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upward2000 46 posts  |  Last Activity: Jul 28, 2015 12:00 AM Member since: Aug 6, 1999
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  • In return for driving oil prices down before the 2016 elections. They could care less about America and the impact of their decisions longer term. They have given into every Iranian demand and essentially have no remaining demands in return for a deal. This President really does not care about America and will do anything to promote himself and his agenda. Hope Kerry the goofball goes for another bike ride-- the uncoordinated fool on a leash!

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    U.S. Energy Policy Needed!

    by upward2000 Jun 13, 2015 10:27 PM
    upward2000 upward2000 Jun 13, 2015 10:50 PM Flag

    We should not trust Iran and should secure our borders and not let people into the U.S. that harbor ancient and violent beliefs that are inconsistent with a modern society.

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    U.S. Energy Policy Needed!

    by upward2000 Jun 13, 2015 10:27 PM
    upward2000 upward2000 Jun 13, 2015 10:45 PM Flag

    U.S. should stop importing all (save for Canadian and Mexican) oil and products, never send any troops, money or supplies (savings American lives and dollars) to the Middle East (Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, etc.), encourage increased domestic oil & gas production and find ways to burn domestic coal cleanly. The immediate increased cost of energy in the USA would be more than offset with the savings from eliminating military and foreign aid to the ME and by increased U.S. jobs, production and taxes.

  • Saudi overproduction of oil is putting Americans out of jobs, creating a recession in many producing states and halting our energy advances. They did this before in the mid-1980's. No American should ever buy anything from a Shell-Motiva service station! Those stations are 50% owned by the Saudis. They are not our friends.

  • IRS counsel/Treasury leaking information to their government friends on Yahoo' s expected ruling? Yahoo insider selling--who knows? Looks strange given stock movement day. If news does come out, we would know someone had information in advance and acted on it. CEO better have a backup plan if spin is not allowed or she will soon be gone and without any extra money from a strong Yahoo share price. She would look like the worst CEO of all time.

  • upward2000 upward2000 Jun 8, 2015 2:30 AM Flag

    What was this desperate Administration's last offer to Iran--we trust you, no inspections at any time --just tell us what you are doing, we will pay you cash and buy your oil--what's next condos in DC and ocean front for the the Iran leaders?

  • Iran, Cuba, Syria, Russia, illegal immigrants, Gitmo prisoners, Islamic fundamentalists--need I go on?

  • upward2000 by upward2000 Jun 4, 2015 1:46 AM Flag

    1) governments' position--create among them an unproven theory about carbon that many gullible people will believe without question, then tax it, grow the size of governments, enrich those in government, give energy subsidies to those that are already dependent on the governments so they vote and the band roles on.
    2) European energy companies--let governments have their way, we will be friends, pass the stupid tax on to the consumers--who cares, we still make money since there are no alternative to petroleum, advocate their role as a voice of common sense and let the band roll on.
    3) Europe--keep and expand income tax, VAT and carbon taxes--give all you make to the government and they will decide what morsels to give back to the jobless people--an economy in serious trouble. Socialist...
    4) American oil companies, honest and trying to reasonably balance differing interests, protect capitalism and all the good that brings to so many including affordable energy for everyone, serve as a useful check on governments- like other industries that speak out against unlimited tax all you can and spend all governments.

  • upward2000 by upward2000 Jun 3, 2015 1:23 AM Flag

    Reasons for it to be big and soon--big synergies, short term bargain prices, when the opportunity's gone its gone, and Chinese oil demand will take up slack oversupply in about 1 year--go for it!

  • 162,500 contracts so far--incredible volumes seem to appear whenever oil price gains some momentum. Very strange, volume probably central coordinated bank actions organized by the Administration. It should be looked into.

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    Obama's Phone and Pen Rule

    by upward2000 May 31, 2015 3:09 AM
    upward2000 upward2000 May 31, 2015 4:41 PM Flag

    I am an educated black person--so you must be an uneducated ?

  • Produce 29 million barrels/day and get $100 per bbl = $2.9 B/day, or
    Produce 30 million barrels/day (deplete oil their resources faster) and get $60 per bbl =$1.8 B/day.

    I think only a educated economist could say option two above is better! OPEC should not worry about oil shale production as it will play out in 10 years or less and at a $100 bbl additional production would not be significant.

  • Article said the un-named source of the article is "agnostic on short-term market movements." --Can't be relied on..., etc., etc. --then why write and publish an article that the writer admits to not knowing anything about oil markets and expected prices? Again why never a positive article on oil by Yahoo?? Surely, oil would not be going up if everyone could clearly see the prices will go down as these self-proclaimed experts publish. Smart--doubt it...

  • Is running the government like the old banana republics we used to laugh at. The banana republics were famous for making retroactive laws, issuing degrees and confiscating property all outside of the formal ruling making processes of their Congress. Now America is just like them, the Administration issues new tax laws without Congress' involvement and even makes them retroactive! The change in the tax laws on corporate inversions and now coming, new rules on tax-free spin offs. These are prime examples of how far amok we are. Without stability in laws, fiscal order, fair enforcement of the laws, clear rules--we will continue to look less like the prosperous Post WW II America and more like a banana republic.

  • Why not??? Only negative articles on oil are carried apparently.

  • According to Martin Weiss: The last time we saw an opportunity as promising as this one was in 1986 — almost 30 years ago.
    That’s when the price of crude oil collapsed, just like it did last year. That’s when major energy stocks fell at huge double-digit rates, just like they did last year. And that’s when most experts said it would take years — even decades — to recover, just like they’ve been saying this year.
    They were proven wrong back then and they’re being proven wrong again now.
    Martin: First, show us how they were wrong three decades ago. Then show us why you think they’re wrong here in 2015.
    Mike: After the energy markets collapsed back in 1986, within just two months, the price of oil rebounded by 76%. Within 15 months, it surged 133%. And within four years, it had soared by more than four times.
    Martin: Wow. But what about the energy stocksWithin the first 15 months after oil hit bottom, Occidental Petroleum surged from $23 to nearly $40 per share. Chevron jumped from $34 to nearly $65 per share.

  • Only logical business decision to make is to maximize shareholder value now! Sell the company and get the shareholders $55 or more. This may be the only time in the next 5-10 years before rates rise this can happen. If no sale, the market will tank with rates rising and Yahoo $30 -40 forever. Wake-up Yahoo and think!

  • upward2000 upward2000 May 25, 2015 12:42 AM Flag

    The market sets wages for each skill. If you don't like what your job pays get another job. Simple isn't it? If people think the government policy of setting wages works, then why doesn't the Czar just mandate that instead of giving everyone that votes for him $15 per hour, give them each $1 MM per year? If you think the economy is better off at a mandated $15 per hour, then $1 MM each per year should send the economy soaring according to your socialist thinking--correct?

  • Before market crashes and interest rate rise! Take BABA odder for $55 now. You will be set for life and the shareholders happy. You will also look like a genius and excellent CEO. Alternatively, ride this down and go with it taking your loyal shareholders with you. This is excellent advice you should talk.

  • The IRS counsel's office had to be prompted by a call for the socialist Administration that has been bagging corporations left and right--via administrative decrees from the Czar. Ask the banks, financial institutions, BP and others. However, they haven't yet been able to stack the courts so the current law on spins will ultimately be applied despite what the SS IRS says.

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