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    Now posters are speaking about the TMS

    by valueman60 Feb 6, 2014 12:46 PM
    valueman60 valueman60 Feb 6, 2014 1:03 PM Flag

    I don't have to call you a fraud,
    anyone just has to look at all your posts from the beginning and see how many times you have posted things that blew up in your face.
    That's a fact , and all the screaming and cursing and tough guy bs you try to do to divert does not change it.
    You are an unreliable poster.
    You have been so wrong for so long , that anyone who looks to you for advice is asking to lose money.

  • It happens right before every earnings release.
    Pumper posters stretching things in a desperate attempt to get people to buy so they can sell some of their shares to those they fool into buying.
    So what if HK has permitted a well in the TMS?
    They permitted plenty of wells in the Utica, and went further than that, drilled them and they were "sheety" as FLoyd himself described them!!!
    And I hope that HK has not bought a large amount of leases in TMS recently , because they don't have the money to service what they already have bitten off. Them buying TMS leases would not in of itself be good news. They need to prove they can make money in a repeatable and predictable manner if they ever have hope of fulfilling their strategy of preparing the company for sale in a few years. Buy more unproven plays now is not the answer, especially since they are so underfunded going forward. At some point it could and would make sense, once they have improved their risk profile and/or payed down some debt etc.
    And what about oilman, one of the most despicable frauds around, he inferred that Floyd would be giving great information yesterday at NAPE, but here it is over and done with and nothing happened. Typical oilman ruse.

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    "We will be successful,"...

    by stroggifier Feb 6, 2014 12:23 AM
    valueman60 valueman60 Feb 6, 2014 12:33 PM Flag

    that is an old article about an interview LONG AGO.
    I don't doubt that Floyd would say similar things if interviewed today, however the point is that stroggmer is posting an old interview and trying to pass it off as just off the presses.

  • mhr poster quotes a bond price and states this means HK will double this year.
    He quoted a price on the 2020 bonds which have a low junk bond credit rating and carries a coupon of 9.75% , the cusip is 30427QAB6
    My check of that bond is that it has been trading mostly between 102 and 103 or so, but it was recently issued at over 102, and with the main reason it is trading over par is to put it on the same yield range as the 2021 bonds which are the largest single piece of HK senior debt.
    the 2021 are trading a little under par to yield around 9 percent , and both of these rates are much higher than for companies with better balance sheets etc.
    Here is one days trading from this last tuesday for the 2021 HK bonds described above .
    Halcon Res Corp 40537QAD2
    40537QAD2/ US40537QAD25 Caa1/CCC+/-

    Halcon Res Corp Sr Nt 8.875%21

    02/04/2014 4:29 PM 1MM+ 99.500 8.965 Customer Buy
    02/04/2014 4:21 PM 208 99.375 8.989 Dealer to Dealer
    02/04/2014 4:20 PM 208 99.375 8.989 Customer Sell
    02/04/2014 4:19 PM 250 99.250 9.013 Dealer to Dealer
    02/04/2014 3:48 PM 100 99.250 9.013 Customer Buy
    02/04/2014 11:43 AM 7 99.365 8.991 Customer Sell
    02/04/2014 11:43 AM 7 99.365 8.991 Dealer to Dealer
    02/04/2014 11:01 AM 15 99.950 8.880 Customer Buy
    02/04/2014 10:57 AM 1MM+ 99.250 9.013 Customer Buy

    9 Total Trades Average 99.409 8.983
    With both issues trading near par, it does suggest that the market does not CURRENTLY see an imminent problem in paying the coupon, but that is all it says.
    IT SAYS NOTHING ABOUT THE COMMON STOCK going up or down, and much less about the stock going to double as the fraud poster tries to assert.

  • If you just listen to the great posters like Zoombee who publishes well stats, and gideon sword who explains thee comprehensive picture so well and defends against basher posts , , and dsc20601 who thanks every bullish poster, and of course the great oilman who spies out every unknown new mystery fantasy play that will make HK goes to the moon, (isn't it amazing how he gets all this stuff and all the pros don't know anything about it) and others too numerous to mention you would see that today is such a great buying opportunity!!!!

    this board is the greatest

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    Zoombee continues his deception.

    by valueman60 Feb 2, 2014 12:46 PM
    valueman60 valueman60 Feb 3, 2014 10:36 PM Flag

    I am not confused.
    If you knew who I am, you would desire my help and advice.
    But it is obvious you don't
    Fine with me.
    but you ought to consider stopping posting false and misleading information.
    See my response to your other post about the recovery of costs of Bakken wells etc.

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    December numbers just added in ND- Huge

    by zoom_bee Feb 3, 2014 9:36 PM
    valueman60 valueman60 Feb 3, 2014 10:31 PM Flag

    Jeff , says, "A Bakken well pays for itself with about 100,000 BOE in production."
    I understand how you are getting to that,
    You do the 100.000 BOE times $100 a barrel.
    But ths is WRONG & FALSE
    HK does not get all the revenue from the energy sold.
    1. Fractional working interest. In HK's Bakken, these average about 76 percent, and unfortunately some of the best wells have lower than average WI
    Keep in mind also that only a small fraction of HK's bakken wells are higher quality. The area they got from Geo Resources are in the BOTTOM of quality in the Bakken. They have worked hard and spent more with advanced completion techniques to improve, but these are still sub par. Only a small portion of the HK bakken has higher IRR's
    2. ROYALTY PAYMENTS. besides the subtraction for WI to other parties, on top of that HK has to pay royalty to the landowner. In their Bakken wells, this averages about 20 percent.
    So when you subtract the WI and the royalty paymentske, HK gets to keep only about 60 or 61 cents on the dollar of energy sold
    3. Your price assumptions are wrong.
    first HK has hedged out the oil at lower than WTI prices,
    second, there are considerable local discount to WTI , HK and other Bakken producers try to mitiigate these by shipping to far away places, but this adds a lot of costs, (along with the recently published danger of the more volatile dangerous bakken crude rail fires etc) and further reduces the realized revenue .
    third, some of the BOE are natural gas , which even if sold is only a small fraction of the price of oil, and much of the BOE produced is NOT SOLD but burned or flared.
    4. beside drilling and completion there are ongoing operating costs, besides many other costs, some operating, some legal, some corporate , interest, salaries etc .
    I think Jeff knows this , but chose to be a deceiver like the others.

  • valueman60 by valueman60 Feb 3, 2014 11:43 AM Flag

    You are to be applauded for being one of the intelligent posters participating on the board
    The AAL you mention has tremendous valuation metrics. Projected earnings for the next two years at $5, and $6 a share , respectively. Great management. 10 billion cash on the balance sheet.
    Wouldn't it be nice if they would give a cash infusion to HK, in return for fuel guarantees? Maybe if Floyd buys a refinery they can work out a deal...............
    Might be a way out of the mire for HK, chuckle.

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    latest news More dilution

    by valueman60 Feb 3, 2014 9:20 AM
    valueman60 valueman60 Feb 3, 2014 11:11 AM Flag

    For the honest and intelligent:
    isn't it interesting that a simple absolutely true factual post about the dilution that will come from the payment in kind of the preferred share diviidend is met with a barrage of hate posts and thumbs down?
    those who post complete bs pumps, lies and deceptions are given high fives and thank yous,
    interesting isn't it............................................
    what does that say about the board as a whole?.

  • today's news is that the convertible preferred shares dividend of about $5 million is due,
    Oops company does not have the money to pay in cash so they will PIK, ie pay in more shares at these depressed levels, More dilution.
    Is that the big announcement people were expecting today?


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    Zoombee continues his deception.

    by valueman60 Feb 2, 2014 12:46 PM
    valueman60 valueman60 Feb 2, 2014 4:14 PM Flag

    Jeff, I acknowledge that the gross figures are what are reported through the state site. and I would have no problem if he did that and clearly stated that. It is for the times AND THEY HAVE BEEN MULTIPLE when ZOOMBEE has stated net production figures by either using incorrect (too high) Working interest fractions and including flared natural gas in those net production figures . BTW , for your information, the North Dakota site clearly shows the sold gas versus the gross gas produced so there is NO EXCUSE for his deception. And if you add the obvious fact that dry natural gas is very low price on a BOE basis compared to OIL it makes the deception that more egregious.
    When he first posted, I politely inquired and gave him the opportunity to clearly state what he was reporting, and he chose THEN to DECEIVE and has continued to be obtuse and mix good data with clearly fraudulent data. For that I can not thank him.
    In addition it seems clear when he makes statements like "don't short here or buy now , ie because the well data is so compellingly bullish combined with his deception, it should be obvious to any intelligent fair minded person what he is attempting to do, ie deceive and manipulate.

    So I say to you, in all earnestness and sincerity, why would it be appropriate for me or anyone else to thank someone who is clearly performing such a great disservice?

  • On Oct 7 he began by posting iP rates.. I asked him on the 8th for his estimate of North Dakota production ( not because I needed his estimate, but to test him), He replied, he did not need to estimate. He gave the net production in north dakota alone at 45,387 BOE/D, when in FACT the company's whole production including all areas was not up to that level.
    He continues to post incorrect and deceiving "information" and I use the word loosely as he apparently uses some combination of incorrect or absent working interest fractions, fails to account for depletion rates, and includes BOE for natural gas tha t is FLARED and not sold!!!!!
    He does this for reasons known to himself amd to be guessed by board members.
    Bottom line, HIS POSTS are lies/ deceptionis. Yet DSC20601 a known liar and deceiver and others always pop up to thank him for his posts and give him multiple thumbs up.

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    HK Production BOE/D update

    by zoom_bee Oct 7, 2013 3:59 PM
    valueman60 valueman60 Feb 2, 2014 12:24 PM Flag

    Here is another post from Oct 8 showiing Zoombees DECEPTION
    He gives North Dakota NET PRODUCTION as 45,387 BOE/D.
    when in fact they were a fraction of that figure. In fact the whole company's net production as of that date including all other areas was not up to that figure.

  • valueman60 valueman60 Feb 2, 2014 12:13 PM Flag

    I bump this post to prove without a shadow of doubt that Zoom bee has been guilty of this farce since he has been posting on the board. This post written on Oct 14, he claimed that HK's north dakota NET production ALONE was 48,284 BOE/D times 94% Wi equals 45,386 BOE/D !!!!!!!!
    When the company reported earnings aprox 2 weeks later, this was completely debunked , in that the total company production including El Halcon, and non core areas , both those still owned and those in the process of being sold but still included in the totals , did not amount to that figure. So OBVIOUSLY Zoombee figures then were lies, exaggerations, misunderstandings on his part , CALL IT WHAT YOU WANT, bottom line, he reports things that are UNTRUE, over and over and over.
    I have explained in the past possible reasons for his miscalculations , he does not use the correct working interest, he extrapolates IP's without considering depletion rates, he includes boe/d of natural gas that is being flared , not sold in his figures ETC ETC
    Bottom line, his posts are deceiving in their intent.

  • valueman60 by valueman60 Feb 2, 2014 11:54 AM Flag

    I applaud you for being the only one to correctly debunk the poor logic of fastball and those who responded to him re the option activity. This board needs more people like you who are willing and able to use intelligence.

    The feb $6 calls and the apr $10 calls did not trade on friday1/31, but when they traded at 5 cents a piece they were not buys by the public . They were sells or sold to open by the public customer.
    What valueman, have you lost your mind? they were printed at the ask!!!
    Well, that is what happens when amateurs like fastall and HIS LIKE grasp at straws.
    The key to understanding it is that the calls were only one part of the deal. The other part of the trade were the puts of the same strike puts The trade was executed as a sold to open straddle , both feb $6 calls and feb $6 puts, for a total of about 2000 contracts. The same is true for the April $10 strike price, SOLD TO OPEN. The market maker who executes the trade does not care about the individual prices, as long as the total of the prices for both sides of the trade equals the limit specified by the order.
    Ah but there is more. There is another part of the trade puzzle to consider. For more than a year, one or more parties has made bullish bets on HK by sellling in the money puts in large size. Unfortunately for them, the puts have only gotten deeper in the money as the stock has gone lower. So they have been ROLLING out in time the position . I have followed this over time. Apparently they do not have the money to buy the stock that would be put to them, so before expiration , they buy them to close and sell to open the later dated calls and puts.
    As you correctly pointed out, anyone using logic would be able to know for sure, that there was no reason to buy Feb $6 &Apr $10 calls for .05 when you could buy the Feb $5 & Apr $6 for same price.

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    Volume increased 1,500,000

    by jreynalds Jan 24, 2014 4:06 PM
    valueman60 valueman60 Jan 24, 2014 7:40 PM Flag

    If you have access to a bloomberg terminal as professionals do, in the time you reference, there were some intermarket sweep buy orders, topped off by buy on close orders.
    The market on close orders were settled by a print of 858, 970 shares at 1600:21 @ $3.62. This is not an after hours trade, but rather the closing new york stock exchange print.

  • valueman60 valueman60 Jan 22, 2014 10:20 AM Flag

    trip, you are not looking at the differences of TPLM vs HK. TPLM has 85 million shares outstanding, and 300 million in debt. HK has more than 500 million fully diluted shares outstanding and over 3 billion in debt. HK could have been in as good or better a position as TPLM, but management got reckless and made very large spendthrift cash moves and has literally buried HK in a hole that will take MANY years to dig out of, if it is at all possible. If HK had taken the original money raised , and only did the Petrohawk deal, no geo resources, no utica, etc , then things could have been different. But they didn't and the problems are just not going away with the flip of a switch. It will be many years , if at all, that HK can prove itself a self sustainable going concern.
    Look at the option market for clues, the july $5 calls are bid 10 cents, the july $6 calls are bid ZERO, likewise the jan 2015 $10 calls are bid ZERO, even the Jan 2016 $10 calls TWO FULL YEARS AWAY are bid a mere 5 cents! (real bid is 10 cents but not revealed in today's quote) Do you understand what that means?
    I can tell you , that if you think shakeout VD is referring to , is one in which shorts get burned, then you did not understand VD's words correctly, lol

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