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  • is every software co the every retalier the same...very shortly the bright analysts will break away from the their herd metality and reporting and realize that this co in partcular has big things already happening...not dreams or expectations..major players are putting their products into play

  • user988200 user988200 Mar 13, 2014 10:18 AM Flag

    Uisn common sense here..not herd mentality if Dominion is buying and Korean is buying very soon they will have orders streaming in..Many Europen countries and Asian countries must rely on Nuclear power because of no other choices..Fuel cells are now proven and when big boyrs like these valdiate like they have the others shoudl buy like a domino effect

  • POSCO and FuelCell Energy are planning another fuel cell project adjacent to a railroad depot operated by the Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corp. That 19.6-MW facility, composed of seven 2.8-MW fuel cells, will provide power to the depot and the local grid, in addition to district heating. Commercial operation is expected by the end of this year. The facility is the first of several fuel cell projects planned to comprise a total of 230 MW in the Seoul area.

    As with the Gyeonggi facility, the fuel cells at the Seoul park will be manufactured by POSCO under license from FuelCell Energy as part of POSCO’s drive to position itself in the Korean clean energy market. POSCO is currently building a fuel cell factory that is expected to begin operations in 2015 and have a capacity of 100 MW per year.

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    Dominion Buyout

    by tarheal38 Jan 1, 2014 12:21 PM
    user988200 user988200 Mar 13, 2014 9:50 AM Flag

    Either Dominion will sign alot more deals or possibly make a bid to buy...The Korean plant and publicity should serve to to set the market on fire for them...FUEL CELLS MAKES SENSE ALWAYS HAVE..THERE IS NO WHERE TO DISPOSE OF NUCLEAR WASTE..MAKES NO SENSE

  • user988200 user988200 Mar 11, 2014 3:29 PM Flag

    Bought plug at inception ...then an article came out that it would go to 10,000..the stock skyrocketed to 175...sold at 140-150...waited to get back in and it kept dropping for years and pennies....FCEL is actaull doing what plug was suppose to do sell fuel cells to homes and utilities. This company could be the only one of the pack that makes it big..I am thinking that the Korean deal and the Dominion deal will put them in the limelight for many more deals or a major buyout

  • once again sheep mentality..this company is installing fuel cells worldwide and just cracked Dominion and appears to be slated for 200 million in all of them this one is well on their way to being a major ..not ten years from now..the Korea fuel cell farm will create huge buzz for all nations ...and I do beleive them when they say they are getting volumes of inquires

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    Upside look

    by chi_town_oracle Mar 10, 2014 11:55 AM
    user988200 user988200 Mar 10, 2014 12:04 PM Flag

    After really looking at all their deals and the new found press all over the industry two things are going to happen if they annoucne ggod things the stock will go up dramatically and possibly a major energy player that was on the sideline will come out and try to buy them before the market cap is way too high

  • Looking at the balance sheet, assets and pipeline it is clear that they are going to be a major energy player worldwide and I would not be surprised if a major energy congomerate does not try to buy them for a steep premium....shortly..either way

  • it would have probably been gone over 10 years ago...from memory that had a follow on stock placement when the stock was in the 20s from hype where SWIR is now and they amassed a nice lump of cash...and it appears thats the same cashj that has carried the co for years...many investors kep gambling that the big hit was just around the corner and it never came. Swir will probably meet the same fate if they dont get bought...their profits are not even lunch money to a real company earning pennies of eps c ome on that a few million dollars...Took a ride with PLUG power years ago from single digits to over 150$ and got out since then plug power went to pennies they signed a deal with Walmarts forklifts and stcok went to 7$ from 15cents...suppsoedly the deal is only worth 50 million and investors drove the market cap to almost a yes the market is full of gamblers and Sierra does not sell out the big boys will come in when things ever start getting lucrative and take over the market..just am opinion check all facts for accuracy

  • They keep pumping out great products like an R&d facility and its as if marketing efforst do not exist..the Router with voice should be promoted by them worldwide in areas more rural. In the early MIFI days they should paid for displays or coop funds to get better visibility in the Verizon stores...Swir is barely earning what a successful local business makes and it skyrocketing....If they were to earn just 2 cents this quarter and project about 4 cents next quarter the stock would proably triple in aweek..2 cents is only about 600 thousand profit...this is pathetic when you think that their products are worldwide and in carriers hands that do hundreds of billions of business just an opinion

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    if it was in the 20s a month ago

    by user988200 Feb 14, 2014 9:34 AM
    user988200 user988200 Feb 14, 2014 11:32 AM Flag

    Profit is what matters...34 cents eps..the point being is when the FCPA gets settled the ongoing legal fees that look like about 50 million per year should disappear....and have you compared Avons rep counts to other direct sellers...maybe others sign them up and keep them listed as reps without orders for a much longer period of time which could make their rep count look more impressive..wasnt the software charge from a decision from a while ago..I personally think a miss was baked in that why they stock dropped regard to the FCPA..a few months ago article were hatched on line that the settlement could mterailly affect Avon and inferred almost that it could cripple Avon and that hammered the stock...didn the state 132 million on high side so whats your point that they have to put up another 32 if you are not happy sell and move on..others will stay and catch a big rebound..have fun junior ciao

  • this report should allay concerns and the big mony will rush in to catch a 40-50% fast gain. This company has tremendous assets and a massive worldwide footprint and it worth far far more than most companies are fully valued this is appears to be the exact opposite...wait insnt that the definition of opportunity..just an opinion

  • user988200 user988200 Feb 12, 2014 2:50 PM Flag

    Same old same old..did not say nvtl was going to bail anyone out...the ride here was from hype nothing else...yes 6-8 years ago both novatel and swir ahd periods of reasonable profitibiltity as they both hit a market first and soon after ward the real players pressured dont think that margins are bad here....think about it they owned the market as many article suggest they would have better than average margins not pennies..the one good thing is that they can prop the stock price with their own cash..with that in mind why not buy back 25% of the flaot if they are right on the cusp of the way when I say pennies its does not mean means chump change to the big boys...they are projecting about 40 cents this year..or about 14 million in profit..think about it is a company worth a billion earning about 14 million..just an opinion

  • alot of new names posting now..for the old holders seeing just pennies per share of eps is same old same old always expecting the huge payday is around the corner..everyhting is happening right now conected cars connected planet and yet pennies per share and with a flat this small pennies is a very very very small profit....artticles that are written dont respresenct fact just lets see if Novatel can cash people out..just an opinion

  • user988200 user988200 Feb 6, 2014 8:44 AM Flag

    Yes after over 10 years both Novatel and Swir both appear to rely on all of us as experts to read into everything and think more than there is....with over 300pe dont you think that a beat was expected? .01-.04 really nest quarter did it every dawn on anyone that this feild appears to ahve no margins and that maybe the big boys just let them play for that reason...would you pay almost a billion dollars for a company that may earn 3-5 million..right now they may support ths stock with buybacks but realistically this should be far far lower..yes everyone keeps waiting for the huge payday that may never come..jsut an opinion..but look up until now its about hype and hope

  • may get luck enough cash to support stock with buybacks..otherwise from a profit standpoint..there is relatively none as usual

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    Give it a rest user988200...

    by discount_to_intrinsic Jan 22, 2014 7:08 PM
    user988200 user988200 Jan 23, 2014 11:21 AM Flag

    absolutely correct

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    Comparing SWIR to Gemalto

    by wirlesbushub Jan 22, 2014 10:08 PM
    user988200 user988200 Jan 23, 2014 10:34 AM Flag

    What kind of comparson is that ..Gemalto appears to earn over 200 million a year and SWIr is projected to earn about 20 million next year...with a pe that appears to be over 350

  • you think this sector is on fire

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    Give it a rest user988200...

    by discount_to_intrinsic Jan 22, 2014 7:08 PM
    user988200 user988200 Jan 23, 2014 9:38 AM Flag

    Yes froggy I was just born yesterday....obviously it was in the light that I would purchase another option from them if not suitable....YOU ARE WARNING PEOPLE...I guess you better go back 10 years...yes the company is like groundhog day....but think about it why is swir trading at a 350 pe...hope dreaming and etc etc that drive every hot field...FB NETFLIX...ETC ETC..IF THEY BEAT FOR A CHANGE AND SHOW POTENTIAL COULD THS STCOK LIGHT UP LIKE SWIR..YES WILL THE MAJORITY OF THE LONG TERM INVESTORS HANG IN PROBABLY NOT

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