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    Switching from SPPI to DEPO

    by veqasfletch2001 May 30, 2015 6:48 PM
    veqasfletch2001 veqasfletch2001 May 31, 2015 6:27 PM Flag

    If your post was directed to me I have to say that I do not short SPPI or any other stock. I do not have any margin account but all cash accounts which are included my 401k, IRA and other cash accounts.
    Second, I am not forcing anyone to switch but an option for those who are looking for opportunity to make money. They can do their DD and make their own decision.
    You can compare SPPI to DEPO at the end of this year and see the difference of making a good decision.
    In this field, management is the most valuable asset of the company. Unfortunately SPPI does not have it and its shareholders are suffering because of this matter. DEPO has an excellent management that is very shareholders friendly besides other advantages.

  • veqasfletch2001 by veqasfletch2001 May 30, 2015 7:38 PM Flag

    I have been accumulating DEPO shares and I still have some dry powder to get more. I used to have DEPO around $14 but I did not have patience. My mistake but I still see a company that will go to $30 and higher. If HZNP could do it in spite of heavy dilution to its shares then DEPO is ready to do better. It just lags a little bit but by 2017, DEPO may be ahead of HZNP.
    One thing is for sure that DEPO will be targeting a few more drugs for acquisition and we may hear at least one this year. 270 reps will go after NUCYNTA. It is a waste resources if they don't sell other drugs and I am sure that DEPO management has a plan for this purpose. Not only they mentioned it in past CCs but it is logical to do it which will add to revenue and income.

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  • veqasfletch2001 by veqasfletch2001 May 30, 2015 6:48 PM Flag

    I used to provide some technical analysis here but I have stopped it for a while. I have been a long investor in SPPI but now I am moving to DEPO that has much lower risk but much higher potential for gain.
    Fortunately, I did not lose any money in SPPI but I had some gains too. I bought most of my SPPI shares below $6 and mostly exited at mid and high $6. However, I will be watching SPPI for any change in its trend. I will concentrate on DEPO since it is a stock on rise with potential of 40% gain in a year or less. In contrast to SPPI, DEPO has an excellent management who cares about shareholders.
    You are welcomed to join me and I can assure you of good profit in next few months and a year investing in DEPO. Remember that the market is due for a correction and health care is place to be and also companies with low risk like DEPO will give you a peace of mind in volatile time.
    Good luck all.

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