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  • vcaritas vcaritas 12 hours ago Flag

    Have seen small biotech rise wildly, even tho overbought...moving from overbought to more and more times.

    NOT a rec to buy/sell/hold/trade SYN, tho I personally am very bullish and am a shareholder. Simply commenting that one must be cautious in profit taking because the stock may suddenly have wild upmoves ON NEWS...and SYN may easily report positive news of some sort at any moment. On the other hand, do not believe ordinary investors should unreasonably overweight even the most promising biotech WITHOUT taking at least SOME PROFITS on the way up. I do some occasional trading of SYN, but I want to point out that being near resistance or overbought does NOT always mean a stock will pull back. Actually hope it DOES, so I can add.

    Agree that technicals should be included in DD for entry and (if one desires) for partial profit taking.

    JUST my opinion.

    Peace Patients Patience Perseverance Logic Agape~

  • Had traded out of AUY with profit, since gold continued to look weak at that time and AUY was stalling while I still had nice percentage gains.

    MCP REE PAL were also weak, so traded out at loss, in all of those cases, to rebuy lower. Meanwhile used the cash for high percentage gains in SYN PRAN and others.

    MCP REE PAL treacherous. I expect to TRADE them. Still holding TAS and AVL at loss and expect to TRADE them as well, as I've done in the past. Scrumptious lows, imo.

    AUY: expecting long term hold.

    SYN up another 12% today and still has enormous potential. PRAN also up nicely and both charts firming, imo.

    JUST my opinion. Only rec is to do independent DD oustide of 'mainstream' original sources...and to avoid message board distraction/discouragement/despair OR FALSE 'hope.' Including technical analysis helps increase OBJECTIVITY and reduces 'hopium' trading based on luck, rather than objectively IMPROVING moneyflow/probabilities.

    Peace Patience Perseverance Agape~

  • tho CCJ and URA (which overweights CCJ so far as I know) are green today.

    U spot movin' up also.

    Email me at non-yahoo account, or post here. I did pick up some uranium stocks today, but would appreciate your insights re the BEST in US and internationally.

    Merci mille fois!

  • tho CCJ and URA (which overweights CCJ so far as I know) are green today.

    U spot movin' up also.

    Email me at non-yahoo account, or post here. I did pick up some uranium stocks today, but would appreciate your insights re the BEST in US and internationally.

    Merci mille fois!

  • Miners appear to be leading the metals upside, since gold chart does not look as good as the miners themselves.

    XAU and HUI above 50ma now.

    MULTIPLE attempts to post this since yesterday.


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    EDAP: potential gem

    by vcaritas Aug 28, 2014 4:59 PM
    vcaritas vcaritas Aug 28, 2014 5:23 PM Flag

    Agree. Shorts/bashers will be lacking not only in 'grey' matter, but also in green. Very soon.


    Peace Patients Patience Perseverance Ethics Agape~

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    EDAP: potential gem

    by vcaritas Aug 28, 2014 4:59 PM
    vcaritas vcaritas Aug 28, 2014 5:21 PM Flag

    Many so-called 'savvy' shorts/bashers are lacking in wisdom.

    I scour international markets for stocks at or near lows with the magnificent potential EDAP has.

    Have been long for many years. I'm an advocate for taking at least partial profits on spikes OR selling half when a stock doubles...

    and adding again to same stock at technical 'sweet spots' and especially after smackdowns...based on technicals, including intraday techs.

    Few medical device stocks ever become so falsely crushed AND have the potential for GOOD NEWS from anywhere in the world, INCLUDING THE US and CHINA near term.

    Few, if any, can rise from such oppressive levels... due to so much supportive science, with country and device diversification AND with EU approval and reimbursement.

    Some funds/institutions will load up as the potential here becomes evident. Buy BEFORE the news. Take partial profit on the news.

    Paix Sagesse

    Follow Authentic Science Wherever It Leads

  • Do thorough DD for possibilities re pancreatic and liver cancer.

    Bashers lacking in li'l grey cells. jmo

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    Added 24.70's for a trade.

    by vcaritas Aug 19, 2014 11:58 AM
    vcaritas vcaritas Aug 28, 2014 4:46 PM Flag

    Sold another 'munch' at 24.47 today. Now holding 50% (only 2) of my 4 trading 'munches.'

    HUI XAU now above BOTH 50ma and 200ma.

    Overall, to me miners lookin' more bullish, tho I continue to trade JNUG for now, with a few long term holdings in miners. I overweight JNUG when I trade it, even for an intraday trade.

    Now green (cost average). Traded 'around' core shares JNUG 3 previous occasions successfully.

    Not YET overweight metals with respect to other long positions. (Currently shifting between PRAN SYN EDAP and some other biotechs, usually with overweight on PRAN.)

    Profit for Good Causes

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    Added 24.70's for a trade.

    by vcaritas Aug 19, 2014 11:58 AM
    vcaritas vcaritas Aug 28, 2014 2:33 PM Flag

    Accumulated 4 munches before beginning to trade:

    1st: 26.70's
    2nd: 24.70's
    3rd: 23.20's
    4th: 23.teens

    Sold 1 munch in low 23's, only to rebuy at apx same area as JNUG rose from lows.

    Today, sold 1 of my 4 munches in 24.20's, but now reversal to upside looks more and more likely.

    Planning to trade 'around' position as JNUG moves up.

    GDX GDXJ NUGT JNUG firming up, in my opinion, from a technical standoint, with volume and price movements.

    NOT a rec to do as I do, but only to INCLUDE technical analysis in ALL TIMEFRAMES for investments and trades.


    Profit for Good Causes

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    Sooooooo Strong!

    by fanelli_robert Aug 28, 2014 8:22 AM
    vcaritas vcaritas Aug 28, 2014 2:11 PM Flag

    Congratulations to all of us (shareholders). I've been a SYN-lover since it was a tadpole in the .40's and called 'AEN.'

    Thanks for all DD on the science, the technicals ... and on (smile) CNBC.

    Peace Wisdom Joy
    Gratitude to All Here Who Post DD
    Follow Authentic Science Wherever It Leads

  • vcaritas vcaritas Aug 28, 2014 1:56 PM Flag

    Nice BUYING dip. HUGE potential here. Science has been verified worldwide for EDAP's products/techniques....

    as has SAFETY !!!


    Peace Wisdom Logic Patients Patience Perseverance
    Follow Authentic Science Wherever It Leads

  • Self-explanatory to anyone with a few li'l grey cells.


  • My cost basis for JNUG is now in 24.30's...not quite green. Already took partial profits from my add in 23.30's (yesterday). Had sold some at 23.29 previous day, but bought back in when technicals held potential for today's nice upside.

    My trading position for JNUG has been (this time) 4 'munches' ... one at 26.70's, second at 24.70's, third and 4th very low 23's. One sell in 23's after the dip. One rebuy. Today one sell, leaving me with 3 'munches' to trade or hold.

    Sometimes after hrs trading offers great buy or sell opportunities in NUGT or JNUG...

    Even with some partial selling in JNUG, still overweight JNUG with respect to other precious metals-related in primary trading account. MAY take more profit today, however.

    PRAN is still my extreme overweight. Despite my bullish take on the SCIENCE, I may take partial profits on this runup. PRAN now up 5% to 2.20 and thus far, holding extreme overweight with respect to all other positions in both trading and long term portfolios.

    NOT a rec. Just a rec to avoid GroupThink and to learn how to dig deeper to original sources. Also to include technical analysis in DD. jmo

    Peace Patients Patience Perseverence Wisdom
    Follow Authentic Science Wherever It Leads

  • vcaritas vcaritas Aug 28, 2014 1:01 PM Flag

    left hippocampus vol for screening
    J Clin Neurosci. 2014 Aug 20. pii: S0967-5868(14)00304-X. doi: 10.1016/j.jocn.2014.03.036. [Epub ahead of print]

    Diagnostic value of Alzheimer's disease-related individual structural volume measurements using IBASPM.

    Han SH1, Lee MA2, An SS2, Ahn SW1, Youn YC3, Park KY1.

    We validated the use of medial temporal volume measurements via the automated volumetric method of Individual Brain Atlases using Statistical Parametric Mapping (IBASPM) in screening for Alzheimer's disease (AD). We also determined the optimal cut-off values for hippocampal volumes. This study included T1-weighted MRI of 89 patients with AD and 33 normal controls. To determine age-specific cut-off values we grouped subjects according to age. The regional structural volumes of each group were measured using individual atlas-based volumetry with IBASPM. The normalized value of left hippocampal volume in patients with AD was significantly lower than that of normal controls in all age groups. The area under the curve values of the left hippocampus in receiver operating characteristic curves were also the largest in the medial temporal lobe, indicating that left hippocampal volume is the most useful factor in AD screening. The optimal cut-off values of the left hippocampus for diagnosing AD were 4.06 in the 60-64year age group, 4.05 in the 65-69 group, 4.07 in the 70-74 group and 3.63 in patients older than 75. Measurements of left hippocampal volume using the IBASPM may be useful for AD screening in clinical practice, and could provide a useful biomarker for AD


    See thread on PRAN for more info and on hotcopper.

    My opinion is being long PRAN now is like being long AAPL near all time lows.

    JUST my opinion. Biotechs are volatile.

    PRAN technicals also improved from a technical standpoint yesterday, and the move to 2.15's confirmed that the upmove is now likely in progress. Also jmo. Agape~

  • See discussions by pivalde, interestingtome and many others on the PRAN mb. Also discussions on hotcopper (Australia).

    Note the company has posted a rebuttal to some false article about dilution. Already has significant cash, and partnering of some sort will likely occur based on PUBLISHED ARTICLES regarding new understading of hippocampal atrophy v Alzheimer's, and on metals metabolism in association w/Alzheimer's/cognitive function/Huntington's...verification of this approach in increasing magnfiicently. Some previous approaches have proven incorrect, even USELESS, not to mention DANGEROUS.

    PRAN's products have MAGNIFICENT SAFETY RECORD and dose may be increased.

    Bashers started deleting posts recently, as more and more research articles were published in various professional journals regarding any/all of the above.

    JUST my opinion.

    NOT a rec. Only a heads up. Also note: small biotech is NOTORIOUSLY VOLATILE. The tiny biotechs, like PRAN, are easily MANIPULATED by 'bear raid' articles or by bull pumps from some penny stock website...I trade 'additional' shares to protect gains.

    With the profit-taking method, one may eventually trade for FREE SHARES, so there is no LOSS, even if there is a pullback or a smackdown.

    I attempt to choose potential gems that will EVENTUALLY turn around, so I expect to add EXTREMELY HEAVILY on pullbacks, and especially on smackdowns.

    A special caveat at this tiime.

    US markets looks extremely toppy to me, esp with lousy housing data. NOT SURE if tiny, volatile biotech will rise in FACE of a market pullback.

    Annual report for PRAN soon. Will likely be a larger factor, but important to be CAUTIOUS for ANY market holdings at this time. Solution for me is to hold LARGE amounts as low as possible and to sell SOME into bounces in the event of US market pullback.

    Not expecting crash (yet).


    Peace Patients Patience Perseverance Logic Wisdom
    Profit for Good Causes
    Follow Authentic Science Wherever It Leads

  • is on the ropes, in my opinion.

    Yeah, CHINA is buying in the US.

    Need to see VOLUME upmove in GDX GDXJ CDE NUGT JNUG.

    Yes, did re-add to JNUG today in 23.30's, after selling 1/4th of my shares about 23.29 yesterday...but will likely SELL into upmove again..possibly after a few more ADDS for higher dollar gain.

    NOT a rec.

    Only a rec NOT TO ENGAGE in GroupUnThink.



  • Check out barchart website, ino, or any other for quick overview

    Contract Last Change Open High Low Previous Volume Time Links
    GCY00 (Cash) 1,285.30 +4.67 1,280.77 1,285.75 1,279.48 1,280.63 0 02:13
    GCU14 (Sep '14) 1,284.0 +0.2 1,280.5 1,284.0 1,279.9 1,283.8 18 01:24
    GCV14 (Oct '14) 1,285.4 +1.1 1,280.9 1,285.8 1,280.3 1,284.3 265 02:12
    GCZ14 (Dec '14) 1,286.2 +1.0 1,281.6 1,286.8 1,280.9 1,285.2 11,984 02:13
    GCG15 (Feb '15) 1,287.0 +0.9 1,284.2 1,287.0 1,284.2 1,286.1 61 01:59
    GCJ15 (Apr '15) 1,287.3 +0.3 1,283.6 1,287.3 1,283.5 1,287.0 5 01:29
    GCM15 (Jun '15) 1,287.7s +6.3 1,286.7 1,287.7 1,286.7 1,281.4 174 08/26/14
    GCQ15 (Aug '15) 1,288.7s +6.3 1,293.2 1,293.2 1,287.0 1,282.4 19 08/26/14
    GCV15 (Oct '15) 1,289.8s +6.3 0.0 1,289.8 1,289.8 1,283.5 0 08/26/14
    GCZ15 (Dec '15) 1,291.1s +6.3 1,295.8 1,295.8 1,290.4 1,284.8 19 08/26/14
    GCG16 (Feb '16) 1,292.7s +6.3 0.0 1,292.7 1,292.7 1,286.4 0 08/26/14
    GCJ16 (Apr '16) 1,294.6s +6.3 0.0 1,294.6 1,294.6 1,288.3 0 08/26/14
    GCM16 (Jun '16) 1,296.7s +6.3 0.0 1,296.7 1,296.7 1,290.4 0 08/26/14
    GCZ16 (Dec '16) 1,304.7s +6.3 1,303.8 1,304.7 1,303.8 1,298.4 1 08/26/14
    GCM17 (Jun '17) 1,315.7s +6.3 0.0 1,315.7 1,315.7 1,309.4 0 08/26/14
    GCZ17 (Dec '17) 1,329.2s +6.3 0.0 1,329.2 1,329.2 1,322.9 0 08/26/14
    GCM18 (Jun '18) 1,344.5s +6.2 0.0 1,344.5 1,344.5 1,338.3 0 08/26/14
    GCZ18 (Dec '18) 1,362.1s +6.2 0.0 1,362.1 1,362.1 1,355.9 0 08/26/14
    GCM19 (Jun '19) 1,383.2s +6.2 0.0 1,383.2 1,383.2 1,377.0 0 08/26/14
    GCZ19 (Dec '19) 1,409.3s +6.2 0.0 1,409.3 1,409.3 1,403.1 0 08/26/14
    GCM20 (Jun '20) 1,439.3s +6.2 0.0 1,439.3 1,439.3 1,433.1 0 08/26/14

  • Go to shadowstats (website) and zerohedge to compare gov statistics with what may be closer to an objective approach.

    May be 90 million+ unemployed. Many of those who ARE employed are working part-time or cannot get jobs for which they were trained.

    US consumer is burdened by high prices everywhere he/she turns: milk, meat, education for self and family, and now health care costs are only on the CUSP of a spectacular and unprecented rise...

    with increases of 30% to 50% to 100% or more and WORSE CARE THAN EVER, with many MDs saying they can no longer in conscience work under a system which undermines patient/doctor relationship to such an extent they can no longer give reasonable treatment.

    COPAY is also going through the roof.

    En plus, we have been promised our 'electrical bills will necessarily soar' since there is an attack on US energies DESPITE the fact that we have cleaner energy than ever before in our history...and that it is CHINA and other countries that are spewing tons of pollution into the air.

    Used cars are expensive because so many VALUABLE and PERFECTING FUNCTIONING VEHICLES, including relatively new Camrys, Fords, Hondas, etc, were trashed in a foolish 'car' killing frenzy initiated by the gov. (A few rich cronies made out like bandits, probablement. Meanwhile, the poor and the middle class suffer more and more.)

    See usdebclock (an org website)...the 117 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities.

    Analyze WHY and what we US citizens can do to put forward ethical, courageous candidates who know what strangles small businesses, the engine of new employment, and what allows for spectacular growth in employment, and overall positives in the economy, while improving transparency in gov and protecting rights and liberty of all citizens.

    Some of these are reasons I hold SOME miners for the long term (in a long term account).

    Prayers for Our Nation and Our World

  • Personally think CDE and many miners (along with GDX, GDXJ and the triple longs NUGT JNUG) should be on radar for potential bounce trade, at the least.

    In my own case, if/when I'm here, I'll likely trade very short term, even INTRADAY, possibly 'around' any current shares.

    Have NOT OVERWEIGHTED miners at this time (or gold/silver) since the reversal to upside has not been confirmed. In fact, downside is still very possible.

    Realize many hold some miners or even ETFs and sell covered calls or use other options strategies. Go to FREE quality options sites to learn. Also check out definitions and strategies at investopedia, which has some OJBECTIVE information re definitions.

    There are also websites that give free info. Sometimes one may find a free book or partial downloads, or google book availability).

    Beginners easily LOSE with options trading, so some courses/books recommend learning technical analysis for stocks as well as trading both stocks and later options ON PAPER until/unless proficient and highly competent.

    Sometimes a particular technique works for a particular set of circumstances, but one must understand markets and trends change, sometimes quite suddenly.

    NOT a rec for anything except educating oneself and (in my opinion) including technical analysis as well.

    A rather bearish article on Forbes re precious metals miners at this time: "More Pain or Gain," Worth a read.

    I'm long partly because seasonality MAY kick in, and the LONG TERM BULL has not yet been declared 'dead' for metals. Many other types of miners also in process of turnaround, imo.

    MINERS and MINING ETFs are a tiny fraction of my major trading portfolio, however, since the UPTREND has not yet been confirmed. I sometimes add heavily for a BOUNCE, even intraday, but I will not hold an extreme overweight in precious metals long term in the TRADING account, as I do with many biotechs. Tend to hold tiny amounts miners


    Peace Patients Logic
    Profit for Good Causes

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