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vcaritas 80 posts  |  Last Activity: Apr 18, 2014 12:47 AM Member since: Sep 21, 2004
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    1yr RSI 4.04 Not exactly overbought.

    by kadaicher1 Apr 18, 2014 12:21 AM
    vcaritas vcaritas Apr 18, 2014 12:47 AM Flag

    Hedge fund types likely shorted like craaaazy and swarmed the message board with absurdities, demonstrating either their ignorance of science OR facts OR worse, their ability to lie.

    MACD is starting to curl toward uptrend on the daily, almost crossing over: BULLISH

    PPO on daily below minus 40. Extraordinary, ESPECIALLY for a stock with so much authentic science behind it for multiple conditions.

    PPO started to trend sideways recently, from its extreme fall.

    Classic capitulation occurred after the news. MASSIVE downside volume...

    which was followed by SLOWING volume...

    and ANOTHER FINAL HIT PIECE (poorly written, NOT by a researcher, but by someone with a BS in FINANCE).

    Then some days of shaking out margin folks AND (the hope of the shorts) any NEW buyers or adders...with some bounces, followed by new lows.

    Enfin, a bull candle on both the daily and the weekly from the Darkness of the Abyss.

    Et voila, the new upside is proudly proclaimed by shorts to be another 'dead cat meow.'

    Maybe. Maybe not.

    En tout cas, due to the SCIENCE, the stock 'deserves' to be accumulated when/if/as one is able to do so,

    in MY opinion. NOT a rec. My first entry was many years ago when PRAN was trading in the 2's and fell to the

    I repeatedly posted (due to family circumstances), I could not hold large quantities of any stock long term, but NEED to increase cash (and hopefully shares as well) on the way UP by taking partial profits on large upmoves or spikes and adding at least SOME on pullback.

    Possibly one of the best opporltunities in biotech, ratchere. ratnow.

    Possiblement. JUST my opinion. Have followed the science for many years and greatly appreciate the brilliant posters on this message board.

    I DO expect the 'unexpected'...more negative articles...OR possible an attempt to smack down to 1.40's...but from a LOGICAL point of view, PRAN should never have been driven THIS LOW. It was a technical short trade to an extremely low support level & RSI. Agape

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    does coeur make final bottom at $8.35

    by brolgaboy Apr 15, 2014 2:30 PM
    vcaritas vcaritas Apr 17, 2014 11:43 AM Flag

    Coeur has historically been one of the most annoying stocks for longs. I agree with those who believe mismanagement is a huge contributing factor, along with (likely, imo) hedge fund manipulation AND the price of silver/gold.

    Nevertheless, even the worst 'dog' may sometimes have its day. Calmly awaiting the bounce as price bounces along that lower trendline, smashing slightly below from time to time.

    Go to finviz to see how they are drawing lower trendline, but DO consider learning technical analysis (ongoing, since there is always more and more to learn...newer techniques, ratios, relationships, etc.)

    IF silver/gold clearly reverse to upside, there will be many, many excellent buys at this level in mining. JUST my opinion.

    Profit for Good Causes

  • Traders: MACD PPO RSI lovely

    See posters explalining WHY PRAN science has not been disproven by the failutre to reach a particular endpoint with a small population, and why that particular endpoint may not be nearly as important as brain volume (WHICH PRAN METHOD DOES ADDRESS) and numerous other factors that PRAN approach ALSO DOES address (Huntington's disease, Alzheimer's and even cognitive/memory in normals).

    My own first buy of PRAN was in the 2's long ago and I held it as it fell into the 1's, adding and trading from time to time.

    Hungington's trial is ongoing, as is an extension of current trial that is 'considered' (falsely, imo) to be a failure. Absurd overreaction with no regard to what the actual science is telling us. No objectivity by traders re science, only 'technical shorting' so hedge fund cronies can buy my opinion. 'We the people' may as well take advantage of their stupidity and promote quality science with our cash (or more of it), in MY opinion, while also gaining some profit for good causes.

    Small biotech is notoriously volatile and late phase trials tend to be hugely challenging. Even if/when trials are positive, some biotechs may need to increase cash on hand to all of these factors should be taken into consideration by traders, long term investors.

    I attempt to accumulate stocks/sectors/industries/certain indices.../commodities...when they are EXTREMELY LOW, horribly I did with solar, ocean shipping, nuclear and almost all of the biotechs. I ordinarily hold SOME SHARES of biotech extremely long term...years n years n years n years...but DO SELL SOME REPEATEDLY on big upmoves or protect I repeatedly mentioned I was doing with PRAN.

    See posts by drdiplipdo, kadaicher1, pivalde and interestingtome garysnoop1 and many others on the Yahoo message board for PRAN.

    All only my opinion, and NOT A REC.

    Peace Patience Patients
    Profit for Good Causes

  • vcaritas vcaritas Apr 17, 2014 10:40 AM Flag

    Evidence supporting PRAN's approach continues to increase.

    Meanwhile, from a purely technical point of view regarding stock tiime & price charting, PRAN is beginning to move into a more positive area. PPO magnificently oversold. Huge selling, OVERselling with capitulation volume...followed by smaller and somewhat tentative upside from absurd lows.

    My personal opinion is PRAN is worth buying, holding...or adding to...based on the science (HD, Alz, all)...and now also on the technical analysis of the stock.

    Peace Patience Patients
    Profit for Good Causes

  • vcaritas vcaritas Apr 10, 2014 10:05 AM Flag

    Received voicemail. Sorry I missed you...Was unable to return call on that cell phone, but responded by email.

    Many thanks. You are very kind and quite knowledgeable.

    Peace Gratitude Agape~

  • vcaritas vcaritas Apr 10, 2014 7:48 AM Flag

    Sentiment is so extremely negative for Coeur that only lpet, edmundaronson and I are among those still interested (over so many years).

    Personally believe that Coeur management and decision making HAS had an effect on the poor price performance of CDE. HOWEVER, there comes a time when even the 'dog' stocks MAY make a turnaround.

    Dip into the 8's yesterday, with overall negative sentiiment...and a few NEW POSTERS recently showing some interest in buying, has led me to keep an eye on CDE more than usual.

    During most of the previous runups in gold and silver (except the one about 10 years ago for Coeur, for 1's to 7's), I posted I was overweight ELSEWHERE, even if I had some CDE shares. I sometimes held SLW, GG, EXK, GSS, many others in greater quantity than CDE.

    For the moment, have more shares of CDE than any other gold or silver.

    NOT sure if/when the definitive tunaround will occur for CDE, but the probabilities for a near term bounce from this approximate level (close to the downtrend line) are better than at any time since the fall from 31. I attempted to add on numerous occasions (too early) and did trade some bounces. When I'm wrong, I need to LEARN from my mistakes, but it does not mean that there will NEVER be an opportunity for that particular stock...only that I need to trade out when wrong...and then look for higher probability trades.

    finviz website shows one way of drawing the trendline, with a potential bounce area around this level.

    The caveat is always price of silver. Longer term, expecting silver itself will be multibagger from current levels.

    It will not be a good sign for US and world economies if/when it occurs. Since NO ONE in Washington is dealing with the 127 trillion dollars in UNFUNDED LIABILITIES (which is growing exponentially with Obamascare Unaffordable Unhealthy Act), the handwriting is on the wall already for the US, at least.

    For Europe, Russia NOT A JOKE. Nor is it a short term problem. Peace Prayers Agape~

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    Coeur short position

    by brolgaboy Apr 8, 2014 2:46 PM
    vcaritas vcaritas Apr 9, 2014 8:46 AM Flag

    Multiple new names coming to bash as Coeur fell lower and lower induced ME to watch for 'add' opportunities to my tiny initial rebuy much higher.

    As CDE bounces from the lower trendline (again), am now temporarily overweight CDE with respect to other silver and/or gold miners. Not with respect to miners in general, since I own/trade platinum-related, copper, zinc, coal and uranium also, along with other metals and niche areas, such as rare earths.

    Do NOT plan to hold an overweight (among silvers/golds) in CDE long term. Will sell into bounces OR sell added shares if I was wrong.

    In biotech, again overweighted PRAN as it fell...adding very heavily in the 2's, which had been the area of my initial munch. Now own record quantity.

    I ALWAYS take partial profits on spikes or large upmoves in any speculative biotech IF I own more than a tiny I repeatedly posted here and to friends. Either that or savvy options strategies.

    The so-called 'failures' need to be analyzed in a fully scientific contest, Think size of trial, unprecedented improvement in PLACEBO ARM in reduction of beta amyloid plaques (which made a stat sig result impossible). BIZARRE. Moreover, some scientists and MDs are concluding brain volume and other factors should be evaluated rather than the beta amyloid. Research WHY. And why/how PRAN is ahead of the pack in so many areas that ARE of significance along WITH pristine safety record. Consider possibility of larger trial, larger dose (now clearly safe). Read the actual clinical trials, not the moronic commentators and shorts. PLUS the application for Huntington's is likely to go forward at this point. And last, but never least, NEVER follow 'someone else' for investment picks and entries...WITHOUT personal and thorough DD. That most certainly includes me.

    Peace Patience Patients Agape~

  • vcaritas vcaritas Apr 4, 2014 4:59 AM Flag

    See article by Michael Sacerdote (a resident physician) re 'Right Drug, Wrong Dose' concerning PBT2.

    A great deal has been learned from the trials and it is extremely useful and overall very POSITIVE for PRAN, for the future for Huntington's patients and eventually Alzheimer's as well, especially since PBT2 has been demonstrated to be extremely safe.

    JUST my opinion.

    Peace Patience Patients Agape~

  • vcaritas vcaritas Apr 4, 2014 4:15 AM Flag

    Truly bizarre that the PLACEBO arm did so well. Unprecedented.

    Indeed, they are analyzing all aspects of the trial, not only to report to shareholders, but for design of next trial.

    New investors or potential new investors should examine the Pranabio website in detail AND check out scholarly articles on associated medical conditions.

    Brilliant insights here on this Yahoo message board from some who are apparently MDs or are in the health care profession...OR are familiar with research and statistical methods.

    It is worthwhile to follow posting on hotcopper website. Perform search.

    Managment will consult with experts in the field.

    "Whilst not meeting all ofour hopes, this resultdoes not deterus from future development of PBT2, a safe and well tolerateddrug candidate for Alzheimer's disease," CEO Geoffrey Kempler said. "Our scientists and those from other institutes have developed a strong body of evidence for the efficacy of PBT2 in Alzheimer's disease. The suggestions of beneficial effectof PBT2 on brain volumes first seen in the Reach2HD Huntington disease trial and now in this Alzheimer's disease IMAGINE trial is intriguing."

    More than a bit intriguing.

    Just my opinion.

    Peace Patience Patients Agape~

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    Faulty trial design....

    by drdilipdo Apr 2, 2014 2:13 AM
    vcaritas vcaritas Apr 2, 2014 3:50 AM Flag

    The brain volume data in AD and HD are intriguing....

    To say the least...INTRIGUING...

    En plus, there was an unprecented reduction in plaque in the CONTROL arm which affected the results.

    Bizarre, au moins~

    Continued study indicated. STRONGLY.

    JUST my opinion.

    Peace Wisdom Patience Patients Agape~

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    Where do we close tomorrow? $4 or $2?

    by marketguy2354 Mar 31, 2014 11:56 PM
    vcaritas vcaritas Apr 1, 2014 12:11 AM Flag

    It sometimes takes a few days for the shorts and manipulators to shake out the longs, including the NEW longs who buy near lows.


    SOMETIMES the manipulators hope that folks who were on margin will need to be thrashed for about three days.


    At other times, the manipulators allow the stock to rise, especially after such a dramatic fall as a stock that STILL DOES have so much potential.

    Personally expecting great things from PRAN over the longer term.

    I began purchasing in the 2's BEFORE the fall to the 1's. In my private and public postings regarding PRAN, I've repeatedly posted that I attempt to add on pullback and sell least SOME...into spikes or significant upmoves. One could have accumulated DOWN to the 1's, then sold on subsequent bounces into the 3's, 4's, 6's, 7's, 8's, 10's, 12's and even up to 13.29...and gradually started to add some of the shares on pullbacks, especially at support levels

    In this way, one is eventually 'playing' with house money, in many cases. At least that is my goal in the case of volatile biotech when I start purchasing very low.

    One may sometimes protect one's positions with savvy options trading IF one is consistently profitable in options strategies and is comfortable using them in this case.

    I'm personally convinced PRAN has excellent potential and will come through in the end. Meanwhile, I'm mounring the fact that results did not move Alzheimer's research as far ahead as I had hoped AND the loss of money to myself and all here.

    My personal opinion is that the losses will be recovered and that new highs will eventually be reached. It seems to me from a purely scientific point of view that PRAN has solutions NO ONE ELSE HAS SEEN OR USED.

    I could be wrong. I was holding some shares from much higher here and have continued to hold...added tiny amount today. Was away from computer most of the day and was not able to follow.

    Peace Wisdom Science Strategies Patients Patience Agape

  • vcaritas vcaritas Mar 31, 2014 3:22 PM Flag

    Great minds....

    Peace Wisdom Agape~

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    by shadesofmojo Mar 28, 2014 8:27 AM
    vcaritas vcaritas Mar 28, 2014 11:04 AM Flag


    Go to CNBC website and enter DNDN for stick quote. Check institutions AND FUNDS that own shares of DNDN and are


    Hedge funds (elite manipulators) likely control DNDN, imo, for now. Ordinary investsors, funds and institutions will probably see some gains on or after March 31st...

    AFTER 'end of quarter window dressing'...during which some funds/institutions sell losers or slow gainers to 'look better' on their quarterly reports...

    and AFTER WHICH,
    they tend to pick up new positions at lows.

    Daytraders likely stay away from this stock. I occasionally trade additional shares to protect my gains for my family, but those interested in technical daytrading would stay away from it most of the time, since it is artificially held down, in MY opinion, by huge PROFESSIONAL hedge funds/etc. They will likely 'let go' to some extent after latest batch of funds/institutions load up. Likely some upmove soon, tho anythng is possible.

    Daytraders more likely play where there are often larger intraday moves. I loathe daytrading, but I trade 'extra' shares to protect gains and enhance number of quality shares I can hold longer term. Some daytreaders may show up for 10ma/20ma/50ma crossover, with current configuration.

    News COULD skyrocket it at any point.

    JUST an opinion.


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    DNDN lookingg sneaky good

    by swthompson999 Mar 28, 2014 9:55 AM
    vcaritas vcaritas Mar 28, 2014 10:09 AM Flag

    If current configuration plays out ... even from a simple technical standpoint, DNDN will easily gallop to 5.38, then on to greater and greater heights.

    Meanwhile, see post giving 30 reasons to buy DNDN.

    JUST my opinion.

    Peace Patience Patients Agape~

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    Just a question to all you 'old traders?'

    by prithd Mar 26, 2014 11:29 AM
    vcaritas vcaritas Mar 28, 2014 2:00 AM Flag

    Weekly chart deserves a look. jmo

    Profits for Good Causes

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    Just a question to all you 'old traders?'

    by prithd Mar 26, 2014 11:29 AM
    vcaritas vcaritas Mar 28, 2014 1:14 AM Flag

    Correction: 10ma, 20ma and 30ma have mad bullish crossover oabove 50ma (2.95)


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    Just a question to all you 'old traders?'

    by prithd Mar 26, 2014 11:29 AM
    vcaritas vcaritas Mar 28, 2014 1:11 AM Flag

    Moving averages aligning with potential key crossovers.

    13ema/38ema at 3.00

    89ema at 3.00

    10ma and 30ma at 3.00

    20ma at 3.01

    10ma (at 2.95) has made bullish crossover of 10ma/20ma/30ma.

    Continuation pattern is narrowing Bollinger Bands and ended with small bull candle.

    COULD drop lower. COULD be smacked down and bought up to print hammer or other bullish candle.

    COULD rise ... probably Mon or Tues.

    Highly controlled and manipulated, but technicals appear to show greater probability of break to upside in MY opinion.

    Discl.: long with frequent trading of additional shares

    Bought due to verified TRANSFORMATIONAL SCIENCE.

    Moreover, treatment has modest side effects and appears to be safer than ALL OTHER TREATMENT METHODS available.

    Great likelihood platform could be used to treat other cancers and possibly even other medical conditions.

    Clear and commanding advancement of science.

    Peace Patients Patience Agape~

  • red from yesterday's close.

    'Someone' purchasing small amounts of CDE in 9.20's and 9.30's. DID add to CDE higher recently and am holding that tiniy 'add.'

    Will they have profits at SOME POINT from this area in low 9's. Seems to me a bounce from lower trendline is more probable than not UNLESS gold tanks. No dry powder to add to CDE here.

    Remember when ABX fell to intraday low 13.32. ABX was being discussed on this message board when everything seemed negative...

    and wild_gold added to that negativity. Personally thought it was worth a trade from those levels, but did not manage to find free cash for it.

    ABX subsequently rose from 13's to 21's.

    NEVER rely solely on message boards for ANY TYPE of information, including technical analysis. Nevertheless, even shorts SOMETIMES post worthwhile and accurate information. SOMETIMES.

    NOW, ABX (Barrick) has been raised to BUY by JPM.

    Once the retail longs have been thoroughly trashed and most chased out of CDE (as most HAVE), 'someone' will make the famous


    comment, and even CDE (despite what I consider considerable mismanagement) will rise.

    CDE does have diverse properties and extensive mining expertise. JUST my opinion.

    Am overweight tiny platinum stocks (among metals). Overall, am hugely overweight certain biotechs, tho will take partial profits rather than hold extreme overweights.

    Strategies for Profit for Good Causes

  • vcaritas vcaritas Mar 26, 2014 4:28 PM Flag

    Agree that CDE has been mismanaged. Have posted that dozens of times, including to some of the biggest CDE bulls on this message board. NOT impossible for CDE to turn around EVENTUALLY if/when silver soars...and I would like to have some shares at that point, perhaps even scads of shares. Have posted often hold only a TINY amount of CDE, even during bull runs (except for a run about a decade ago, to the 7's).

    My point was that someone who PROFESSES TO BE A

    PRECIOUS METALS BULL stalks specific longs to various precious metals boards and LIES ABOUT WHAT THEY SAY...

    sometimes implying they are 3 or 4 people responding to themselves or should be reported to 'someone' for 'criminal behavior.' Also implies Stahlz (who is no longer here) is edmundaronson and that I am both of those, along with several other posters. IF one is long CDE and gold, why post that nonsense hundreds of times over a period of months, along with cronies who ALSO appear to be SHORT, not LONG. Why post in a friendly manner to those who post lies and obscenities (on this and other message boards), and to those who disparage gold, silver and the miners?

    Why SELECT as TARGETS those who point out UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR?

    Why smear those post who about the manipulation of the unemployment statistics and other economic numbers, about deepcapture website uncovering possible filthy collusion.

    These longs (who are stalked and slandered) include ordinary investors, mothers and fathers, workers or small business owners, NOT hedge funds, NOT the 'elite,' NOT shorts...but folks who see the manipulation in the economic statistics and who would are supportive of the US Constitution/Bill of Rights.

    If a person is BULLISH about the metals, why trash those who are long, specifically seeking out the small investor who sees THROUGH the manipulation?

    Why muddy the waters so any truth (positive OR negative) about individual stocks cannot be reasonably discussed? JUST my opinioin. Peace Prayers Agape~

  • Reply to


    by dbmarlowe1 Mar 26, 2014 3:28 PM
    vcaritas vcaritas Mar 26, 2014 3:56 PM Flag

    It's bouncing from lower trendline at the moment. See finviz website for lower trendline. NOT a rec to buy CDE or any other positions. Just a rec to avoid GroupThink or MessageBoardUnThink...and to research and invest based on facts, including overall economies, individual financials, quality of management (or lack thereof), currencies, various potential scenarios re potential factos affecting stock, INCLUDING possible technical scenarios and configurations (short term, intermediate and longer term).

    NOT a good sign for major market indices that velocity indices are showing signs of life again.

    Will that cash from profits from major indices move back into the miners? OR back into some specific stocks on pullback? OR into certain emerging markets ? OR ?

    Remains to be seen.

    Profit for Good Causes

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