jonah, hating the people (because of how evil they were) knew if he delivered the message they would change their ways, and God would forgive them. He wanted them to be wiped out, so instead of delivering the message he was told to deliver - he just ran away. Far away. The fish was simply taking him to where was suppose to be going, showing him that he couldn't just run away and forget what he'd be told to do.

    As far as the word fish goes - keep in mind if you read fish that means you're reading a translation of the Greek version, which itself was a translation of the Hebrew version. Certain nuances don't translate as well to English (in modern terms - think about how French and other similar languages have both male and female words - English doesn't for example.) In the Greek it's 'ketos megas'. Which is a word they used back then to represent something every culture knew about, but had a different word for - basically the sea dragons they drew on all their maps back then.

  • ualdayan ualdayan Nov 18, 2014 11:35 AM Flag

    I think it says a lot that you would put the phrase people in quotes. Healthcare subsidies are based on income, the amount you have coming in, not the amount you have going out. It's not based on what you spend or where, it's based on how much do you have coming in. The figures have been determined by calculating average rent, and average food cost, and then determining how much somebody can afford for the insurance by taking that income and subjecting normal living expenses. When you're low income you aren't out at the club - you are having to spend over half your income on rent alone (over a quarter of all Americans now), then food eats up a significant portion of what's left. Do some families buy cable TV as their one source of entertainment? Yes. Are they all running around with iPhone 6s? No, most are on prepaid phone service if they have any at all and on prepaid you're paying full price for your phone. Most people of even middle income balk when they find out the off contract price of an iPhone is $650+tax.

    You know why United Healthcare is trimming doctors from its plans? It isn't the ACA. Those doctor's didn't play ball when the insurance company came and said we want to pay you less. That's private enterprise for you. Does the ACA pay the same for Medicare Advantage as it spends on Medicare now? Yes. Doesn't that make sense? Why would you pay an insurance company more to do something than you can do it yourself, particularly when that company claims 'they can do things more efficiently, and bring down cost'? Either a company like United Healthcare can't do things as cost efficiently as government (and that's why they're having to lower their service provided while getting paid the same as government spends on Medicare for a person), or United Healthcare is trying to take people for a ride by getting paid the same as Medicare, yet providing worse service than government. Now that payment per person is the same, it's up to you to decide which.

  • ualdayan ualdayan Nov 17, 2014 11:14 PM Flag

    You say 'ACA members' but there is no such thing. There is no 'ACA insurance', the exchange is just a place for insurance companies to list plans on and let you compare plans and prices. The insurance plan you pick is a plan with a company - not the government. People who get insurance from the exchange will be paying a premium to an insurance company already in your area - a company your doctor can be in network with or not be in network with at his choosing. There is no 'extra' paperwork for somebody who has insurance from the exchange or somebody who has it partially paid for by their employer.

    When doctors complain about the ACA they almost always are complaining about the extra justification they have to provide when receiving payments directly from the government, eg Medicare. When it comes to any other part of government, those that are against the ACA would be CHEERING the idea of government more closely watching what it spends and trying to reduce waste.

  • ualdayan ualdayan Nov 17, 2014 4:43 PM Flag

    Actually Obamacare overhauled insurance, not physicians. The only extra work a physician's office might have is if they're receiving government payments then they have to justify it more - something the opposition to Obamacare champion when it comes to people receiving subsidies towards health insurance (how many of the opponents to Obamacare want to make it harder and harder for people to do the paperwork related to proving their income?).

    Assuming you're telling the truth, and he's telling the truth, that means he was in fact receiving government funds. In that case, why is it that making him justify those funds is wrong, but making other people justify receiving government funds ok (as many opponents to Obamacare believe)? Things like 'payment for results' should only encourage better behavior right? If you're not giving out quality care, and statistically it shows that your patients have worse outcomes on the same conditions compared to other people going to other doctors for the same condition - should you still be paid the same?

  • ualdayan ualdayan Nov 12, 2014 4:56 PM Flag

    They're getting rid of all of the 6.75% according to the news release I read.

  • ualdayan ualdayan Nov 1, 2014 8:36 AM Flag

    Yes, of course, ignore the whole comment. Ignore everything factual, then say something completely off the wall instead 'Oh, is that your best comeback' all because you know every bit of my post is true. Companies pick and choose who they want to serve ALL the time, and they don't have to tell you the reason why they don't want to serve you. That's a fact, and you know it.