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vcaritas 108 posts  |  Last Activity: Dec 19, 2014 10:12 PM Member since: Sep 21, 2004
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    OT to online apologies

    by vcaritas Dec 19, 2014 11:12 AM
    vcaritas vcaritas Dec 19, 2014 10:12 PM Flag

    Thanks, SirBob...Will be in touch. Hope you're doing well. Agape n AllGoodStuff~

  • for not keeping up witth avalanche of emails and voicemails in recent weeks. An accident put a close relative into the ICU with life-threatening injuries...some improvement now...but have not been able to keep up and sift through thousands of business and personal emails and hundreds of voicemails on all business and personal lines yet...visitors to our house...and non time recently for my usual contacts...Thank you fro prayers. Agape!

  • May each be filled to overflowing with His Holy

    Peace Joy and Agape~

  • CDE moved from low of 3.38 to 5's today and has announced good news re Independencia project

    6:32 am Coeur d'Alene Mines announced an initial resource estimate for its high-grade underground Independencia silver-gold deposit

    Small caps appear to be coming back and some buying of beaten down stocks/sectors is occurring in preparation for the expected 'January effect' (buying of oversold stocks that have fallen .. partly due to tax loss selling toweard end of year).

    Peace Wisdom Joy Agape!

  • at this point from a technical standpoint, tho, in markets, anything CAN happen. Well, almost anything.

    Frank Holmes via Kitco comments:

    He touches on China’s role in the global economy and thinks the Chinese have a long-term strategy for their currency. “There is a real shift going on regarding gold – the physical gold going into China – and I think they have a long-term plan,” he says. “They’re out there with a strategy; it appears, to build a huge critical base to support their currency.”

    Also note:

    The National Bank of Belgium is the latest central bank to show interest in repatriating its gold reserves.]

    NOT a rec to buy, hold, sell or sell short any stock or commodity. ONLY a rec to do independent research and very deep and UNUSUAL research..........waaaaaaaaaaaaay outside so-called 'mainstream' GroupThink......AND to consider including technical analysis in one's entry/exit for investments.

    Peace Wisdom Agape~

  • vcaritas vcaritas Dec 1, 2014 7:22 AM Flag

    Thank, ITM. Your intellibence and perseverance in posting so much info is tremendously appreciated by all longs. Ditto for all others who post research and factual information.

    Hope all had a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Peace Wisdom Agape~

  • Ignore bashers UNLESS they are posting something worth investigating. CDE has not been transparent over the years and has diluted repeatedly. Many problems. Nonetheless, the 'market' seems to agree CDE was at least temporarily oversold. Meanwhile, some new basher recently posted here urging all longs to SELL SILVER MINERS.

    RockyRacoon has a worthwhile take on the financials for CDE, in MY opinion. Use the search to find his posts on CDE financials. NOT A REC to buy CDE or any other miner or to buy preccious metals.

    There are still some who are predicting more downside in gold due to the broken configuration...OR in light of specific Elliottt Wave evaluations. Personally NOT SURE, so I continue to trade SOME NUGT & JNUG, keeping SOME and do accumulate tiny amounts of miners.

    Personally believe silver and silver miners will move MUCH MORE longer term. They also had huge moves Friday.

    See kitco articles, futures (years out, including options), and all article pro/con miners. My opinion is to include one's own technical analysis in the mix AND TO compare one's opinion with that of some of the pros. Kitco also gives support/resistance for gold/silver.

    I'm personally a fan of various types of metals, miners, energies, alternative energies, and of small biotech. To protect gains, I trade around SMALL CORE of some of these. To increase cash for investment and for amily needs, MIGHT trade nat gas, crude, volatility or any other index, long or short. I don't short individual miners or small biotech. I'm an advocate for free markets, but not for cutthroat capitalism, and especially not for our current US brand of fascism 'light'...'crony capitalism.

    Prayers for Our Nation and Our World

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    Stage 3 of the silver bear has ended

    by goldnogood Nov 11, 2014 12:05 PM
    vcaritas vcaritas Nov 11, 2014 4:35 PM Flag

    Am expecting gold and silver to soar EVENTUALLY. Near term, may be bounce, but COULD be followed by test LOWER. Meanwhile the miners THEMSELVES may have bottomed. The lack of clarity is a reason I continue to trade SOME SHARES of JNUG and/or NUGT, keeping SOME and also keeping tiny munches of miners.

    UUP (dollar ETF) touched an extremely overbought level and did pull back some, while FXE (euro ETF) did bounce some and could possibly bounce more.

    Gold, Silver, And Industrial Metals Prices
    Commodity Units Price Change % Change Contract Time(ET)
    COMEX Gold USD/t oz. 1,165.30 +5.50 +0.47% Dec 14 15:57:12
    TOCOM Gold JPY/g 4,308.00 +45.00 +1.06% Oct 15 13:59:57
    Gold Spot USD/t oz. 1,165.94 +14.47 +1.26% N/A 16:22:16
    Euro Spot EUR/t oz. 934.45 +7.19 +0.78% N/A 16:22:27
    British Pound Spot GBP/t oz. 732.24 +5.21 +0.72% N/A 16:23:01
    Japanese Yen Spot JPY/t oz. 134,595.13 +2,299.03 +1.74% N/A 16:22:50
    Indian Rupee Spot INR/t oz. 71,760.56 +905.78 +1.28% N/A 16:22:38
    Commodity Units Price Change % Change Contract Time(ET)
    COMEX Silver USD/t oz. 15.73 +0.05 +0.34% Dec 14 15:57:41
    TOCOM Silver JPY/g 58.60 +0.80 +1.38% Oct 15 13:49:02
    US Dollar Spot USD/t oz. 15.75 +0.14 +0.87% N/A 16:22:17
    Euro Spot EUR/t oz. 12.62 +0.06 +0.47% N/A 16:21:57
    British Pound Spot GBP/t oz. 9.89 +0.03 +0.32% N/A 16:22:05
    Japanese Yen Spot JPY/t oz. 1,818.10 +25.02 +1.40% N/A 16:22:42
    Indian Rupee Spot INR/t oz. 969.23 +8.72 +0.91% N/A 16:21:28
    Commodity Units Price Change % Change Contract Time(ET)
    Platinum Spot USD/t oz. 1,205.38 +7.38 +0.62% N/A 16:23:01
    Palladium Spot USD/t oz. 773.05 +9.74 +1.28% N/A 16:23:38
    Commodity Units Price Change % Change Contract Time(ET)
    COMEX Copper USd/lb. 303.60 +1.60 +0.53% Dec 14 15:57:07
    LME 3 Month Copper USD/MT 6,665.00 -50.00 -0.74% 2015 02 11 11/10/2014
    LME 3 Month Aluminum USD/MT 2,033.50 -21.50 -1.05% 2015 02 11 11/10/2014
    LME 3 Month Zinc USD/MT 2,243.50 -1.50 -0.07% 2015 02 11 11/10/2014

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    Stage 3 of the silver bear has ended

    by goldnogood Nov 11, 2014 12:05 PM
    vcaritas vcaritas Nov 11, 2014 3:58 PM Flag

    Still selling SOME JNUG & NUGT into upmoves when/if possible, but HOLDING TINY MUNCHES of certain miners purchased on the way down.

    It appears to me the precious metals MINERS THEMSELVES have reached a reasonably oversold (at least temporary) support level.

    With strong dollar, am wary of gold & silver.

    MATERIALS, in general, and SOME MINERS have made superb moves.

    Some energy-related 'mining' have made spectacular moves:

    UEC doubled from lows in about a month (from 1.02 low to intraday high 2). (Uranium miner)

    Some coals have also had huge moves.

    In precious metals, huge bullish candle for FNV at the moment.

    Nous verrons~

    Profit for Good Causes

  • and to their families.

    Supporting our vets is more than being personally kind to those we meet and giving a few dollars to some organization from time to time.

    Those who serve and have served so courageously are now DISHONORED in the halls of academia and have been by their own Veteran's administration...many DEATHS through covered-up DELAYS...go to serious sources for all those details and DEMAND changes be made at every level with authentic DETAILED follow through. Better yet, give our vets the plans Obama and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid enjoy. One MD commented that a cardiologist paid by the gov does only 1/8 the work of a private cardiologist...and still gets paid...and not fired.

    Teach children, neighbors, others to respect vets and TEACH OUR AUTHENTIC HISTORY. US has made many horrible mistakes (Trail of Tears, slavery, HORRIBLE !!!), but our vets have risked their lives, some have died, so that we might have the great benefits of Liberty and Opportunity afforded by the US Constitution/Bill of Rights. Don't allow others to TRASH THE POSITIVE IDEALS OUR NATION, which was founded on the highest principles, imperfect tho it has been at times in PRACTICE. We heroically helped the world in World War II...few young people have ANY IDEA what that was about. Some do not even have the vaguest idea of who Hitler and Stalin were and what they stood for. Give out DVD's, have a history party with the neighborhood. You think SCHOOLS are teaching authentic hsitory? Take a look at the curriculum in recent decades...skewed and sometimes full of hatred for the US and of propaganda towards Global Governance...

    Give to organizations that REALLY HELP. Wounded Warrier Project is one that does immense good and seems well-run, unlike MOST OF THE CHARITIES OF ALL TYPES I HAVE INVESTIGATED. MOST !!!

    Hillsdale College has online education re Constitrution/Bill of Rights. Be PRO-ACTIVE in finding ways to make our country better, inspiring the young AND THE OLD! jmo Agape

  • NOT a rec. Had been expecting a bottom long ago in u stocks, but some languished even as spot uranium moved up.

    China, India and Middle East building reactors. NEW technology allows almost ALL RADIOACTIVITY to be depleted. Moreover, there are more safety features. Citizens of every country MUST SEE TO IT THAT THE HIGHEST SAFETY STANDARDS ARE KEPT AT ALL TIMES. THAT WAS NOT THE CASE WITH FUKUSHIMA. Recommendations from the Japanese government were NOT followed by them. Japan restarting reactors because other energy methods are not feasible, either due to expense or apace or other factors. Perform a search for Japan info:

    "Japan has decided to restart its nuclear reactors, almost four years after the devastating tsunami which led to them being shut down.'

    I'm a fan of RESEARCH in alternative energy and of some solar and other alternatives IF/WHEN reasonable. Sadly, solar is now frying thousands of valuable birds. Wind power slices and dices thousands as well, as has been linked to health problems in humans and ANIMALS all over the world, including, most recently, in Wisconsin. NO LONGER a 'fan' of wind power at current levels of technology, with so little gains, so much repair and such crushing problems for humans and animals.

    BTU now has 'clean coal' and nat gas is finding ways to lose less to atmosphere (flaring), with improvements in fracking.

    US pollutes LESS and LESS, not MORE, according to statistics. China, sadly, a huge polluter, with some citizens actually dying from the lung problems from dirty coal and also in mining.

    Some fanatical groups are trying to prevent Africa from using reasonable means to advance technology and civilization. Ban on DDT, now shown to be unecessary (tho i also detest 'chemicals' in general), kills millions of Africans through exposure to malaria and other diseases (mosquito).

    Meanwhile, in the US, see weather charts (multiple sources/types). Also note technicals for KOL UGAZ and resistance points.



  • vcaritas vcaritas Nov 9, 2014 2:37 PM Flag

    To celebrate clean coal at Peabody and at least momentary shining for silver & gold...prayin' jobs may be saved and retirmement funds improved for the elderly::

    6 Suites for Violincello (EWTN)

    Filmed in the Bavarian Alps inside the tiny pilgrimage church of Saint Servatius, Wen-Sinn Yang performs

  • During current lows and into current rise, am holding AND TRADING more shares than I ever have in BOTH JNUG and NUGT, sometimes shifting intraday from one to another or from UGAZ (which may be at a resistance point...triple long nat gas...HUUUUUUUGE run).

    SSRI up 20%

    CDE +5.42%

    AU (Anglo Ashanti) had risen 20%+ recently...then fell back, rose again today.

    All these charts will attract attention, even of amateurs, if they haven't already done so.

    NOT a rec. Simply observations on movements and attemptiing insights re PROBABILITIES of upmvoes/downmoves for miners/nat gas. NEAR TERM, not sure if miners have pullback on Monday. DID take some profits in trading shares in JNUG and in NUGT today. jmo

    Profit for Good Causes

  • Kitco article today, Nov 7:

    Early Technical Clue that Gold and Silver Prices Have Bottomed Out
    December Comex gold and December Comex silver futures prices hit contract and four-year lows in early trading Friday. However, both markets then made solid price rebounds to close higher and nearer their daily highs. Both gold and silver futures markets also produced daily trading ranges that had lower lows and higher highs than Thursday's trading session, with both creating a bullish "outside day" up on the daily bar chart, with their higher daily closes on Friday. Importantly from a technical perspective, given that new contract lows were scored in both gold and silver futures Friday morning, the bullish outside days up are also termed a more technically significant bullish "key reversal" up.

    Importantly from a technical perspective, given that new contract lows were scored in both gold and silver futures Friday morning, the bullish outside days up are also termed a more technically significant bullish "key reversal" up. A key reversal up is one early, significant chart clue that at least a near-term market bottom is in place. Better technical evidence of a market bottom being in place would be if there is follow-through upside price strength in the market the following trading session, which in this case is Monday. Therefore, Monday's price action in the gold and silver markets will be very important.

    Above are excerpts

  • vcaritas vcaritas Nov 7, 2014 5:37 PM Flag

    JNUG was trading between 4.10 and 4.17 when I posted the possibility it could move higher...even to 4.78.

    It DID close nicely higher, at 4.34 and is still moving up after hrs.

    Those who claim it had topped out ALREADY at 4.16 and posted that as FACT....were WRONG.

    I'm more tentative in my statements, ordinarily, moving nimbly with probabilities for any overweight volatile movers in my portfolio, often holding 'core' shares very long term (eg, in small biotech, some mining, niche positions, beaten-down, undervalued anywhere, including energy).



  • vcaritas vcaritas Nov 7, 2014 5:27 PM Flag

    JNUG closed 4.38 today, so the negative 'reccer' was likely a short or a stalker.

    JNUG continues on up after hours.

    Next week, nous verrons~


  • vcaritas vcaritas Nov 7, 2014 5:25 PM Flag

    Shifted profits from JNUG temporarily to NUGT, which is continuing on up after hours (13.56/13.59), as is JNUG (4.40/4.41 now)
    Still have plenty for trading JNUG, even after hrs and into next week, holding smaller core. I may add/sell/add even intraday as JNUG NUGT start their parabolic moves.

    SSRI was up 20% today. AU recently had huge intraday move...sold down next dfay...but rose again.

    from Bloomberg:

    Gold, Silver, And Industrial Metals Prices
    Commodity Units Price Change % Change Contract Time(ET)
    COMEX Gold USD/t oz. 1,176.00 +33.40 +2.92% Dec 14 16:50:40
    TOCOM Gold JPY/g 4,294.00 +89.00 +2.12% Oct 15 13:59:59
    Gold Spot USD/t oz. 1,177.97 +36.05 +3.16% N/A 16:59:59
    Euro Spot EUR/t oz. 945.59 +22.86 +2.48% N/A 16:59:27
    British Pound Spot GBP/t oz. 742.14 +20.93 +2.90% N/A 16:59:45
    Japanese Yen Spot JPY/t oz. 135,002.06 +3,449.44 +2.62% N/A 16:59:44
    Indian Rupee Spot INR/t oz. 72,307.88 +2,043.95 +2.91% N/A 16:59:01
    Commodity Units Price Change % Change Contract Time(ET)
    COMEX Silver USD/t oz. 15.75 +0.33 +2.15% Dec 14 16:50:10
    TOCOM Silver JPY/g 57.90 +1.60 +2.84% Oct 15 13:58:01
    US Dollar Spot USD/t oz. 15.79 +0.37 +2.40% N/A 16:59:59
    Euro Spot EUR/t oz. 12.69 +0.23 +1.83% N/A 16:58:37
    British Pound Spot GBP/t oz. 9.95 +0.20 +2.10% N/A 16:58:50
    Japanese Yen Spot JPY/t oz. 1,810.05 +33.99 +1.91% N/A 16:59:27
    Indian Rupee Spot INR/t oz. 969.77 +21.04 +2.22% N/A 16:58:31
    Commodity Units Price Change % Change Contract Time(ET)
    Platinum Spot USD/t oz. 1,217.19 +21.94 +1.84% N/A 16:59:01
    Palladium Spot USD/t oz. 773.32 +22.17 +2.95% N/A 16:57:37

  • vcaritas vcaritas Nov 7, 2014 1:03 PM Flag

    Took some off da table...but will continue to add/trade JNUG NUGT UGAZ and other high percentage movers. JNUG on its way to $7, then $10, etc., imo. NOT a rec. There are also individual miners and energies that move 10%, 20% or more in a day. Some worthwhile as long term holds, so I trade around 'em.



  • For triple long/shorts, I often take partial profits quickly, but I have not taken any shares off the table (yet) since Friday...


    Reasons for holding to this point:

    1) China/India buying articles finally appearing.
    2) Swiss buying possible...shorts need to be cautious in the case the measure passes (near end of month, Nov 30th).
    3) Multiple technical considerations for JNUG GDXJ, including volume, moneyflow, minute charts, weekly, monthly.
    4) Other reasons too numerous to mention, including factorfs in US and world economies, currency technicals, etc.

    I do expect to take partial profits today at some point. For now, observing...

    Profit for Good Causes

  • NOT a rec to buy, sell, hold or short any stock, index, commodity. ONLY a rec to do seek out independent sources for information and to be as objective as possible.

    RockyRacoon has been an objective poster regarding CDE financials for many years and is a professional. I have no problem recommending that folks include his posts as a respected 'independent' opinion, and am so grateful for his insights, as are many longs in precious metals.

    2nd attempt to post.

    Peace Gratitude Agape~

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