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    Are we ready?

    by springer_1994 Mar 11, 2015 9:33 AM
    unclefulbert unclefulbert Mar 11, 2015 4:16 PM Flag


    Yes and no ... Near the end, Obama had let up the rhetoric in order to repair their relationship going into the general election. In the middle game, she might have a tiny popularity lead but certainly not clear majority. I also followed the election diligently and got into heated arguments with close friends as if on religion. My recollection was Billary campaigned hard in California, a late State to the polls, and won it decisively. Why? because Billary had Pelosi and Boxer and Feinstein batting for them ... no one dared to go against the machine.

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    Myth of Hillary Clinton Destroying Emails

    by trueallday Mar 11, 2015 4:04 PM
    unclefulbert unclefulbert Mar 11, 2015 4:09 PM Flag


    It took her a whole week to address the accusations and failed to explain the whys. I did not like her during the Obama run in 08 ... recall Billary told Obama and his supporters that it was Hillary's turn and than Chelsea's and then ... may be Lewinsky? Like I said many times over the years, Bill destroyed the middle class with his NAFTA and Glass-Steagall repeal. Hillary had done absolutely NOTHING for the country as a Senator or SOS other than spending their time to build up the Clinton Foundation and Hillary of 2016.

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    Are we ready?

    by springer_1994 Mar 11, 2015 9:33 AM
    unclefulbert unclefulbert Mar 11, 2015 3:02 PM Flag

    2008 Democratic Popular Vote

    Popular Vote Count

    State Date Obama Clinton Spread

    Popular Vote Total 17,535,458 48.1% 17,493,836 48.0% Obama +41,622 +0.1%

    Estimate w/IA, NV, ME, WA* 17,869,542 48.2% 17,717,698 47.8% Obama +151,844 +0.4%

    Popular Vote (w/MI)** 17,535,458 47.4% 17,822,145 48.1% Clinton +286,687 +0.8%

    ****(Senator Obama took his name off the Michigan Ballot. Uncommitted was on the ballot and received 238,168 votes as compared to 328,309 for Senator Clinton.)

  • unclefulbert unclefulbert Mar 11, 2015 2:54 PM Flag

    47 signatures was shy of 51 for majority authorization ...

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    Are we ready?

    by springer_1994 Mar 11, 2015 9:33 AM
    unclefulbert unclefulbert Mar 11, 2015 2:49 PM Flag


    Billary did carry tax cut for the 1% and repealed Glass-Steagall. And don't forget nafta. I would also put the blame on him closing his eyes on multinationals hiding taxes overseas.

    While I admire Warren's stand for the middle class, she has shown no interest on foreign policy which really is paramount for POTUS.

    Last, I really do not want politicians over 66 who would turn 70 in final year running our country.

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    Real Unemployment (U6), is 11%!!!!!!

    by cap_pig11 Mar 6, 2015 11:45 AM
    unclefulbert unclefulbert Mar 11, 2015 12:11 PM Flag

    Unemployment Rate - U6
    1994 - 2015
    Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
    1994 11.8 11.4 11.4 11.2 10.8 10.9 10.7 10.5 10.4 10.3 10.1 10.0

  • In Iowa last weekend, Walker announced a new stance on ethanol subsidies when he told voters in the corn-rich state he supports a federal mandate requiring that the corn-based biofuel be added to gasoline.

    In 2013, Walker told the Wausau Daily Herald "it makes sense" to provide a pathway for illegal immigrants to be granted citizenship, hinting his support for amnesty.
    However, on March 1, Walker acknowledged to Fox News that he has switched sides on the issue.
    "My view has changed," Walker said.
    Walker attributed his shift on amnesty to an increased awareness of the immigration system.

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    Are we ready?

    by springer_1994 Mar 11, 2015 9:33 AM
    unclefulbert unclefulbert Mar 11, 2015 11:31 AM Flag


    I have beeb in your camp for many years: But I'd never vote for Hillary. I wonder how many middle-of-the-roaders feel the same way?

    By the way, Bill said Saudi money is good because Clinton Foundation supports women rights, even though Saudi women are often stoned to death for "infidelity". Wonder if #$%$ money is good because Clinton Foundation objects genocide ...

  • Amazon may be the 800-pound gorilla of the cloud computing market, but Google is roaring like a lion about its new super-cheap "nearline" cloud storage service.

    Google on Wednesday announced Google Cloud Storage Nearline, which will cost just 1 cent per gigabyte per month for data that will be accessed in three seconds or less.

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    meanwhile president peace prize*

    by hugebettyfan Mar 10, 2015 4:51 PM
    unclefulbert unclefulbert Mar 11, 2015 9:33 AM Flag


    Again, you need to stop the nonsense rebroadcasting the fox news paid gop anti-obama mouth pieces. Obama has refused gop's call to supply arms in Ukraine. He is doing everything he can to avoid shedding our soldier's blood for multinational arms dealers and oil companies.

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    Hillary not believable at press conference

    by maiturr Mar 10, 2015 3:44 PM
    unclefulbert unclefulbert Mar 11, 2015 9:29 AM Flag

    fan, She needs to come clean and be frank as Obama has been ... she ought to talk to general petraeus

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    This is from Daily Caller.

    by ndfirstsection Mar 10, 2015 4:16 PM
    unclefulbert unclefulbert Mar 10, 2015 4:26 PM Flag

    Gee, 80,000 gun nuts or ammo/gun workers voted. Heck, if ATF polls for proposed ban for SAMs, you'll get the same folks would leave critical remarks as well.

    Australia, Japan, UK, Germany and others all ban those ammo and their guns. You calling them socialist countries now?

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    Hillary not believable at press conference

    by maiturr Mar 10, 2015 3:44 PM
    unclefulbert unclefulbert Mar 10, 2015 4:20 PM Flag


    You have to give the critics some credit. My questions are plenty besides the fact that she took so long to answer the accusations. If someone asked me, I would have replied with my true intention immediately as I must had thought long and hard and went out the way to set up a separate server for personal email.

    And did she have a separate email server as a Senator? Did she have already a personal email address as partner of the Clinton Foundation? Did any other Cabinet members, past or present, have their own personal email servers?

    I didn't vot for her in 2008 but have followed her careers as a Senator and SOS. She had done nothing but campaign for her 2016 POTUS run. Because of her decision to run, a generation of younger democrats are lost among the Billary Ceiling. Shame.

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    An Imperial Proclamation

    by springer_1994 Mar 10, 2015 8:41 AM
    unclefulbert unclefulbert Mar 10, 2015 4:06 PM Flag


    A dark day for USA. The morons have done nothing for the American people except:
    1. Trying to get us into another war and our sons killed on the opposite side of the world
    2. Repeal Obamacare despite of positive cost reports from CBO and making us healthy
    3. Obstruct temporary immigration rule until we have a solution for the millions of illegals
    4. Passed the Canadian job bill in the form of Keystone while banning US made pipes and American workers
    etc .etc.

  • WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. employers advertised the most jobs in 14 years in January, and more workers quit — both signs of a steadily strengthening job market.
    Related Stories

    Job openings rose 2.5 percent to nearly 5 million, the most since January 2001, the Labor Department said Tuesday. The number of people who quit their jobs increased 3 percent to 2.8 million, the most in more than six years.

    More quits are generally a sign of confidence in the economy, because people typically leave their jobs when they either have another one lined up, often at higher pay, or are optimistic that they can find a new position.

    Increased openings are usually followed by stronger job gains. Steady economic growth, powered largely by consumer spending, has boosted businesses' confidence in the economy and made them more willing to hire.

    The figures follow another strong monthly jobs report released Friday. Employers added 295,000 jobs in February, extending a robust streak of hiring that began last year. The number of Americans earning paychecks has jumped nearly 3.3 million in the past year, the best 12-month gain since March 2000.

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    Come on guys, lets keep this HP board

    by elizaebay Mar 10, 2015 2:27 PM
    unclefulbert unclefulbert Mar 10, 2015 3:03 PM Flag


    What positive news? More layoff? Another piece of real estate sold off?

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    Hillarys secret e-mail server

    by sick_of_blax Mar 10, 2015 2:29 PM
    unclefulbert unclefulbert Mar 10, 2015 2:45 PM Flag

    Billary have been inside the political circle for too long. They are well beyond redemption.

  • unclefulbert unclefulbert Mar 9, 2015 4:27 PM Flag

    I opined a few times last two weeks that I won't consider to long HPQ above $30 ... Suggest for you to read the earnings CC and comments from others.

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    Nobel Prize committee redeems itself

    by hugebettyfan Mar 9, 2015 11:56 AM
    unclefulbert unclefulbert Mar 9, 2015 4:25 PM Flag


    How many of our boys died the month before Obama won the election in 2008, and how many last month in 2015?

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