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  • uptabdowntab uptabdowntab Apr 14, 2016 4:40 PM Flag

    You made $675 and you feel good about it? You really are a waste of a lifeform (too harsh I know so don't take it personally). What is wrong with people like you? If you are going to do that sort of stuff (flip), do it with a huge massively liquid stock that bounces around. BAC is my favorite for those games.

    Think about it, the stock moved 30% and you only made $675 and it took a few weeks or a month. Whatever.

  • uptabdowntab uptabdowntab Mar 28, 2016 1:45 PM Flag

    It's about time they claw for pennies. It doesn't exactly take a genius to figure out how to squeeze 4 or 5million (EPS of 6 cents) in Net Income from $80+million in revenue. What it does take is some sticktoittiveness and drive and confidence and willingness to claw for pennies. By the end of this calendar year, we should all have a good idea if they are working toward sustained profitability. So far everything I have seen (not using ATM, axing 3 big guys+37%+saving $ on Toronto+only $3mil sev in Q4) suggests they have the correct focus. Time will tell.

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    Rhetorical ques/Harmonix Fig campaign article

    by smurfdeej Apr 6, 2016 8:06 AM
    uptabdowntab uptabdowntab Apr 6, 2016 1:00 PM Flag

    All she did was pull out the ol calculator and punch in a a few numbers.......(0.0 x 100) + (.06 x 20) = 1.2 (maybe didn't need the calc for that, not sure)......(0.10 x 50) + (.06 x 20) = 6.2

    Then she says to herself.....hhhhmmmmmm, would I rather have 1.2mil in net income or 6.2million in net income? 6.2 seems to be she says......better start working ourselves in that direction.

    First roadblock....the guy who would rather have 100mil in rev at 0 margins. Done
    Second step.....dig out from under the RB noose/commit....Done.
    Third step.....allocate the finite resources to the 10% margin stuff....Done
    Fourth step.....let the team(s) do their job (in process).
    Fifth step......

    None of this is rocket science but it does take effort and guts and work and drive.

  • I had been watching CNAT for a couple three months due primarily to hopeful. He has been on fire with his picks this year. Anyway, biotech/drug dev is not my thing so I didn't buy any but continued watching....and kicking myself. So last night I read the release and figure "no chance of buying any shares below $5 today", then I checked out the afterhours action and thought...hhhmmmm, ok, but should be up more so maybe if I want some I will be able to buy in the low 3s at the open. Had a few errands to run this morning, got back at noon and did a doubletake at the price and immediately bought some. I am a happy camper....and I am patient.

    Several of my stocks announced earnings in the last day or two....PNNT (very good), EMMS (ok, with good outlook), RFP (about what was expected, good 2017/18 coming), UVE (spectacular results and outlook) and everyone of them is down plenty! It is just the sort of market we are in. IFON, PTX also caught my eye today with their earnings reaction though I don't own any.

    I haven't listened to the CNAT cc yet but I will. Suspect it will lead me to buy more.

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    Does anyone Know

    by sgjerry_3230 Mar 11, 2016 7:59 AM
    uptabdowntab uptabdowntab Mar 11, 2016 8:39 AM Flag

    Let's see if I have this right......You are savvy enough to have Far East connections and understand the distributions business but cannot make a couple clicks on the website or pick up the telephone to make a phone call? Good grief Charlie Brown.

  • uptabdowntab uptabdowntab Mar 7, 2016 4:16 PM Flag

    Heck, maybe Mad Catz even gets a several mil dollar separation fee. Women are always good at getting more than their share.

  • In my opinion if JCIR is being paid even $1 it is too much for the services and advice they provide. If new CEO is serious about cost cutting, this should be her next move. I have spoken (listened to is a better description) on several occasions with Norberto and he comes across as rude and vulgar with very little good advice or info. For the life of me I cannot figure out why they choose to deal with JCIR.

  • uptabdowntab uptabdowntab Mar 24, 2016 5:18 PM Flag

    Saving $75,000 is the same as adding $1.5million in revenue with a bottom line profit margin of 5%.

  • How about a summary of your conversation with the CEO? Inquiring minds....

  • uptabdowntab uptabdowntab Apr 5, 2016 5:00 PM Flag

    bonesid3, micro is being intentionally misleading. I do not know why, but he is. Mad Catz has plenty of cash and plenty of liquidity. Current Assets are about equal to Current Liabilities. This is not ideal but certainly not cause for panic. The company can go on in this fashion for literally decades. micro misleads by implying that all debt is due now/yesterday and that simply isn't true. At the end of Dec, Mad Catz had an almost $2mil cushion against their covenants. That cushion will get even better (bigger) as of the end of Q4 due to conversion of inventory to cash and the fact that AR comes in at a much fast rate than AP goes out. Simply a basic cash max exercise that any good CFO plays well.

    If you want to convince yourself, look at the last 5 or 6 prior years to see what happens to the balance sheet between December-end and March-end. Then play that against what micro is selling.

  • uptabdowntab uptabdowntab Apr 5, 2016 5:53 PM Flag

    Great post bones. I have no worries regarding inventory since I would guess the vast majority of it is RB4 and many units continue to sell every week and it will go through at least the next xmas cycle as well. I think the main reason Mad Catz decided to distance themselves a bit from RB4 is so they could focus more resources on the higher margin opportunities they see in front of themselves. My guess is that Q1 may stink (simply because it takes time to transition/change focus/divert resources) but that Q2 and beyond will be really good. When I say Q1 may stink, I mean it will only be 10 to 30% better than the year ago Q1. So my choice of words was/is poor. Maybe I'm getting the micro disease? Cheers.

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    by romneybasher1 Mar 26, 2016 1:27 PM
    uptabdowntab uptabdowntab Mar 26, 2016 5:41 PM Flag

    the same kind of DA that says the stock is going to zero yet isn't a short, isn't a long and still spends time posting on its message board.....the very definition of DA is romneybasher1

  • join you and bought my first shares this week. Wish my pockets were deeper but just sort of sticking a toe in the water. What finally did it for me was realizing that at least KTCC leadership has been taking some pretty aggressive actions with respect to growth. That separates them from some of the other contract manufacturers.

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    this stock is junk.....

    by romneybasher1 Mar 18, 2016 10:18 AM
    uptabdowntab uptabdowntab Mar 18, 2016 10:23 AM Flag

    It's being dragged down by the market.

  • uptabdowntab uptabdowntab Mar 30, 2016 1:19 PM Flag

    Nope, that does not help my confusion. At the end of Q3, current assets more or less equal to current liabilities. This is not ideal, but also not a disaster. I know Hopeful likes to see CA be 20% above CL and that is a good rule of thumb.

    Even with paying $3mil of severance in Q4, Q4 will still generate roughly an extra $7mil in cashflow. The nice thing with MCZ's CA is that a good chunk is cash and a bigger chunk accounts receivable and a big piece is inventory. Normally inventory is a concern, but this pile o inv is mostly RB4 and it will convert to cash Q after Q for the next few quarters.

    By the way, I would not be confused if the stock price was $1.50 since I would then be wondering if the stock were overpriced and I would be praying for a spectacular Q4. But with a stock price of 20 cents one would expect CA to be 50% of CL and inventory to be written off rather than sold and Q4 toub-$10mil rather than $25mil and up 40 - 70% verses last year and operating profit to be multiple millions (before the $3 mil severance).

    I was just trying to be funny with my Wwwhhhhaaaatttt reply. I failed again.

    By the way, I worry far more about my tiny pile of KTCC shares. If their upcoming report stinks (sub-$105mil) it will be stuck sub-$5 for 6 months. yucky. Fingers crossed.

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    Is it the consensus

    by tracant Apr 11, 2016 8:10 PM
    uptabdowntab uptabdowntab Apr 11, 2016 9:10 PM Flag

    I would guess they are now structured to be profitable at any revenue level above about 15mil per quarter as long as it is a decent mix of the brands. I would expect every quarter of the current FY to have bottom line profit (as in net income, positive EPS). Likely EPS of 6 to 8 cents for current FY.

  • This is what they strongly implied in the most recent couple cc's so nice to see them hold it here. What a great great yield.

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    Here's what we're working with...

    by microcaptrader Mar 31, 2016 4:54 PM
    uptabdowntab uptabdowntab Mar 31, 2016 8:42 PM Flag

    Nice post but your conclusion about being in "serious default" since late December is obviously incorrect. First, had the company been in default they would have notified via SEC doc. Second, are you really getting so deep into the gutter of misleading people that you fail to mention the FACT that Mad Catz had $9.8 million in cash on the balance sheet as of 12/31/2015. So even if you neglect all the positive cash flow as Q4 progressed from Jan1 through today, the company still had a several million dollar cushion against the $20mil limit as of the START of Q4. In other words, even on the morning of Jan 1, 2016 Mad Catz had about $1.5mil of room to spare against the $20mil limit.

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    C'mon Tabby...

    by microcaptrader Apr 1, 2016 2:18 PM
    uptabdowntab uptabdowntab Apr 1, 2016 3:02 PM Flag

    Not anymore but I was for 21 years and still miss some of it. In fact, it is very likely that you have a product in your house that I had a major hand in. At least if you have a gas fired furnace, water heater, PC or laptop, chemistry lab (figure maybe you into meth. 7 patents, 3 different industries. Two large multi-billion $ public companies, one private company with $600mil in sales.

  • uptabdowntab uptabdowntab Mar 7, 2016 5:05 PM Flag

    Which is why I would guess Mad Catz told Harmonix to either increase their cut or take a hike.

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