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    10000 SHARES TODAY AT 0.0007

    by stocksintrigue Mar 21, 2014 2:54 PM
    up_yours_beotch up_yours_beotch Mar 21, 2014 8:39 PM Flag

    Do you honestly believe with commissions at $5 to $15 at most brokerages some retail trader is actually buying $7 worth of shares for a trade?! LOL
    I have some Florida swamp land you may be interested in purchasing.
    The quotes are phony, the trades are phony, no retail traders are buying or selling this even if they wanted to they cannot because of the DTC global lock. The fake bid is $0.0001 and the fake ask is $0.0007. The crony MMs have printed the tape for so long there is no where else to go but to flip it amongst themselves from the fake bid to the fake ask and back again, rinse/repeat. Each time it goes up anyone still holding shares, (because they cannot get out because they never had any shares in the first place because they were duped and defrauded by their own brokerages buying fake electronic markers instead of real shares), get some new hope and then each time it gets printed back down to $0.0001 they lose all that hope again.
    Its a tactic so that over time they change sentiment and the behavior of holders so that they have no more hope left. Then the holders get to the end of their rope and sell all out at $0.0001, thereby allowing the crony MMs to cover all the naked shorts for the maximum possible profit. Remember, all the cronies naked shorted on July 1rst 2011 at $0.022 to the tune of half the float worth of electronic markers (IOU phony shares that never existed while they STOLE their own clients money). Less than half of all those shorts have been covered since the lock, so, there is no reason why they would decide to cover at any price above $0.0007 unless they were forced to by FINRA and/or the lock came off and buyers were competing with them for shares the price skyrockets.

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    1.2 Mil in sharecount

    by trollen32 Mar 7, 2014 4:41 PM
    up_yours_beotch up_yours_beotch Mar 8, 2014 8:54 PM Flag

    Yes, ever since the lock the tape has been only printed with bogus shufflings of electronic markers from one account to another and back again as the price has been printed lower and lower all the way down to triple one. The only brokerage rumored to allow clients to submit buy orders is Options Xpress and no doubt all they are doing is taking the money from their clients for buy orders and short selling each and every trade to fill the buy orders. That is why no matter what "trade" fires off at whatever price there will always be a brokerage or MM who quickly prints it back down to triple one, because they can. Why wouldn't a crony broker take advantage of this illegal lock by simply shorting any bid above triple one they can get their hands on, fill the order with an electronic marker and then turn around and print another trade right after at triple one, that way on their own books they are showing a paper profit. In their minds, so long as the lock remains for years and years, eventually the buyer will lose patience and sell at triple one and they get to realize the gain or else the stock gets delisted and they never have to cover the short and they get to keep all the buyers money.
    Gotta love this market and the self regulated private company called the DTCC.

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  • up_yours_beotch up_yours_beotch Jan 31, 2014 12:28 AM Flag

    Who are you referring to by "they"? The DTC is basically a collection of the nation of brokerage houses, their interests and a board of directors of whom primarily run all the major financial banks and investment firms. These are the same cronies who naked short the micro caps into the ground then tie up the lose ends with global locks and chills so that none of the shorts have to be covered. Read Regulation SHO to find out how these firms are able to do this, it's because of intentional loop holes in the SEC and FINRA regulations, that allow criminal market participants to close down a stock after massive and "unusual" "activity" in the stock. Effectively the SEC is complicit as they just stand by and watch it happen to retail investors over and over again. The SEC is in the pocket of the DTCC. They basically are telling the big firms its ok to pollute the share pool and siphon millions from retail investors and we, the SEC, got your back, we'll make sure to clean up behind you in the massive pump and dump ponzi naked short selling scam so you can keep all your winnings (loot).
    The DTCC doesnt have to have an official reason, they can merely have "concerns" that part or all of the shares they hold on deposit are not "fungible". There are currently TWO individuals at the DTCC making such decisions so at anytime your stock could be another victim of this insider government aided securities fraud. So long as those two individuals, the SEC and higher ups are getting their pay-offs this fraudulent activity will likely continue.
    The prey is typically micro caps which are too weak to fight back and already have legal or financial issues to deal with. The attack dogs are crony market manipulators who sell phantom shares. "They" are not holding any investors' "shares" at all. There are no "shares", all the money they stole from investors to purchase stock was just put into their firms' accounts with no delivery of real shares. They are holding your money hostage not shares.

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