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upward2000 25 posts  |  Last Activity: Dec 13, 2014 12:28 AM Member since: Aug 6, 1999
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  • Two weeks notice, SFO to Tuscon for example -- $800-$1,100!! UAL and other airlines have been ripping everyone off and the Administration does not care after all, the cost to fly the government employees first class is on the taxpayers!

  • Too bad NE shareholder losses from this coordinated shorting plot/ring will dearly cost Barrons--taking its owners down. Couldn't happen to a bigger (for hire) rag.

  • Michelle O should go there to lead by example before we send our sons and daughters in harm's way--always easy to tell some else to risk their lives over a cause you promote. What medical training do they have???

  • upward2000 upward2000 Oct 3, 2014 11:17 AM Flag

    Nothing has changed in this business in the past 4 weeks --other than the rag's publication but stock has since dropped from $26 so you tell me this is not coordinated! Yes they are still drilling for oil and gas and need rigs--what a joke this downward move has been--SEC is brain dead and has been.

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    Why Send US Troops to Liberia???

    by upward2000 Oct 3, 2014 11:06 AM
    upward2000 upward2000 Oct 3, 2014 11:52 AM Flag

    Yahoo censors took my reply wrong and deleted my message. The essence of my reply is many in the world do not share your view of a world citizenship. It is dangerous to look at the world that way as others don't. Therefore, we need to start acting in our own best interests and stop taking a view that others do not even comprehend.

  • upward2000 by upward2000 Oct 17, 2014 1:34 AM Flag

    Anyone see the two wonder boys taking down drillers today? He said past performance is no indication of their value today and then he pulled out a price and volume historical chart on RIG and said it should be sold! What an idiot!

  • then why are most auto, home and steel stocks at 4 year lows? Think about that the next time you see a talking head on CNBC saying the economy is so good.

  • Can't really explain rationally why banning passengers trying to enter the U.S. with passports from ebola stricken countries is the wrong thing to do. All they say is it will hurt the economies of those countries. First let's protect U.S. lives and our way of life, and 2) there is no proof that West African outbound bans of travel to the US will do anything to these already hurt economies. 3) the ban will not hurt efforts to stop the spread of ebola "on the ground." Why do others support this position like sheeple asking no questions or thinking for themselves. What a grip this President has! Plus our military should not be used for these efforts--what other countries are doing this?

  • Even short hops round trips are over $1,000 with 14 day notice or more. It's not the price of fuel--it ridiculous airline prices and coordinated limited flights!! As usual the Administration does nothing. Why should they taxpayers pay their way!

  • Even they have to wonder why the President is not acting. What are his true objectives --they should be to protect the U.S. and its citizens from harm--job 1! Now that he is not doing that his legions of Dems cannot even stand by the Dem party line as set-forth by the fumbling Administration. About time!

  • As a shareholder, I resent CEO injecting his personal life style into the company's business. He should have shut the hell up and if he had too make his social statement upon his retirement. This will hurt sales worldwide where most people don't see eye to eye with California viewpoints. Too bad... selling at the top as decline will set in but take a while.

  • upward2000 by upward2000 Oct 30, 2014 11:47 AM Flag

    Hard to explain with such great numbers and prospects... make one wonder about the integrity of the whole market and why some stocks are winning on others losing despite doing well.

  • CVX is well positioned, despite what any stupid analyst may say (especially Cramer). With an integrated model that market will begin to fully appreciate after these earnings, CVX and XOM can weather the down turn in oil prices while waiting until 2016 when CVX's production surges and prices resume much higher. With CVX you get good earnings relying on Downstream to cover oil price shortfalls, stock buybacks, great dividend and a company that is increasing in value everyday--waiting until many mega projects to come online 2015-17. What a buy at this discount! Don't listen to meatheads, buy, hold and don't worry short term. These companies will also be able to buy good oil and gas properties from non-integrateds cheaply if oil prices stay low--another bonus. The non-interateds will have to sell cheap to survive the price dip--no DS cushion.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • upward2000 upward2000 Nov 1, 2014 2:31 PM Flag

    Some other Democratic fairy tales you might also believe in to get your vote, we know what caused several global warmings and coolings before man was on the planet, Al Gore isn't getting rich pushing his green special interest agenda, cheap fossil fuels do not raise the standard of living of the world's poor, fossil fuels will not be needed shortly despite increasing world population, people that come into contact with Ebola should be permitted to immediately interact with as many people as possible, corporations and business don't create jobs, welfare is good for its recipients because it gets them into the middle class, we can talk about wealth redistribution but not mention economic responsibility and hard work, UN visa entrants into the U.S. should get free US taxpayer paid health care, illegals should be given free health care, welfare and food stamps upon arrival into the U.S., you need to show your identification to get on a plane but not to vote, need I go on...

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  • upward2000 by upward2000 Nov 4, 2014 11:53 AM Flag

    Put aside all the BS about how good the economy is--the only proof you need that shows it is not is the GM stock price! If thing were really good, GM would be $50 and the steel and manufacturing stocks would be right with it. Instead the only stock doing well is a Chinese company Alibaba--enough said. Time to dump these clowns and get a real economic plan in place.

  • To continue with strong job growth and to achieve energy independence, new offshore and onshore (federal lands) to open up in next congress--drillers to greatly benefit! Also stronger oil prices toward end of 2015 will mean NE, RIG and oils in general, are at a decade low--buy now and wait 6 months to 12 months--you will not be disappointed. Shorts on these companies don't realize yet that things have changed dramitically via this election.

  • Ex-Im Bank, India Ink $1B Clean Energy Export Deal

    The U.S. Export-Import Bank has inked a deal with India’s renewable energy development agency that could provide up to $1 billion to finance the sale of U.S. clean energy exports to the South Asian country, it said Tuesday.

    Senate Democrats Float Carbon Fee Bill

    Senate Democrats on Wednesday proposed a carbon fee that would require polluters to pay for every ton of pollution they emit, a sum the bill’s sponsors said could reach as high as $2 trillion over ten years. According to Whitehouse, possible uses of funds raised by the fee include economic assistance to low-income families and those residing in areas with high energy costs, tax cuts, social security benefit increases, or tuition assistance and student debt relief.

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    by casstech1964 Nov 20, 2014 7:07 PM
    upward2000 upward2000 Nov 21, 2014 1:36 AM Flag

    Congress are the peoples' representatives and represent our democracy that people have fought and died for. This Clown thinks he can brush Congress aside and spit in the eyes of the American voter!


    People protesting think they are enlightened but they are ignorant lynch mobs that don't really care about the facts, the law and order. Holder and the President --their actions and comments speak for themselves. Why are they involved in this local matter and not others like the one above?

  • upward2000 by upward2000 Nov 28, 2014 12:49 PM Flag

    So why is the price of Brent up and WTI down sharply on an OPEC decision that everyone predicted? Could it be the U.S. Fed. can't quite get their mitts on the Brent market and drive it down? The house of cards economy is now completed--steels, manufacturing, metals mining, financials, autos, housing, coal, timber, etc. all down. U.S. energy has been the only bright spot since 2009, creating good paying jobs and tax revenues for bankrupt U.S. Now we will have more retail jobs at minimum wage, higher imports of cheap Chinese goods, all debt financed and will see the next down wave wipe out the rest of U.S. middle class. Something doesn't add up and the voters knew it--can we hold together until 2016?

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