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    What does Ocat really offer?

    by umustbinsane Jun 29, 2015 1:14 PM
    umustbinsane umustbinsane Jun 29, 2015 1:40 PM Flag

    On the contrary, I was quite specific to allude to the fact that this is not a work at home facility but would rather require substantial investments in production facilities worldwide. I do not think that shipping the stem cells worldwide by jet plane will be very cost effective or very efficient. The labs will have to be built in Asia, Europe, South America and staffed with trained specialist.. In order to get a return on investment you need to start making money first and I believe it will take some years to earn enough to realize a return. After all, how much money has been expensed since the start of the company without a single profit? Millions upon millions. Lanza has said many things. 2020 to start seeing dollars? That is another 5 years. I hope at the current burn rate they make it through this year.

  • umustbinsane by umustbinsane Jun 29, 2015 1:14 PM Flag

    Ocat is not developing a new drug that will improve eyesight or cure blindness, it is simply using bio engineered stem cells in an implant therapy to fight against debilitating eye conditions. If it proves completely successful after what seems as the longest medical trials in history they will simply have gotten the OK to readily perform the procedure in any hospital capable of providing the trained eye doctors to implant the stem cells and provide follow up treatment. Ask yourself, can OCAT package stem cells and sell them in a capsule which is really what a big Pharma would want.? I do not think so. Stems cells are produced in sterilized lab conditions. Can they be massed produced and immediately place in plastic bottles like pills? I do not think so. They will probably require many specialized facilities and specialized delivery services providing the specialized handling to get the cells from lab to hospital. What would the cost be to set up all of these facilities to handle the millions of patients expected worldwide? How long will it take to train the technicians once the FDA approval is given? How much money will be needed and what will the cost be? The reality of it all is that OCAT is just trying to get FDA approval to use their engineered stem cells in an lmplant therapy as part of a medical procedure.. What does that offer a big Pharma? Nothing. The big drug companies sell drugs period. They do not make money off of patients getting the type of treatment OCAT offers. OCAT will make its money how? Selling its bio engineered stem cells to hospitals where the procedures will be performed. I am sure that OCAT will make money some day, but how much longer will it take and how much more will it cost? Ask yourself, are they really a candidate for a buy-out? Can they keep raising millions upon millions to finally sell their bio engineered stem cells? There is a lot of food for reasonable thought.