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    by snook_lite 10 hours ago
    vcaritas vcaritas 10 hours ago Flag

    Good for you, SirSnook.

    Take care.


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    Coeur is a terrible company

    by alf_1986e 15 hours ago
    vcaritas vcaritas 10 hours ago Flag

    Actually, AGREE COMPLETELY that Coeur (CDE) has been a TERRIBLE MINING COMPANY.

    HORRIFIC. An ideal short for every big rise to the point of makin' me think I MIGHT even short a MINER, which I have never done and do not PLAN to do (don't like puttin' folks outta work and collaborating w'manipulators).

    IFSILVER REVERSES BIG TIME, and I personally believe it will, the runt of the litter stocks may be the ones that run the MOST, especially at key junctures, since they will become profitable at some point OR WILL BE BOUGHT OUT or could sell some properties at huge profit or do merger thingies/whatever.

    Coal_pot (not to be confused ... at least not TOO much...with Pol Pol) bases his evaluations of CDE's future financials on current price of silver NOT moving up significantly AND on no other improvements in management taking place.

    We already had one nice surprise re Franco renegotiation. Need many more NICE suprises. Planning to trade INTO the surprises and possibly keep some CDE for long term (re-evaluating, as CDE and silver rise).

    Silver lover, but have posted my criticism of Coeur management dozens of times over the past 8 years or so. Was bullish when silver was in high 4's and low 5's for CDE at about a dollar. CDE moved to $7. Then I observed endless dilution, poor transparency, overpaying (imo) for properties, poor communication, ham-handed attempt to buy Wheaton River, on and on.

    Since Coeur has diverse properties in various countries, buying CDE is almost like buying a beaten-down ETF.

    Was posting on TAN (solar ETF) that it was worth a buy when it touched $11, on URE (real estate) at PRECISE LOW, and on GE that it was worth an entry at $10 (wasn't YET the bottom, but it was a better entry than $20 and the charts speak for themselves, as does the pps). Posted on KOG that I was buying on DOWN from .50's to .16...traded to 16's or so.

    NOT necessary to buy the perfect bottom to make money..

    NOT necessary to buy a PROFITABLE company to trade up.jmo

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    Cancel your covered calls, longs

    by havenger2021 11 hours ago
    vcaritas vcaritas 10 hours ago Flag

    You betcha...........


  • Think:

    Is CDE a better SHORT here, or a better long trade?

    CDE touched 6.02 today and is now trading around 6.15.

    Would be a buy/add/trade for me in the 6's (3rd time I've posted this).

    IF a bounce or potential reversal trade moves against me, I sell all shares OR all but a 'bookmark' (which I sometimes keep for years as a reminder to observe.

    My largest gainers have been up 6% to 8% intraday (traders in rare earths, since some touched a lower downtrend line and bounced ... AGAIN ... from superb lows).. Planning to hold some of some for very long term to multibaggerhood.

    JNUG 15.02 low and rose to 15.20's at this point.

    NUGT a scrumptious 27.58, after having tested into the 26's.

    Meanwhile, PRAN doji on pullback and gap fill. DNDN green by 7%.

    AUY HL IVPAF PLG many others retest prev. supt

    Institutional tax loss selling soon over. New buying IN PROGRESS, imo.

    Shifting (some big money, imo) from high-flyin' overbought to SOME undervalued and/or oversold.

    Profit for Good Causes

  • vcaritas vcaritas 13 hours ago Flag

    Interestoeme, I'm NOT a guru re technical analysis. My background is in the sciences/humanities, not business/finance/markets or technical stuff, tho I work on learning all that as THO I were doin' Phd/post doc, complete w/publication.

    Please go to stockcharts and click on 'Chart School' for some pleasant diversion from the inhumane bashers on this you may make your OWN decision based on technicals.

    Technical support may BREAK and then the whole configuration (uptrend/downtrend) may CHANGE...

    So please don't follow me, tho I'm glad we read one another. Your posts are brilliant !!! Ditto so many others here.

    Peace Gratitude Agape~

  • Long term holders ignore bashers and are not necessarily interested in technical analysis.

    NEW investors should take note of the SCIENCE posts of pivalde, interestingtome, kadaicher and many others on this message board and NOT RESPOND to this batch of bashers who lie, distort, smear, apparently for a living.

    Those who are interested in adding may watch this key level. Much volatility in market due to overbought Dow, SP500 and oversold precious metals miners and volatility indices AND some small biotech. May be some shifting of money INTO oversold and UNDERVALUED stocks today and in coming weeks (with some institutional end of quarter/beginning of new quarter going on).

    My opinion is that funds/institutions who are able to purchase PRAN (by their requirements) would be foolish not to include it.

    Only a handful of LIKELY magnificent gems like this one in all US & international markets.

    ONLY my opinion. Do thorough and independent DD. My opinion is to include technical analysis in that DD for entry/accumulation AND for partial profit taking on significant rise, if desired.

    Peace Patients Patience Prudence Perseverance Agape~

  • vcaritas vcaritas Sep 19, 2014 2:06 AM Flag

    Monthly chart: 6's, 3's, 6's.

    Potential MASSIVE upside if that particular bull scenario plays out.

    Poised for any eventuality...including gobbling of long shares...miners/metals, EVEN a bigger 'bet' on CDEbiscuit...


  • bearishishness. Oversold status of miners, even on weekly and monthly charts is SOMETIMES WILDLY BULLISH.

    THAT is the reason I have been tradin' into JNUG, keeping small amount, and adding small amounts of several additional miners. Once the move occurs, might be like a rubber band snap back with gap up and run. MIGHT. I don't like shorting miners, but IF I HAD shorted, would cover here and collect.

    Move from current configuration could go either way, in my opinioin, but all the negativity has been playing out for so long, the move may be exhausted or close thereto.

    Bearish scenario:

    Dollar in huge bull mode (might finally be reaching nosebleed levels for at least SOME pullback)

    Fed 'feeding' market upside and don't fight da Fed. Fed says econ all nicey and sweet and plans go on as usual....

    well, at least until AFTER the election.

    International scene: just a few blips easily handled by 3000 US troops to 'fight' Ebola. Later, a few bored and arrogant swipes at some
    pesky problems in Middle East ought fix that 'JV' group.

    Bull scenario for precious metals:

    Things (econ) will 'appear' rosey posey until the funds/'tutes' load up with oversold stuff, including miners.

    End of quarter tax selling will end.

    End of quarter window dressing selling will end.

    Beginning of quarter new BUYING will begin (for the funds/tutes, that is).

    Margin players are already all played out.

    Consumers drowning in bills for and high-priced USED vehicles (due to Ocash for non-NON-clunker program)
    ...higher and higher electricity, nat gas bills,
    ... education (self & kids & debt for all),
    ....milk and meat,
    ....skyrocketing health insurance PREMIUMS and COPAY (with CRUMMY ACCESS, DELAYED TREATMENT if even available from the network)
    ...need to care for extended family AND pay HIGHER taxes

    with NO significant increase in salaries, some with temp jobs jmo
    in consumer spending will begin to show up even in the deliberately blind, carefully massages gov stat

  • continue buying only SMALL NUMBER of shares of some precious metals miners...

    and for JNUG...only BOUNCES. No bounce (yet) today and did not have dry powder in any case.

    Profitable trading strategy is to TRADE WITH THE TREND, which has been exceedingly BEARISH.

    I personally do not like to short miners or small biotech, 'cuz I don't like to put folks out of work and I loathe interfering with the advancement of science and the needs of patients in innovative biotech,

    sooooooo, I seek out gems or potential turnarounds and trade bounces until/unless reversal OR just hold tiny munch for the long term.

    I don't mind shorting crude or indices to ride a downtrend. I just don't like to collaborate with those who seek to destroy individual companies and are gleeful about taking money from Mom n Pop investors.

    EXTREMELY overweight elsewhere in the market as opposed to gold/silver mining and related, tho HAVE added a few shares of precious metals miners in recent weeks. Since no confirmation of upside for precious metals miners (tho u miners lookin' great fer bounce again), only holding tiny fraction of precious metals miners in major trading portfolio.

    Meanwhile, FXE is green by .47 at this point (euro ETF).

    Options expirations.

    Profit for Good Causes

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    9/18/2014 - US Dollar Index

    by dphatjoe Sep 18, 2014 1:23 PM
    vcaritas vcaritas Sep 18, 2014 2:25 PM Flag

    Dollar chart has been wildly bullish, tho overbought (RSI).

    FXE extremely oversold. Watching key levels in mining indices and have continued to SELL JNUG bounces into rise, holding one of 4 munches at this point (at loss, since I put cash to work elsewhere instead of overweighting for intraday bounces...just trading tiny munches, thus far. Ditto mining shares...all munches only, to trade around after reversal.). GDXJ struggling to stay above 200ma, and thus far today, still below.

    Go to finviz for one set of trendline possibilities for JNUG...testing lower if support does not hold.

    See also GLD SLV GDX GDXJ and of course current and futures for all related.

    The pro/con list for miners becomes more bearish and nasty daily, and the bashers become more obscene and obnoxious. That's ONE positive and often occurs as stocks bottom, tho NO confirmation bottom is in yet (hence my continued TRADING rather than holding all 4 munches of JNUG, and selling of some 'munches' into bounces.)

    Note this article at kitco:

    Comex Gold Trims Losses As Traders Cover Short Positions, Book Profits
    By Allen Sykora of Kitco News
    Thursday September 18, 2014 12:23 PM

    Look at the monthly for CDE. going back to 2001. (Low 3's. Retest 6's Will only be worthwhile IF silver reverses and eventually has excellent moves....which I still expect long term).

    NUGT in 29's. Low 29.18 today. Would trade intraday bounce iffen ah had dry powdah. For the moment, continue extremely overweight elsewhere (non-mining) and continue trading, especially in volatile or unconfirmed situations.

    Woulda also like to add to JNUG for a trade today in mid 16' 16.80's...tho would still likely sell until/unless confirmation of reversal.

    117.19, thus far, low of day for GLD.

    MACD monthly for SLV GLD on radar.

    NOT trading DUST, but chart on radar to observe resistance areas.

    Via kitco:

    U.S. Weekly Jobless Fall To 280K - Kitco News, Sep 18 2014 8:35AM
    US Housing Starts Fall 14.4% To 956,000 Units In

  • Tho manipulators frequently attempt to play games with these crossovers (and have fooled me in the past, and may well fool me again), in the case of SYN, the MASSIVE POTENTIAL will likely bring in hedge funds/'tutes'/all types of investors at these prices.

    Some funds rebalance near end of September (end-of-quarter window dressing). The may have sold (or been 'stop-lossed' outta) their shares of SYN.

    They may be the 'newly' interested...due to all the positive news.

    IF they are allowed by their regulations to buy at this level, they will likely do so, in MY opinion. Technicals are at the 'heatin' up fer a potential Golden Cross' juncture.

    Science is superb.

    Near term, intermediate term and long term look goooooooooooooooood/excllent/WOW !!! for 1.70 price tag.

    Yes, some possibility of dilution at SOME point, but always the case with small biotech. Moreover, partnering of various sorts could be announced at any point.

    SHORTS are the ones at risk from this point on.

    ONLY my opinion. Do independent DD. Please don't listen to me or anyone else, tho do check out comments re science, financials, technicals, etc. to verify if correct (whether positive OR negative).

    Hammerlike candle printing...also startin' to look good for near term reversal (days, not months, imo).


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    crupi-can't you work a deal with coeur

    by edmundaronson Sep 16, 2014 7:54 AM
    vcaritas vcaritas Sep 16, 2014 4:31 PM Flag

    You tell 'em, SirEdmund !

    Peace Joy Agape~

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    by mdr0418 Sep 16, 2014 11:24 AM
    vcaritas vcaritas Sep 16, 2014 4:11 PM Flag

    I use MENTAL stop loss only...after bad experience years ago...AND that stop loss is only for 'additional trading shares' that I PLAN to sell if a move goes the wrong way with strength.

    I consider it a luxury to hold huge number of shares for the very long term and I salute those who are able to do so.

    Our family has been struggling with medical challenges for decades (immediate and extended family), so we do not have the luxury of holding large quantities indefinitely. We need to keep cash on hand and prevent or minimize loss by frequent profit taking (when possible), with a goal of holding at least SOME shares of dozens of 'core' shares...for the very, very long term. I try to hold many, many, mamy more shares on potential gem stocks (like SYN) on heavy pullbacks than I do on spikes.

    Even IF one sells 'trading shares' at TINY loss several times, one may still profit overall, especially if one occasionally adds/trades at a key juncture and takes some profit to help protect gains (and have cash to add lower, if shares trade lower, or to diversify into other gems...OR, in my have some cash available if/when for family needs.).


    Peace Patients Patience Prudence Perseverance
    Profit for Good Causes


  • vcaritas vcaritas Sep 16, 2014 3:47 PM Flag




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    by mdr0418 Sep 16, 2014 11:24 AM
    vcaritas vcaritas Sep 16, 2014 3:31 PM Flag

    Thank you for insights, comments.

    Best to you and to all!

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    by mdr0418 Sep 16, 2014 11:24 AM
    vcaritas vcaritas Sep 16, 2014 3:07 PM Flag

    Long term inverstors, short term traders, swing traders, funds/institutions (including hedge funds), anyone with an ounce of DD and a smidgen of common sense is having this mental conversation:

    "Dang BLAST, this thing is oversold and UNDERVALUED."

    If they have done two or more ounces of DD and have a modicum of common sense, they are strategizing for NICE buys and have already started to accumulate (or re-accumulate, or add).


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    Auy is finally coming off the mat....

    by stoll62 Sep 16, 2014 1:53 PM
    vcaritas vcaritas Sep 16, 2014 2:48 PM Flag

    Hugely oversold and gittin' ready fer technical launch.

    Holding very SMALL amount, thus far, but would like to own scads.


  • Upside volume and moneyflow are key at these levels.

    Also note CRB daily and weekly charts, along with other commoties.

    Fedspeak may bring more volatility to gold & silver, but it is NOT impossible the lows are in for GDXJ and the triple long JNUG...and for CDE with recent retest. Meanwhile, please respond to all those 'CDE going bk' posts and other negativity about the 'bottom not in' so I have time to load up for bounce trades, especially with NICE volume upside...could mean reversal...MIGHT....need to see eod.

    NOT a rec. JUST an opinion.

    Profit for Good Causes

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    by chase4money Sep 16, 2014 12:57 PM
    vcaritas vcaritas Sep 16, 2014 2:14 PM Flag

    Long term value. En plus, technicals have improved near term with a retest of lows (into 1.30's) and a rise to present 1.40's.


    Peace Patients Patience Perseverance Agape~

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    Doesn't Beano Do the Same Thing?

    by ithurtsalot Sep 16, 2014 1:18 PM
    vcaritas vcaritas Sep 16, 2014 1:51 PM Flag

    En plus, re 'treating the CAUSE'....see thread on this message board:

    NEWS about SYN-010 IRB-syndrome: treats the cause of IRB!
    Synthetic Biologics' Statin-Class Candidate for Constipation-Predominant Irritable Bowel Syndrome Detailed at Company's Investor Day

    In the keynote presentation, Mark Pimentel, MD, Director of the GI Motility Program and Laboratory at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Chairman of Synthetic Biologics' C-IBS Clinical Advisory Board, described SYN-010 as belonging to the pharmaceutical class of statins, which have mainly been prescribed for managing cholesterol levels. SYN-010 is a proprietary modified release formulation of a classical statin that is optimal for reducing methane-production by certain microorganisms (Methanobrevibacter smithii) in the gut while avoiding systemic drug absorption. Methane produced by these organisms is perceived as the underlying cause of bloating, pain and constipation associated with C-IBS, and may contribute to the pathology of other diseases. SYN-010 is intended to treat the "core" cause of C-IBS, not just the symptoms.

    Listen to cc. jmo

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